Open Letter to Pak and Ind Leaders

When I think about India and Pakistan today it reminds of this conversation between April and Will in the movie “Definitely Maybe”

April: You and me, it’d kinda be like cats and dogs.
Will Hayes: Oil and water.
April: Sand paper and bare ass.
Will Hayes: That’s gross.

Joke’s apart. The point is it’s written in all of our subconscious that we(India & Pak) will never be together as friendly allies. We all know the reason… Kashmir. I don’t want to get into the detail of what happened during the founding of Pakistan, cos different sources say different things and nobody knows what happened really and again if we start talking about it we will be back at square one arguing and ending up waging war. Let’s look at the biggest problem we face in both the countries.


Decline of Indian Rupee versus USD as on 31st Aug 2016
Decline of Pak Rupee versus USD as on 31st Aug 2016

According to this source the military spending of Pak is 79,553 crore Pak Rupees in 2015 and that’s just the public figure, I’m sure its at least triple the amount that’s spent actually.

In other news almost all the states have faced some kind of emergencies like flood, earthquake, drought since 2005 in Pak

And according to this source the military spending of India is 2,46,727 crore India Rupees in 2015. It’s insane!

In other news 266 districts in India is declared drought affected in 11 states in 2015 alone.

More than half the actual military spendings apart from pensions in India is spent on LOC, skrimishes and counter terrorist attacks in Kashmir alone. Why can’t we make peace and be friends like India and Russia. Shake hands and share Kashmir budget and revenue if you want if that’s the biggest problem. I’m saying this to both the countries leaders. I don’t believe in violence and its never a long term solution and when we force it to be a long term solution it hurts everyone and makes our lives worse than ever. If we Indians and Pakistanis don’t stop this madness over Kashmir…

it will be the Arms dealers and terrorists who will prosper and not our or your countrymen who pay for all the expenses and also suffer the burden at home.

Make peace and befriend each other and we can prosper faster and better and become an actually developed nation more soon than you think.

Oh!BTW. April and Will ended up happily ever after in the movie.

With love and Peace.

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