In this blog post we will highlight some of the different aspects of Agile Development and its advantages and disadvantages. Agile methodology is a project management methodology that focuses on the continuous improvement and development of products and services, using short-term development (so-called sprints) and long-term planning. Basically, it follows an incremental model to develop a product, a service, or even an entire product or service in a short time. It is an attempt to introduce a new way of developing software of the highest quality in the most efficient and efficient way.

Instead of a strict step-by-step process, Agile Methodology allows developers to test the project over time. Since a linear development process is not used in agile methods, developers can react to changes that may need to be made. For this reason, members of the development team, and especially customers, can demand more and more from a system, as it is constantly being improved, even if there is no specific end date. Agile and scrum are therefore one of the main causes of scope creep, as project management actors are tempted to continue demanding the provision of new functionality despite the lack of final data. …

Back in part 1, we talked about IoC in Azure Functions, how to achieve it, and why it’s important. We used a Service Locator, which gets the job done, but leaves a lot be to desired.

So let’s talk about a different way to inject dependencies into our Azure functions. We’ll start by talking another look at the function that gets created with func new:

There’s an ILogger being passed as an argument, but how does the run time determine what implementation of ILogger to use, and can we use the same mechanism for DI?

Have you ever felt like software development was too concerned with quality, and not nearly concerned enough with deadlines and dashboards? Have you ever wished for a development methodology that kept developers and testers on their toes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Do you love agile but hate the Agile Manifesto?

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Won’t someone think of the DASHBOARDS?!

RFW is the answer. Read on to see how RFW can liberate you from the tyranny of “skin in the game” and shift responsibility away from you and on to everyone else.

RFW, or Really Fast Waterfall, is a software methodology that borrows the parts of agile that allows for rapid change, and combines it with the software equivalent of “muscle confusion”. Using RFW, you can ensure that every project you work on can be successful, by simply changing the definition of success AS YOU GO. …