Evaluate your choice properly and Stay firm on your decision!

We always have choices. We always have alternatives to everything that we do. There is always an easy way and a right way. There is always something that you want to do and then there is always something that you are supposed to do. What matters is, which path do we take and more than that do we stick to that path, no matter the obstacles. It’s always important to evaluate your choices or options smartly and come to a conclusion.

You should not change your options frequently. Take enough time to judge a situation and then come to a conclusion and stay firm on it. No one is asking you to give a prompt reply. You can always ask for more time. It’s not a time race to come to a decision quickly. It’s the race to come to a right decision. You can always say ‘No’ for the things you don’t want to evaluate. You can always skip out things you are not interested in. It’s not necessary to have an opinion on every matter in the world. May be, you don’t have enough subject matter experience in that field, for you to evaluate it completely. So whatever decision you take, make sure you are ready for all the controversies that you will be facing. You should not toss your choice unless you are struck in a very terrible situation. It’s the one with the correct mind to evaluate problems wins. And not the one who give impulsive decisions and then change it in a moment.

Make your life goals with all your mind and might. And stick to it. No one will kill you if you come up with something that puts you in tragedy. It’s the evaluation process that matters. It’s your research to come to the conclusion that matters.

Never ever judge any human being. It’s not your duty to do that. Your job is to evaluate your choices and not people. Don’t make any superficial decisions about anyone without knowing the whole scene. Act like a mature person. When you have made your mind for a particular person to continue your life with. Be a gentleman and don’t let that girl down, no matter what. Take enough time to ask that girl out but then, when you are in to it, never ever cheat her. Always be loyal to her. When you are in love with a man, act like a lady and not an immature sapling. Love him truly and completely and be with him always.

Sticking to your decision is the most difficult thing in the world. The world is dynamic. It keeps on changing based on the latest trends and changing mind-set of people. It’s a natural thing that your earlier decisions might not fit in context as compared to today’s world. It’s alright. The only thing that matters is, to have a correct explanation to satiate your decision. You should be able to satisfy your mind with your choices. Don’t manipulate your thinking. Don’t urge your mind to go for what is easy. Choose the one that is right in every sense and that you feel is good for you.