Trump as a Colonoscopy*

Some say, “yes, without anesthesia!” I say, let’s just talk about polyps.

Extending the metaphor, some may even say his inauguration was like the prep-kit and the “Woman’s March” was like the dinner or breakfast you never had. Now we are waiting for the results, but I think he has already removed a big polyp.

Trump’s corporate bashing and shaming of corporations has been a very successful polyp zapping: Trump with his twitter laser says “you mean you can’t make a profit AND keep jobs in this country?” The Republicans have always lived with this myth that, the less government interferes with corporations the better we all are. Why? Because corporations are amazing at knowing what’s best for our country, they even help write the laws (lobbies) that help them maximize profits such as international treaties and favorable tax write-offs, all for the benefit of the invisible hand which like a miracle, works without any government laws! All of a sudden, with one meeting with Trump and all jobs that were going overseas are going to stay, PLUS these companies will still be profitable!? I guess before they had to spend lots of money on lobby groups trying to re-write the tax laws but now they can save by simply meeting with Trump promising to keep jobs in America if he decreases their taxes. He wins the accolades of the American workers that have experienced a “carnage” and the corporations win with lower taxes.

Of course, it’s all tax cuts veiled in Trump’s populist “America First” twitter zaps but amazingly enough the corporations find ways to still accommodate these apparent socialist excretions, still smile for the camera and next day announce that they are creating jobs in America for the next quarter’s earnings. This is an amazing discovery that all of a sudden hidden profits can be found by not screwing the American worker if only they had lower taxes. The blue collar workers and the Unions eat this s*** like it was a buffet. Of course the devil is in the details and they will work with Trump as long as their taxes will be reduced. The reduction of corporate taxes of course is really just money being shifted, but surprisingly enough lowering of corporate tax rates at the expense of cutting funding for EPA or NEA, or the ACA (subsidies for health insurance for the poor)seems like NO government meddling at all!

In summary, if you do believe in “America First” as a rallying cry with an ideological basis (as an aside; I do believe in the primacy of geopolitical interests) please then, do not demean the purity of the idea by doing a economic “switcharoo” where you end up upholding a puritanical nationalist idea ONLY on the basis of a price tag (tax cuts) in which Americans are footing the bill for “America First” slogans THEN claim that our government has been selling out our country for decades.

Oh, the illusions…the polyp has been removed?

* Alternate Title: Tax Cuts veiled in an “America First” Twitter Feed