Trump Family Drama: the Deconstruction of the Presidency

Deconstruction is a method of undermining meaning and thus revealing things about a subject we could not have seen before because we were blinded by its importance. The Trump family drama is the deconstruction of the office of an institution, the Presidency. For example, everyone knows the plot of the story about how power corrupts. Our whole government structure is based on a system of checks and balances because of this specific underlying human experience.

It almost seems like our clever American electorate decided to bypass the corruptive process of power and go straight to electing an already corrupt family; just to change it up a bit. Imagine watching a movie backwards, the ending is already given so all we can do is marvel at the cinematography. One can compare it to Nixon but it’s not; Nixon followed the normal story trajectory of how power corrupts. The Trump family enters the stage already full of power and money, with their moral corrupt foundations personally justified on our extreme individualistic American mythology.