Maui Walk To End Alzheimer’s -#Walk2EndAlz — Here is Why I Am Involved, and Here is Why I Encourage You To Walk With Us

I need another volunteer work like I need a hole in my head. No, really, I already have so much to do, and putting my time on another project sounds insane. Yet, I agreed. I agreed to volunteers with the Walk To End Alzheimer’s on Maui. The story on why I agreed will be long and winding. Someday I will share with you the whole story. But for now, let me give you four reasons on why I decided to get involved:

Caregiving is in itself is an act of love, but to care for victim of Alzheimer’s is sacrificial love in its highest form. The amount of patience and humility you need to endure the 24/7 care is beyond what many of us can do. Most of the time, these caregivers are exhausted. They will not have the time nor the energy to volunteer. Yes we are very busy, but not as busy as them.

If my “minini” voluntary work will contribute to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, then I would have accomplished a great thing. Right now there is no cure. It’s the number 6 leading cause of death in the U.S. It’s been around for a long time and we still have no cure. We must find a cure.

This lack of cure does not only affect the families of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s. It actually affects our whole community; our whole nation; and our world. The impact of this staggering

In other words, I am doing this in loving memory of my mother, Aurora, and her family who many were afflicted with this horrible disease. This is the personal touch to it. This was the only reason why I participated in the Maui Walk To End Alzheimer’s last year. This is the first reason I why I got involved.

There is a certain stigma associated with Alzheimer’s. Most people afflicted with it do not talk about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, but many feel it’s a situation where they will become a burden to their families. Many of those who are afflicted isolate themselves from friends because they are not sure if they will be accepted or not. It’s time to change that. It’s time to remove the stigma.

I mentioned earlier that caregivers give and care sacrificially. The great thing about it? They give out of love. That’s the diamond in the rough. Love. It’s all about love.

There are many good causes. So many needs. Each day we get requests for donations. Each day we get requests for help. How do we decided which one to support and which one to pass?

Bottomline, the decision is up to you. More likely, people who have some kind of experience or connection with someone afflicted by dementia or Alzheimer’s will be the one most supportive, and most likely to participate in the Walk. However, even if you are not afflicted with Alzheimer’s, or even if your family has not been touched by it — would you please consider joining us or making a donation in “thankfulness” that you don’t have to go through the difficulties the families afflicted with Alzheimer’s has to go through?

To join PURPLE LILIKOI Team on the Walk To End Alzheimer’s on Maui, or to make a donation, please click the link below:

Mahalo and a hui hou!


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