Nothing to do: these pesky superfluous pounds cling desperately to your hips! And if instead of trying to get rid of it, you learn to purify your body, chasing away the toxins that clog it? Detox can be a first step towards a healthy lifestyle! Cosmo helps you to see more clearly!
How to lose weight in 3 days: the cure detox express to lighten his body

Strong soft stroke, stress, irritability, blurry complexion? Your body may need a detox cure , to put out the nasty toxins that smother it!

Bye bye is therefore called refined food, and white bread is replaced by whole grains. If they are organic, it’s even better!

Obviously, fats, industrial products and junk food “cracra” are to be banished. In the dungeons, charcuterie and fries …

Raw fruits and vegetables are preferred to enjoy their benefits.

Tobacco, alcohol and coffee are also to be avoided. The goal ? Boost your body and clean it thoroughly, chasing accumulated waste.

The detox recipes are diverse and varied. It’s up to you to find the ones that will make you happy!

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How to lose weight in 3 days: the monodiete for a brand new body.

The monodiete is a break you offer to your body, to purify it in 3 days chrono . It respects all the principles of a detox cure, except that it is done with a single food.

Moreover, nutritionists often assimilate it to a less aggressive and constraining fast. One eats to his hunger, while taking advantage of the regenerating benefits of fasting, even if one is satisfied with one food at all meals.

The apple and the grape are for example the champions all categories of the detox. Hydration is also in-dis-pen-sand to drain toxins. Water, tea, herbal teas … We do not hesitate to fill up with liquids. Not to forget the physical activity endurante to maximize the benefits of the cure.

The monodiete is advised 3 to 4 times a year at most, usually during the change of season.

The result ? It feels lighter, better in its skin, and for good reason: our body breathes. Finally !

Monodiete, detox cure: can you really lose weight in 3 days?

With these cures, it is quite possible to lose weight in 3 days . However, a little precision is necessary: ​​the monodiete and the cure detox do not have as main objective to make you lose weight!

If so, we insist! The goal is above all to regain vitality by recharging its batteries.

But by chasing the ugly toxins, partly responsible for overweight, one can get rid of one or two unwanted pounds. Be careful, however, these cures should not go on too long, at the risk of causing serious deficiencies.

Once the diet is completed, it is important to take good habits to rebalance the body . It is just the occasion to review his hygiene of life, and to take a closer look at the contents of his plate.

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