Everyone has had an opinion on the bull-fight ban in Tamil Nadu, India and has expressed thoughts to the detriment of all on social media. The fact of the matter is: those who have spoken for and against this martial sport have no connection with either agriculture or the sport. Most are not even from villages where the sport is held.

So why have they expressed themselves so vociferously?

They have got something to express their opinion on. And if that has to be against the state of India, then the exuberance increases manifold.

None has the courage to oppose support a ban on beef. While it is considered ‘freedom of choice’ when it comes to opposing beef ban, it becomes ‘traditional right’ when it comes to bull fight. And the folks who are shouting over the roof would have blinked if asked ‘where is the cow’s udder located in its body?’

And none has the courage to say that the real fight is not against the court that has banned the sport, but against the multinational companies (who produce the semen to artificially inseminate the Indian cows) who in turn have front ending NGOs like PETA.

The real agricultural folks who ought to have been seen fighting for lifting the ban are fighting for their livelihood under the most severe drought conditions.

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