How to Balance Life’s Five Great Stories, or Why You Shouldn’t Work for the NSA : 1 hour

5 great stories- this passages talked about life’s major 5 stories

  1. love

2. spiritual/intellectual enlightenment

3. leadership

4. partnership

5. career

Iliad , Odyssey , Symposium (August 23, 2016):1.5 hours

For this semester we will be reading the Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Symposium. I am excited because I typically have a difficult time reading Greek mythology because of the way the langue is written.

Vocabulary from the first day:

Homo/phrosune — same mind

menis — wrath

The Trojan War was between the Greeks also known as the Achaeans or the Danaans and the Trojans. The Iliad is taking place 10 years into the war.

The wedding of Peleus and Thetis-

The apple of discord (eris)

The judgement of Paris

Homer’s Iliad, Book One 2 hours 8 pm to 10 pm reading

  1. What seems to be most important to Achilles? — Respect and honor. Achilles felt As if Agamemnon has no right to anything because he never once fought with his people so what gave him the right to claim a prize.
  2. What is most important to Agamemnon? -saving face, maintaining respect from the people around and under him— he does not want to allow anyone to speak to him with a lack of “respect” because then the others will start to believe they can speak to and treat the king in any type of way
  3. How do Achilles and Agamemnon see their own identity?

Agamemnon — he feels as king he is entitled to everything

Achilles — he feels as if he is the one who brings order to the ones that are around him, at the council meeting he was the one who wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on in their community. He is someone who is humble enough to listen to those who he feels deserves respect — like when the goddess came down and told him not to kill Agamemnon . He is emotionally aware he allowed himself to cry for his lost “prize” or was he crying because he felt dishonored

How do you decide how much a human being is worth? 1 hour

“That’s horrible how do you determine how much a human is worth”

As crown royal alert by Jill Scott Plays in the background.

Who is anyone to place value on another person’s life. Who’s to say you are worth anything. Humanity has tried to do this all the time, with materialism and slavery.

Listening to their responses I had hoped we would have went into a deep worldly discussion. After their quick response I added my feelings about the posed question. “But wait I am thinking about this a little differently: I feel that you can determine how much a human being is worth simply by taking away a person materials, their money and all of their monetary value if they have no physical what do they have left. You determine how much a person is worth by what is left. If it was possible to measure the purity of someone’s inner being, their consciousnesses their soul that is how you would determine how much a person is worth.”

The judgement of Paris (August 25) 1.5 hours

The judgement of Paris was a contest to see who the apple of discord was for that was inscribed “to the fairest” . Three goddesses believed they were the most beautiful, Aphrodite, Hera , and Athena

Read Homer’s Iliad, Books 2–4: 7 hours

Book 2 took a while for myself to get into the listing of names was difficult to read, but this list did serve a superpose , it showed that the poet did have the power of the gods speaking through him

  1. National Mall 1 hour

There was a sculpture where the hands of God were wrapped around a couple . The couple was embracing each other as if they were sharing a kiss. This is showing that love can be strong if they understand and accept the guidance and power of the positive forces around them. Love has the power over people’s rational behavior. Typically when someone is in love they change their natural behavior to fit the want or needs of the one hey love.

Love conquers the mind- think about when the elders are talking about Helen , they are stating because she is so beautiful they understand why the men are fighting over her. As elders you expect them to be wiser and as a wiser man they should have different view or should be able to offer some guidance to how to stop the war..

Diomedes the son of Tydeus

Day Three (August 30) 1.5 hours

  1. Read Homer’s Iliad, Book Five 2 hours

Typically the hero saves the day. In my eyes a here can look many different ways. There are war heroes, doctors, teachers etc. The value of a hero should be to help others where there is a need. Like Big Well said …

See a need Fill a Need

In book five Diomedes is not acting as the hero I described because he is only seeking klaos and is not actually fighting to help others.

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