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I got two paragraphs in before I realized this was just a snarky summary of the movie instead of a film critic’s review. I should have stopped because I hadn’t seen the movie yet and all it was doing was describing the scenes in the film, but i figured it was getting to a larger point about the film. That point never came.

There’s got to be more to a film review than a quick blog post about how morally complicated characters are worse than morally simpler characters, while essentially providing a summary of the entire film.

I’m assuming Bill Simmons hired someone with at least a film-related degree to review movies for his site and not just some dude who likes movies and blogging. So I’ll just say that this article is lazy. Because this article just reads like I’m at a bar listening to my accountant friend who’s knows nothing about what makes a good film complain about a movie over drinks.

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