When you are in the business of digital asset tools, people approach you with many questions about cryptocurrencies. The day of JPM’s coin announcement my phone would not stop ringing. To my surprise, there are varying levels of understanding of JPM coin and here is my attempt to demystify it.

I got too many phone calls asking about cryptocurrencies and how to invest in one. I could only talk about what cryptocurrencies are. I can’t comment on how and when to buy, as I am not a qualified financial advisor. I was intrigued by how the biggest bank in America legitimized cryptocurrencies. Suddenly people began to believe in Bitcoin. …

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The story of HyperLinq is the story of a programmer, a trader and a complex workflow.

My co-founder and I have been associated with cryptocurrencies and digital assets for a long time now — one way or another. I, being an engineer, was always curious about the technology behind it — Blockchain. Moreover, how it could change the way we transact not only money but other asset classes. It wouldn’t be an overreach to say that Blockchain is the new Internet.

My co-founder, on the other hand, was mining crypto in the early days and jumped into the world of crypto-trading about six years ago. We have known each other for more than five years now and every time we met, we always somehow ended up talking about the future of digital asset markets. …

Founder and CEO @HyperLinqHQ. Simplifying digital asset trading. Join us: https://hyperlinq.io

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