Rough Sex

It was another lonely Friday night and I was looking for a lady to stick my maley thing in.It was peering out the window when I seen the sexiest Latino alive.Mhm she had the juiciest booty and was wearing a skin tight dress.I had to have her.I jumped off of my porch and she was startled.I grabbed her shoulders and threw a cheesy pick up line “with your donut and my churro beautiful things could be made”. “Let’s make beautiful things then she said dragging me by my hand to my house.We got in and I took control.I kissed her passionately quickly undressing us both.She was amazed my dick and I was ready for us to have the best time of our lives and I bet you’re ready to see how it goes.I broke the kids and pushed her on her knees.She had the perfect space for my 9-inch dick.She sucked that shit like it was her job.But I was not about to let her take dominance.I held her head up and fucked her throat.Tears streamed but I was about to come and I wanted to mess up her make up and bathe her plus sized tits.She started to suck the tip and I moaned in pleasure while she made moaning sounds toward my dick showing she appreciated being dominated.I was coming and I was morning load now and I realeased my kids unto her perky breast and make up face and I also included her mouth.”Swallow”,I said grabbing her chin making sure she swallowed.She swallowed in one gulp as I picked her up and threw her on to the couch.”I’m about to eat your pussy fast then slow fast then slow so you’ll beg me to finish”,I said while she gave a big grin.i stuck my tongue out and moved like a vibrator then I slowed down.”if you need to moan my name is Armani”.she started to moan my name and I decided to bring out the ropes.I carried her to my freaky basement and tied her to the sex table.I took out the gag and placed it in her mouth.I grabbed the vubrator and turned it to the fastest it could go.I alternated with my mouth and the vibrator.She shook with pleasure but soon it turned to torture for her,an orgasm cannot last forever.shr cried out and I gave her no mercy until about ten minutes later.I turned it up and she sighed with relief.I grabbed a handfull of her hair and put her mouth at the entrance to my but.She shook her head in denial.”I don’t eat man ass”she said in her accent.I ignored it completely and pushed her head right into my but.”lick my shit or I’ll give you something you regret”.She refused and. I let out a manly fart.She tried to move but my muscular arms stopped it.”lick my ass butch” I said slapping her.She finally complied and licked it like the white she was.I was in so much pleasure I had to repay her.I picked her up and put her on the couch in a doggy style and started licking her ass,head stuck in between her cheeks.She moaned in delight.Then came the fucking.I stuck it in her wet pussy and played with her titties.I fucked her on the wall then stuck it in from the back.I pulled her hair as I drove my cock in.i covered her mouth with my other hand.We did not stop until she was squirting and I sucked it all up.We still do this every Friedan night.i dominate that pussy and make her get on her knees and suck my ass.We pleasure each other

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