“Ah, Target! Tarjay! I need to go,” I told myself. Since I returned my car at Hyundai three months ago, I’ve been craving to go there. I lived right across the street from four different bus lines that I can take to any major supermarkets and stores here in Queens but not Tarjay. It wasn’t as close. I was excited I got rid of the car because I felt free and I loved to do people-watching. I also missed the occasional beeps that came from unknown cars honking at me and over-friendly construction workers who’d try to talk to me. It always gave that extra boost for the day, if I ever felt gloomy about myself. It was never a man in a suit though because perhaps of their placement in the society pyramid of being “important” than others or were just too busy to look at anyone. “I’m late, i’m late!,” i’d mimic just like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland as they quickly paced down the pavement.

I felt the bitter winter making its way into the fall and I knew I had to take advantage of going before I began to regret not re-leasing a car. I wanted to pick up some new cushions to match my grey faux leather sectional sofa and probably other miscellaneous items, if there were any good sales.

I decided to go on my off day. It was nice to take off at least one day out of the weekend from work because it was always overwhelmingly busy at Mexi-Q. Sure, I can make some good money on Sundays, but it wasn’t worth dealing with all those new residents that recently gentrified Astoria. “ Can I bring my dog inside? Is this gluten free? Does this have any meat or cheese in it? I’m vegan. I’m allergic to pepper!” Who the hell is allergic to pepper? Thanks, but I’ll take my Sundays off.

I grabbed my phone to see what bus or buses I had to take to get there and it was the Q58 and then a transfer to the Q24A. “Cool, 24. My favorite number and age,” I thought.

I told my boyfriend, who I lived with for about six months that I was heading out to tarjay. I didn’t bother asking him to tag along because he didn’t like to leave the house for no good reason. He was a homebody and loved to spent time with his other girlfriend, his computer. This was another reason I got rid of my car, there was no use for it. He mainly worked at home as a head tech for a software company. He would only then make infrequent trips to contracted companies from out of state to fix any major bugs that compromised the system. He hated that part. He was kinda handsome for a geek but stereotypically skinny like them. The sex was okay, I guess. I mean, I simply wasn’t big on sex anyways because the experiences I had never seem to excite me and I thought it was normal to feel that way. But overall, I really couldn’t complain about Cody. We seemed good together.

The air in New York City just smelled and felt dirty. Especially now that I had to troop these jungle streets. I never left the house without showering. If I had to leave the house three times in a row, I’d shower back to back.

I threw on a beige dress with a built in bra lining and a thick, dark brown cardigan. I tied my long, damped, midnight-black hair tightly into a bun to avoid combing it and applied some light makeup to hide some discoloration around my cheeks that appeared out of nowhere. The blemishes made me feel like I was aging. Even, if it didn’t have anything to do with it.

I walked to bus stop by 3:20PM to catch the one that was to arrive any minute. There were just two elderly women standing with tote bags and one had a ridiculously red, old-school kangol hat on. I wondered if they were taking the same bus as me. The Q58 came right on time and the ladies didn’t board. The bus driver, mid-30, black gentleman, greeted me hello as I inserted my metro-card. There were about four people in the bus and I sat on the one-sitter chair. I gazed out the window at the dark clouds and began to do my routine people-watching. I saw very few people scattered in the street like roaches.

I got off about twenty-five minutes into the bus ride to transfer onto my “birthdate” bus. I was standing there alone and I can see the bus arriving from a short distance down the semi-polluted street with big, orange, digital font reading, “Q20A VIA COLLEGE POINT”. As the bus made its way towards me, I tried to get a glimpse at the driver like I do always.

I suddenly found myself connecting eyes with him from fifteen feet back and I couldn’t look away. Most people do when they past the threshold for staring at someone, but I didn’t. He stopped the bus directly in front of me and he stared back at me as he pulled the lever for the door. I felt myself get a little more girlish than usual.

“Wait, wait,” he said. With a stern voice that caused some vibrations in my body that I couldn’t explain what they were.

He had to unbuckle an elder lady on a wheelchair from the handicap seat and escort her off the bus. While he did, he kept peeping up at me with a semi-smirk.

“Ugh, why was he so awfully attractive?” I kept thinking. There was nothing special about him. If anything, he looked like the average bus driver, meaning not one that looked like a model. He appeared to look my age, if not older. He had warm, dark-brown eyes with hooded eyelids that were protected by seductive-looking brows. He was medium-built with sandy-beige complexion like the color of my dress and had thick, brown, wavy hair that looked unkempt along with an unshaven face. He was definitely looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away when the days began to grow older as he waited to be rescued. Was he waiting to be rescued? His lack of maintenance was causing my heart rate to increase, like if a hard-wired neurotransmitter was setting off that was linked back to the stone-age in order to mate. My mind was completely focused on him, nothing else. Not Cody, not even Tarjay.

He unloaded the lady off the bus like a forklift as I self-consciously entered the bus. I didn’t know how I should move, tilt my head, smile, wave high, or not do anything at all.

With his man-cave voice he said, “It’s not working, free.” I had a transfer anyways, so it didn’t really matter, but I still smiled intensely and said, “thank you!”

The magnet from our eyes seem to also attract my entire body. The bus was completely empty and I sat nearly as possible to him on the first seat on the bus. I wanted to know who this caveman was and why was he making feel like I had evolved back to the stone age myself, whose main purpose was to fuck and procreate.

He’d reach stops with no signs of others wishing to come on board.

“You live around here?” he asked faintly. The bus was so loud as he drove off, I didn’t clearly hear what he said and I was glad I didn’t because it gave me the opportunity to get up and speak to him, even with the huge, black-printed sign that was clouted on top said, “Please do not talk to the operator while the bus is in motion,” prohibited me not to.

“I’m sorry. Did you ask me if I lived around here?” He approached a red light and we coquettishly locked eyes. He gave a smirk again but this time is was more noticeable.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. The chuckles were as cute as his smirk.

“Oh! I don’t live around here but I do in Queens. I’m taking this bus to go to Target.”

“Oh, okay,” he said.

“I’m sorry, am I’m allowed to be up here? I don’t know if I shouldn’t. I don’t wanna get you in trouble.” I obviously didn’t care if I couldn’t, but I wanted to see if he wanted me to stay. The next stop came and still no one to board. I couldn’t tell if I had five or ten stops left.

“You’re good. There’s nobody here. Either way, this is MY bus.” Your bus is the same number as my birthday! Am I yours too? I thought. I chuckled and continued to chat with him.

“Do you always take this route on Sundays?” I asked.

“Why, so you can avoid taking this bus on Sundays?”

“Oh no! I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I like.. I mean it’s nice to see a hand.. I mean someone’s face I can recognize for next time.” I was nervous, but I didn’t know if it was because of how I was feeling or the chance of not seeing him again.

As he approached another red light with no one else to board, he stared with those melted-chocolate, grinning eyes at me.“Ohhh, so you are trying to get to know me? Huh?”

I nervously began to laugh and quickly grazed my hand across his arm over the plastic window that partially separated us, as if the magnet between us had intensified from my laughter. His arms were hairy like his face and every strand of hair my fingertips touched seem to tingle every sensitive part of my body. From ears, to neck, to nipple, to navel, to my labia minora, and even my taint.

He licked his pale-pink wet lips. “Huh, I like you already,” he said, with a profound look as if he received the same signals I got from touching him. I smiled slightly embarrassed but my body was screaming.

I don’t know if I wanted to make out, cuddle, fuck him or tell him how much I love him. “Love him? What? That’s nonsense. How could you love him. You have Cody that you fucking love. You don’t even know who he is!” My superego yelled at me, but he was bringing something out of me that nobody has done and he was doing it unintentionally. The superstitious of linking the number on the bus to my birthday and age was appearing like some kind of sign.

“I’m Liliana but call me Lily.” He glanced at me as he drove the bus.

“Nice to me you Lily, I’m Peter.” Peter Pan has come to take me to Neverland. It has to be it!

He yelled over the sound of the roaring bus as he drove and said, “Uh, this is my last route today. If Tarjay is not that important to you, do you want to grab some food or coffee?”

Wait, did he just say Tarjay? Another sign that this Peter had more to offer than just food or coffee.

“Yeah! Sure!” But I was up for a different type of appetite.

As he drove down through a jerky path, I felt my breast shudder like maracas in my dress that made my nipples to hard. All I did was fantasize of jumping on top of the bus driver seat and ripping off his MTA uniform that once looked like it belonged to a janitor, but now, it was a salient Captain taking me on treacherous path. It was so, because of what I was leaving behind at home. How can I be so selfish? Cody hasn’t done anything for me to feel like this, but I couldn’t comprehend it myself. As I tried to rationalize, it did not seem like an option, but a downfall, if I didn’t let the instinct of being a human to explore the nature of these feelings.

It began to rain, which made me realize it was the reason why there weren’t as many people outside and taking the bus, like this one.

“Well, there’s go Tarjay!” he said. He zoomed past it as if he didn’t want me to have a change of heart. It didn’t really dawn on me that I had just shifted course to head on an informal, bizarre-like date with Mr. Peter, instead of finding those bad-ass cushions waiting for me at my beloved Tarjay. It was all happening too fast, but I was excited to see what he had waiting in store for me.

“Hey, we’re almost at the last stop. So from there, i’m off the route and need to head back to the terminal. Is that okay? My car is by there. I’ll let you in my car when we’re there, so the bosses don’t need to see you.”

“Yeah, sure.” I replied.

As we reached the last stop, my ID comes roaring in my conscious, “Really? Are you just going to say yeah, sure the whole time Lily? Bust a move, woman!” Without my ego questioning ID, who had the best of me, I said to Peter, “Don’t you want to stretch your arms and legs out a little bit before you head back?”

“Mm, Yeah… yeah. You’re right. Uhhh!” He expanded his caveman arms straight out in a alpha male posture. Perhaps raising his testosterone levels to prepare his time with me.

He switched the bus to “OUT OF SERVICE” and the lights off to compliment it. The ambiance no longer felt like a commercialized bus, but more of an amorous feel. He quickly parked the bus in a residential area at a dead-end street that seemed to be used as a rest stop for bus-drivers, and it had a beautiful view of the Whitestone Bridge settling over the East River. It started to pour harder and the waves were more disrupted the by the raindrops.

He finally climbed out of his cave and stood up tall and big like a stallion. “Wow! He gotta be Italian,” I thought. My eyes brightened wide open, as I became even more girlish than I did before getting on the bus. Maybe he just seemed really tall because I was only 5”4.

“Wow! You are like really tall! But like a good tall. Not freakishly tall.”

“Ha, yeah, I know. Sitting there it can be hard to tell… So… nice to formally meet you Lily.” He reached his hand out to shake mine. I laughed as always, when I’m really nervous. I reached my hand out, “Nice to meet you too, Peter.” The warm inviting feelings that our hands shared made us shake longer, and our eyes were fixated on each other.

Then, he pulled me closer to him, grasping his left hand on my hipbone and with his other hand, he placed it gently underneath my chin and lifted it to get a better look at me. His breathing became a tad bit heavier and longer in between.

“Damn, I’m sorry. I can’t help but grab you this way. You’re extremely sexy, you know that?” I instantly became vulnerable to him and I didn’t stop him.

My top eyelids felt heavy and caused my eyes to shut lightly, as if my eyelashes grew thicker from my hormones rising so high. Like him, I too began to breath heavily.

“Uh, hu..,” At the same time he reached his head straight down to my slightly parted set of lips to meet his and executed just the right amount of pressure.

Within milliseconds, we began to kiss truculently, but perfectly with moans and grunts. Moans I never made from kissing, nor from sex.

He quickly removed my cardigan and tossed in on the seat, released my now-dried hair out from the bun, and then the spaghetti strings off from my shoulders.

We took turns removing the top layer of his uniform, kissing and tittering, while we struggled to take off his identification attached to the chain around his neck that was stuck on one of his shirt buttons.

He pulled us to the third seat on the right and he sat. Almost at the same height, he plopped my single-D breasts out from my dress, and began make out with my pink nipples. It felt so good, I felt my cotton-thong becoming more moist. I quickly scanned around to make sure we didn’t have unexpected peeping-toms but the rain was our accomplice.

He pulled my dress up to my waist, my thong off, and prompted my body on top of him, with my smooth thighs wrapped around his hips. He grabbed my firm, grabbable, ass, shaking and thrusting it towards him and I felt his cock grow harder against my only-3-days-shaven pussy.

I quickly planted my knees on the bus floor, removing the buckle from his heavy-duty belt and zipper. Pulling down his black Hanes boxer-briefs, I found, probably the biggest, uncircumcised, two-toned cock I have seen, but hairy around it just like his face, arms, and chest. Cody was not even near his size. I was naturally aroused by him and all I wanted to do was please him as much as it seemed he wanted to please me, too.

Peter wanted it inside me already and sucked it enough for it to be lubricated.

I climbed back on top of him and he slowly entered his cock into my opening. With success, we began to make out uncontrollably with louder moans and grunts. I felt my eyes rolling to the back of my eye socket because how good it felt. The windows on the bus fogged up, making it easier to do the unforgivable.

I, myself, was doing the unforeseen. Sex in public. With no showers around, but hardheartedly, I continued. Peter was transforming me to someone that I thought could not exist and I was loving every every part of it.

Within minutes, he said he was about to cum, while biting my bottom lip. While all at the same time I felt my body pulsing, and my muscles convulsing.

Climax? Oh my god!! Oh why, why, why, why, why, whyyyyyyyy!


Is this how people on Heroin feel!?

I just endured what could be considered the most incredible sensations. Inadvertently, he had to be the drug I had long craved for. The euphoria that I was long missing. My body quivered, kissing him softer and more gently to end the kiss.

Bodiless, I laid my head on his left shoulder, as sweat trickled down our entire body, with the mixture of the perfumes of body fluids. We were both still breathing heavily, but calmly. My eyes started to gain some strength to open, as I looked down his shaggy arm from his shoulder. I thought of how awful I felt about Cody, but not for what I’ve done, but for the misleading feelings I had.

I weakly grabbed his left hand for assurance of the quietus feelings I held for Cody and I noticed a ring attached to the finger that can only be claimed by a significant other.

I instantly became cold, unsure, and indifferent. Could he married? Engaged? Committed? Divorced? Widower? Fuck! Just like these damn soap-operas! Reality never sucked in so quickly, after having sex with basically a stranger on a MTA bus who is possibly married! The matching numbers wasn’t a sign, it was a trap. Either way, it would be unfair for me to be upset because I was in a committed relationship too, but if he is married, that’s worst. He’s probably married with kids!

Warily, I lifted his hand up and I looked up at him. I felt my heart splintering in my chest.

“Are you married?”

By: Alissa Marquetti