Why You Should Be Using a VPN.

• Use VPNs whenever connecting to a public network.

• VPNs use a unique key to scramble data.

• Without knowing the unique key, an overwhelming amount of time and resources will be required to view the original data.

• My VPN recommendations: Windscribe or NordVPN *

Whether you want to protect your online banking information, stay secure on public Wi-Fi, or hide your location from content providers and advertisers, VPN can keep your browsing activities private. When it comes to online privacy solutions, VPN offers the best balance of comprehensive security and speed.

Okay. So, how does it keep me safe?

The answer can get complicated, so I’ll keep it as straightforward as possible.

Without a VPN, anyone connected to the same computer network can read or manipulate data that is traveling to and from that network. For instance, a person using a hotel’s WiFi runs the risk of allowing another guest to view their personal data. Similarly, using WiFi in a public library opens the risk of accessibility from other patrons.

When is the best time to invest in a VPN?

VPN providers offer their customers the confidence to have secure communications that can’t be tampered with by a malicious individual. They accomplish this by leveraging a unique key to randomize data as it travels to and from computer networks.

Are you saying that it is impossible to crack a VPN encryption?

Well, yes and no.

Given enough time and/or resources, all encryption can be solved (cracked), but the amount of time or resources required will be immense.

VPNs force unauthorized users to spend an immense amount of time and compute resources to descramble any captured data (we are talking about centuries**).

But I heard that China has the technology to do so?

I’d rather not speculate, so I’ll leave this question to any of my friends at the NSA or DHS. However, I’d be more concerned about the person sitting next to me at the coffee shop, airplane hotspot, or school’s network than I would be of China. I’ll let the government deal with those threat actors.

* This link is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you clicked through and make a purchase.

** depending on the encryption algorithm used.

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