Silly politics: Trump versus Republicans.

BEFORE: we subsidized Obamacare with payout to private insurance companies (favors low income) but the Republicans nixed those (with a lame excuse that they were against subsidies and wanted the markets to be free instead of being controlled by a Socialist like Obama) and then the insurance companies started to pull out. The insurance companies wanted a higher mandate since it was too low to compensate for the high risk pool. The subsidies weren’t enough and the middle class and small buisnesses were not being helped. Then they changed their actuarial calculations by not being allowed to kick off people with previous illnesses. All this represents more “government control” of the sacrosanct free-markets that interestingly enough Trump and the fellow hypocrites want to keep.

NOW: we do subsidies in the form of Tax Credits (Orwellian B.S.). Subsidies which now instead favor the rich and the young at the expense of the poor and old. Double WTF?

FUTURE: we plan on subsidizing the private insurance companies by negotiation of “market” drug prices, pitting one private industry against the other (pharmaceutical versus insurance industry) on the premise that Trump is a great dealmaker. Our FDR, corporatist in chief.

Trump: “You go to Europe, they (governments that have universal medical coverage) buy them (medicines) for a fraction, from the same company, they buy them for a fraction of what they pay in the United States. Because we have a middle man system (Trump, it’s called the free market; I know it’s pretentious and not real but that is what the Republicans base their whole existence on), and we have a lot of bad systems, but basically, we don’t have a good bidding system, and we’re going to get drug prices so far lower than they are now your head will spin.”

So what does the Republican Party stand for? Let’s just call it the America First Corporatist Party.

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