Option Six: A Europe of Democracy and Social Justice
Paul Mason

Mr. Mason,

“Post-Capitalism” was just released in Brazil, and I’ve learned that you already did the three interviews that you commited yourself to promote the book in our country. I write for Caros Amigos, the most enduring left publication in Brazil, with 20 years of reporting, since the times of “Third Way” politics that maked Cardoso tenures as president down here. I’ve just wrote the cover story of Lula’s prospects for a third term in the 2018 elections, and I’d love to have a lenghty interview with you for our next issue. I think that we need your kind of bold economic propositions in a time where Brazil is facing its own democratic and economic troubles, much of them into the vein of the “debt economics” you unveiled in your book. The left is in need for new ideas here as well, and I think that the Caros Amigos (think it as a Brazilian “New Statesmen”) public is the one who would pay the closest attention to your very important remarks. I know this is not the best medium (no pun intended) to contact you, but, well, a journalist should exhaust any means to get in touch with its probable sources, right? If you have anytime to discuss the content of “Post-Capitalism” and more recent unfoldings of global politics with the Brazilian left, I would be eager to have you interviewed — you can contact me at amauri.gonzo@gmail.com. Anyway, anyhow, keep with the great work!

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