60 Days, 60 Blog Posts

60 Blogs is a celebration!

Why we’re doing this Blogging Challenge

Next month, January 16th to be precise, Kamakshi Media LLP celebrates its first birthday. To mark this occasion, we are launching a 60 days, 60 posts program. Simply put, we will publish one new post every day for the next 60 days. Of course, we will have these posts in multiple formats: some may be in audio, others as a video, stitched together with a mix of text, infographics, and images. These posts will cover a variety of topics related to podcasting and writing: two things that I love to do. We will also talk about social media marketing and life in a startup. In all, over the next two months, I plan to share the things that I have learnt while setting up Kamakshi Media and being a part of its journey.

I will also update some of the older posts so that the content remains fresh, for example, a very popular blog that I had written: 7 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews Online. The title should now read 10 ways to Record, because there are newer options available, and some of options (Blab, for example) are no longer around.

Sample List of blog posts I am planning to write (not in order)

- Review: Dropbox Paper versus Evernote versus Zoho Writing App for online Writing and collaboration
- How To: Distributing Podcast using WhatsApp
- Case Study: Branding using Podcasts
- How To: Setting Up a Podcasting Station
- Resources: Tools I use for Podcast Production and Distribution
- Writing: Nanowrimo experience
- Content Management: How we use put content strategy into action
- Startup Life

How can you remain updated on this journey?

You can follow me on Medium, of course! That way, you can get the summary of each blog post everyday. You can also follow me on Twitter (@meamarvyas)

Image Source: Pixabay

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