I would have liked to talk about the first time I volunteered but that didn’t make as much of an impact of the second time. This one was an early morning event for junior level kids (mostly girls) and my task was to administer games to challenge their minds and develop an interest for engineering concepts. It was both exciting and daunting for me because I’ve always had an interest for teaching but little kids seem like a tough crowd. Long story cut short, after walking them through a few games and answering endless questions, I had the greatest feeling. The feeling of accomplishment and importance, and not in a boastful way but more like in a way when you know you have impacted someone’s life. And I think that’s the importance of volunteering. These kids may never remember my name or what I look like but when they enter a physics class, they’ll hear things like "air resistance" or "center of gravity" and wonder why those words sound so familiar. 
Not every volunteering experience will be this dreamy. Some involve a significant amount of manpower with countless hours under the sun but at the end, the look of gratitude on the face of those you have helped is just priceless. 
Hopefully I’ve gotten your attention and now you are wondering where you can put your good intentions to use. Opportunities are not too hard to reach. From orphanages and hospitals to public schools and career fairs, your help is needed more than you think. 
Now maybe, just maybe you are not into really into giving a helping hand, another good reason to volunteer is for a little real-world experience. Take my volunteering experience for example, I may not have taught in a school before but now I know teaching involves a lot of patience and understanding that children need that space to think on their own. Now, if I eventually get an opportunity to teach, I know what to look out for and this experience is something I can put on my resume! 
So don’t wait any longer and use your free time for the greater good of those around you.