Panjab govt start Scheme One-time settlement of water bills, property tax arrears approved

Punjab’s Council of Ministers (COOM) on Friday approved a One-time settlement oregularize unauthorized water and sewerage connections, along with the time-limit window, home loans / pending property taxes Besides taking back Punjab’s local government minister Navjot Singh Sidhu had indicated this move last week. This Yojana will be extended to recover the dues of water and sewerage charges.
The total outstanding for the home tax and property tax was 306.84 crores on June 30, 2017. As a result, urban local bodies have estimated a loss of Rs 110 crore per annum on this count, from which the department had asked to present the proposal.Taxing

An official spokesman said under this scheme, it was proposed that the defaulter would be given a window of three months from the date of notification of the plan to deposit his arrears with a discount of 1o%. These defaulters can also make their outstanding deposits with normal interest over the next three months.

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