For some, it’s alcohol. For others, it’s weed. But for me, it’s Pink Floyd.

Life is hard. Shit, I’m only nineteen years old, we’re less than two months into the year, and I’ve already convinced myself that I’ve gone through three of those so-called “early” midlife crisis’ — or that’s what I think the teenagers have been calling it these days. And that’s why I’m a firm believer in people having their own vices. I know a person who will wake up and the first thought on their mind is marijuana. My senior year in high school I had a friend who bought three Triangl bikinis during our 2nd period photography class. I’m a walking zombie that early in the morning and I can’t even fathom being able to confirm an order that allows me to spend hundreds of dollars on bikinis. If you know what Triangl bikinis are, you’ll understand. My mom drink coffee at 7 in the evening and sometimes I think about how ridiculous that is. But then I remember that there are people in this world who want Donald Trump to be president. And I think to myself: sometimes a cup of coffee at 7 P.M. is necessary.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that life is crazy and scary and overwhelming. It’s important to not have to be an adult all the time. People should be able to be whoever they want to be and to not have to think about all their problems for a little while. And I think music really enables me to do that in a way that other things can’t. Ever since I discovered Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon, I guess it was that coffee at 7 P.M. for me. It makes me comfortably numb. Get it?

A Story

For anyone who has ever listened to each song of The Dark Side of the Moon back to back as a whole, it is such a trip. Pink Floyd is notorious for putting out albums with songs that are all connected in a way. More so than a lot of albums. Each song is an important key to the end production of the album and without it, The Dark Side of the Moon would not be the same if any of the songs. All the songs in the album relate to each other in one way or another. Along with that, they all have the same central idea that they’re about. The whole album is about insanity and someone going insane but at the end it gives us a sort of hope. This is because of the song Eclipse. It is the last song on The Dark Side of the Moon album. A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. The sun gives off light, and it sort of made me think of the phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Most of the album is about going insane, but then the end to the album is a sort of hope. And those are the things people like to follow or hear about. It gives us something that is hard to find in the real world. For example, people love stories. I mean why do people read books? Because they put us in someone else’s shoes for a little while. And that can be so refreshing. It can make a huge difference. It can recharge a battery.


The sounds in the songs of The Dark Side of the Moon play such an important role when it comes to the affect that Pink Floyd has on us. To me, throughout the whole album, I think the main purpose of these random sounds in songs is to tell us exactly how to feel in that moment in the song. Somehow, according to this timeless album, these sounds are the key to success. In my opinion, each of these sounds add an underlying message to the song. Each sound is extremely powerful. It doesn’t seem that significant, because a lot of the sounds in Pink Floyd songs are a bit random, but without them Pink Floyd would not be Pink Floyd. A single sound can set the whole tone for a song, which is an important component in the many components of the creation of a Pink Floyd song. For example, the song Money. The first part of the song is mostly just “random” sounds. To someone who isn’t thinking about it, it can have no significance. But if you dig deeper, each of those sounds portray an idea that Pink Floyd wanted to be represented in their album. The cash register sound in the song Money. To some people it might just be the sound of a cash register opening. But to others, it can mean so many different things if you really thing about it. Maybe it represents greed, or money in general. Maybe it talks about our society. The purpose of these sounds is that it allows the audience to close their eyes and go somewhere else. For a couple of seconds, they are taken to a different place. And in this place they feel different feelings and discover different problems.

Music is So Important

I guess what I’m trying to say is, music is so important. The Dark Side of the Moon is my vice because it lets me feel certain emotions that I am not able to feel on an everyday basis. It allows me to close my eyes and takes me to a whole different place. The sounds, the lyrics, the album as a whole — I’m too busy thinking about all the details I’m missing about it to think about how much I want french fries, or to think about how it’s 12 in the morning and I have an essay due in a couple of hours. But do people feel this way too? Do you close your eyes while listening to Pink Floyd? And do you go on a trip? I want to know what Pink Floyd is to you. Please comment below.

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