Build castles in the AIR

Dude, that’s a river bridge on top of an actual river!
The picture above is of the world longest (918m) water canal bridge over the Elba river, Magdeburg Germany. That’s an actual freaking bridge that is made for boats. Stuff that you only see in science fiction. Here have another look at the video next.

If you can think it, you can definitely do it, but if you never do it, you are never gonna see it!

Did you know that this project started in 1930. before there was a huge technological advancement in the world. It was stalled because of world war 2, and Germany and it’s people went through so much nonsense.

In 1997 they revived the project and it was done by 2003.

That means the continued to develop the nation irregardless of the countless economic meltdowns we’ve had throughout that time, the countless wars and other usual nonsense people attribute to when they cannot do something.

You won’t believe the kind of excuses I have heard in the 16 years I have been creating solutions for people.
<recite it in a whiny baby voice>
“Oh Amar it’s really too expensive”,

“But i have no money”,

“It’s impossible, none of my competitors are doing it”,

“We are too expensive”,

“No one want’s to help me”

“Times are tough”

GOOD GOD! These are just some of the lamest excuses I have heard, and if I was to continue it would probably take a hundred email’s to list it all.

But that is not our focus. That is not my focus.
We do the impossible. We live by design.
Nothing is impossible, and i agree not EVERYTHING is possible, yet.

Some things are not yet clear to you and I,
because we have not synced what that thought process.
You may have not yet gained clarity on your own hypocrisies and delusions.
(Don’t worry, we all have them. I know mine and it’s a struggle to break free of it)

So today, i want to challenge you, if I may, to do one thing that you thought was impossible. Since i am a business robot, a heartless machine as some people have called me in the past, let’s make this challenge a business challenge. Let’s break that one thing in your business that you think is a hurdle. Let’s make it happen. Let’s give a 30 day timeline to win this goal.
No matter what happens, we make this little impossibility a possibility. It’s do or die all the way my friend.

Good luck!

You may not be too fond of reading long articles, but, this would take you all of 5 minutes. And I am not selling you anything or asking for your money. Just your time.

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