Logical Fallacies in Conspiracies

Nearly half of Americans believe in some way that the government is involved in multiple conspiracies. This statistic is so high because of the misinformation spread by people to individuals who fall into logical fallacies. Three errors in thinking have made themselves prevalent in conspiracies around the world.

The first error in thinking that causes problems for humans is the argument from ignorance. First of all arguments from ignorance cause false rumors to be spread. This can be seen in the conspiracies about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. On 9/11 some things could not be explained, and this causes all sorts of rumors to begin floating about our government. The biggest of these being that the government planned the whole ordeal and this is disrespectful to the people who were affected that day. Secondly, it causes biased groups that fuel conspiracies to gain more backing. This is shown best in the case of Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell has always been a place where people believed in aliens and when a mysterious “alien” craft it only added fuel to the thought that the government was hiding evidence of extraterrestrial live on earth. The third example is that argument for ignorance cause false information to be used as actual evidence. This is magnified in the case of the Bermuda Triangle. Nearly all of the proof in the case if the Bermuda Triangle can be disproven by science, yet it is still used as factual. (Facts) Data shows that number shipwrecks in the Bermuda Triangle are consistent with other parts of the ocean. Arguments from ignorance have proved to be a real problem for humans.

A second error in thinking that is hazardous is confirmation bias. Confirmation bias can even affect trusted reporters. To start, confirmation bias can be seen in the case of the Loch Ness Monster. People from all around the world flock to try and get a glimpse at Nessie. But since everyone is looking for Nessie anything that could even remotely look like Nessie, is thought to be the dinosaur. Trusted reporters have faked or altered pictures just to get the glory of catching Nessie. But this is causing the spread of misinformation to go without consequence. Secondly, confirmation bias is shown in the cases of alien abductions. Confirmation bias in big in the alleged alien abduction stories. People who have claimed to be abducted by aliens use every scratch, bruise, tear, etc., to show that they were abducted when they are just using those things to try to convince people that they were abducted, when in reality, they were not abducted. Thirdly, confirmation bias can take effect in hypnotism. When someone goes to get hypnotized, they want the hypnotism to work, therefore they hypnotism works because you are more susceptible to suggestion. This lets fake hypnotists ad people who perform regressive hypnosis to gain more backing and credibility. To conclude, confirmation bias is a problem that needs to be solved so that we can find truths.

The third logical fallacy is the misperceptions of our world. To start the misconceptions of our world can create false memories. This can be seen in the cases of regressive hypnosis; false memories are created all the time. People go into regressive hypnosis and under the power of suggestion create false memories that can cause arguments if the new memories uncovered (disapproved) taboo subjects. The next example is that misperception can create false witnesses. This can be seen again in the conspiracies on 9/11 were people thought they saw something that caused the events to be an inside job. For example, some people thought they saw a small plane hit the towers, when in actuality, it was a big plane. But conspirators are using that as fact when it is not. The third example is in the cases of Bigfoot. In the cases of Bigfoot, people take anything that could look like a bigfoot and turn it into a Bigfoot. From bushes to bears, people think they see Bigfoot when they do not see Bigfoot. This needs to stop because people should know a Bigfoot from a bear, they should be aware the truth. This logical fallacy plays a significant role in the spread of misinformation and causes problems for humans.

To sum up, these three logical fallacies cause many problems for people; they contribute to the spread of misinformation in the world. People should care about his subject because the truth is important and people deserve to know it. Also, people should learn how to spot misinformation and find out how to locate the truth. While logical fallacies cause problems for many individuals in the world, it needs to be dealt with our we will never really truly know the truth.