Idea Couture: An Innovation Hub

Image Source: Idea Couture

At first glance it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Idea Couture does because they seem to provide an array of diverse services for multiple businesses and clients. They market themselves as a global strategic innovation and experience design firm. Their biggest offering to our current global community is their versatility in employee skill-set variation and their focus on future change, innovation and sustainability. Their main approach is to efficiently innovate for the future by planing and designing using a variety of disciplines that are tailored to the specific client/project.

They have multiple hubs; New York, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Mexico and Toronto. The company utilizes a blend of multiple disciplines including; design, business, economics, innovation, human science and data science. On their website you can find their specialized sub-fields like Health, Things (ex; specific technologies), CX (Customer Experience), Branding, Insights (Consulting companies about customer centered needs), Futures (focusing on future-oriented planning) and finally Design (interdisciplinary approach).Their talent pool offers a very broad and multidisciplinary mass skill set but that seems to be what enables them to tailor each project to each unique client they work with. They utilize employees with backgrounds in; design, food, anthropology, business, sociology and technology, to name a few.

A very attractive aspect of their mission and values is their focus on their employees. They highlight the importance of inclusion, collaboration, independence and community. They pride themselves on their community events such as ‘Booze Fridays’, Christmas parties, bitters making workshops, and other miscellaneous events. As an outsider looking in it seems that they make sure their community of workers are happy and appreciated in order to produce to the best of their abilities.

Idea Couture places a big emphasis on empathy; within the company in terms of co-worker relations, with clients and through creating client solutions that encompass an empathetic perspective.

To conclude, I haven’t heard of a workplace quite like Idea Couture, nor have I been as interested in working for a company as much as I’m interested in this one.

Image Source: Idea Couture
Image Source: Idea Couture


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