Final Blog #5

This year I have learned many things that I have not experienced before or have not seen. For myself I have learned that I am more of a city guy because being here in Iowa has given me a culture shock due to there being more of a country setting with less city area around. In California I was always around the city and not seeing any open big area like it is here in Lamoni, Iowa. Being here in college I have also discovered about myself that I like to go hunting. Coming here this year I had no idea how to hunt or had any interest in it. A friend of mine here at Graceland invited me to go hunting and I then discovered that I found it fun and very interesting to do because I had never done anything like it. Coming to college made me learn that I like college way better than high school, the freedom is much better and also majority of the people here are better. The academics are much better in college because they fit more to my interest as in high school non of the subjects I were in were in my interest which made me not like my experience academically in high school. This year I have met many people who are from different countries which I grew to be friends with them. In the past I would have never thought that I would become friends with people who speak a different language than me, which I learned that I can be friends with foreign people even if they speak a different language. When I came out here to Iowa for school I learned how close I am to my family, coming here made me really realize that I will miss my family and it has brought us even closer since I came out here for college. Coming out to the mid west made me learn that people out here have many different opinions about politics, back home many of the people have similar opinions on politics in which coming out here I learned that there are many different around the U.S. This year I have learned many things.

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