A Journey to Community Resilience

Amara Hub
Amara Hub
Jul 2, 2018 · 2 min read

If you are reading this blog post, then it is probable that you or one of your colleagues, friends or family members have sought out information about Amara Hub. No matter how you heard about us, we welcome you to join our journey to rethink and compliment approaches to fighting poverty in Northern Uganda.

This is a story of an ambitious blueprint to change the narrative about being poor in Kole District and its environs in Northern Uganda. Amara Hub is a community partnership that was been formalised at the start of 2018 to develop new ideas for ways that government and philanthropy can deliver better outcomes for low-income societies.

Embedded in Amara Hub’s mission is the need to understand poverty by consulting with the poor. Our location in the heart of Kole District in Northern Uganda shall give us a unique lens on the views and experiences of 300,000 people across 332 villages.

Community members engaged to construct the Amara Hub office space in Kole District. (Credit: Amara Hub)

Cognisant of the fact that people need more support than just a dollar a day to move up the economic ladder, we shall explore a range of interlocking strategies directed at addressing the root cause of economic disadvantage, from bridging skill gaps, gender and financial inclusion to the culture of poverty itself.

Starting in September this year, Amara Hub will roll out context-specific initiatives and programs to better change the trajectories of young people in Northern Uganda. Between now and then, we shall undertake a participatory study of the lives and livelihoods, aspirations and realities of the communities in Kole District. The findings shall expand our definitions to include the voices of the people, which in turn shall shape our approaches to creating platforms for reform.

And while our journey may not take us across 1000 miles, it will impact tens of thousands of lives. Will you walk with us?

Amara Hub Team

Learn more about Amara Hub on our website and get regular updates on Twitter. You can also share with us your thoughts by emailing team (at) amarahub (dot) com

Amara Hub

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Amara Hub

We are supporting the shift towards more resilient and sustainable livelihoods in low-income and vulnerable communities in Northern Uganda.

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