A New Journey: From Adobe to Flipkart

Very perspective article. It describes the functional aspect of UX very elegantly and brings the scale of UX (& ultimately Design) in to perspective where every one can appreciate the impact, scope & opportunities, a good UI/UX design can bring to a product & enterprise.

By the way, any comments on the latest Flipkart UX (as on August 30, 2016)?

I am very impressed with the functional flow & content categorization of a product page. Product image nicely sits on the top left as you scroll down the various content related to the product. As soon as you come to the other content (not related to the product), the image slides up. It is a very thoughtful UX application which makes it easier for the user to be ‘content conscious’. However, I didn’t appreciate the ‘User also Viewed’ section just below the specification. As a user, I just checked the delivery pincode, read the specifications and now I am seeing what other products are similar? The next section should be the ‘Ratings & Reviews’ section. Makes logical sense.

However, hatsoff to Flipkart! I guess, the new CDO Suvonil Chatterjee is making some useful improvements. All the best.

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