7-Small Cap Cryptos with Big Moonshot Promises

Amateo Ra
Amateo Ra
Apr 20, 2018 · 12 min read


Cryptocurrencies are rampant with radical risk and huge upside opportunity.

It’s extremely rare that a financial instrument or technology can generate a 30% to 120% gain in a 24 to 48-hour period — only to correct or hold 50% to 100% of its gains in the coming days or weeks, but in the wild west of crypto, it’s the run of the mill.

If you are taking crypto seriously, it’s recommended that 70% to 95% of your investment should be held in strong projects in the Top 10 to Top 25 — of Coinmarketcap. Battle and time-tested, with working products that are already functioning and providing value in the World.

Coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Stellar Lumens & NEO — and even in some of the more promising up and coming projects such as Cardano, OmiseGo, EOS & Lisk.

However, you don’t have to be a degenerate gambler to extract excitement and see a real potential for big returns investing in some smaller cap cryptos with big moonshot promises — with the hope of betting on a lucky horse.

Buying small cap crypto’s takes a lot of research and consideration. Sometimes it’s hard to spot a shitcoin covered in glitter.

A single positive or negative piece of press on any given coin can make or break it — but after lots of research these are my favorite picks.

Know this is not investment advice — just my opinion and insights, do so at your own risk and rekt. And here we go…


Small Cap Cryptos with Big Moonshot Promises

For this list, I am only including coins at about 120-Million Market Cap and below. The introduction of many quality projects into the market means all of these coins are below the Top 100 Cryptos in the marketplace.

Some of them are new and some are more established, but many are promising. (Prices change constantly so what is listed below is what was current at the time of writing.)

1. Quantstamp — QSP

What is it? Quantstamp is a smart contract auditing system designed to help automate the exposing and resolution of smart contract vulnerabilities. They offer automated and full-service smart-contract audits to ensure their safety and security. They have performed 300+ audits to-date.

What to Look Forward To: Quantstamp will be releasing public reports this year on exposing more smart contract vulnerabilities, and positioning their product and service as the #1 solution to solve them. With more and more platforms on the rise offering smart contracts — Quantstamp looks to cement this invaluable service as a prerequisite of smart contract reputability.

How it Works:

Did you know? A scan of nearly one million Ethereum smart contracts has identified 34,200 vulnerable contracts that can be exploited to steal Ether. When visiting blockchain events in Silicon Valley there is a lot of talk of town about Quanststamp

Market Cap: $95,018,849

All Time High Price: $0.75

Current Price: $0.176694

ROI to ATH: 4.24x

Team & Advisors: Strong, Well-Respected & Funded

Exchange Listings: Binance, Huobi, KuCoin & More

Access to Liquidity Rating: Medium-Strong

Social Interest: Strong yet Quiet (Nearly 25k in Telegram)

Link: https://quantstamp.com/

2. Polymath — POLY

What is it? Polymath is a platform for billions to trillions of dollars of Securities to migrate to the blockchain. It will be both a platform for existing securities to move on the blockchain, new crypto companies which are securities to launch, while also being a decentralized exchange protocol so investors can buy and sell securities safely and securely.

Why it’s Important: Retroactive securities issuance by the SEC has and will continue to be a huge thorn in the side of market growth. Many coins have essentially killed their inherent value to investors by choosing to be a utility token, to evade the expensive red tape of being a functional security. Polymath promises to revolutionize crypto by automating and simplifying the launch and/or migration of legitimate securities to blockchain, with their STO — Securities Token Offering model.

What to Look Forward To: In my opinion, security tokens are the next big thing in Crypto. The future of crypto is about maximizing generosity while maintaining value for token holders, and in order to enhance staking and rewards, coins need to launch as securities to publicly disclose that you are purchasing the token for the sake of making a profit. 2018 will be huge for security tokens.

Market Cap: $107,713,088

All Time High Price: $1.60

Current Price: $0.448805

ROI to ATH: 3.565x

Team & Advisors: Small but Mighty

Exchange Listings: Bittrex, UpBit, KuCoin +More

Access to Liquidity Rating: Medium — But strong upside potential for new exchange listings.

Social Interest: Solid. On the lookout for catalysts to drive market attention while they focus on building the platform and protocol.

Link: https://www.polymath.network/

3. Axpire — AXP

What is it? Axpire is a blockchain based spend management system. Axpire will initially serve to help asset and fund administrators and managers at banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and others to deal with the resource and time-costly processes. Including profit maximizing, digital workflows, reduce cost of operational management, track and optimize workloads, enhance and automate financial compliance, provide digital analytics and blockchain based audit trails.

It’s worth noting, Axpire could stand to improve and simplify the communication of their brand and product.

Why it’s Important: Operating a well-performing business or enterprise is extremely costly and most companies are losing huge sums of money due to poor internal logistical management and a litany of inefficiencies. It appears they will migrate from just supporting fund management services to all forms of enterprise. Real world use case — that makes business more functional and can save millions using Blockchain just makes sense.

Market Cap: $19,887,747

All Time High Price: $0.25 — at listing (price at listing may not reflect actual achieved value appropriately.)

Current Price: $0.075048

ROI to ATH: 3.33x

Team & Advisors: Solid Team with All-Star Advisors including my friend, Shingo Lavine of Ethos a disclosed partner.

Exchange Listings: KuCoin, HitBTC & IDEX

Access to Liquidity Rating: Low — But strong upside potential for new exchange listings.

Social Interest: Small but loyal and gaining traction (Telegram 7,765)

4. Odyssey — OCN

What is it? Odyssey is developing a peer-to-peer sharing economy ecosystem. Creating a bridge of trust, intelligence and automation between service providers and clients. Odyssey is looking to help reduce operating costs and roadblocks hindering economic progress and systemic digital commerce today. Odyssey is the first project I know of that is partnered and being built on Tron, a controversial platform with a large global community.

Why it’s Important: There are a litany of inefficiencies in p2p and b2b digital transactions ecosystems, many of which have crazy fees. From payment processing, expensive listings, inability for customers and clients to find one another, lack of trust, etc. — let alone very little interoperable integration with dapps. Currently, crypto can be used as a form of payment, but there are few places where commerce can run functionally as an ecosystem of people can use to purchase and exchange goods, media and services.

Market Cap: $30,438,800 USD

All Time High Price: $0.103 at Listing

Current Price: $0.015219

ROI to ATH: 6.76x

Team & Advisors: Young, ambitious and invested and advised by Tron, and invested by QTUM.

Exchange Listings: Huobi, KuCoin, Cobinhood, HitBTC

Access to Liquidity Rating: Medium-Low — But strong upside potential for new exchange listings.

Social Interest: Crypto Twitter has a love-affair with this coin, but outside of that, it seems like it’s fairly under the radar. Loyal Tron enthusiasts will likely jump all over it when there are catalysts for it to spike.

Link: http://www.ocoins.cc/


What is it? An ecosystem creating a bridge between big data, blockchain companies and regulatory compliance agencies with digital identity tools to automate and systematize the Know-Your-Customer process. This creates verifiable high-performance identity tools to enhance security of cryptocurrency platforms, protocols and services, while partnering with large data providers, such as the leading Telecom company of china to provide said digital identity tools.

Why it’s Important: Digital identity is more important than ever, and is proving itself to be one of the most applicable use cases for blockchain technology to-date. This allows companies to have a formal and regulatory compliance-ready system to track their customers, and protect their accounts, funds and services. Almost all digital services, from telecommunications, exchanges and even governmental services can benefit from digital identity to have a cross-verifiable proof of those using the services so they can report to governments and manage their user base effectively and securely. TheKey has already started to form critical partnerships on the path of the adoption of their technology in the East.

Partnerships: TheKey has secured some very quality partnerships including serving as the underlying IDV within Ontology and recently the Argon Group.

Market Cap: $74,796,854 USD

All Time High Price: $0.0382 at Listing

Current Price: $0.016603

ROI to ATH: 2.30x

Team & Advisors: Strong and solid. Direct support from NEO ecosystem.

Exchange Listings: KuCoin, LBank, AllCoin HitBTC

Access to Liquidity Rating: Low — But strong upside potential for new exchange listings, rumors are Binance may list it soon.

Social Interest: TheKey has a viral social following and is touted by many as one of the most successful coins to launch on the NEO platform. People are eager to see how TheKey will integrate with Ontology, Government Regulation services and other DAPPs.

Link: https://www.thekey.vip/

6. Matrix AI Network — MAN

What is it? The Matrix AI Network is a robust blockchain platform and future ecosystem combining high-throughput blockchain technology, automated intelligent smart contract systems the average person can use without code and layered artificial intelligence running on the blockchain for user-based applications. Simply put, in order to make blockchain accessible for mass adoption — we must make smart contracts accessible for everyone to deploy, but in order to do that safely MAN uses artificial intelligence enhanced security features, while also promising to be self-adaptive so that it doesn’t go obsolete with the advent of new blockchain technologies.

Why it’s Important: Contracts run our economy, but they are usually written on paper, vulnerable to legal liability and nearly impossible to automate. The potential for smart contracts to revolutionize global commerce has a massive upside potential, but it won’t do any good if it requires a programmer and said contracts are full of vulnerabilities and become dated in intelligence and accuracy upon being written. MatrixAI promises to simplify this process — bringing high performing smart contracts to practice user-based applications that are a part of our everyday life. This can allow secure and functional artificial intelligence integrate into consumer products and introducing the blockchain to our everyday lives.

Market Cap: $119,483,550 USD

All Time High Price: $0.119

Current Price: $0.796557

ROI to ATH: 1.49x

Team & Advisors: Great background in AI — could benefit from more seasoned blockchain vets as advisors, but the investment support is solid.

Exchange Listings: IDEX, Gate.IO & Ether Delta

Access to Liquidity Rating: Very-Low — But extremely strong upside potential for new exchange listings. Amazing this coin has the valuation it does for how limited its exchange listings are.

Social Interest: Another small-cap with a viral following as diehard crypto enthusiasts believe in the potential for this coin, have been accumulating and know how early it is and how limited the exchanges are which are hosting it. Some predict this as easily being a $1-Billion+ market cap coin.

7. AChain — ACT

What is it? As is clearly stated on their website, “Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers of all levels to issue tokens and create smart contracts, decentralized applications and blockchain systems. Achain is committed to building a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions.” AChain is capable of 1,000 TPS and uses a smart sandbox to simplify the developer process for deploying smart contracts. It’s fast, agile, convenient and efficient. While some smart contract platforms like NEO are built to not be forkable — AChain allows easy forking for the custom deployment of private and public blockchain networks. It’s also retrofit to use interoperable cross-chain technology to sync existing blockchain infrastructure to AChain. It’s very surprising this coin hasn’t held its value at a 1-Billion market cap with its maturity and already existing smart contract deployment.

Why it’s Important: Lowering the barrier of entry for developers to use blockchain increases the network effect of the market and the diversity of applications available with this tech — then make it fast, customizable and give people and companies the ability to fork the chain while remain connected to the entire network, really opens the floodgates for utilization and application. If they can ensure security and scalability, this could be a smoother upper-atmosphere launch than Tesla’s Falcon Rocket.

Market Fact: A very well-respected ICO recently deployed on AChain named PundiX, which is a cryptocurrency point-of-sale system for retail stores. You know that machine you swipe or insert your chip card into — imagine that for crypto? PundiX already has nearly twice the market cap of AChain itself. :O

Market Cap: $129,884,432 USD

All Time High Price: $1.25 at Listing

Current Price: $0.277294

ROI to ATH: 4.51x

Team & Advisors: Very legit and hardworking tech development team. The rest, not completely sure.

Exchange Listings: Huobi, KuCoin, HitBTC

Access to Liquidity Rating: Medium-Low — But strong upside potential for new exchange listings.

Social Interest: This very powerful blockchain technology has some solid and steadily growing following — but exists in an extremely competitive niche of the blockchain marketplace.


Honorable Mentions:

It’s impossible for me to list all of the small-cap cryptocurrencies with exciting futures ahead and not overwhelm you, the ready. So those listed above are my top picks, however, I would be remiss to not mention some other very exciting coins.

ArcBlock — ABT

ArcBlock is an underlying open-source blockchain protocol, essentially allowing applications to run on multiple blockchains seamlessly and efficiently. (Coin Market Cap Link)

LuxCoin — LUX

A fast developing enterprise and privacy blockchain system complete with Masternodes, SegWit and Smart Contracts. John McAfee recently jumped on as an advisor to see the coin to its full potential. A popular one to mine, coupled with programmer controversy and loyal fans. (Coin Market Cap Link)

Apex — CPX

One of the hottest NEO ICO Coins fresh on the scene, it uses blockchain tech to enhance the process of businesses to engage with consumers. Amazingly robust team, advisory group and early investors. (Coin Market Cap Link)

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin -IPBC

Another up and coming favorite of the crypto community — IPBC is an already functioning working product where you can upload content into a directory and earn crypto. Name is a mouthful, but seems promising if, and big if, users begin to adopt it. (Coin Market Cap Link)

Auctus — AUC

A brand new disruptive fintech coin offering crypto-based retirement services combining crypto, bonds, stocks and other automated services. With a crazy team of partners including 0x, Bancor, etc. (Coin Market Cap Link)


Thanks for reading! I hope this article has shined some light on some new and exciting crypto projects for you to research, watch closely and invest at your own risk. Know this isn’t the only small-cap cryptos with big promises, just a handful of my personal favorites.

I also hope that this article assists in spreading some of these amazing projects even further into mainstream recognition, and even critique.

Are there other coins you think should have made the list?

Comment below…


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