This is the story of two love birds named Marife and Esgar.

I didn’t really expect to write about Esgar and I until I realized that I’m not tired and our love is pretty fascinating to say the least so let’s begin. Now I’m not a very interesting female in the eyes of others,nor do I possess any special talents (other than baking some monster cakes) I’m a pretty average, boring person just trying to get by. Well Esgar on the other hand, is one of the smartest and interesting individual that I’ve ever met. He loves to play a lot of video games and loves his cats to death, he’s what I call a tsundere* (also known as someone who is hard on the outside but a sweet cinnamon bun in the inside) sometimes I overlook when he does things that shows that he cares about things. Like a few months ago I sewed some patches onto his vans and he seemed to love them, but later on he left to work but he didn’t take the vans, he took his pricey shoes instead because he didn’t “want to ruin the ghosts from Pac-Man I sewed on” (he’s the cutest) he doesn’t show that he cares about things often, it’s probably his nature and all but me as his best friend is easy to read what’s on his mind.

We are what you’d call “polar opposites”, he likes bbq and I like ranch, he likes doctor pepper but I like Mountain Dew , he’s a Gemini and I’m a Leo etc. But I think what really unites us is the fact that our anime preferences are identical, not to mention our taste of music, like they say “intellectuals think alike” or whatever.

Esgar and I met over kik actually , we bonded over who knows what hah. I don’t remember it but it’s like a click , we got along well (for the last few months) until tragedy STRUCK …….. we argued and that was the end of it. Flash forward through a rocky year for me and there he was again , cute as always but not single… I thought to myself “now who can be the lucky girl that took my Senpai away from me?” Let’s not mention the ex tho shall we yeesh haha. As always our click switched back on again and we couldn’t stop the conversations from flowing, it was like talking to another me but a male version! I realized how much I’ve missed him this whole time and I couldn’t wait to catch up on the little things that happened in his life. Things were hard for me that year, but he never failed to show support and comfort for me when I needed it, he never failed to show that he was my best friend, I mean come on is he an angel ridden from the heavens?

He was the coolest guy ever, so smart, funny, and very very attractive. You know how best friends are, we get jealous if ugly woman flirt with our best friend (or was it just me?) but it happened ONCE. This ugly girl tried coming for MY BESTFRIEND! I was ready to throw hands when he said in his reassuring tone “you’re my only best friend” when I tell you my heart jumped off my chest and fell on sugar IT DID. Man he really knew how to calm down woman, that smooth talker. Anyway the day passed and I couldn’t be happier, it seemed like my insecurities were nothing but past torments that only made the days longer and dreadful. Thank god he came to my rescue because it was a hard year for me, lots of family problems and middle school sucked, I still remember the paragraphs and the words in them telling me how I affected his life and how he couldn’t be happier.

3 months into our friendship I started catching f e e l i n g s. I didn’t know what to do because he was still with his ex and i didn’t want to ruin our friendship or make it weird, but I wanted to be honest because my feelings for Esgar were really strong. I didn’t realize when I fell in love. So I came out and said in casually in text, it was definitely weird. Let’s say I got shot down:(

A few days after I told him to forget what I said, I told him that I would get rid of these feelings later on (a lie) and that’s how it was after. He was back to normal so I didn’t say anything else later on. I didn’t want to lose my best friend again.

Little did I know that he felt feelings for me on the other end as well ;)

Fast forward a few months we got intimate. And not that kind of intimate weirdo. We shared a lot of personal stuff, things we don’t tell anyone EVER. Sworn secrets ;) who knew that sooner or later this dude was gonna he my own and only for awhile.

He asked me out otp all cute as shit :)) I decided to tease him a lil and I said no at first and his reaction was the cutest “good hah- wait what ?” <3

It was something that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience honestly, since this person is my bestfriend and now my lover there was nothing I could ask more. Regardless of our problems in our relationship we’ll always talk it out (even when I make a scene lol) we’ll always forgive each other and if we don’t we are sorta adults who can talk through our problems,communication is sacred. we’ll never talk bad about each other when we break up either, I believe that seeing either of us act childish online talking bad about the other is just a waste of time and energy because once before we felt only love. I know that if we ever break up I’ll still be in his heart because we were still best friends before, for me he’s my first love. I hope that I grow old with him and curse each other out when our teeth fall out. I love you Esgar Garcia.

Thank god for a blessing this amazing.