Fashion Shows: Why Attend them?

My sister got married in 2013, and about 2 months before the show she took her best maid and I to South Africa for Jo’burg Bridal Expo. She had not settled on her gown and our (the bridesmaids) dresses. Today, Nairobi has a fashion show almost every weekend; Kisumu, I can say after every 2 months there’s a show happening somewhere- August housing most of them. What makes you attend a show? Is it the organizer? Is the organizer your friend or family member? Is it the models? Is one of the models your in your close circle? Just why would you leave the comfort of your house to pay a certain amount of money to attend a fashion show?

Model showcasing at Kisumu Fashion Week 2016

For the Jo’burg Bridal Expo, we paid for a 2 day pass and it was so expensive I remember asking my sister if I could miss it- I thank God that I didn’t 😇. My sister’s main reason for attending expo was to get a gown and dresses for her maids. She told me later on that she had seen the list of exhibitors and she was convinced that she wouldn’t be disappointed, and she wasn’t. That lady got her gown and our dresses from the runway showcase- I bought myself shoes from the runway too😝😝 (sorry, I just had to say that).

Models trying out the runway before Amazing Kisumu Fashion Festival Fashion Show

I know of two shows happening between now and June- one in April being organized by Sovereign Hotel and another in June being organized by Elegant Modeling Agency. With these two shows in mind, I had a conversation with around 20 of my friends asking them if they’ll attend either or both of the shows- a few said no, reason being they are not into fashion. The rest said yes, and their reasons varied- some of the reasons were

  1. The organizer is my friend
  2. I like supporting local events
  3. Sovereign Hotel has good decor that will produce perfect pictures for my Instagram and Facebook.
  4. Everyone/ my friends are attending so I’ll just go
  5. I’m just going, no reason. I am a social person.
  6. To network, I know a minister or an important person will be present in both shows so I think I’ll make one or two new contacts.
  7. I have a dress that I haven’t worn in a while, I want to wear it during the show.

I don’t know where you belong so far, but I saw myself in at least 2 responses 😁😁😁. Though, one person asked me, Who are the designers in both shows? I wasn’t ready for such a question because, honestly, who in Kisumu asks that? Since I know some of the designers showcasing at the Sovereign Hotel Fashion Night, I gave him the list and he said he’ll attend it. Yes, it’s a him. I liked his question, it made me think, why do I attend fashion shows? I think one should attend a show to

  1. Get acquainted with the latest fashion trends
  2. Buy items from the designers
  3. Get contacts of the designers for future use.

Though, it’s important to note that a fashion event audience may be mixed, some guests are there to get models for jobs, others are there to get clothes for their stores, for example Mimi Online store for Julie Gichuru and Kardashian Kollection for the Kardashian sisters. So, why do you attend fashion shows? Would you leave your hometown to attend a show over 300km away? Will you be attending Sovereign Hotel Fashion Night happening on 22nd of April and Kisumu Plus Size happening on 3rd of June?