Learning Curve

When I first started my journey in Broadcast and Journalism I was not entirely aware of all the facets of media content you are able to find on a day to day basis. This was something I was not all too comfortable with and am still trying to become accustomed to finding new and original news content as the program goes along as it is a huge aspect of the work that we are doing. Even though news is everywhere around me in billboards, shops, advertisements and much more, it’s just a passing thought and I found that to find news in things you need to have a different and open mindset. For me this has become the biggest thing to adapt to, going out and finding original stories on a day to day lifestyle and incorporating it into my daily work. It may be nerves that over takes everything and you become a little nervous asking questions and digging deeper. I know I might be contradicting the fact that I want to become a journalist and that this is a major, if not only factor in becoming one. That being said, I’m working on becoming more comfortable with the fact of finding new and interesting angles and ideas for work that I can call my own as this has always been something I have been a little uncomfortable with. With the first term winding down I hope to overcome that feeling of nerves and work it out.