word ‘User Experience Design’ has been a buzz word in a recent times. Before 2010, there was no use of this word even in the professional circles. And common people hardly knew what it is. Even now, the common people have no idea about this word.

This “not before 2010” is one of the strongest reasons why people have a misconception that not only the word but also the concept behind the word never existed before 2010. …

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User Experience Designers are often asked about what exactly do they do? To which UX professionals often explain that how they bring-in usability and heuristic principles into their design, and what separates them from the rest of the designers in the designing fraternity. However, the very simple explanation to the same question should be the one that Fred Beecher had uttered ones. At a party, somebody asked ‘Fred Beecher’ that ‘what does he do?’ He had a very simple answer for it; he said

Now that ‘two words statement’ sums up everything. The term ‘to humanize’ is the very objective of any UX designer while dealing with any interface. …


Amar Wadnere

UX UI Interaction Designer, Holistic Thinker, Ideator, Vivid Reader, Visionary, Curious Soul, & Imagineer.

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