It is very difficult for a girl to lead the race!

We say, we value equality. We don’t restrict anyone from doing anything based on his/her gender. To achieve success, all you need is a great talent and an urge to become successful.

Females are required to handle their homes and at the same time perform equally in office to get equal status. Never mind, we didn’t complain of managing both. We strive to excel in both. What hurts most is, still people don’t treat talented girls same as they treat boys. It is always assumed and accepted everywhere that girls are weak and emotional. Everyone has a strong cynical belief, that a girl wont be able to lift much of weight as man do. People think girls are more emotional and they tend to cry sooner over the last battle. People have a misconception that girls are tender and they should be taken care of well. I don’t disagree with the fact that you do this because you care for them. I know, you all do this because you are protective in nature and all you want is to protect them.

All that I don’t understand, is the root of this belief. How the hell this inequality came into effect. Why this thought of protecting us comes to your mind and why you think we are incapable of fighting for ourselves. No one is best at something from childhood. Why don’t we teach girls to protect themselves and why don’t we make them strong since they are born. Why don’t we give them enough exposure of this world in childhood. We treat them as our princess when they are small and then we lock them in a cage for her protection. Why is she not allowed to explore this world without any doubt. Why people keep asking her to take care of herself, the moment she steps out of the house. I know, this world is full of monsters. But what is my fault in that, why haven’t you made me that strong to rib their bones and crash them apart. Why haven’t you given me enough confidence to walk with my head up without thinking of how I am looking. Why haven’t you allowed me to wear anything that I want and walk like a free bird. Why is that I have to compromise just because you are not able to create a better world for me. Why should I compromise just because you fail to make me strong enough to fight with all the evils.

It aches me, when somebody asks me to leave early and reach home safe. Why the heck you work more and improve yourself. Why couldn’t I do that. Why you always think girls are not technically strong. You narcissist, just because you are not capable to face them, you tag them as incapable.

Just because you cannot make your daughter or your sister or your wife able to fight with the world, you cage them and never allow them to face this world. Just because you yourself cannot assure her that she is strong enough to roam around the streets, you hide her from this world.