Productivity Tools that make our Life Easy-Part 2 !!

“ You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best” -Steve Jobs

Here is the continuation of my previous blog post “Productivity Tools that make our Life Easy”.After Sijo Kuruvilla George motivation and my passion towards Entrepreneurship, blogging become my new hobby and I Picked Productivity tool as my category and started doing a small research on the topic.

Here are few of my recommended productivity tools that may help you to increase your productivity.

  1. RescueTime for Optimizing Your Time

It is a computer application that runs in the background and tracks how much time you spend on websites and applications. You can set goals and alerts for certain activity, and RescueTime emails you a detailed report with a productivity score and graph showing your activity for the week.

2. HootSuite for managing various social media accounts

It can be used to monitor all your social activity across networks in one easy-to-use dashboard which lets you schedule posts, delegate social assignments to team members, organize Twitter lists and followers, measure performance, and more.

3. Unroll.Me to optimize your inbox

Unroll.Me neatens up your inbox by compiling all your newsletters (which you select) into one rolled up email bundle that you can open and scan when you feel like it.

4. FullContact for Building Your Network

FullContact is a contact management system that lets you make better use of those business cards you’re collecting at job fairs. Once you have a FullContact account, you can take a picture of a business card and then upload them to FullContact. They’ll transcribe the uploaded information, and add it to your list of contacts.

5. Google Alerts to stay updated about any brand (News & PR)

Google Alerts is useful to Keep instant tabs on when your business or brand is mentioned anywhere on the web. Not only is this handy for keeping track of PR, but it’s also a great way to make sure that you’re getting links from anyone who mentions you biz.

Few Best Chrome Extensions

  1. Unshorten

There are times you are wondering what is behind that tinyurl, or bitly link. The link came from a friend of yours or a hot girl who suddenly messaged you. The link could be a malware, porn or just a totally legitimate clean site! You are very curious but afraid to click the link. Unshorten.It! is here to save your cat from getting killed! Simply right-click on the link and click unshorten this link. The trustworthiness of the website will be shown via a screenshot!

2. Chromoji

Get rid of remembering all emoji codes and enter manually here comes Chromoji which adds the Mac OS X style emoji font symbols to Google Chrome for Windows, Linux, and even older version of OS X.

3. Citrus

If you are trying to get some work done but are distracted by all those addictive websites out there like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter etc.Citrus prevents you from getting distracted, while you’re trying to be productive. Add the sites that you are normally distracted by and set the timer.

4. HTTPS Everywhere

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the protocol used to transfer data between your browser and the websites you visit. HTTPS is a more secure and encrypted version of HTTP and it gives you privacy. As the communication is encrypted no third party can tamper with the communication between you and the website you visit

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” — Charles Dickens”

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