Configuration Management is an Antipattern
Jonah Horowitz

Rant on: Well, I like the premise but I have a problem with the middle part of this article. You’re conflating CM tools with System Administration. Look again at your “Two bad options” graphic and where you have “config management” in that slide replace with “system administration” and the meaning doesn’t change. You have a click-bait headline “Configuration Management is an antipattern” but that’s actually not the premise of your article. You actually DO believe that CM is good, just that it shouldn’t be required for all developers. You do believe that CM should be used by sysadmins, even though you label that option “Anti-devops” (btw without further explaining why anti-devops is a bad thing).

And then you put this conclusion, “CM has had it’s day but it’s time has come” which is not actually supported by your article and actually directly contradicted by you in the comments.

If you just wanted to write another “Use Docker” article I would have read it and been just as happy. I don’t even disagree with any of your points, except the title and conclusion.

/rant off

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