Pipelines and what they say about our society

Few days ago I did some light reading, I looked at the 2015 Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer Crude Oil Forecast,Markets & Transportation. The table below is taken from the report and sums up the situation pretty well.

What The CAPP wants is to double oil transportation capacity by 2030 with initiatives such as the keystone XL and Energy East. All said and done, at capacity that would mean an additional 3645 thousand barrels of oil per day.

3.65 million barrels per day is 1332.25 million barrels in a year. Using the EPA’s conversion numbers, a barrel of crude generates about 0.43 metric tons of CO2. Therefore by 2030, if all goes according to plan, that would mean an additional 572.87 million metric tons of CO2 per year. That is about the same as adding another Brazil on the map. It is a bit over 1% of current world wide emissions. These kind of numbers are dauntingly huge and they tend to make me think a lot and also, sometimes, cry a lot.

All this leads me to the following conclusion: as a society, we need to ask ourselves whether it is time to listen to nature and to the science or whether to simply continue obeying the laws of the market.To avoid catastrophic climate change, our society needs to evolve, and fast. It would be easy for us to put the blame solely on these bad corporate actors who have undue influence in our societal processes.It would be easy to pretend that we are innocent white lambs. But the truth is that they only have these behaviors because we as a society reward them for it. Furthermore our own behaviors and values are also largely to blame for the current crisis.

So yeah in order to somewhat fix the world here is what you could do. You can: bike to work, eat less meat, carpool, try not to drive one of these humongous gas guzzlers, garden,buy local, not buy a freaking Humvee,vote,volunteer, and please do not buy a vehicle with same fuel efficiency as a goddamn tank! 
Also ask yourself whether we really need to increase our dependence on oil and double oil transportation capacity or whether it’s time to promote bio-fuels, bio-gas,renewables and dare I say it? Nuclear (fusion).

We are blessed to be at a crossroad and as a specie, we can collectively decide where to go from here. That is such a beautiful gift, so let’s not waste it.