AMAR. “Merry Christmas, $300.00 for Love.”

Self professed Master of Love, Amar gives away $300.00 with help from Capital One.

The Holidays are really a drag for some people. There is the reality that what we see in the movies and on TV sometimes does not match our current reality. After all how can I be cheerful when frankly; “ I have no money”.

Movies like the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart examine how we feel around the holidays based on money worries.

As we look back on 2015 “The Year of Tears” we are happy to still be ‘clothed in our right minds’, as Oprah Winfrey would say. Possibly 2016 will be so much better and brighter. Enters in the self professed “Master of Love” Amar, who just wants us to “Give Love” this holiday if nothing else.

Amar. Talks PEACE which ranked #11 on the Interview Charts and #83 on the Rock Charts

Amar is the Talk Show Host/Male Love Guru, with the sultry voice who spins “Only The Greats” to teach his International Audience about one thing, LOVE. Amar is giving away great advice, amazing music and $300.00 on his talk show, “Amar Talks GIFT” through Capital One.

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“Every year I give my people love. This year I wanted to give some extra love, $300.00” say Amar.

Amar is gifting “Amar Talks GIFT” on and suggest people take advantage of the gift giving all the way until the New Year.

“Who knows where I’ll be in the world by January 1st 2016, all I know if that I give faith to the journey set ahead of me.”

Amar Talks on

Listen to Amar Talks Gift: HERE:

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