UC Berkeley Student Wants Berkeley to be the World’s First Blockchain University after taking B@B Decal Course

[updates] University of Melbourne first in Australia to use blockchain for student records, but

I(Andy) (still) have a dream. I want to design a new cryptocurrency for my lovely school. Let’s called it Bearcoin.


UC Berkeley Students are crazy about Blockchain at Berkeley. Sunny is coaching students.

The purpose for this cryptocurrency is to replace our meal-point-system which we spent in our Cafe’, dining hall or any supermarket in Berkeley everyday. Berkeley is one of the most innovative Public School in the U.S., meanwhile, blockchain is thriving in this world and our campus(see so many people are taking CS198 and take part in the event of B@B). Isn’t it cool to have a Blochchain-based point system?

Consensus algorithm(mix PoS and PoW)

The consensus algorithm will utilize both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work. Firstly, the system can be beneficial from the advantage from both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work. In this campus, school supposes to have the strongest computing power. School can mine one its own, and raise funds for the school(!?). I generally assume the school is trustful and powerful. In order to prevent potential vulnerabilities such as 51% attacks. Bearcoin will move to use Proof-of-stake as consensus algorithm later on. Such methods already are proven to work in some altcoin such as peercoin.

Make a History

The unique features is that it’s the first blockchain-based, in-campus, credits system in the world, and makes berkeley again the center of innovation of cryptocurrency. If every student are having a blockchain-based wallet in their wallet or smartphone, I strongly believe more student will invest in bitcoin, ether, or ripple and the sub-channel of trading in B@B slack channel will be more crowded and more student will save money in order to invest on cryptocurrency. If new technology can help young bear make money, then I believe more bears are willing to learn STEM and computer science and join bitcoin decal course. Bearcoin will change Berkeley, and also later on change the world.

Plan to expand to a UC and public schools

But there are only around thirty-thousand students in Berkeley campus. The small user pool puts Bearcoin in a high risk in many forms. So we should expand to all schools in the UC system as soon as possible, and maybe expand to all public-schools. It then will be used by over million of users. In more details, it allows for state channels.

More than you can imagine

This system can even be expanded to more features, for example, students’ course credits, students’ scores, volunteer credits, cheating records, occupation in their clubs… it can be potentially a real uneditable electronic UC education credits record system. More than that, if UC adapt to this system, California community colleges are adapting to the same soon, since there are 20% of UC students are transfer students from community college each year.

Start from the School

School system historically is the territory to adapt to latest tech knowledge. Like Apple II personal computer, Apple Powerbook, internet laptops, to iPad, Chromebook, VR/AR… I believe blockchain tech knowledge will be/should be adapted by Berkeley.

Together, Berkeley is moving the world forward

From Free Speech Movement, leading public education to same-sex toilets, Berkeley always leads the trend and moves the society forward. Bearcoin will lead the world again and make bears more known than past years. Go Bears! Go Bears! Go Bears!


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Blockchain at Berkeley Logo.


This article is actually my final paper of my favorite class at Berkeley. It is CS 198, Cryptocurrency course at Berkeley, hosted by Blockchain at Berkeley(B@B).

And President of B@B loves it.

President Fang PM me :)

Final Paper Prompt

As your final assignment in the Cryptocurrency Decal, we hope you can take all the topics we’ve covered in this course and distill it into a coherent exploration of a new or existing blockchain or cryptocurrency. We hope that this is a fun exercise in applying the concepts we’ve learned in this class to an existing platform or a new one of your own.


Design your own cryptocurrency or blockchain platform and justify your design decisions, OR analyze the properties of an existing cryptocurrency or blockchain platform.

Be sure to include discussion of each of the numbered points below. We will largely base your grade off of this analysis. You are encouraged to use the questions associated with each point as a guide for your exploration, but are not required to address all of them.

  1. Motivations and use case / niche
  2. Consensus algorithm
  3. Unique features
  4. Potential vulnerabilities and game theoretical attacks.
  5. Scalability considerations
  6. Regulation