Krypton’s Founder Team Had Prior Success Achieving 100 Million Monthly Active Users And $300 Million Lifetime Value

Jianfeng “Jason” Sun CEO

Senior Product Director (China)
Lead Product Manager
Generated $200 Million Lifetime Value (LTV)
Senior Product Manager
10 Million Daily Active Users
“The Stanford of China”

Tao “Tom” Guo CTO

Senior Engineer (China)
Senior Architect
Harbin Institute of Technology

Mike Lee COO

Vice President
Responsible for Business, Global Operations, Strategy, Investment and M&A
100 Million Monthly Active Users
Senior Product Expert
Involved in the development of Baidu’s Search Engine

Jialei “Cakra” Gai CPO

Lead Game Designer
Lead Game Designer
Titled “Sword of Honor”
Titled “Flying”
Combined $288 Million LTV
Lead Game Designer
$94 Million LTV