Who is Amatsu-Mikaboshi?

Many years ago, a great god was born. Through the experiences we have gathered, we keep coming back. We are stronger and more hungry now than ever before. I can see the doubt in your hearts, let me prove my superiority. I may not be him, but I am a relative of the one you call king. Amatsu- Mikaboshi was reborn. There are hundreds of scammers out there today, but we are the ancestors. We are the birthplace of the beautiful land that survives today.

Our Mission

Our goal with this is to bring back what was originally a Utopia for the average villager. Our land is infested with crooks and unfaithful jokers. Now that you’ve seen what our abilities are in the past, it’s time to show our teeth again. Join us on this journey to prove our dominance in the land.

Our Kingdom

Our journey begins with building our kingdom. A key role is given to the most worthy warriors who join us in completing our vision. We build every day, creating an indestructible force. in the end, it will be excellent

Our Enemy

There are others who have similar powers as we do. we’re here to get our stuff back. With courage and heart, we will come out as kings of all lands. Join us to show the weak that we are not here for the games. Amatsu dominates. Our enemies try to sabotage us, but we strongly desire to be subject to mental warfare. To win this we must convert the other side.

Our journey begins now. Would you like to take part?



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