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Hariku Bersama Prelo-Smoking not only can damage the health Smoking had a bad effect on beauty.Unhealthy ingredients in cigarettes can make the face more quickly so wrinkled and sagging breasts.Not only that we go five negative impact of smoking on beauty as quoted by Icah Banjarmasin.

A. Making Face Looks Old.
Wrinkled skin under the eyes is characteristic of smokers said Dr Noerman.Not just skin wrinkles smoking can also make skin more sensitive to the dangers of the sun.

B. So Pale Skin.
Smoking can reduce oxygen and nutrients skin therefore some smokers seem more pale than nonsmokers.
According to dermatologist Jonette Keri from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine skin discoloration can occur at a young age people who do not smoke rarely visible difference in skin color.However it can happen more quickly in smokers he said.

C. Quick Skin Sagging.
In tobacco cigarettes is the main raw material contained more than 4 thousand chemicals.And dangers such materials trigger the destruction of collagen and skin elasticity.
Consequently smokers so quickly sagging skin and wrinkles that have more visible said Keri.

D. Sagging Breasts & Arm.
Smoking does not only damage the appearance of the face but also your body shape.When the skin loses its elasticity the body that was toned longer decline This occurs in the breast and arms.The researchers found that smoking is a major cause of sagging breasts.

E. Around Lips So There Wrinkles.
Smokers use some of the muscles around the mouth so that it causes them to have more wrinkles around the lips rather than who do not smoke said Keri.
As already said above smoking can also reduce skin elasticity.So the frown lines around the lips smokers will become increasingly apparent.

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