The first week of Andela boot camp cycle XIX that started few days ago is gradually coming to an end. I do not trivialize the days that passed by, what an experience! These past days have been incredible, what I would have learnt in 3 months is what I learnt in 3 days. I am really happy and will forever be grateful for coming across such an opportunity. I remember Jeremy Johnson said, “brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not “. Indeed great opportunities are rare to come by.

However these days may be pressurizing, what I am experiencing in the Andela boot camp is self-discovery. I have been able to discover few things about myself that I may not know in the long run.

Firstly, I couldn’t believe I had the ability to learn fast especially under pressure. My temperament does not permit been rushed into doing things especially the ones that require high concentration. But here in boot camp, there is no option. You just have to do it. Andela is a place no one has to coerce you before you get to work. No one is chasing you but you are running, a place for serious minded people, been serious does not mean they do not have fun or relax. It means when it’s time to work; work well, deliver quality and outstanding results.

Secondly, I was able to sharpen my technical skill and soft skill. I want to emphasize on the soft skill aspect. Personally, I do not enjoy writing. I find it so difficult to write pieces of stuff like articles. I had rather sit down in front of my Pc and code all day or solve some maths. One of the things that were reinforced into me and still resonates is the need for a developer to be balanced. Both character-wise and technically, it is not right for a developer to be savvy and yet have a bad character or no soft skill of which writing is one. Neither is it good for a developer to possess soft skills but no technical skill.

I can’t imagine how tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry and Sergey of Google or Bill Gates of Microsoft will relate with their employees. Do you think they would have treated them badly or nicely? You can answer for yourself. All I know is these people value relationships including the ones with their employees and family. Every aspiring world class developer should emulate this.

I look forward to a blissful second week with high expectation in anticipation to drawing closer to my dreams. I also wish every Cycle XIX boot camp participants success, it’s gonna get better.