Open letter to Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Board of Directors

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Jeff Bezos and Board of Directors:

We, the undersigned 6,772* Amazon employees, ask that you adopt the climate plan shareholder resolution and release a company-wide climate plan that incorporates the principles outlined in this letter.

Amazon has the resources and scale to spark the world’s imagination and redefine what is possible and necessary to address the climate crisis. We believe this is a historic opportunity for Amazon to stand with employees and signal to the world that we’re ready to be a climate leader.

Climate change is an existential threat. The 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report predicts that a warming of 2° Celsius, which we’re currently on track to surpass, will threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people and put thousands of species at risk of extinction [1,2] . We’re already seeing devastating climate impacts: unprecedented flooding in India and Mozambique, dry water wells in Africa, coastal displacement in Asia, wildfires and floods in North America, and crop failure in Latin America [3,4,5,6,7,8,9]. Vulnerable communities least responsible for the climate crisis are already paying the highest price [10,11].

Amazon’s leadership is urgently needed. We’re a company that understands the importance of thinking big, taking ownership of hard problems, and earning trust. These traits have made Amazon a top global innovator but have been missing from the company’s approach to climate change. For example:

  • We haven’t disclosed a company-wide plan to reach zero carbon emissions within the timeline required by science. Our goal to reach 100% renewable energy does not have a date for completion. In addition, Shipment Zero does not commit to a decrease in emissions compared to current levels. Given Amazon’s rate of growth, reaching 50% net-zero shipments by 2030 could still be an increase in emissions compared to today [12].
  • Shipment Zero only commits to net carbon reductions, which allows us to continue to pollute; we recently ordered 20,000 diesel vans whose emissions will need to be offset with carbon credits [13]. Offsets can entail forest management policies that displace Indigenous communities, and they do nothing to reduce our diesel pollution which disproportionately harms communities of color [14,15].
  • We have an AWS for Oil & Gas initiative devoted to helping fossil fuel companies accelerate and expand oil and gas extraction [16,17]. To avert catastrophic warming, the science is clear: we must keep fossil fuels in the ground [18,19].
  • We donate to climate-delaying legislators: While Amazon has joined a variety of sustainability organizations like the Corporate Eco Forum and the American Council on Renewable Energy, we donated to 68 members of congress in 2018 who voted against climate legislation 100% of the time [20,21].
  • Our sustainability goals lack context. For example, we’ve set a goal of at least 50 solar installations in warehouse facilities by 2020. This represents only 6% of buildings in our global fulfillment network and a fraction of our overall carbon footprint [22].

Our customer obsession requires climate obsession. This necessitates an immediate company-wide plan addressing climate change that demonstrates the following principles:

  1. Public goals and timelines consistent with science and the IPCC report [23]. Emissions must be cut in half by 2030 from 2010 levels and reach zero by 2050. Goals must span all organizations and businesses, and cover the full supply chain.
  2. A complete transition away from fossil fuels rather than relying on carbon offsets.
  3. Prioritization of climate impact when making business decisions, including ending all custom solutions specifically designed for oil and gas extraction and exploration.
  4. Reduction of harm to the most vulnerable communities first. The pollution we generate is not equally distributed, and climate impact will be felt first and hardest by Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color, particularly in the Global South. We must prioritize our pollution reduction in these communities.
  5. Advocacy for local, federal, and international policies that reduce overall carbon emissions in line with the IPCC report and withholding of support from policy makers who delay action on climate change.
  6. Fair treatment of all employees during climate disruptions and extreme weather events. Unsafe or inaccessible workplaces should not be a reason to withhold pay, terminate, or otherwise penalize employees — including hourly and contract workers.

In our mission to become “Earth’s most customer-centric company,” we believe our climate impact must be a top consideration in everything we do. We have the power to shift entire industries, inspire global action on climate, and lead on the issue of our lifetimes. We ask that you, as leaders responsible for our strategic direction, adopt the climate plan resolution and release a company-wide plan that incorporates the six principles above.


6,772* Amazon employees
Names and job titles listed below

*We will update the total number of signatories periodically.

If you work at Amazon and want to sign this letter,

  1. Email from your Amazon work email with the subject line “signature”
  2. In the body of the email, include your name and job title as you’d like it to appear on the list of signatories


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Columbine (Hilda Marshall), ML Data Linguist-I
Venkat Sharma -, ACES Manager
Vignesh -, Software Development Engineer
Kanchan -, Software Development Engineer
Damian Abalo Miron, SDE Curation Buying Experience
Mario Esteban Abarca Alpizar, Lead Specialist, Execution
Nima Abbassi, Manager II, Program Management
Alexander Abbott, Quality Assurance Engineer
Shereen Abdallah, Sr. Associate Vendor Mgr,WW CS
Samer Abdelnour, Sr. Vendor Manager
Surumi Abdulla, Vendor Manager
Faisal Abdullahi, Account Representative
Hema Abeywickrama, Manager Data Engineer
Apurva Abhyankar, Software Dev. Engineer II
Mehreen Abidi, Financial Analyst — Devices
Samar Abou Naim, Vendor Operations
Ahmed Aboulenein, Software Development Engineer
Tim Abraldes, Software Development Engineer
Rodrigo Accioly da Costa, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Rajeeva Acharya, Software Development Engineer
Raj Achuta, Software Development Engineer
Jason Ack, SDS Team Mgr
Kristof Acke, HR Process Improvement PM
Randy Ackerman, Cloud Support Associate (SCD)
Alejandro Acosta, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Adonis Acuario, Sr User Researcher
Tiffany Adachi, Mgr, Campaign & Creative Mgmt
Molly Adair, UX Designer II
Erin Adamek, Security Engineer
Austin Adams, Software Development Engineer
Dewyone Adams-Childress, Retail Associate
Jacob Adamson, Software Development Engineer
Mani Kumar Adari, Software Development Engineer
Samir Adhikari, Quality Assurance Manager
Ashish Adhikari, Software Development Engineer
Amanda Adkins, Software Dev Engineer II
Himanshu Adlakha, SDE I, PeopleInsight
Michael Adler, Global Solutions Architect
Rona Admi, SPM — UK Media Automation
Serge Adzinets, Software Development Engineer
Shrestha Agarwal, Sr program manager,
Pragya Agarwal, Senior SDE
Himanshu Agarwal, Software Development Engineer
Tarun Agarwal, Applied Scientist
Shivam Agarwal, Software Development Engineer
Prateek Agarwal, Software Development Engineer
Sidharth Agarwal, Business Intelligence Engineer
Akshat Agarwal, Software Development Engineer
Gaurav Agashe, SDE II — Amazon Go
Brooke Agather, Channel Program Manager
viveka aggarwal, SDE I
Ankit Aggarwal, Software Dev Engineer III
Rajat Aggarwal, SDE, AWS Batch
Yogesh Aggarwal, Software Development Engineer
Megha Aggarwal, Business Analyst II
Abigail AGRA CACERES, Vendor Manager
Neha Agrawal, Software Developer Engineer II
Spandan Agrawal, SDE I, Orchestration
Apoorv Agrawal, Sr. PM — Last Mile
Rohit Agrawal, SDE, Verticals Ads
Nupur Agrawal, Software Development Engineer
Nishant Agrawal, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Chirag Agrawal, Software Development Engineer
Abhishek Agrawal, Software Dev Engineer
Abhinav Agshikar, Software Development Engineer
Maria del Rocio Aguero Cruz, Vetting Associate
Bruno Aguiar de Melo, Software Development Engineer
Jose Aguirre, RC Administrator
Travis Ah King, Mgr, Solutions Architecture
Banu Ahibay, Turkish Project Specialist
Patrick Ahlberg, Sr. Technical Program Manager
muhammad ahmad, FC Associate
Hayyaan Ahmad, Software Development Engineer
Sheeraz Ahmad, Applied Scientist
Atif Ahmed, Graphics Designer
Hamza Ahmed, Account Manager
Anuj Ahooja, Software Dev Engineer
Robert Ahrens, Sr SDE
Syed Ahsan Ishtiaque, Software Development Engineer
Rohit Ahuja, Software Dev Engineer II
Florian Akermann, Vendor Manager Grocery
Ram Akki, Systems Development Engineer
Ifeme Akpati, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Supreeth Akrura, Sr. TPM
Sameera Akula, Quality Assurance Engineer
Emre Akyuerek, Software Development Engineer
Mohamad Al Mustapha, Software Development Engineer
Faris Al-Hafi, SPS Advisor
Ivan Alagenchev, Sr. Software Engineer
Stefano Albergo, WS Online Marketing Audible IT
Kevin Albert, Software Development Engineer
Carlos Albert, Sr. Mgr, Retail Vendor Mgmt
Rory Albon, Team Leader, AVS
Adam Albrecht, Technical Program Manager
Pablo Alcantar Morales, Software Development Engineer
Leandro Alcantara, Associate Contracts Manager
Mustafa Aldemir, IoT Prototype Developer
Elliott Aldrich, Senior UX Designer
Mariel Aleman, Business Development Manager
Helder Alencar, RC Administrator
Andrew Alexander, Sr. Product Manager
Olaf Alexander, Software Development Engineer
Hannah Alexander, Corporate Counsel — Video
Dani Alexander, Product Manager
Adrien Alexandre, Data Scientist
Alexander Alexandrov, Applied Scientist
Amilcar Alfaro, Sr. Marketing Manager
Amanda Alfaro Madriz, VCDM Execution Specialist
Afsar Ali, Systems Analyst
Mahfuz Ali, AWS SecAssurance TIS: Gov
Lusana Ali, Sr. Software Dev Eng
Lara Aliberti, Advertising
Dustin Alin, Software Dev Engineer
Alina , Software Development Engineer
Zaid Alkhishman, Software Development Engineer
Sidharth Allani, Software Dev Engineer
Sergio Allard Hernandez, SPS Advisor
Michael Allen, Principal Engineer
Rob Allen, Yard Operations Lead
Andy Allen, Product Marketing Manager
Brock Allen, Software Development Manager
Bryan Allen, Manager, Sales, Deals&Coupons
Max Aller, Senior Software Engineer
Trevis Alleyne, Software Development Engineer
Chris Allison, Senior UX Researcher
Lane Allison, Knowledge Engineer
Shany Alon, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Carlos Alonso, Software Development Engineer
sadeq alqaisi, IT Support Technician
Sara Alterio, TCSA (Concessions)
lif alton, Software Development Engineer
Sruja Aluri, Software Dev Engineer
Jose Alvarado, Account Manager
Martin Alvarez, Sr BDM — Amazon Redshift
Joe Alyea, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Hussain Alzeera, Software Development Engineer
Alexander Amann, Principal PM, Alexa Shopping
Aram Ambartsumyan, Demand Generation Rep.
Rose Ambat, Senior Vendor Manager
Max Amordeluso, Principal Evangelist
Daniel Ampuero, Software Development Engineer
Ashleigh Amrine, Game Development Engineer
Claire Amsler, Human Resources
Avinash Anand, Software Development Engineer
Sohrab Andaz, Software Development Engineer
Tom Anderson, Software Development Engineer
Gary Anderson, Software Development Engineer
Chris Anderson, Financial Analyst
Phoebe Anderson, Team Manager
Tomeika Anderson, Senior Brand Specialist
Scott Anderson, Software Development Engineer
Kris Anderson, Sr. Mgr. UX Design & Research
Chelsea Anderson, Investigation Specialist
Peter Anderson, Vendor Manager, Prime Now 3P
Ryan Anderson, Systems Development Engineer
Daniel Anderson, Software Development Engineer
Courtnay Anderson, Senior Policy Specialist
Jessica Andrewartha, Associate Risk Manager, Classi
Tyler Andrews, Associate Advisor
Nick Andrews, Program Manager
KayLee Andrews, Rule Writer
Radu Andries, Software Development Engineer
Steve Angeles, PQ Program Specialist
Nikolay Angelov, SDE, Business Prime
Gianluca Angelucci, Area Manager
Ivo Anjo, Software Development Engineer
Rajiv Annapragada, Software Development Engineer
Jean-Baptiste Anne, Professional Service Manager
Eleonora Annigoni, Translation Specialist — IT
Ron Anshel, Software QAE
Joyce Antepim, Key Account Manager
Wilson Anthony, CS Team Manager Quality
Jenn Anthony-King, Senior Marketing Manager
Elisabetta Antichi, CSIT Assoc
Epameinondas Antonakos, Manager, Applied Science
Anna Antonini, ERC Senior Administrator
Amanda Anumba, Front-End Engineer
Tan Anwar, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Sajid Anwar, Software Development Engineer
Lauren Appelbaum, Technical Writer
Christin Appelhoff, Media Sales Manager — EAS
Eric Appesland, Sr. Product Manager
Ben Apple, In-Stock Mgr, B&M and Corp GC
Fahad Aqeel, Data Center Security Manager
Danny Araica, Account Manager
Ricardo Ricardo Arancibia, DCEO Manager
Miguel Aranda Gondoh, Software Development Engineer
Zeke Arany-Lucas, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Philip Arbaugh, Risk Manager
Harley-Sue Arce, Research Analyst
Erin Loriana Arce Arias, Investigation Specialist I
Cedric Archambeau, Principal Applied Scientist
Amanda Archila, Sr. Vendor Manager
Matt Ardema, Sr. Product Design Engineer
Carlos Ardila, Data Scientist, NOCX
Marie-Renée Arend, Technical Program Manager
Blake Arensdorf, Research Scientist
Martina Arevalo, Senior Vendor Manager
Francisco Arevalo del Rio, Software Dev Engineer II
Inigo Arias de Busturia, AVS Team Lead
Luis Arias Mondragon, Fulfillment Associate
Oscar Arias Rios, Software Development Engineer
Rabia Arikoglu, New Accounts Manager FBA
Steven Armentrout, Systems Engineer
Sara Armistead, Sr. KDP Support Analyst
Patrick Armstrong, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Christy Arneson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Susan Arnett, Sr. Comms & Design Specialist
Lakshay Arora, Software Development Engineer
Rishab Arora, SDE
Paras Arora, Software Development Engineer
Hardeep Arora, Senior Data Engineer
Manpreet Arora, Software Dev Engineer
Eric Arroyo, Lead Digital Editor
Jeevitha Aruchamy, Sr. Global Expansion Engineer
Julia Asbury, ACCS Program Manager — EU
Andrew Ash, Software Development Engineer
Sandeep Ashwini, Software Development Engineer
Tyler Ashworth, Software Development Engineer
Josh Asmus, System Development Engineer
Arjun Asok Nair, Senior SDE
Bruno Assis, Software Development Engineer
Uttara Asthana, Business Analyst
Issa Atallah, EU EF Special Operations Mgr
Brad Atcheson, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Dorothy Atewologun, Sr. Vendor Manager
Hannah Atkinson, Software Development Engineer
Sam Atlas, Software Development Engineer
Kiran Atmala, Frontend Engineer II
Nikhil Attarde, SDE — ABPrecompute
Dasaradh Attuluri, SDE II, Item Pipeline
Leon Au, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Vanessa Au, Program Mgr, Events & Content
Gemma Au-Yeung, Workforce Staffing Mngr (Temp)
Quitterie Auboin, Media Sales Manager — EAS
Christopher Auckland, Marketing Manager
Matthias Aumayr, Principal PAN EU PM
Michael Ausilio, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Wesley Austin, Software Development Engineer
Melissa Austin, Sr. Field Technical Artist
Andrew Austin, Software Development Engineer
Riley Auten, Software Development Engineer
Anca Avasiloaiei, Catalog Associate SNS PPV ES
Sophie Aversa, Brand Specialist
Bryan Avery, Security Engineer
Yossi Avnon, Sr. UX Researcher
Colin Avrech, Software Development Engineer
Maja Awakowicz, Learning Specialist
Sir Tobi Awe, AWS Enterprise Specialist
Kellen Axten, Sr. Product Manager
King Ayad, Area Manager
Pedro Ayala, Sr. Systems Dev Engineer
Andres Ayala, Economist II
Laura Ayers, Executive Assistant
Taylan Ayken, Search Operations Engineer
Lora Azaryans, Fulfillment Associate
Paige Azavedo, Head of WW Marketing, Renewed
Katheryne Azevedo Ferreira, Team Lead — NAM
Danish Aziz, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Shweta B, Manager, Software Dev
Alex B, Software Development Engineer
Vlad B, Vendor Returns PA
Sharath B S, Business Intelligence Engineer
Austin Babcock, Account Executive
Rajesh Babel, Sr. Principal, TPM
Cassandra Babilya, Comm & Emp Exp Specialist
Rachel Babin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Val Baca, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Lisa Bach, Associate Risk Mgr., SERP EU
Clarissa Bachmann, Workforce Analyst (BI)
Stefan Bachmann, Principal Program Manager
Florian Bachmann, EMEA Dangerous Goods Manager
Vadim Bachmutsky, Software Development Engineer
Sai Badey, Software Dev Engineer
Mary Triny Badilla Elizondo, .MX Sr Assoc.- Dangerous Goods
Amedeo Badini Confalonieri, Sr. Administrator
Andrew Baer, Data Engineer
Nikhil Bagewadi, Business Intelligence Engineer
Tyler Bagley, Partner Marketing Manager
Shi Bai, Applied Scientist
Ryan Bailey, Senior Vendor Manager
Stephanie Bailey, Brand Strategist
Jason Bailey, Manager, On Premises Security
Anthony Bailey, Senior Software Engineer
Usama Baioumy, Quality Assurance Engineer
Chance Bair, System Development Engineer
Cheyanne Baird, Language Engineering Manager
Kunal Bajaj, Software Development Engineer
Amanda Baker, Product Support Analyst
Michael Baker, Sr. Security Engineer
Ashley Baker, Business Analyst II
Subodh Bakshi, Quality Assurance Engineer
Chris Bala, Software Development Engineer
Isabel Balada Hartmann, Vendor Manager THI
Bharathan Balaji, Research Scientist
Nate Balas, Software Development Engineer
Mel Balasinski, Financial Analyst
Sugavanesh Balasubramanian, SDE
Smita Balasubramanian, BIE, Prime Video
Ales Balcar, EU Ops L&D Specialist
Pete Baldridge, System Engineer
Allison Baldwin, Senior Tax Analyst, Fed Tax
Jacob Ball, Financial Analyst II
alpha Ball, IT Support Engineer II
Aaron Ball, Systems Development Engineer
Alistair Ballantine, Software Development Engineer
Brian Ballantyne, SPM, InTech Programs
Blair Ballard, CXQO Associate
Alejandra Ballestero Gutierrez, Sr WF Analyst
Alvaro Ballina, Sr PM — PX
Christopher Balmes, UX Designer
Cecile Baltazart, Senior VUI Designer
Alex Baluta, Software Development Engineer
Tushar Bamrara, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Sriram Bandaru, Software Development Engineer
SAI KIRAN BANDARU, Business Analyst — Support
Suhel Banerjee, Sr. Product Manager
Rajesh Bangaru Ravindranath, Software Development Engineer
Damian Banki, Software Development Engineer
Katie Bann, Compliance Training Manager
Ross Bannister, Workforce Staffing Coordinator
Sweta Bansal, Solutions Architect
Han Bao, Digital Marketing Specialist
Amit Bapat, Sr. UX Designer — UX Systems
Ahmad Baracat, Software Development Engineer
Kiana Baradaran, Software Development Engineer
Donovan Barahona, Seller Support Associate
Leo Baran, Software Development Engineer
Pablo Barbachano, Software Development Engineer
Simon Barber-Dueck, Software Development Engineer
Fabiana Barberis, Transportation Analyst
Caroline Barbour, Program Manager
Jamie Barclay, Software Development Engineer
Stephen Barebo, ME Production Coordinator
Monika Baricz, Quality Assurance Associate
Eamon Barisone, Technical Account Manager, 3PX
Adrian Barkus, Principal Software Dev Eng
Christine Barmes, Sr. Product Manager
Tiffany Barnett, Sr. Scaled Operations Manager
Rachel Barnum, Lx Designer
Thomas Baron, Sr. SDE
Grant Baron, Technical Account Manager
Axel Baronnat, Senior Financial Analyst
James Barr, Territory Account Manager
Liezel Barraca, TRMS Content Strategist
Britt Barran-Stanley, Senior Art Director — AWS
Inigo Barranco Fernandez, Brand Specialist — OHL
Gabriel Barrantes Munoz, SPS Associate Advisor [A]
Bruno Barreto, Network Development Engineer
Jen Barrick, Sr. TPM
Rich Barringer, Developer Content Manager
Adam Barrowman, Software Development Engineer
Laura Barry, Program Manager
David Barsky, Software Development Engineer
Eva Bartetzko, Workingstudent Toys
Brianne Bartlett, KM Coordinator
Matthew Bartol, UX Designer
Mark Bartolome, Programmer Writer
Nick Barton, Strategic Account Manager
Leslie Bartos, Sr. Copywriter
Russell Baruffi, Sr. Program Manager
Erhan Bas, Sr. Applied Scientist
Aniruddha Basak, Machine Learning Scientist
Brittany Basalla, Strategic Account Manager
Harsha Basappa Nanjundeswar, Software Dev Engineer II
Francesca Basili Luciani, Outsourced Security Guard
Arun Baskar, Software Development Engineer
Harish Baskar, AWS CPO SFDC Business Analyst
Keerthana Baskaran, SDE 2
Catie Bass, GC Operations Specialist
Tomas Batalla, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jenny Batenhorst, US Immigration Specialist
Sergej Batovanja Hrustic, IT Support Engineer II
Samarth Batra, Software Development Engineer
Parul Batra, Program Manager SLS
Chris Battey, Software Development Engineer
Clemence Baudrand, Sr Product Mgr, Globalisation
Lindsey Bauer, Manager, TPM
Katie Baumann, Program Manager
Elise Baumard, Account Manager — Advert.
Enrique Bautista Barahona, Software Development Engineer
Ronak Bavishi, ISM, HPC/Non-Food Consumables
Krutika Bavle, Program Mgr, Transportation
Andrew Baxter, Senior UX Designer
Cassandra Bayer, Business Analyst I
Jeff Bayes, SDE II
Devin Bazemore, Sales Representative
Leigh Beach, Senior Art Director
Matt Beaman, Sr. SDE
Kathryn Beaty, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Ayden Beauchamp, CSNA Customer Support Agent VCS (ZAF)
Felipe Becerra, Technical Program Manager
Fernanda Becerril, HRBP
Choucri Bechir, Software Development Engineer
Kristen Bechtold, Executive Assistant
Aishwarya Bedekar, Quality Assurance Technician
Patrick Beer, Sr Web Development Engineer
Jenna Beers, Knowledge Engineer
Nick Beese, Senior UX Designer
Martin Beghin, NKAM, 3P
Nurjahan Begum, Software Dev Engineer II
Prathamesh Behere, Software Development Engineer
Larissa Behr, Marketing Manager
Mariella Bein, Working Student Content
Arthur Beisang, Sr. UI/UX Designer — Relay Program Lead
Vesna Bejdic, Investigation Specialist
Christophe Bejjani, Applied Scientist
Jason Bejot, UX Designer III
Christopher Beldonmeyer, Tax Audit Analyst
Muthaheera Yasmeena Belgur Shamiullah, SDET
Megan Bell, Onsite Medical Representative
Owen Bell, Business Intelligence Manager
Adrian Bell, Sr. Product Manager
Karin Bell, GM Administrative Assistant
Zouhair Bella, BuildingOperationsCoord.-Ctr.
Nordine Belmokhtar, Building Technician — Ctr.
Alexandra Belmore, AVS Associate Brand Specialist
Evgenia Belofastowa, Content Test Specialist
Walid Benabderrahmane, Solutions Architect III (L6)
Karim Benamrhar, Content Manager
Franck Benarroch, Account Manager
Mouad Benchchaoui, Software Development Engineer
Bhavesh Bendale, Business Intelligence Engineer
Michael Beneke-Wysocki, Enterprise Account Manager
Sara Beneroso Prats, Senior Partner Manager
Isaac Benioff, Software Development Engineer
Miles Benjamin, Software Development Engineer
Juliet Benjamin, Software Development Engineer
Justin Benjamin, Live Stream TPM II, AWS Websit
Tanya Bennett, Sr. Enterprise Customer Advisor
Patrick Bennett, Systems Engineer
Joey Bennett, Software Development Engineer
Jessica Bennett, Recruiting Coordinator (TEMP)
Catherine Bennett, Software Development Engineer
Kathleen Bennion, Sr Recruiter, Specialty/Grad
Victor Benoist, Area Manager
Karen Benson, Recruiter
Kevin Benson, Software Development Engineer
Zach Benton, NA Marketing Manager
Michael Berard, System Development Engineer
Sam Berg, Sr. Program Manager, Insights
Christina Bergbauer, DE Editorial Champion
Sylvain Berge, Sr. Consultant, IT Trans.
Gary Berger, Senior Customer Advisor
Adam Berger, Data Scientist
Andre Berghs, Senior Product Manager
Per Berglund, Software Development Engineer
Kyle Bergman, Software Development Engineer
Bas Bergmans, Brand Specialist
Samantha Berk, Software Development Engineer
Christian Berkhoff, Software Development Engineer
Michael Berman (ess), Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Annette Bermudez, Escalations Program Specialist
Francesco Berni, Systems Development Engineer
Erica Bernklau, Mgr., International Expansion
Sam Bernstein, Legal Operations Manager
Savannah Beroud, BIE
Grant Berry, Language Engineer
Jason Berry, Sr. Business Development Mgr
Christina Berry, Strategic Account Manager
Matt Berry, Software Development Engineer
Gregory Berry, Credit Operations Supervisor
Sacha Berthet, Account Manager — Intern
Matteo Bertolotti, Operations Manager
Felipe Bertrand, Software Development Manager
Logan Bestwick, Eng Mgr, Discovery Front End
Joham Betancourt, Software Development Engineer
Sebastien Bethke, Snr Trans Mgr — EU Expansion
Chinmayi Bettadapur, Senior Product Manager
Carl Betzler, Sr. Product Manager
Roland Bevan, Sr. SDE-Audio
Rose Beverly, Visual Graphics Manager
David Beyer, Content Test Specialist
Eugene Beyer, Software Dev Engineer II
Gozde Beyhan, Program Manager
Bernardo Bezerra, Developer Advocate
Ankita Bhagat, Software Development Engineer
Radhika Bhagwat, Sr Quality Assurance Engineer
Mohit Bhalla, Android SDE
Ravi Bhankharia, Software Development Engineer
Shashank Bharadwaj, Sr. BI Engineer
Himanshi Bhardwaj, Software Developer Engineer II
Vikas Bhardwaj, Manager, Machine Learning
Siva Bhargav Ravula, CS Associate(IP)
Piyush Bhargava, Research Scientist
Vipul Bhargava, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Deepak Bhaskaran, Business Analyst, Home Service
Ezekiel Bhasker, Software Development Engineer
Adithya Bhat, Software Development Engineer
Nikita Bhatia, Business Analyst
Nitish Bhatia, Software Dev Engineer I
Harsh Bhatia, Online Marketing Specialist
Vrinda Bhatia, Software Dev Engineer
Mehak Bhatia, Business Intelligence Engineer
Darshan Bhatia, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Saksham Bhatla, SDE
Sudhanshu Bhatnagar, Sr. Technical program manager
Anshul Bhatnagar, Software Development Engineer
Rajul Bhatnagar, Software Development Engineer
Aniket Bhatt, SDE III
Rahul Bhattacharya, Software Development Engineer
Aneeta Bhattacharyya, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Sajjan Bhattarai, Cloud Support Eng. I (SCD)
Aadil Bhatti, Software Development Engineer
Prashanth Bheemagani, Software Dev Engineer
Swaroop Bhupathiraju, Sr. SDE
Deepthi Bhupatiraju, Support Engineer
Duke Bhuphaibool, SDET
Penny Bi, Sr Associate-Product Safety-JP
Brian Bialke, TRMS Tools Program Manager I
Eugenio Bianchini, Area Manager
Sydney Bickel, Account Executive
Karina Bickel, Rapid Prototyping Program Mgr
Kornel Bicskei, Solutions Architect
Jason Bieber, IT Manager — Incident Response
NICOLE BIEGE, Named Account Manager
Evaldas Bielskis, RME Apprentice
Karol Bienkowski, Software Development Manager
Matthieu Bienvenu, Education Programs Manager
Celine Biette-Danielli, Sr Sourcing Manager
Victor Bigand, Project manager assistant — AM
Matteo Bigoi, Sr. Systems Dev Engineer
Souad Biji, New Account Manager
Orion Bijleveld, Security Engineer
Jeremy Bilas, Software Development Engineer
Sara Bilich, Software Development Engineer
Greg Bilsland, Sr. Operations Manager
Florian Binder, Brand Spec RO&I
Matthew Bindewald, Software Development Engineer
Tobias Binkert, IT Network Specialist
Severine BIOLE, Mktg Manager, EU Video Ads
Jason Birchler, Senior Design Technologist
Jeremy Bird, Senior Software Engineer
Chris Bird, Head of Content, EU
Chris Birosak, Data Analyst
Harman Birring, AI² Support Engineer
Mihai Birsan, Sr. Web Development Engineer
Steven Bishop, Head of UX Design — Alexa Auto
Charles Bishop, Program Manager, Selection
Mahmoud Bishr, Principal Product Manager-Tech
Soumyajyoti Biswas, Systems Engineer — WorkSpaces
Promit Biswas, SDE
Jeremy Bittner, Investigation Specialist
Reid Bixler, Software Development Engineer
Danilo Bize, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Marco Bizzarri, Systems Development Engineer
Claire BL, Goodreads Expert Lead
Baxter Black, Financial Analyst
Steve Blackmarr, Sr. Customer Success Manager
Ryan Blair, Software Development Engineer
Joshua Blake, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Jennifer Blakeslee, Senior Operation Specialist
Sean Blakey, Principal SDE
Michael Blancaflor, Software Development Engineer
Ben Blanchard, Senior UX Motion Designer
Roi Blanco, Senior Applied Scientist
Juan Carlos Blanco Martinez, Sr.SDE — ABA-BX
Anja Blank, Sr. Marketing Manager
Lauren Blass, Sr Multimodal Designer, Alexa
Robert Blasum, Principal TPM
Manya Blau, Startup Events Manager
Myca Blazer, Executive Assistant
Victoria Bledsoe, PM, Consumables
June Blender, Sr. Technical Writer, Security
Darcey Blinn, Sr. Design Program Manager
Daphne Bliss-Rosval, Software Development Engineer
Julia Blum, Principal UX Designer
Benjamin Blumenberg, Software Development Engineer
Matthieu Boblet, CXQO Associate
Jens Bodal, SDE I
Isaac Samuel Raj Boddu, Software Development Engineer
Cade Bodley, Software Development Engineer
Tobias Manuel Boehler, FC Associate
Karen Boehling, L&D Program Mgr
Carine Boekee, Browse Developer
Doerte Boettcher, Director Customer Development
Bhavika Boga, Software Development Engineer
Henry Bogardus, Software Dev Engineer
Jayanth Reddy Bogasamudram, Software Development Engineer
Talia Bogdan, Software Development Engineer
Emily Boggs, VUI Designer
Andrea Bogni, Sr TPM, Alexa Intl Tech
Brian Bohan, GSI Partner Development Mgr
PARKER BOHLEN, Sr Mgr, Programmatic Partners
Annie Bohlig, Financial Analyst I
Kalyah Bojang, Recruiting Coordinator
Dhruv Bolakani, Software QA Engineer
Luis Bolanos Walde, DCEO Engr 4
Harry Bolson, Vendor Manager, AA and MI
Hannah Bolt, Senior Product Manager
Derek Bolt, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Christian Boman, Software Development Engineer
Venugopal Bommineni, Sr. QAE — Amazon Business
Anush Bonam, Software Development Engineer
Ali Bond, Account Manager
Daria Bondareva, Software Development Engineer
Nataliia Bondarevska, Software Development Engineer
Pratik Bonde, Software Development Engineer
Thomas Bondesson, Account Representative
Marco Bonetti, Sr. Security Engineer
Ettore Boni, Associate Brand Specialist
Patrick Bonner, FC Lead (Temp)
Julie BONNOT, EU Ops L&D Program Specialist
INES BONOKO, Network Ops Specialist
Geoffrey Bonser, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Amar Bonsor, Sr Manager, Program Management
Jia Shen Boon, Software Dev Engineer
Donald Boone, Enterprise Strategic Manager
Thijs Boonstra, Senior Technical Specialist
Frank Boosman, Principal BDM
Mriganka Borah, TCSA (Concierge)
Mael Borchers, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Stefan Bordovsky, Software Development Engineer
Lacy Borges, EHS Specialist
Gabriela Borges, Jr. Software Engineer
Gio Borillo, Technical Program Manager
Hallie Boris, Program Manager, HR
Cat Boroff, Principal Product Manager
Emanuele Borroni, Sr. Mgr, Adv Demand Generation
Badrinath Borusu, Data Engineer Tech360 Big Data
Deborah Bosket, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Kevin Bostrom, Sr. Program Manager
Aaron Boswell, Product Manager — Tech
Gabriela Botea, Software Development Engineer
Dharmesh Bothra, System Development Engineer II
Gerad Bottorff, Security Engineer
Mehdi Bouallagui, Cloud Support Eng. I (Lin)
Lisa Boucher, Sr. Software Engineer
Mitch Bouma, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Victor Bourgouin, Associate Brand Specialist
Ouadie BOUSSAID, SDE, Digital Content Platform
Cameron Bowden, Technical Account Manager, II
Neil Bowen, Sr. Product Manager, Technical
Mary Bowers, PM
Brad Bowman, Software Development Engineer
Kennidi Bowsher, Fulfillment Associate
Marian Boyce, Recruiter — Legal
Tracy Boyd, Senior UX Designer
Brett Boyer, Launch Engineer IV
Andrew Boyer, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Graham Boylan, Software Development Engineer
Jen Bozek, Support Engineer
Candas Bozkurt, Sr. Mgr. DE Prime
Kim Braadland, Sr. Int’l Program Manager
Sarah Braatz, Operations Financial Analyst
Ally Brabant, Knowledge Engineer
Julian Bracero, Software Development Engineer
Connor Bracewell, Software Development Engineer
Myles Brady, Sr. Product Manager
Shawn Brady, CloudFront Partner Development
Jens Braeuer, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Chinmay Kumar Brahma, Quality Assurance Engineer
Kumar Brahnmath, Director, Digital Commerce
Maarten Brak, Software Development Engineer
Anja Brand, Head of Vendor Management
Jamie Branham, Program Manager
Mark Brannan, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Sean Branniff, Area Manager
Jason Braswell, SDE II
Eliza Bratton, Investigation Specialist
Sofia Braun, Software Development Engineer
Gloria Bravo, Translation Specialist I
Mark Brawley, Software Development Engineer
Tim Bray, VP/Distinguished Engineer
Curtis Bray, Software Development Manager
Robert Breckinridge, BDM, CloudFront
Julian Brenes Rivera, Account Manager
Leo Brennan, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Clinton Brennan, SDE II
Conner Brennick, Software Development Engineer
Micah Bresette, Software Development Engineer
Mary Bresticker, Sr. Technical Recruiter, AWS
Dan Bretl, Software Development Manager
Christian Breukhoven, Programmatic Partner Manager
Eli Brewer, Account Executive
Steven Brice, Software Development Engineer
Andres Briceno, Listing Creation Specialist
Nicolai Brieger, Sr.Instructional Designer-C2S2
Billy Briere, FQE
Joshua Brightwell, Programmer Analyst
Rachel Brill, Sr Programmatic Partner Mgr
Rob Brisson, Sr. PM, Retl Globalization ISM
Katrina Brkic, Campaign & Creative Manager I
Ben Broch, Financial Analyst II
Hannah Brock, Program Manager
John Brock, ICQA Program Developer
Jacqueline Brockman, Ricoh Site Supervisor Mailroom
Lucas Brockmeier, AVS Associate Brand Specialist
Laura Broderick, Account Executive
Rob Brogan, UX Designer
Laurent Broncard, Manager, Merchant Services
Derek Bronson, Software Development Manager
Brooks Broom, Prod & Cust Insights Manager
Kristoffer Brose, Sr. Product Mgr Pricing
Hanni Brosh, Digital Editor
David Brotman, System Development Lead
Mikey Brouse, Account Executive
Bill Brower, Sr. Strategic Manager
Geoff (Geoffrey Reynold) Brown, Regional Manager
Oz Brown, TCSA (Abuse)
Daniel Brown, Director US Mktg Prime Video
Phil Brown, Procurement Administrator
Jessica Brown, Research Scientist
Cynthia Brown, Sr Manager State and Local Tax
Kyle Brown, Vendor Specialist
Rik Brown, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Allen Brown (AWS), Sr Mgr, Solutions Architecture
Duncan Browne, Software Development Manager
Jordan Browning, Software Development Engineer
Marek Broz, Area Manager
Kit Bruce, Voice UX Designer
Andrew Bruce, Principal, Research Scientist
Elisabeth Brucker, Production Manager
Susanne Brueninghaus, Strategic Account Manager
Joey Brunelle, Frontend Engineer, Goodreads
Zach Bruning, Sr Programmatic Partner Mgr
Thomas Brunneval, Prod & Cust Insights Manager
Sara Bruns, Account Representative
Billy Brush, Alexa Experience Writer
Kelly Bryant, Procurement Manager
Emily Bryant, ICQA Program Developer
Lucas Bryant, Learning Content Specialist
Tayla Bryce, Accounting Manager
Joaquin Bucca, Software Development Engineer
Heather Buchel, Design Technologist
Emmerich Buchmueller, Visual Designer
Brenda Buck, EMEA Dangerous Goods Manager
Dion Buckley, SDE — Intern
Nicole Buckley, Northwest Center
Sai Srujana Buddi, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Budowski Rodriguez, VCDM Execution Specialist
Jennie Buechner, Software Development Engineer
Maximilian Buehrer, Account Manager B2B
Alex Buell, Software Dev Engineer II
Andrew Buelow, Software Development Engineer
Hendrik Buelte, Sr Vendor Manager Baby
Warren Bui, Software Development Engineer
Claudia Bui, Associate Brand Specialist
Vu Bui, Software Development Engineer
Kate Bui, Product Manager — Tech
Colin Buley, SFDC Data Specialist
Matt Bullock, Software Development Engineer
Fabian Bumberger, Software Development Engineer
Antonio Buoso, Media Sales Manager
Leslie Burban, Instructional Designer
Landon Burch, Design Asst II, PeopleInsight
Patrick Burckhardt, FC Associate I
Kit Burgess, Software Development Engineer
Lance Burgo, Software Dev Engineer
Elizabeth Burgo (Padgett), Sr. Product Manager
Melissa Burgos Gonzalez, TRMS Content Developer
Travis Burgstahler, Senior Program Manager — Tax
Whitney Burian, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Maggie Burke, Tech Writer, Knowledge (Trn)
Ryan Burke, Senior Solutions Architect IoT
Dan Burke, Risk Manager
Jake Burkhead, SDE — Chime Web
Carlos Burkle, Software Development Engineer
Robyn Burleson, Account Representative I
Pauline Burlot, Product Manager
Mateusz Burman, Candidate Support Associate PL
Mara Burnett, TPM Manager
Dan Burnett, SDE II
Charlie Burns, Fulfillment Associate
Zac Burns, Cloud Support Associate (Int)
Sara Burns, SDE II
Brandon Burns, AWS TA Business Analyst
Michel Burov, Account Manager
Davis Burton, Software Development Engineer
Praveen Kumar Burugu, SDE II
Torrie Burwell, Quality Assurance Engineer
Hanna Bush, Taxonomist II
Jason Busse, Content Acquisitions Program Manager
Kamila Busz, Workforce Staffing Manager
Martin Butler, Senior TPM
Steve Butler, Operations Manager
Joe Butler, Software Development Engineer
Nathan Butters, SEO Manager
David Buttin, FBA FR Operations manager
Julia Butze, Instock Specialist
David Buuck, Hardware Development Engineer
Andrea Buzzoni, SDE II
Eanna Byrne, Cloud Support Eng. I (DMS)
Conor Byrne, NDE
Matthew Byrne, Sr. PM, CAM Programs
Adam Byrnes, Sr. Product Manager- Amazon Go
AARON C, Systems Engineer
Abhishek C, Software Development Engineer
Lloyd Cabancla, Software Development Engineer
Arnel Cabanilla, Regulated Waste Specialist
Nicola Cabras, CSIT Assoc
Luis Cabrera, Sr. Financial Analyst
Curtis Cabrera, Assoc Partner Ops Manager
Juan Cabrera, RLD
Michael Caccamo, Territory Account Manager
Ana Cacharron Bodega, AM Junior Associate
Lea Caen, Solutions Architect
Kailyn Cage, TPM — Sustaining
Haojie Cai, SME — Product Safety
Yunfei Cai, Software Development Engineer
Bo Cai, Technical Web Producer
Laura Caicedo, Solutions Architect
Carran Cain, Technical Writer
Lori Cain, Learning & Development Manager
Cory Calahan, AI² Support Engineer
Diego Calderara, Working Student, Marketing IT
Galen Caldwell, Software Dev Engineer II
Christy Caldwell, Senior Program Manager
Allison Caley, Principal Product Mgr — Tech
Steve Callaghan, Cloud Support Eng. I (DMS)
Christian Calle, Manager, Product Mgmt
Manel Calle Teixeira, Associate Partner Manager
Chris Callies, Supplier Support Lead, AMZL NA
Sage Callon, Software Development Engineer
Mauricio Calvo Calvo, Andon SWAT Associate [A]
Rodrigo Antonio Calvo Cruz, Recruitment Assistant,Alexa[A]
Aurelien Calvy, QAT-II
Zuri Cambron, Online Product Manager
Aaron Cambronero, Sr Assoc.- Dangerous Goods
Dani Cameron, Program Manager II
Jacob Cameron, Software Development Engineer
Bryant Cameron, Support Operations Manager
Nick Caminiti, SFA — Process Engineering
Cameron Campbell, Principal Design Strategist
George Campbell, Manager, TPM
Sarah Campbell, Research Scientist
Josh Campbell, Software Development Engineer II
Tatiana Campbell, Program Manager, D2AS
Justin Campbell, Business Intel Engineer II
Ed Campodonico, Manager, UX Design
Jeisson Campos, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Jose Campos, NAFC Launch Program Developer
Elif Can Mutlu, Sr. Vendor Manager
Juan Canales, Software Development Engineer
Felipe Canas, Software Development Engineer
Nicola Canepa, System Development Engineer
Maya Canfield, Sr. Program Manager
Tommaso Cantone, Brand Specialist — OHL
Cumhur Canturk, Technical Writer
Peter Cantwell, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Chris Cantwell, Cloud Support Eng. I (DMS)
Roberta Cappa, Data Linguist — IT
Rachel Carandang, Software Dev Engineer II
Matteo Carbonara, Investigations Specialist
Lenore Carfora-Nye, CNS Wardrobe Associate
Keith Cargill, Account Representative
Enrico Carlesso, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Matt Carlin, Software Development Engineer
Elroy Carlo, Software Development Engineer
Genny Carlos, SPS Associate
Nicholas Carlson, Financial Analyst II
Aurora Carlson, Customs/Brokerage Coordinator
Tristan Carman, Brand Specialist — F3
Marilia Carmo, Kindle Program Manager
Mariela Carmona Abellan, Investigation Manager
Colin Carner, Sr. Product Mgr
Michelle Carney, UX Designer
Andy Caron, Application Engineer III
Hannah Carpenter, Account Representative I
Casey Carr, Risk and Resilience Analyst
Jack Carr, Lab Operations Manager
Isaac Carranza Palacios, Account Manager
Ambre Carrayrou, Ads Account Manager
Alexandra Carre, 3P Deals Program Mngr FR
Matt Carrick, Cloud Support Associate (Dep)
Austin Carrillo, BIE
MICHELLE CARRIZOSA, Funding System Program Admin
David Carruth, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jason Carruthers, Software Development Engineer
Bogdan Cartas, Software Development Engineer
Joanna Carter, Sr. PM, Consumer Engagement
Tom Carter, Associate Brand Specialist
Jenn Cartossa, Software Dev Engineer II
Ray Caruso, Software Development Manager
Vivek Casaba Somashekar, Software Dev Engineer
Sebastien Casaert, Senior Product Manager
Francisco Casasus Acevedo, Software Development Engineer
Angela Casella, Venture ACES KPO [A]
Maddie Casey, Investigation Specialist
Laura Casini, Product Manager, AVS
Nick Caskey, IT Equipment Coordinator
Giacomo Cassani, Vendor Manager Sports
Morgan Cassell, Sr. HRA
Meg Cassell, SFDC Technical Program Manager
Ilsse Castaneda, Business Analyst
Maria Castello Escuder, Brand Specialist — CE
Joel Castellon Arevalo, Machine Learning Engineer
Rafael Steven Castillo Arce, Investigation Specialist
Santiago Castineira Fernandez, Senior SDE
Ari Castor, Visual Designer II
Amalia Castro, Sr. HR Administrator
Joana Castro e Almeida, Brand Specialist
Denisse Castro Lopez, VCDM Execution Specialist
George Castro Rodriguez, Senior Corporate Counsel
Jimmy Castro-Granger, ASL Interpreter Specialist I
Regina Casumpang, Fashion Specialist
Sara Catellani, Store Designer
Steve Cathersal, System Development Engineer II
John Cathey-Roberts, Head of World Wide Ad Policy
Ugur Mikail (Mik) Catmak, Account Manager Startups
Pierre Caupenne, Account Executive
Benjamin Cavat-Negbaur, ML Data Linguist
Alessandro Cavicchiolo, Process Engineer
Renato Cazangi, Front-End Engineer
Matteo Ceccatelli, Investigation Specialist
Liana Cecil, Marketing Mgr, AmazonSmile
Irfan Cehajic, Software Development Manager
Alexandra Cendecki, Software Development Engineer
Gabriele Ceranto, Software Development Engineer
Charles Cerillo, Accounting Financial Analyst
Andrea Cerra, Control Systems Manager, AT
Nick Cervantes, Software Development Engineer
Grace Cha, Program Manager, Assortment
Eric Cha, Software Development Engineer
Chad Chabot, Software Dev Engineer
Ronit Chacko, Business Intelligence Engineer
Carlos Chacon, SDS Sr. Associate
Pushkara Chaganti, Software Dev Manager
Srinidhi Chaganty, Software Development Engineer
Nabil Chagraoui, Focused Account Manager
Suresh Chahal, Software Development Engineer
Abhijat Chahal, Senior Product Manager
Lin Chai, Data Scientist II
Brett Chain, Technical Account Mgr
Gajavalli Venkata Sai Krishna Chaitanya, SDS Sr Associate(C)
marrapu chaitanya kumar, SDS Associate(C)
Bijeta Chakraborty, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Sivaji Challa, Web Development Engineer II
Jess Chamberlain, Content Manager
Chloe Chambon, Associate Brand Specialist
Lance Chan, SOC Analyst
Kane Chan, Area Manager
Amelie Chan, Web Development Engineer
Sam Chan, Software Dev Engineer II
Chris Chan, Marketing Manager
Ankita Chandak, Software Development Engineer
Ganesan Chandran, Lead — AMPS
Guna Chandrashekar, Software Development Engineer
Mukul Chandwani, Sr. Product Manager-Trans Opt
David Chang, Software Development Engineer
Athena Chang, Software Development Engineer
Brandon Chang, Software Development Engineer
David Chang, Software Development Engineer
Sai Raj M K Channagiri, Software Development Engineer
Alexander Chao, Software Development Engineer
Olivier Chappe, Solutions Architect Start-ups
Greg Chappell, Principal Software Engineer
Marie Chardon, Enterprise Account Rep
Marylaure Charroud, Account Manager — MMN
Thibault CHASSAGNETTE, Software Development Engineer
Zohra CHATER, EHS Specialist
Bharatkumar Chatla, Software Development Engineer
Biswajit Chatterjee, Software Development Engineer
Abhishek Chatterjee, Software Development Engineer
Sayantan Chatterjee, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Abhijit Chatterjee, Software Development Engineer
Saurabh Chatterjee, Software Developer
Rahul Chaturvedi, Data Engineer
Nikos Chatzipanagiotis, Research Scientist II
Georgios Chatzipantelis, Data Engineer II, AmazonSmile
Teodora Chatzisarros, Senior Vendor Manager, EUShoes
Leonard Chau, Sr. Manager, Product Mgmt
Shefali Chaudhari, CSIN Resolution Specialist
Pratik Chaudhari, Sr. Applied Scientist
Rohit Chaudhary, Software Development Engineer
Chhavi Chaudhry, Research Scientist II
Madhulika Chaudhry, BIE, Video — Marketing
Shlok Chaurasia, Software Development Engineer
Saurabh Chaurasia, Software Development Engineer
Maylis Chauvin, ML Data Linguist-I
Devendra Chavan, SDE, AWS
Otto Chavarria, SDS Team Mgr
Adrien Chavatte, RME Manager
Leo Chaves, Seller Support Associate
Karla Chaves Gonzalez, ML Data Associate-I
Manuel Chavez, Network Development Engineer
Danny Chavez, Jr. Software Engineer
Michael Chavez, Business Analyst II
Pranali Chawande, SDE — AWS
Eshwar Cheekati, Software Development Engineer
Tony Chen, SDE — Twitch Prime
Jeffrey Chen, Software Dev Engineer
Sunny Chen, Sr. Vendor Manager
Sailunsi Chen, Software Dev Engineer II
Yaqing Chen, Sr.Associate — Global Trade
Victor Chen, Software Development Engineer
Xinkai Chen, Software Development Engineer
Ying Chen, Software Development Engineer
Xitu Chen, Software Development Engineer
Ben Chen, Software Development Engineer
Elaine Chen, Software Dev Engineer
Wenzhu Chen, Business Intelligence Engineer
Dominik Chen, Brand Specialist
Janie Chen, Search Editor
Albert Chen, Sr BD Mgr, Amazon Assistant
Sean Chen, Software Development Engineer
Hank Chen, Robotics Software Engineer
Matt Chen, Sr. Prog Mgr, Loc. & Trans.
Allyn Chen, Software Dev. Engineer
Maggie Chen, Business Analyst I
Vivian Chen, PAC Global Supply Manager
Kevin Chen, Software Development Engineer
Jimmy Chen, SDE — Amazon Go
Sihan Cheng, SDE
Hong Cheng, Software Dev Engineer I
Rita Cheng, Software Development Engineer
Bryan Cheng, Software Development Engineer
Ting Cheng, Software Development Engineer
Janakiram (CJ) Chennuri, SDE — Test
Marnina Cherkin, Corporate Counsel, Real Estate
Max Chern, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Cherney, Sr. PMT
Anton Chernov, Software Development Engineer
Kenley Cheung, Software Dev Engineer, Test
Vikas Chhabra, Software Development Engineer
Jashn Chhaya, SDE
Christine Chi, Senior Content Acquisition Manager
Michelle Chiang, Associate Brand Manager
Chris Chiaro, Technical Program Manager III
Margaret Chidothe, Senior Project Manager
Giulia Chighini, Risk and Resilience Analyst
Shubha Chikkarevanna, Technical Program Manager
Evan Childs, Software Development Engineer
Syam Chiluvuri, DevOps Engineer
Anil Kumar Chittaluri, Sr. SDE
Ophelia Chiu, Designer
Evan Chiu, Software Development Engineer
Simon Chiu, Software Development Engineer
Sagar Chodapaneedi, Software Development Engineer
Nancy Choi, Senior Product Manager
Dan Choi, Software Development Engineer
Adri Choi, Art Director-Packaging Design
Sean Chokshi, Financial Analyst
Daphne Chong, Software Dev Engineer
Harshali Chopade, SDE I
chaiwen Chou, Software Dev Engineer
Stephanie Chou, Software Dev Engineer II
Melody Chou, Sr UX Designer
Matthew Chow, DCO Tech 3
Kurra Thonesh Chowdary, SDS Associate(C)
Anant Chowdhary, Software Development Engineer
Eric Choy, Senior Solutions Architect
Corey Christofel, Sr. Product Manager, One CE
Stefan Christoph, Sr. Solutions Architect
Jon Christopher, Finance Manager
Andrea Chromikova, SPS Associate
Benjamin Chu, SDET
Felix Chu, Technical Program Manager
Christopher Chu, Sr. Product Manager
Reema Chugani, Software Development Engineer
Steven Chun, Product Manager
Joseph Chung, Search Operations Engineer
June Chung, Online Prod Mktg Manager
Fabrizio Ciaralli, PM
Vincent Ciccarelli, Sr Ops Quality Mgr
Zina Cigolle, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jakub Cihelka, Czech Project Specialist
Alexandra Ciobanu, Visual Designer
Elisa Ciraci, ROC Transportation Specialist
Chris Ciupka, Design Integration Engineer
Alex Clapa, Software Development Engineer
Austin Clark, Product Manager
Frank Clark, SDE, Alexa Trust
Roy Clark, SDE II
CJ Clark, Software Development Engineer
Giuliano Benjamin Clark, Manager, VM, Furniture
Eric Clark, Investigation Specialist
David Clark, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Kyle Clarke, Technical Program Manager
Kailin Clarke, Economist
Rene Classen, Director, EU MVR
Jessica Claus, Account Executive
Pablo Clavel, Software Develoment Manager
Dylan Clavell, Software Development Engineer
Brendan Cleary, Sr. Product Manager, Merchant
Cyril Clerget, Mgr, Advert. Acquisition, EU
Eleanor Cleverly, Sr. PM, Operations
William Cline, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Martina Coccia, Language Engineer
Remo Cocco, Software Development Engineer
NICOLE Coddington, Principal UX Designer
Lucas Coerdt, AVS Brand Specialist
Gordon Coerver, System Development Manager
Paul Coffey, Solutions Architect
Val Cohen, Solutions Architect
Ben Cohen, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Evan Cohen, Software Development Engineer
Sarah Cohen-Belmatoug, Str. Account Manager — Advert.
Clarice Cohn, Legal Assistant
Pinar Colak, Applied Scientist
Stefano Colazzo, Campaign & Program Specialist
Douglas Cole, Manager, Language Engineering
Anthony Cole, Account Manager
Tim Cole, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Lauren Coleman, Programmatic Partner Manager at Amazon Advertising
Natalija Colic, Voice of Customer
Berenice Colin, Advertiser Engagement Manager
George Coll, Instock Manager
Gary Collins, Software Development Engineer
Julie Collins, Sr. Technical Writer
Duanne Collins, RME Area Manager
Ray Collins, Rack Decom Datatech
Rick Collins, Software Development Engineer
Brian Collins, Software Development Engineer
Marcus Collins, Sr. Applied Scientist
Brian Colombini, Software Development Engineer
Rafael Sinuhe Colunga, Software Development Engineer
Sean Colvin, Software Dev Engineer II
John Commiskey, Sr Mgr PM, DEX/Cost/Expansion
Cyril Comparon, Software Development Engineer
Tyler Comrie, Account Manager
Erin Congden, Software Development Engineer
Joe Conley, Program Manager
Katy Jane Conlin, CNS Team Mgr
Kevin Connell, Financial Analyst
Kristal Conner, Technical Curriculum Developer
Cynthia Connerton, Account Representative
Sean Connolly, Systems Engineer
Devon Connor, Data Analyst
Tanya Conrad, ER Specialist
Catalina-Nicoleta Constantin, Recruiting Manager, Alexa
Franco Contessa, ID- Capacity, Install Tech 4
Lorena Contreras, Recruiting Coordinator
Jose Luis Contreras, Software Development Engineer
Tom Conway, Systems Engineer
Rylan Conway, Applied Scientist
Tessa Conway, Software Dev Engineer II
Bryan Coogler, Technical Account Manager II
Megan Cook, Senior Design Org Producer
Catie Cook, System Dev Engineer I
Alice Cook, Account Manager
Tom Cook, Software Development Engineer
Cris Cook, Principal UX Designer
Sarah Cooke, Strategic Account Manager
Yoni Cooper, Hardware Development Engineer
Mica Cooper, Prod & Cust Insights Manager
Michael Cooper, Cloud Support Associate (Dep)
Prithvi Raj Coppisetty, Team Manager, AO
Thiago Coraini, Software Development Engineer
Trina Corbett, Senior Program Manager C2S2
Josafat Cordero Obando, SPS Supervisor
Maria Fernanda Cordero Porras, Seller Support Associate
Patricio Cordova, Software Dev Engineer II
Trey Cordova, Front-End Engineer
Caitlin Cordova, Employment Engagement PM
Nick Cordrey, Principal PM-T, Alexa Shopping
Ashleigh Corker, Principal Product Manager
Max Corman, Software Development Engineer
Samuel Cormier, Category Specialist
Peter Cornell, Sr. Software Development Engineer
Miquel Cornudella Gaya, Programmer — Analyst
Paola Corrales, Premium Support Specialist
Kerry Corrigall, Program Manager Linehaul
Mo Corston-Oliver, Sr. Language Data Researcher, Alexa Domains HHO
Amanda Cortes, Investigation Specialist
Oscar Cortez, Support Engineer III,Amazon Go
Victor Corugedo Orio, Software Development Engineer
Jeremy Corvialis, Linux Support Engineer
Malcolm Cosh, Software Development Engineer
Ciprian Cosma, Sr. Systems Dev Engineer
Debora Costa, Program Manager II
Raoul Costa, Sr. Manager
Maren Costa, Principal UX Designer
Laura Costantino, Marketing Manager
Gaia Costantino, Adv. Engagement Manager
Hector Cota, Control Systems Lead
Ryan Cote, Executive Assistant
Corey Coto, Software Development Manager
Nicolas Coudry, Business Intelligence Engineer
Nic Couillard, Sr. UX Designer
Mark Coulter, Content Test Specialist
Simon Coupe, HR Associate Contact
Oscar Courchaine, Software Dev Engineer II
Juliette Courlet, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Courtright, Campaign & Creative Manager II
Ben Couste, Software Development Engineer
Floriane Couturier, Campaign Specialist
Megan Covington, Software Development Engineer
Sam Cowan, Sourcing Recruiter
Mitchell Cowden, Advocacy Program Specialist
Matthew Cowsert, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Ryan Cox, Software Development Manager
Rick Cox, Principal Engineer
Eric Cox, SDM — Web & Console
Jeff Cox, Sr. Biz Dev Manager
Tobin Coziahr, Principal Engineer
Zachary Crabtree, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Craft, Creative Director
Jared Craig, Account Manager
Catharina Cramer von Clausbruch, DHBW Student
Irina Creanga, Int Campaigns Manager
Mike Creed, PS Support Engineer
Tiff Cremer, Sr. Innovation & Design Eng
Felix Cremer, Account Manager FBA
Laura Crepon, Prod & Cust Insights Manager
Sarah Crespi, Associate Brand Specialist
Juliana CRESPO, TCSS (Concierge)
Michele Crocitto, Product Manager
William Crockett, Senior Product Manager
Kelly Crockett, Team Manager
Eric Crockett, Applied Scientist I
Claire Croft, Finance Analyst II
Cymone Crombie, TCSS (Concessions)
Marcus Croskey, Vendor Specialist
Bryan Croteau, Software Development Engineer
Carter Crouch, Business Intel Engineer
Kendra Crow, Fashion Specialist
Olivier Cruchant, Specialist SA — ML
Cecile Cruz, Software Development Engineer
Carly Cruz, Sr. Product Manager
Pamela Cruz Gonzalez, .MX Sr Assoc.- Dangerous Goods
Alberto Jose Cubero Sandoval, Visual Designer
Andreea Cucu, Software Development Engineer
Rachael Cuevas-Ortiz, Account Representative
David Cui, Sr. Data Scientist
Angela Culbert, Manager III, Taxonomy
Chris Cullen, Recruiting Coordinator — HR Tech
Nick Cullen, Investigation Specialist Sr.
Colden Cullen, Software Development Engineer
Federica Cuneo, Technical Writer
Ana Cunha, Software Development Engineer
Andre Cunha, Senior Technical Program Manag
Emily Cunningham, UX Designer
Terrance Curley, Software Development Engineer
Kevin Curry, Manager, Business Intelligence
Sara Cuschleg, TCSS (Concierge)
Laura Cushing, Sr. Category Merchant Manager
Michael Cushmac, Sr. Business Development Mgr
Ashley Cusick, Education Customer Advisor
Sameer D, Sr Program Manager, EF
Tejas D Channappa, Software Development Engineer
Davide D’Amore, Brand Specialist — OHL
Livia D’Antoni, ISM BWS
Giuseppe D’Auria, Junior Business Developer F3
Richard D’Costa, Crm Specialist
Arnaud d’Esquerre, Applied Scientist Intern
Derrick D’souza, Systems Development Engineer
Alessandro Da Rugna, SDET II
Sara da Silva, Software Development Engineer
Anthony Da Silva, New Key account manager
Ramesh Daddagol, Quality Assurance Engineer
Jekin Dadhaniya, Software Development Engineer
Adam Dadson, Account Manager
Brendan Dadswell, Infrastructure Ops Engineer
Sven Daehne, Machine Learning Scientist
John Dagger, Knowledge Engineer
Goutam Daggubati, Software Development Engineer
Ryan Dagley, Support Engineer III
Rabea Dahlhausen, Content Acquisition Specialist
Niklas Dahlmann, WS Audio Production
Ann Dai, Software Development Engineer
Evan Daikoku, Principal Product Manager
Eric Dalci, Sr. Manager, Abuse Detection
Harry Dale, Recruiting Coordinator
Cynthia Dalmady, Hardware Development Engineer
Dhaval Damani, SDE II — Lead
Andreas Damianou, Applied Scientist
Pavel Danchenko, Sr. Software Dev. Engineer
Bob Danek, Systems Engineer, CorpSysInfra
Alessandra Danese, Data Linguist IT
Cathy Dang, Program Coord-Field Engagement
Louis Dang, Software Development Engineer
Brandon Dang, Software Development Engineer
Kim Dang, Retail Accessibility Prog. Mgr
Ava Dangol, Software Development Engineer
Molly Daniels, Prime Now Operations Manager
Anna Dankova, SPS Associate
Zaher Dannawi, Senior Product Manager — Tech
Reece Dano, Senior Design Researcher
Daniele Dapra, Program Management Coordinator
Margaret Darcher, Sr. UX Designer
Saumendu Das, SDS Resolution Specialist
Kaushik Das, SPS Associate
Raktima Das, Software Development Engineer
Kiran Dasari, Sr MPM
Shanik Dassenaike, Software Development Engineer
Kunal Datta, Senior Account Executive
Jessica David, Recruiting Coordinator
Laurel Davidson, Project Launch Analyst
Grey Davidson, Financial Analyst
Travis Davies, Systems Development Engineer
Ryan Davies, Customer Service Liaison
Stuart Davies, Technical Account Manager
Latoya Davis, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Jim Davis, Software Development Engineer
Alex Davis, Sr. Mgr, Software Development
Paul Davis, Sys SDE
Johnathon Davis, Software Development Engineer
Tyler Davis, Software Development Engineer
Tim Davis, Technical Program Manager
Levi Davis, Credit Operations Supervisor
Josh Davis-Welty, Workflow Automation SME, ACES
Peter Davoust, Software Dev Engineer
Yohana de Andrade, Program Manager
Pauline de Boissy, Corporate Counsel
Jennifer de Bruijn, Datacenter Resiliency Manager
Emeric de Caslou, New Account Manager
Joseph de CLERCK, Consultant
Elisa de Denaro Vieira, AWS Financial Analyst II
Laura De Freitas, Account Rep I
Franki De La Vega, Producer
Miriam de Lamo Carreras, Network Ops Specialist
Courtney de Lautour, SDE
Julie De Lorenzo, Software Development Engineer
Amaia de Miguel Morate, Software Development Engineer
Martinho de Miranda, Brand Specialist
Aidan de Nobrega, Software Development Engineer
Daniel De Oliveira Simantob, Payments Acceptance Intern
Nicolli de Souza, Team Lead
Antoine de Taisne, Transportation Carrier Manager
Lydia de Thuin Aguiar, Mktg Mngr, WWPS VC & Startups
Elisa De Tomasi, Network Operations Specialist
Kevin Dean, Sr. Product Manager-Technical
Blake Dean, Financial Analyst II, FBA
Courtney Dean, Tech Support Associate
Andrea Dean, SDE
Garrett Deardorff, Software Development Engineer
Austen Debord, Account Rep, Standard
Shane DeBrock, Software Development Engineer
Austin deBruyn, Senior Frontend Engineer
Quentin Dechery, SEO Product Manager
Kristal DeCoux, Senior Product Manager
Dawar Dedmari, Sr. Data Engineer
FNU Deepti, Software Development Engineer
Patrick Dege, FC Associate
Wahiba Degen-Zylla, Recruitment Manager
Josh DeGrazia, SDE I
Adrienne Dei Rossi, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Zach Deines, Sr. Product Manager — SCOT
Mark DeJesus, Software Development Engineer
Pierluca Del Buono, Data Engineer II, Networking
Clara Del Genio, Brand Specialist — BWS
Jasmine Dela Cruz, Fashion Team Manager
Ciaran Delaney, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Emily Delaney, Distribution & Strategy, Amazon Studios
Katie DeLeon, Sr. Compliance Manager
Christopher Deleuze, Software Development Engineer
Reginaldo Delfino, Software Development Engineer
Victor Delgado, Software Development Engineer
Selene Delgado Mena, Software Development Engineer
Marcelo Delgado Miranda, Investigation Specialist
Betsy Delis, Executive Assistant
Carl Dell, Software Development Engineer
Giovanni Della Corte, Sr EHS Manager
Emy Della Pietra, ML Data Linguist — II
Claudio Delli Bovi, Scientist
Kathryn Dellinger, Principal UX Producer
Marine Delpy, Translation Specialist — FR
Dani Demas, Software Development Engineer
Yana Demeester, Prog. Mgr, Prime Now Delivery
Thomas Deml, Sr. Manager
Juan Pablo Denegri, Solutions Architect II, AWS
Angela Deng, Software Dev Engineer II
Jason Denhart, Recruiter
Loic Deniel, Sr SDM
Vladimir Denisov, Cloud Application Architect
Joshua Denning, Knowledge Management Administrator
Jack Dennis, Marketing Specialist (TEMP)
Ruth Densborn, Sr Mgr — Amazon Bus. Intl
Kaushal Deodhar, Network Deployment Engineer
William DePhillips, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Alexander Deriziotis, Software Development Engineer
Jon Derkits, Sr. CMM, Canada Electronics
Mike Derryberry, SDE II
Jean-Sebastien Dery, Software Dev. Engineer II
Vaibhav Desai, Software Dev Engineer II
Aishwarya Desai, Software Development Engineer
Priyank Desai, Software Development Engineer
Mallika Dhillon Desai, Software Dev Engineer
Siddhartha Desai, Software Development Engineer
Thomas Deshayes, Senior Product Manager, EIM
Parimal Deshmukh, Software Development Engineer
Bhakti Ramesh Deshmukh, Program Manager
Saurabh Deshpande, Software Development Engineer
Swapnil Deshpande, Security Engineer
Marion Desmazieres, Sr.International Expansion Mgr
Ross Desmond, SDE
Guillaume Desrat, Software Development Engineer
Alessia Dessalvi, CSIT Assoc
Bhaskar Deva, Sr. Product Manager-Technical
Praveen Kumar Devaraj, PM, Automation Deployment
Vijay Devarakonda, Software Development Engineer
Nitish Devavarapu, Sr. Support Engineer
Kanchan Devda, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Frederic Devernay, Senior Applied Scientist
Emmanuel Devillard, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Karan Devnani, Sr. Product Manager
Florent Dewavrin, IT Manager
Brandon Dewey, Software Development Engineer
Gavin DeWilde, SDEII, AWS Alexa for Business
Avi Dey, Software Development Engineer
Codie Deyo, Change Management Specialist
Yakaru Dezaki, Senior SDE
Karthikk Dhandapani, Amazonian
Kushal Dhar, Software Development Engineer
Rahul Dhar, Principal Tech Program Manager
Riyaz Dharamshi, Manager, Software Development
Bhavana Dhawan, Sr. Program Manager
Ankit Dhawan, Sr Product Manager, Marketing
Sandhya Dhir, Amazon Business
Mehul Dholakia, Senior Software Engineer
Priya Dhumal, Solutions Architect
Celine Di, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Michele Di Garbo, ISM/VM L&G IT&ES
Giorgio Di Guardia, Sr. Systems Dev Engineer
Sabina Di Noia, SPS Associate
Nicole Di Tolla, SPS Major Incident Manager
Raluca Diaconu, SDE II — S3
Jean Marie Diaz, Search Operations Engineer
Jen Diaz, Senior QAE, DCCS
Alma Diaz Diaz, Partner Manager
Ivan Diaz Fernandez, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Delaney Dick, Campus Associate
Mary Kate Dicken, Operations Coordinator — CBRE
Matthew Dickinson, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Sam Dickson, Software Development Engineer
Trevor Diddell, Manager, Program Management
Anthony DiDonato, Sr. UX Producer
Jasmin Dieden, Sr. Prod & Cust Insights Mgr
Florence Diers, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Tom Diethe, Manager, Machine Learning
Diana Dietrich, CS Resolution Specialist
Ami Dieye, Senior Financial Analyst
Martin Digweed, Technical Account Manager
Justin Dillard, IT Support Technician
Maya Dillard, Accounting Manager
Carrie Dillaway, Operations Manager
Allison Dille, Account Representative II
Abbie DiLullo, Account Executive
Marjorie DiMartino, Exec Asst — Vendor Sys & Svs
Romain Dimeglio, Business Manager EU VSP, MVR
Apostolos Dimitromanolakis, Software Development Engineer
Luisa Dimitrov, New Accounts Manager FBA
Michalis Dimopoulos, QAE II
Ruslan Dimov, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Zuocheng Ding, Software Development Engineer
Swapnil Dinkar, Software Development Engineer
Georgiana Dinu, Applied Scientist III
Diana DiPalma, Software Development Engineer
Brian Dique, Trainer
Garrett Disco, Software Development Engineer
Nicole Ditaranto, Senior Product Manager
Fritzi Dittmann, Process Engineer
Codrin Ditu, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Rishabh Dixit, Software Development Engineer
Eddy Marius Djiokeu Keubou, Automation Engineer
Christian Djoe, Software Development Engineer
Rade Djordjevic, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Hy Doan, Software Development Engineer
Michelle Dobbs, Software Development Engineer
Maria Dobler, Snr Account Manager
Nicole Dobry, Warehouse Associate
Molly Dobson, Head of Enterprise Accounts
Scott Dobson, FC Associate I
Jonathan Doda, Sr. Software Engineer
Vanessa Dodd, Associate Partner Manager
Dezzy Dodd, Program Manager, XCM
Nitin Doddannavar, CS Associate(DP)
Abhi Doddapaneni, Sr. BIE, SC Dev
Adam Dodge, Network Development Engineer
Mario Doiron, Software Development Engineer
Joseph Domeq, Legal Recruiting Coordinator
Susan Dominey, SPS Account Mgr
Dominic Domingo, Software Development Engineer
Desiree Domini, Operations Financial Analyst
Wilson Domnic, Ops Manager, Alexa Shopping
Gabriel Doria, Sr. Treasury Analyst
Stephen Dorman, IT Systems Engineer II
Dan Dormer, Senior Vendor Manager — CE
Charles Dorner, Senior Design Technologist
Will Dornes, Sr. PDR
Meredith Dorrance, Corporate Counsel
Luiz Gonzaga dos Santos Filho, Software Dev Manager
Sindhur Dosapati, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Verena Dotzauer, Vendor Manager Beauty
MARC DOUBLET, Business Development Manager
Laure Dousset, Product manager — intern
Sabrina Downard, System Development Engineer
Rachel Downey, Program Mgr, Global SIS-PHX
Tim Downs, Software Development Manager
Michael Dowse, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Doyle, AI² Support Engineer
Bjoern Dracker, New Key Accounts Manager
Chris Dragich, Senior Technical Writer
Alin Dragomir, Sr. SDET
Thomas Drake, Sr Research Engineer
Justin Dray, System Dev Engineer
Patrick Dreisch, Key Account Manager
Emilie Drew, Working Student — Marketing FR
Shane Drexler, Sr. Product Dev Engineer
Chad Driesbach, Senior UX Designer
Andrew Drinkwater, PM, Prime Video
Jesse Drogin, Software Dev Engineer
Ryan Dromgoole, Quality Assurance Engineer
Jennifer Drossart, Prime Now Assistant Manager
Blake Drown, Program Manager
Lauren Drown, Program Manager
Karolin Drzensla, Working Student — SEO
Adrian Dsouza, Senior Manager, Product Mgmt
Hongtao Du, Senior Product Manager
Xin Du, Software Development Engineer
Phil du Fresne, Software Development Engineer
Rajat Dua, Software Dev Engineer II, EC2
Alexxandra Duarte, Fulfillment Associate
Tomas Dubac, Process Control Specialist
Sumedha Dubey, Data Engineer II
Corentin Duck, SPS Advisor
Zdenka Dudaskova, Fashion Quality Account Mgr.
Annirudh Duddala, Inside Sales
Rahul Dudheria, TPM, Event Platforms
Raju Dugyala, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Josh Dukes, Senior Security Engineer, AWS
Matthew Dulas, Vendor Specialist
Tamara Dull, Principal OS Technologist
Mathieu Dumais Savard, Sr SDE
Tyra Dumars, Sr. UX Designer, Inclusive CX
Constantin Dumba, Web Development Engineer
Nakul Kishore Dumblekar, Manager — Investigations-TRMS
Erin Dumitru, HRBP, Alexa
John Duncan, Sr Manager, Spend Evaluation
Paul Duncan, Senior Design Technologist
Mark Dunne, Technical Program Manager
Thomas Dunne, SDE II
Viet-An Duong, Sr PM, EU Line Haul
Kahn Duong, Software Development Engineer
Nelson Duong, Quality Assurance Engineer
Thomas Dupays, SrRMET
Ruben Duque, Software Development Engineer
A Durgun, Business Analyst
Rich Durham, Instock Manager, Fresh/PN (F3)
Boris Duriez, Instock Manager,Home Improvmen
Debika Dutt, Front End Engineer
Arko Dutta, QAE II
Anindya Dutta, Software Development Engineer
Morgan Dutton, Program Manager
Kelsey Dutton, Software Development Engineer
Noa Dvoskin, UX Designer, Amazon Devices
Avinash Dwarapu, External Fulfillment Intern
Ghaleb Dweikat, Software Development Engineer
Jordan Dwight, Sr. Product Mgr, Amazon Pay
Rishant Dwivedi, Software Development Engineer
Austin Dworaczyk Wiltshire, Software Development Engineer
Kacee Dwyer, Data Collection Specialist
Hayley Dwyer, Program Support Associate, FBA
Glenn Dyck, UX Designer II
Donna Dycus, Dock Clerk
Tanner Dyel, Finance Manager, ReCommerce
Elaine Dyjak, Scaled Operations Manager
Jakub Dziarski, Area Manager
Till Dzierzon, Technical Writer
Krzysztof Dziolak, Software Development Engineer
Joe Dzurik, Senior Product Manager
David Eade, Head of Media Measurement
Ben Eagan, Software Development Engineer
David Earnhardt, Vendor Manager, Amazon Books
Emily Eberle-Levine, Sr. Product Manager, Tech
Jonathan Ebert, Software Development Engineer
Hiroko Ebizaki, Sr. UX Designer
Ashe Echstenkamper, ISS Representative
Jasmin Eck, Associate Brand Specialist
Alina Eckert, PM, Customer Engagement
Aaron Edberg, Sr. Support Engineer
Eric Edelman, Software Development Engineer
David Edelstein, UX Manager, XCM Software
Christoph Edler von Lerch, Escalations Program Mgr
Adam Edlich, Tech Writer
Franz Edlmayr, Manager Fiction Editors
Lauren Edwards, Program Manager, Training
Jonathan Edwards, Solutions Architect
Noah Efroym, QAE — Twitch Prime
Petre Eftime, SDE — EC2
Kjersti Egerdahl, Sr. Editor
Ryan Egesdahl, Systems Engineer
Franziska Eggers, Sr Category Merchant Manager
Patricia Eguez Sintes, Adv. Engagement Manager
Elisabeth Eichler, Working Student — Content FR
Cody Eilrich, Systems Dev Engineer
Michael Eisenschmidt, EHS Specialist
David Eisner, Director, User Experience
Tomy Eitner, Program Manager AMXL
Anne-Marie Eitreim, Taxonomist II
Parinaz Ejlali, Senior UX Designer
Sevcan Ekici, Sales Ops Manager
Leila El Akroud, Vendor Manager Baby
Mahmoud El-Maghraby, Software Development Engineer
Dhanasekar Elangovan, Software Development Engineer
Elizabeth Elbert, Lead Fulfillment Associate
Michael Elbert, Senior Financial Analyst
Kevin Elberts, Business Incident Manager
Daniel Elbertzhagen, Vendor Manager
Addison Elkins, Fleet Services, PM
Nina-Carine Eller, Startup Marketing Manager
Greg Ellerker, Sr Program Manager, D2AS
Felix Elliger, Software Development Engineer
Ben Elliott, SDE II
John Ellis, Software Development Engineer I
Richard Ellis, Program Manager, Twitch Prime
Jon Ellis-Jones, Software Development Engineer
Hannah Ellison, TCSA — Educate (STS)
David Ellison, Software Development Engineer
ARELI ELLSWORTH, Fulfillment Associate
Adam Elman, Sr. UX Designer — Alexa
Hussein elsamra, Sr. Marketing Manager, SEM
Helmuth Elsner, Software Development Manager
Adam Elston, Software Dev Engineer II
Ali Embabi, Software Development Engineer
Sarah Emerson, Sr. Product Manager
Frank Emmanuel, EHS Manager
Dolly Emmerson, Partner Operations Manager
Nathaniel Eng, Marketing Manager
Wilko Engelhardt, Sr. Program Manager
Camille Engels, Investigation Specialist
Peter Enns, Software Development Engineer
Craig Ensil, TCSA (Social)
Emiline Ensley, Business Intel Engineer
John Enyeart, Software Development Engineer
Martin Epszteyn, Software Development Engineer
Samuel Erba, Global Portfolio Manager
Emily Erdman, Digital Ingestion Specialist
Jeremy Erdman, Vendor Specialist
Alina Erdmann, Associate Brand Specialist
Kayla Erickson, Sr. Product Manager
Noelle Ericson, Program Manager
April Erlanson, Administrative Support
Janina Ernst, New Key Account Manager
Juan Escalante, Sr. SDE
Alejandro Escobar, Software Development Engr.
Ary Esfahani, Sr. Database Marketing Manager
Afsaneh Eshghi, Global Segments Program Mgr
Frances Eshom-Arzadon, Workspace Development
Joana Espadanal Goncalves, PM Control & Analytics
Daniela Espino Vargas, Software Dev Engineer-Test
Emilio Espinosa, Systems Dev Engineer
Javier Espinoza Haussmann, Software Development Engineer
Andrea Gabriela Espinoza Martinez, Andon SWAT Associate [A]
Christian Esposito, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Benjamin Esquivel, Software Development Manager
Amy Essene, Sr Mgr, Product Mgmt-Tech
Dennis Esterl, Sr PM, Customer Lifecycle
Brenda Estrada, Process Assistant
Jan Ettlinger, Product Manager
Filipe Euscher, Inside Account Manager
Sarah Eusebio, Vendor Specialist
Rebecca Evanhoe, Consultant, Alexa
Patrick Evans, Security Program Manager-Edge
Alan Evans, Knowledge Engineer
Sara Evans, Operations Apprentice
Morgan Evans, Legal Assistant
Randall Evans, Risk Manager
Andrew Evenson, Principal Software Dev Eng
Kevin Everets, Software Development Engineer
Caleb ツ Everett, SDE III
Olga Evsikova, Territory Manager
Dennis Ewald, Quality Assurance Tester
SPENCER EWALL, Software Development Engineer
Josh Eyre, Sr. VUI Designer
Ramya Ezhilarasan, Software Development Engineer
Paul Ezvan, System Development Engineer II
Barbara F, Financial Analyst
Graham Faassen, Senior Account Manager
Alexis Fabre Ringborg, Sr. Product Manager, Delivery Experience
Helena Fabregas Vazquez, Business Intelligence Engineer
Francesco Facciaponte, Account Manager MFN Prime
Thomas Fahlberg, AMZ Robotics Lead SW Dev Eng
Bri Failor, Senior Manager, Product Mgmt
Louise Fairclough, ML Data Linguist-II
Fabien Falc’hon, Business Intelligence Engineer
Mark Falge, System Admin/Engr
Kerri Falivene, InfoSec Program Manager
Lisa Falkson, Senior VUI Designer
Cindy Fan, Software Development Engineer
Kathy Fan, Senior Product Mgr, Alexa
Micah Fancher, Account Executive
Daniel Fang, Software Development Engineer
Will Fantle, ISM, Hubs & Distributors
Sabria Farheen, Software Development Engineer
Raymond Farias, Software Development Engineer
Laura Farin, Marketing Manager
Michela Farina, Language Engineer
Jeremy Farkas, Sr. Marketing Mgr, AmazonSmile
Elly Farnell, Research Scientist II
Lydia Farragher, Sr. Program Manager, EU SSR
Cathal Farrell, DCOSE Support Engineer
Brandon Farrell, Sr. Software Engineer
Cat Farrell, Manager, Stylist
Carleigh Farrell, Executive Assistant
Nimrah Fatima, SDS Associate(C)
Daniel Fayad, Software Development Engineer
Usama Fayez, Software Development Engineer
Sanam Fazeli, Digital Automation Marketing Manager
Nicole Fazio, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Nicola Fedeli, Risk and Resilience Analyst
Irina Fedina, Recruiter, EU
Alex Fedorov, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Rachael Feeney, Fulfillment Associate
Philipp Fehre, Software Development Engineer
Bradley Feigenbaum, Integration Manager II
Greg Feliu, ML Data Linguist-I
Campion Fellin, Software Development Engineer
Madeline Felt, Product Manager
Stella Feng, Intern-Restricted Prod-JP
Kayla Fenske, Software Development Engineer
Nicky Ferentheil, UX Designer II
Keith Ferland, DCO Tech 3
Remi Fernandes, Associate Brand Specialist
Daniel Fernandez, Sr Business Development Mgr
Jon Fernandez, Senior Financial Analyst
Cristina Fernandez, Instock Manager Movies/Music
Javier Fernandez Clavel, DCO TECH 3
Federico Javier Fernandez Lara, Seller Support Associate
Marta Fernandez Olmos, Content Program Manager
Maxime Fernet, Partner Manager, PBO
Adriana Ferrari, Brand Specialist — OHL
Cecilia Ferrario, Junior Financial Analyst
Guilherme Ferreira, TCSA (Core)
Daran Ferreira, Senior UX Designer
Guillaume Ferreira, Media Sales Manager — EAS
Perla Ferrer Gonzalez, FinOps Business Partner Mgr
Alyshia Ferri, Sr. Learning Experience Designer
Jeffrey Ferris, Senior Economist
Nicholas Ferrucci, Account Representative
Kalin Fetvadjiev, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Gabriele Ficarelli, System Development Engineer II
Colleen Fielder, Marketing Manager, Paid Social
David Fietz, Sr. Account Executive
Chris Fife, Sr. PM-T, AWS SDKs & Tools
Junia Figueiredo, Data Center Security Mgr
Zofia Filipkowska, Sr Associate-Restricted Prod
Dayne Filippa, Cloud Support Eng. I (Win)
Sezen Filiz, Senior Risk Manager
Kate Fillery, Training Coordinator
Julia Finch, Associate Creative Director
Ryan Finch, Sr. Account Manager
Sandra Finkelstein, Senior Brand Manager
Emily Finley, Director, Operations
Katie Finnegan, Business Intelligence Engineer
Brian Finney, Software Development Engineer
Davide Finozzi, Software Development Engineer
Julie Fischer, Search Editor
Daelin Fischman, Software Development Engineer
Noel Fiser, Software Development Manager
Tignes Fisher, Data Scientist
Adam Fisher, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Rachel Fisher, UX Designer II
Matt Fishman, Account Rep, Focused
Elishema Fishman, Lead UX Designer-Builder Tools
Craig Fitts, TCSS (Concierge)
Anna Fitzgerald, Senior Escalations Specialist
Brian Fitzgerald, Software Development Engineer
Chris Fitzpatrick, Software Development Engineer
Sean Fitzpatrick, Campaign & Creative Manager I
Marine Flahault, Snr Partnership Mgr
Ansley Flanagan, Product Manager II — Tech
Sam Fleckenstein, Software Development Engineer
David Fleetwood, System Engineer
Gabriel Fleming, Snr Mgr — Content Disc & Eng
Emma Flint, L5 KE
Kt Flood, C&B Manager
Valeriu Florea, SW Quality Assurance Engineer
Eric Florentin, SPS Major Incident Manager
Ana Flores Rojas, SPS Operations Mgr
Radu Florescu, Risk and Resilience Analyst
Alan Florsheim, Sr. UXD — Marketplace WE 2.0
Alan Fluder, SE
Darin Flynn, Account Manager
Tobias Fogliata, Senior Manager, Vendor Mgmt
Guenther Foidl, SPS Associate
Kira Foken, Sr. Product Manager, SFP
Betsy Foley, Taxonomist II
Eric Fonseca, Design Technologist II
Alejandro Fonseca, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Forbes, Teamlead Merchant Services FBA
Alex Forbes, Software Development Engineer
Corey Ford, Software Development Engineer
Adrian Ford, Principal, TPM
Morgan Ford, NA Startup Project Mgr.-Trans
Rachel Ford, Software Development Engineer
Alexandra Foreman, Associate Marketing Manager
Nate Forman, Software Development Manager
catherine forsman, Sr. UX Researcher
Mike Forst, UX Sound Designer
Emily Forster, Digital Editor
Simone Fortunini, Senior Marketing Manager
Derek Fosbury, Sr SDM — Alexa Comms A/V
Caroline Foureau, Sr PM HL ISM & FR Ops Ex.
Simon Fowler, Partner Operations Manager
Henry Fox, Retail Associate
Kat Fox, Project Coordinator
Claire Fox, EU CS Proj Mgr, CSDX
Justin Foxhoven, Software Development Engineer
Marta Fraga, Sr K-Flex Program Manager
Gabriela Franc, Sr Product Manager, VoC
Everard Francis, Software Development Engineer
Tia Francis, Developer Advocate
Jeremy Francispillai, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Frank, Sr. System Dev Engineer
Johana Franz Palacios, Analyst
Rory Fraser, Software Development Engineer
Magdalena Fratita, Customer Enablement Specialist
Simon Fratus, Mobile Marketing Specialist
Andrea Frau, Network Development Engineer
Lawrence Frazier, Program Manager
Nic Freda, Technical Program Manager
Paul Frederiksen, Technical Curriculum Developer
Bethany Freeburg Howard, Senior Program Manager, GTA
Nick Freeman, Brand Specialist
Jordy Freeman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Kevin Freitas, Design Technologist
Milan Freml, Software Development Engineer
Peter French, Software Development Engineer
Joe Frew, Robotics Software Engineer
Mauro Frezza, Software Development Engineer
Weston Fribley, Front End Engineer
Devin Fricaud, Fashion Specialist
David Frick, Software Development Engineer
Seth Friedman, Senior Software Development Engineer
Josh Friedman, Software Development Engineer
Felix Friedrich, Senior Instock Manager
Damon Friend, SDET
Nathan Friendly, System Development Engineer
Bethany Friesen, Senior Revenue Analyst
Nicholas Frietch, EHS Specialist
Justice Frimpong, Software Development Engineer
Anne-Marie Frolich, Sr. Outbound Marketing Manager
Izabella Frolova, IT Support Engineer I
Becca Fronczak, Taxonomist II
Anna Frye, Business Analyst
Boyang Fu, Software Dev Engineer
Allan Fu, SDE II
Chris Fuchs, Sr PM Prime
Doug Fuehne, Senior Manager, Customer Succe
Jose Luis Fuentes Morales, SDE, Alexa Smart Home
Denis Fuenzalida, Software Development Engineer
Nara Fujita, Sr. Product Manager-Technical
Nicole Fulfer, AWS Sr. Recruiter
Jamie Fullen, Artist Relations Manager
Jake Fuller, UX Designer
Natalie Fuller, Software Development Engineer
John Fulmer, Business Analyst
Bill Fulton, Principal UX Designer
Martin Fung, Software Dev Engineer (CS)
Aldrich Fung, Quality Assurance Engineer
Louis-Henri Furry, Senior Financial Analyst
Ai Furukawa, CSJP Social Media Prgm Mgr
Pavel Fusu, Software Development Engineer
Matthieu Fuzellier, Practice Manager, IoT Data
Marina Föhr, Marketing Manager
Krishna Kiran G, Sr Manager, Software Dev
Daria G. Hallinan, Technical Writer
Kaylee Gaare, AWS Sourcing Recruiter
Mihir Gada, BIE
Srushti Gaddam, Team Mgr, SDS
Naveen Gaddam, Software Development Engineer
Tyler Gaede, Sr. SA, SLG
Mark Gaffney, SDM, People Tech
Andre Gagne, SDE II
Spencer Gagnon, Software Development Engineer
Dom Gaitan, BI Engineer
Krunal Gala, Software Dev Engineer II
Mercedes Galan Soriano, Process Control Specialist
Jose Galaviz, Software Engineer
Daniele Galdi, Software Development Engineer
Christopher Galecki, Software Dev Engineer
Tadeo Galindo, Software Development Engineer
Emily Gall, Program Manager, Seller Ops
Marc Gall, Program Manager
Colm Gallagher, Software Development Engineer
Alfredo Gallegos, Software Development Engineer
Aubin Gallet, Key Account Manager
Massimiliano Galli, Marketing Manager Italy
Davide Gallitelli, Solutions Architect
Antonio Gallo, Software Development Engineer
Janet Galore, Creative Director
Alyssa Galvin, Senior Product Manager, MAPLE
Michael Galvin, Technical Curriculum Architect
Mary Galvin, Software Dev Manager
Alex Games, Sr.Product Manager — Technical
Jinglin Gan, SrAssociate-Restricted Prod-JP
Roman Ganchin, Software Development Engineer
Manu Gandham, Software Development Engineer
Hardik Gandhi, Software Development Engineer
Patricia Gandit, Head of France Marketing
Prabhakar Ganesamurthy, Software Development Engineer
Kartik Ganesh, SDE III
Pablo Ganga, Software Development Manager
Matt Gangemi, Mechanical Design Engineer
Shamik Ganguly, Software Development Engineer
raviteja ganireddy, SDE
Josh Gantt, IT Support Technician
Anu Ganzorig, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Jeff Gao, Software Development Engineer
Mingxing Gao, SME — Dangerous Goods
Song Gao, Software Development Engineer
Mingze Gao, Software Development Engineer
Jill Gao, Software Development Engineer
Carlos Garay, Software Development Engineer
Miguel Garcia, Principal Product Mgr — Tech
RUBEN GARCIA, Account Executive
Leonardo Garcia, Marketplace Intern
Elena Garcia, Brand Specialist — CE
Luz Garcia, Account Representative I, VSP
Alicia Garcia, Program Manager
Pablo Garcia Cano, Sr. Product Mgr
Cristina Garcia Cifuentes, Applied Scientist
Ruben Garcia Gamarra, Systems Engineer
Carlos Garcia Garcia, Account Executive — Field
Victor Garcia Mata, Software Development Engineer
Aldo Garcia Mendiburu, Software Development Manager
Juan Vicente Garcia Orozco, Software Development Engineer
Jorge Garcia Rodriguez, Software Development Engineer
Anny Garcia Santos, RSP PA
Nacho Garcia Valdecasas, SVM Tools and HI — ES
Dan Gardner, Sr Security Engineer
Jess Garfinkel, Account Executive
Mona Garg, Security Engineer II
Rohit Garg, Web Development Engineer
Vikas Garg, Sr. Data Scientist
Arul Garimella, Software Development Engineer II
Blake Garland, Recruiter
Tyler Garland, ID- Capacity, Install Tech 3
AnnaMarie Garlin, Software Development Engineer
Joaquin Garralda Monereo, Focused Account Mngr Startups
Divya Garrepalli, Environmental Engineer
Libby Garrett, Senior UX Researcher
Tavares Garrison, Sr. Account Manager
Cindy Garrison, Senior Finance Analyst
Derek Garside, Senior Database Architect
Emily Gary, Business Analyst
Sebastian Garza, ML Data Associate-II
Ozge Gascho, Senior Product Designer
Sylvie Gaston, Manager
Jordan Gaston, Software Development Engineer
Greg Gates, Software Development Engineer
Katherine Gatz, UX Designer, B2B Marketplace
Markus Gatzke, Sr. Product Manager
Anthony Gaughan, SDE/T Alexa Mobile
Alexander Gaus, Manager Beauty
Anne-Sophie Gauthe, AVS Team Lead
Philip Gautier, Applied Scientist
Wendy Gauvry, Sr Prog Mgr, Exec Onboarding
Limor Gavish, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Joseph Geddis, Fulfillment Associate
Ashlee Gee, HR Business Partner
Keaton Gee, Strategic Account Manager
Peter Gehler, Senior Applied Scientist
Jens Gehring, Enterprise Account Manager
Kevin Gehrmann, Manager, Account Management
Brendan Geisenhoff, Account Representative
Scott Geiser, Software Development Engineer
Jason Gelman, Principal Product Management
Giulia Genovese, Account Manager
Thomy Gensollen, Hardware Development Manager
Miran Genth, Partner Development Rep
Ana-Elisa Gentle, BI Engineer
Greyling Gentry, GTS-PC Expansions PM
Joe Gentsch, Business Analyst
Thomas George, Sr. Mgr, Adv. Success Engr.
ALPHA GEORGE, Software Development Engineer
Brandon George, Account Manager
Nish George, Sr Analytics Mgr, Cost
Reuben George, Quality Assurance Engineer
Hemant Gera, Category Manager
Sachi Gera, Production Strategy & Planning
Chloe GERBER, Vendor Manager MVR
Jaiden Gerig, Software Development Engineer
Kayla Gerken, Sr UX Program Manager, Mobile
Heather Geurkink, Sr. Product Manager
Airlia Gezahegn, Recruiter
Arefeh Ghahvechi, Vendor Manager, Kitchen
Rahul Ghai, Product Manager
Hamoun Ghanbari, Software Dev Engineer II
Ramina Ghassemi, SFA, Entertainment Media
Tim Gheen, Manager II, Taxonomy
Gabriela Gherghina, AssociateCompliance Specialist
Saugat Ghimire, SDE II, Region Automation
Rohit Ghosalkar, Senior Financial Analyst
Yugarsi Ghosh, Software Development Engineer
Sina Ghotbi, Research Scientist
Sam Giagtzoglou, Software Development Engineer
Davide Giamboni, Quality Assurance Engineer
Sara Giammusso, Programmer/Analyst I
Greg Gianini-Rose, SDS KM Content Developer [A]
Federico Giannuli, RME Manager
Kyle Gibb, Tech Lead, Support Engineer
Connor Gibb, SDE
Wendy Giberson, Sr. Technical Writer
Gabriel Giehl, Program Manager, EU AMZL
Leslie Gieraths, Adv. Engagement Associate
Boris Giftge, Software Development Engineer
Loreto Gil Navarro, Sr Category Leader ITES
Michele Giliberti, Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing
Anant Gill, Knowledge Engineer
James Gillan, Economist
Myriam Gilles, Production Manager
Michelle Gilliard, Software Dev Engineer II
Melissa Gilligan, Sr. Product Manager
Erin Gillingham, Software Dev Engineer
Jim Gilmore, CS Business Analyst
Dalius Gilvydis, Software Development Engineer
Julia Gimpel Garat, Program Manager
Brooke Ginnard, Visual Designer
Shane Girish, Software Development Engine
Anthony Girolamo, Manager
Alex Gislason, Sr BIE, Prime Video
Stefanie Gittermann, Engagement Prg.Mgr, Preview EU
Salvo Danilo Giuffrida, Software Development Engineer
Parker Given, Software Development Engineer
Venkata Narasimha GK, QAE — Amazon Business
Sherrard Glaittli, Taxonomist & Browse Developer
Sami Glasco, Software Development Engineer
Patrick Glaser, Program Manager
Scott Glasser, Enterprise Support Lead (USWest)
Deanna Glaze, Sr. UX Designer
David Glaze, Creative Director
Michael Gledhill, SDE II, Relay4Driver iOS
Christa Glenn, Senior Manager, PM-T
Lev Glick, Software Development Manager
Anna Glissmann, DHBW Student
Laura Glisson, Manager, AM Program Mgmt
Mike Gloeckner, Sr. Accout Manager
Kellie Glover, Programmer
Jon Glover, Design Technologist
Edgar Glowacki, Lead Game Programmer
Sheena Gluck, Analyst, Global SIS-PHX
Julia Gnamm, Campaign & Creative Manager I
Vivek Goboor, SDS Data Analyst
Sai Bharath Goda, Software Dev Engineer
Anna Godfrey, Principal UX Designer
Gabrielle Godin, Knowledge Engineer
Adrien Godineau, Adv. Engagement Manager
Pete Godkin, Software Development Engineer
Michael Godwin, WDE II-Accessibility
Anurag Goel, Softline category Leader & BD
Rohit Goel, Software Development Engineer
Akshay Goel, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Prateek Goel, Software Development Engineer
Annika Goepp, Financial Analyst
Helena Goerke, CS Trainer
James Goff, SDE II — Alexa AI
Poonam Gohil, Software Development Engineer
Asier Goikoetxea, Data Engineer I
Girish Gokuldasan, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Mohsen Golalikhani, Sr. Manager, Research Science
Keyur Golani, Software Development Engineer
Zak Goldberg, Technical Program Manager
Erica Goldberger, Technical Curriculum Developer
Eitan Goldberger, Software Development Engineer
Brian Golden, DCO Tech 3
Mark Goldenstein, Software Development Engineer
Kyle Golder, Senior Program Manager
David Goldfarb, SDE-II
Marissa Goldman, Mechanism Program Manager
Garrett Goldstein, Undisclosed
Brian Goldstein, Sr UX Designer
Kate Golenkova, DCO Tech 4
Nikhil Gollapudi, QAE
Jeff Gollnick, Senior Technical Writer
Yogesh Golwalkar, Principal SDE
Pedro Gomes, Product Manager, MVR
Manuel Gomez, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Gomez, Escalation Engineer II
Alvaro Gomez Porris, Web Development Engineer
Laura Gomez Villasante, Sr Vendor Manager — Kitchen
Melissa Gompes, Senior Brand Manager
Ajay Kumar Gonal, QAE
Per Goncalves da Silva, SDE Deep Learning
Alex Gong, Account Executive
Leo Gong, Web Developer
Grant Gonyer, Software Development Engineer
Silver June Gonzales, Software Development Engineer
Ismael Gonzales, Software Development Engineer
Chandler Gonzales, Software Development Engineer
Lourdes Gonzalez, Account Manager
Fernando Gonzalez, Sr. Instock Manager OHL
Pablo Gonzalez, Data Analyst
Alejandro Gonzalez Dominguez, Technical Writer
Virginia Gonzalez Fernandez, FC Associate
Karla Valeria Gonzalez Mora, Associate Designer
David Gonzalez Rodriguez, Lead
Elisa Gonzalez Serrano, Brand Specialist — Consumables
Grace Goo, SDE
Isaac Good, Software Development Engineer
Jonathan Gooden, Software Development Engineer
Mitchell Goodman, Sr. SDE
Ravi Goorah, Software Development Engineer
Vishnu Gopal, SDE II
Karthik Gopal, Software Development Manager
Kesavsundar Gopalakrishnan, Software Development Engineer
Sai Charan Teja Gopaluni, Cloud Support Eng. II (Dep)
Aditya Goparaju, Software Engineer
Bobby Gordon, Twitch Finance Manager
Sam Gordon, Software Development Engineer
Ellie Gordy, Digital Marketing Specialist
David Gormley, ECR Team Manager
Nick Gortari, Software Development II (SDE)
Gabriel Gosselin, Senior Web Dev Engineer
Linnae Goswami, Manager, Programmatic Partners
Antje Gotschol, Senior Program Manager, AVS
Andrew Gottlieb, Program Manager, Capacity
Mugdha Goud, Sr. Prod & Cust Insights Mgr
Filip Gouglev, Software Development Engineer
Wendy Gould, Sr Mgr, WW Direct Tax Rptg
Alexis Gouraud, Partner Manager
Aditya Gourav, Software Development Engineer
Javier Govea, SDE
Priyamvada Govil, Quality Assurance Manager
Sameer Goyal, Software Development Engineer
Mahima Goyal, Sr. UX Designer, Directed Work
Nitika Goyal, Software Development Engineer
Harshita Goyal, Quality Assurance Engineer
Arpit Goyal, SDE 2
Kriti Goyal, Software Development Intern
Sarah Graber, Sr. PD Engineer
Sam Gracie, Principal UX Designer
Ana Grade, Sr. Instructional Designer
Kat Gradek, Program Mgr Consumer Payments
Doug Gradt, Principal UX Designer
Heidi Grafe, Associate Partner
Kai-Peter Grafeneder, Programmatic Partner Manager
Aaron Graft, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Michael Graham, Sr. Manager, Security
Rachel Graham, UX Researcher
Chris Graham, Sr. Artist Relations Manager
Jesse Graham, DCO Tech 4
Alex Graham, Software Development Engineer
Brendan Gramer, Sr. UX Designer
Mila Grando, Finance Analyst
Sophia Granfors, Startup Marketing Specialist
Elias Granja, Software Development Engineer
Don Granstaff, Quality Assurance Manager
Julie Grant, Sr. UX Designer — IoT
Philip Grant, Senior Vendor Manager — Other
Silke Graser, Multilingual Content Developer
Justin Grasse, Software Development Engineer
Niina Grassi, Quality Assurance Technician
Johnny Grattan, Software Development Engineer
John Graubner, Technical Program Manager
Rachel Gray, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Gray, Software Development Engineer
Fernando Greco, Technical Program Manager III
Charlotte Green, Category Leader Kitchen
Sarah Green, DOT Compliance Specialist
Louis Green, RME Area Manager
Erika Green, Executive Assistant II
Leah Green, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Jordin Green, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr, SA
Alia Green, Senior Program Manager EU CPB
Andrew Green, Sr. Product Manager- Technical
Emily Greene, Software Development Engineer
Kevin Greene, Software Development Engineer
Emily Greenwood, Data Editor
Andreas Greger, Content Developer
Steve Gregory, Mobile Software Developer
Courtney Gresham, TSC Engagement Sr. Coordinator
Navreen Grewal, UX Designer II
Matthieu Grieger, Software Development Engineer
Eoghan Griffin, Software Development Engineer
Garrett Griffin, SDE
David Griffin, Software Development Engineer
Jakob Griffith, Sr. Software Engineer
Hollie Griggs, Recruiter, Non Tech
Sona Grigoryan, Software Dev Engineer II
Elisabeth Grigoryeva, Receptionist — Ctr.
Thomas Grilletta, Software Development Engineer
Alessandro Grilli, Marketing Manager
Amber Grimaldo, Fulfillment Associate
Paul Grimes, Software Development Engineer
Zack Grimley, Software Development Engineer
Yulia Grishina, SFDC Data Specialist
Felipe Grivol, Software Development Engineer
Danica Groah, PM, B2B Risk
Jan Grobbel, Sr Vendor Manager Tools
Karl Groff, Associate Risk Manager
Tobias Groganz, Mgr Product Mgmt CX OHL
Angelo Grosso, Catalog Specialist
Sebastian Gruber, Head of VM HPC
Thomas Gruenbeck, Working Student Alc Beverages
Nadia Gruman, Software Development Engineer
Bernard Grunow, Sr. Product Manager
Steffen Grunwald, Sr. Solutions Architect
Clemens Grupp, Operations Research Scientist
Aline Grynbaum Ingberman, Trans. Network Engineer
Piotr Grzysek, DCO Tech 3
Ariana Guadagno, Sourcing Recruiter, AWS
Sabina Guardascione, Data Specialist I, ASK ID
Bruno Guardia Robles, Software Development Manager
Jules Guay-Binion, Sr. Investigator
Danielle Guenther, Sr. PM, Globalization
Julian Guenther, Retention Manager
Selena Guergour, Sr. Administrator
Roger Guerrero, Sr Product Mgr, Private Brands
Gonzalo Guerrero Leon, IT Support Engineer II TL
Marina Gufeld, Go to Market Program Manager
Tony Guggina, Sr PGM, NYC Ops Strategy
Anindya Guha, Software Development Engineer
Matthieu Guillaumin, Manager, Applied Science
Marcus Guimaraes, Associate Cloud Developer
Ramendu Guin, System Development Engineer II
Matthew Guindin, Sr. Big Data Consultant
Lea Guitteny, Digital Marketing Manager
Manpreet Gulati, Software Development Engineer
Harpreet Singh Gulati, Quality Assurance Engineer
Nikita Gulve, SDE II
Liz Gummel, Executive Assistant II
Praveen Gundala, QAE II
Chiresh Gundappa, Sr. Workforce Analyst (BI)
Sanja-Isabelle Gunia, Teamlead AVS Management
Raj Karan Gunukula, Sr. PM Ops Integration
Satish Kumar Gunuputi, Software Dev Engineer II
Alan Guo, Software Development Engineer
Zimo Guo, Software Development Engineer
Praveen Gupta, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Utkarsh Gupta, Sr. Product Manager
Ankur Gupta, Software Dev Engineer
Vivek Sheel Gupta, Software Development Manager
Romit Gupta, Knowledge Engineer
Shilpa Gupta, Software Development Engineer
Sonali Gupta, Account Executive
Megha Gupta, Senior Product Manager POD
Rishi Gupta, SDE, Live Events Ops Tech
Sidharth Gupta, Software Development Engineer
Shikha Gupta, Sr. Prod Mgr, Tech — Book Ads
Dhiraj Gupta, Software Development Manager
Manu Gupta, Sr. Program Manager, Transportation
Vaibhav Gupta, Software Dev Engineer
Sakshi Gupta, Sr. UX Designer
Tarun Gupta, Devops Engineer
Priya Gupta, Data Scientist II: Relevance
Jitendra Gupta, Data Engineer
Milan Gupta, Software Development
Soumya Gupta, Business Analyst
Abhishek Gupta, Software Development Engineer
Pankhuri Gupta, Software Dev Engineer II
Akshay Gupta, Software Development Engineer
Vineet Gupta, Sr. Analytics Mgr, WW Quality
Praveen Gupta, SDE II
Ruchika Gupta, Head of Product, WW Cons. GCs
Katya Gurilyova, Vendor Engagement PM
Rahul Gurjar, Software Development Engineer
Murali Gurram, CSUK Team Manager
Karisa Gurtiza, Account Manager
Muniraj Gurusamy, Software Dev Engineer
Debbie Guskin, Sr Tech Customer Support Lead
Hank Guss, Software Dev Engineer
Robin Gustafson, Sr. Program Manager
Irene Gustaitis, Head of Consumer Insights
Christina Gustin Terrones, Product Manager
Evert Gutierrez, Onsite Medical Representative
Athena Gutierrez, Manager, Safety Operations
Friederike Gutzeit, Marketing Manager
Carlos Guzman, Software Development Manager
Luciana Guzman, CSNA Team Mgr VCS
Madhu H C, Frontend SDE II
Andrew Haber, Corporate Counsel, Real Estate
Clementine Habert, Associate Brand Specialist
Jawad Habib, Software Development Manager
Nolan Hackett, Software Development Engineer
Jake Hackl, Software Development Manager
Alee Hadaya, Corporate Counsel
Jabiby Haddad, Marketing Specialist
Ian Hadden, Software Development Engineer
frank hadder, Sr. Design Technologist
Scott Haddlesey, Software Development Engineer
Serra Hagedorn, Sr Prgrm Mgr, Special Projects
Isabel Hagen, Advertising Strategic Account Manager
Katrin Hageneder, Associate Brand Specialist
Austin Hagerman, TechOps Support Engineer
Erik Hagerup, Sr. SDE
Maximilian Hahn, Software Development Engineer
Fabian Hahn, Associate Solutions Architect
Akeel Haider, QAE Intern
Chris Haines, Senior UX Designer
Sean Hajizadeh, Senior SDE
Scott Hale, Indirect Tax Audit Analyst
Allisha Hale, Recruiter
Ather Haleem, Manager, Software Development
Bre Haley, Recruiting Coordinator
Cassandra Hall, Research Scientist
Mike Hall, Software Development Engineer
Bob Hall, Software Development Engineer
Mira Hall, Software Development Engineer
Cary Hall, Principal Software Dev Eng
JB Hallaire, Launchpad Partner Manager
Pat Hallenbeck, Sr. PM, Sign Up (Aperture)
Elizabeth Haller, Sr. Financial Analyst
Lisa Hallett, PQ Program Specialist
Stephen Halsey, Sr. Marketing Program Manager
Samantha Haluschak, CSNA Quality Analyst
Kayoko Hamada, ECR Apprentice
Andrew Hamada, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Sara Hambright, Finance Analyst
Zee Hamid, SDM, Work Tracking
Derek Hamilton, Sr. UX Writer
Jo Hamilton Watson, Sr UX Researcher, VANS
Ben Hamm, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Jerid Hammer, Senior Financial Analyst
Regina Hammerl, Senior Technical Writer
Brian Hammons, Sr. Solutions Architect
Sophie Hamon, Associate Paralegal
Cole Hampson, IT Support Engineer I
Shana Hampton, Food Safety Mgr, Site Support
Jessica Han, Senior Product Manager
Feng Han, Software Development Engineer
Yanlin Han, Sr. Product Manager
Catherine Han, Software Development Engineer
Lu Joyce Han, Software Development Engineer
Hyung Suk Han, VCM Associate
Kim Hanbury, English Editor
Alyssa Hance, ML Data Associate
John Hanks, Software Development Engineer
Kate Hanley, Product Manager
Greg Hanneman, Machine Learning Scientist
Erik Hannon, Technical Web Producer
Edward Hannush, Account Executive
Jennifer Hanselman, Team Manager, ASK ID
Melissa Hansen, Software Development Engineer
David Hanson, Sr. Product Manager
Madhulata Hanumantha, Software Development Engineer
Rohith Hanumantha Raju, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Shengnan Hao, Sr Associate-Product Safety-JP
Xiaojing Hao, Account Manager-ESR
Hyangelo Hao, Sr. Software Development Engineer
Parker Happ, Customer Success Manager
Vlad Harabagiu, Visual Design Associate
Veneta Haralampieva, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Harbert, Business Intel Engineer II
Emily Harbert, SDE II
Price Hardman, Applied Scientist
Christopher Hardy, Assoc Brand Specialist Baby
Katie Hargadon, Account Representative
Prashant Hari, Network Support Engineer III
Jana Harichova, SPS Associate
Ram Hariharan, Software Development Manager
Rishab Harikrishnan, Innovation & Design Engineer
Eric Harmeling, Programmer Writer
Nichelle Harmon, Technical Engagement Manager
Corey Harmon, SDE
Cade Harner, Financial Analyst
Jon Harnish, Principal TPM, AFT
Mitchell Harper, Security Engineer
Christopher Harper, Campaign Manager
Lennie Harrington, DCO Lead
Neil Harrington, Instock Manager
Vera Harrington, Sr. Mgr, Vendor Management
Nancy Harris, Software Development Engineer
Joshua Harris, Senior Product Manager
Tom Harris, Senior Translation Specialist
Frank Harris, Software Dev Engineer
Aaron Harris, Software Development Engineer, AWS
Becky Harris, Sr. Program Manager, EE
Cody Harris, Software Development Engineer
Jake Harris, Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Julie Harris (Recruiting), Sr. Mgr Finance Recruiting
Richard Harris Jr, Senior Financial Analyst
Matt Harrison, Software Development Engineer
Grace Harrison, Program Manager
Daryl Harrison, Sr. SDE
Rebecca Hartley, Legal Assistant
Theresa Hartmann, Key Account Manager
Sophie Hartshorn, Senior Manager, FBA OnsitePM-T
Travis Hartwell, Systems Development Engineer
Brianna Harvey, Risk Manager, Private Brands
Mohammed Haseeb, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Amr Hassan, Senior Finance manager MENA
Rob Hasselbaum, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Nathalie Hasson, New Account Manager
Robert Hathaway, Senior Programmer Writer
Deepa Hattarki, Software Dev. Engineer II
Frances Hattery, Financial Analyst
Jean-Claude (JC) Hauchecorne, SPS Quality Auditor
Caroline Hauge, Sr Product Marketing Manager
Eric Haughee, SDE II — Amazon Web Services
Kerstin Hauser, Recruiter
Tim Hauser, Sr. Product Mgr, Home Services
Miroslav Havram, Software Development Engineer
Vincent Hawkins, Technical Account Manager I
Erin Hawley, Taxonomist II
DJ Hayes, Software Development Engineer
Ellen Hayes, Learning Experience Designer
Chris Hayes, Software Development Engineer
Sawyer Hayes, Account Rep I
Justin Haynes, Manager II, Software Dev
Jinah Haytko, Data Associate
Kevin Hazaz, Teamlead Account Management
Richie Hazlewood, Principal Design Technologist
Luyao He, Sr Associate — Food Safety
Chuan He, Software Development Engineer
Na He, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Bryan Head, SDE — Machine Learning
Benjamin Heah, Product Manager
Kate Hearsey, Vendor Specialist
Elliott Heath, Quality Assurance Engineer
Bradley Heath, Principal Security Engineer
Winter Heath, Executive Assistant
Kelley Hecker, Game Development Engineer
Lauren Heckler, Senior Product Manager
Behnam Hedayatnia, Applied Scientist, Speech
Sean Heffernan, CXQO Process SME
Samir Hegde, Sr. Software Engineer
Akshay Hegiste, Software Development Engineer
Allison Heim, Sr. Programmatic Partner Mgr
Johannes Heine, Developer Advocate BizOps Lead
Adam Heinermann, Software Development Engineer
Verena Heintz, Manager, SSPA Engagement — DE
Ute Heinze, Language Engineer
Oliver Heisig, Brand Specialist HPC
Matt Helgen, Security Transformation
Michael Hellen, UX Designer
Corinna Hellenbrecht, Senior Recruiter
Kate Helms, Program Manager
Vineet Ghatge Hemantkumar, Software Development Engineer
Colin Hemmenway, SDET
Dirk Hemming, Senior Vendor Manager Baby
Sonya Hemraj, EU XCM Planning Manager
Chris Henning, Sr Agency Partnerships Manager
Josh Henningsgaard, Sales Analyst II
Sarah Henrikson, Data Engineer, Amazon Lending
Samuel Henrique, System Engineer I
William Henry, Business Intelligence Manager
Lisette Henry, EU Influencer PM
Matthew Henry, UX Designer
James Herbert, Sr. Customer Advisor
John Herd, Creative Director
Andreas Herdegen, Senior Product Manager
Eszter Herendi, Marketing PM
Juan Herenu, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Allie Hermann, Sr. Product Manager
Fatima Hermosin, Program Manager
Miguel Hernandez, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jonathan Hernandez, TAM (MNG)
Elizabeth Hernandez, Security Assurance PM
Leslie Hernandez, Accommodation Consultant
Harold Hernandez Aleman, IT Support Engineer II
Alejandro Hernandez Angeles, Software Development Engineer
Joshua Herr, Software Development Engineer
Wilfredo Herrera, ML Data Associate-II
Christopher Herrera, Software Development Engineer
Miguel Herrera Cortes, Merchant Support Advisor
Maritza de los Angeles Herrera Ugalde, Advertiser Support Associate
Trish Hesse-Leist, ISS Field Rep Tier III
Shea Hester, Customer Service Specialist
Ann Hesterman, TCSA (Concierge)
Jonathan Hesterman, Manager II, Tech Acct Mgmt
Jonas Hettenbach, Shift Manager
Florian Hettenbach, Technical Trainer
Asmus Hetzel, Principal Software Engineer
Lindsay Hewitt, Diversity & Inclusion PM
Liam Hewitt, Software Development Engineer
Jimmy Hickey, Creative Director
Adam Hicks, Software Development Engineer
Tawi Hidaka Salim, Italian Language Data Analyst
Felix Hieber, Manager Applied Science
Jay High, Software Dev Engineer
Leila Hilali, Unscripted and Live Intern
Jay Hilden, SDE II, Optimus
Jonas Hilkert, Working Student Marketing
Kimberly Hill, BDM, California Region
Justin Hill (hiljusti), Software Dev Engineer
Andres Hiltbrunner, Sr Manager, Finance
Sebastian Hincapie Salazar, Dangerous Goods Sr Associate
Tommy Hinman, Sr. SDE, Alexa Smart Home
Matt Hino, Software Development Engineer
Jacob Hinton, Software Development Engineer
Meghan Hintz, Sr. Marketing Manager
Matt Hinzel, Systems Engineer II
Shamsah Hirani, Sales Operations Program Mgr
Elodie HIRSCH, Executive Assistant II — EU CS
Steve Hirst, ISS Specialist
Samuel Ho, Software Development Engineer
Katy Ho, Software Development Engineer
Taylor Ho, Sr. UI/UX Designer
Clara Ho, BI Intern
Sara Ho, Associate Partner Manager
David Ho, Studio Manager
Tuan (Don) Hoang, Customer Enablement Specialist
Veronika Hobelsberger, Product Manager Family
Simona-Ionela Hodarnau, EHS Coordinator
CJ Hodnefield, Software Development Engineer
Lukas Hoecherl, Working Student Benchmarking
Susi Hoeg, Business Dev Manager
Timothy Hoehl, Software Development Manager
Paul Hoffman, Quality Assurance Engineer
Corinna Hofmann, Business Manager — Demand Gen
Bridget Hogan, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Mandara Hogarth, Program Manager
Jonathan Hogg, Software Development Engineer
Jack Hogin, Category Leader
Jean-Sebastien Hogue, Software Development Engineer
Lauren Hohenstein, Business Analyst II
Meghan Hohertz, Finance Recruiter
Allison Hoke, SDE
Aditi Holay, Sales Manager
Darin Holden Warren, IT Support Technician
Tobias Holgers, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Swantje Holler, Financial Analyst
George Holloway, Account Manager
Ash Hollowell, ML Data Associate-I
Adrian Holman, Sr. Vendor Manager
Kyon Holman, Sr Technical Program Manager
Davey Holmes, Marketing Manager
John Holmes, Cloud Support Eng. I (Lin)
Mary Holmes, Sr UX Designer
Harrison Holstein, Cloud Support Associate (SCD)
Anne Holt, RC Administrator
Kaley Holub, Account Executive
Thomas Holz, Software Development Engineer
Florian Holzhauer, Software Development Manager
Jessica Jade Honeywill, Partner Program Manager
Xiaoyan (Maggie) Hong, Senior Product Manager — Techn
Albert Hong, Senior Product Manager
Suzie Hong, Product Marketing Manager
James Hood, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Beth Hood, Sr. Product Manager Technical
Ricky Hooper, Account Executive
Joanna Hoover, Procurement Operations Analyst
Gabriela Hopkirk-Jaramillo, Associate Partner Manager
Matthias Hoppe, Entsorgungskoordinator
Janelle Hopper, Technical Program Manager
Laura Horan, Taxonomist II
Shawna Horan, Executive Assistant
Amy Horn, Head of Customer Engagement
Cate Horne, Sr. Program Manager
Irina Horoi, Economist
Mathias Horsch, Working Student Benchmarking
Saskia Horsch, Sr. Manager, ATS Initiatives
Vicki Horseman, Maintenance EAM Admin
Dirk Hortensius, Software Development Engineer
Paula Hoshino, Account Rep I
Russ Hoskings, Front End Engineer
Jordan Hoskins, Language Data Researcher
Jeff Hosley, Enterprise Sales AWS, VA
Jamil Hossain, Buying Manager, PC/IT
Muntashir Hossain, Software Development Engineer
Jocelyn Hotte, SDE II
Yayo Hou, Sr. Associates Direct Import
Meagan Houck, Marketing Manager, B&M GC
Eveline Houg, Audit and Compliance Manager
Kandis Hougardy, CI Engineer 4
Ryan Hough, Sr Customer Success Manager L6
Kate Houghton, Account Executive
Alice Houlihan, Associate Vendor Manager
Ethan Houser, Investigation Specialist
Marek Houska, Lead
Farah Houston, Principal Product Manager Tech
Kelly How, Catalog Manager
Edwin Howard, Hardware Development Engineer
Kevin Howell, IT Support Engineer I
Sheena Howell, Program Manager
Addison Howenstine, Software Development Engineer
Josephine Hoy, Senior Product Manager — Tech
Jordan Hoyt, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Dana Hruba, SPS Supervisor
Lauren Hruska, Career Ambassador
Alexandra Hsiao, Sr. UX Design Manager
Li-Che (David) Hsiao, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Jacqueline Hsu, Vendor Specialist
Andrew Hsu, Software Development Engineer
Stephanie Hsu, Software Development Engineer
Shi Hu, Software Development Eng
Albbe Hu, Senior Vendor Manager
Jiulin Hu, Software Development Engineer
Danny Hua, Software Dev Engineer
William Huang, Software Development Engineer
Julia Huang, Knowledge Engineer
Jim Huang, Partner Solutions Architect
Brandon Huang, Software Development Engineer
Brandon Huang, Software Development Engineer
Brian Huang, Software Development Engineer
Linlin Huang, UX Designer
Adrian Huarte, ROC Transportation Specialist
Cathy Hubbard, Senior Consultant
Kyle Huber, Manager, Process Improvement
Jonathan Hudak, Web Development Engineer
Calder Hudson, Network Engineer
Francois Huet, Sr. Mgr., Relevance Features
Lorenz Hufnagel, SDE-II
James Hughes, Software Development Engineer
Kate Hughes, Research Scientist
Andrew Hughes, Finance Analyst
Rico Huijbers, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Peter Huisenga, Digitech
Lori Hull, Sr. AR Analyst
Amara Hulslander, UX Designer
Farha Huma, Software Development Engineer
Matthieu Humeau, Business Intel Engineer II
Michael Hummel, Key account manager
Thomas Humpert, Sr. Product Manager-Technical
Drew Hund, ML Data Linguist-I
Doug Hungarter, Principal UX Designer
Victoria Hunsaker, Software Development Engineer
Melissa Hunstiger, Event Content Manager
Kieran Hunt, Software Development Engineer
Sara Hunter, Strategic Account Manager
Miles Hunter, Sr. UX Researcher
Frederick Hunter, AMZ Robotics Integration Eng
Alyssa Hursh, Software Development Engineer
Marshall Hurson, Software Dev Engineer
Austin Hurwitz, Content Acquisition Manager
R.J. Hussain, ICQA Data Analyst
John Huynh, Hardware Development Engineer
Kelly Hyder, Area Manager
Agata Hyra-Walkowiak, Senior HR Business Partner
Alex Iadicicco, Software Development Engineer
Quinn Ianniciello, Associate Creative Director
Jose Ibanez, Home Innovation BIE
Finn Ickler, Associate Solutions Architect
Afnan Idris, Program Manager, ROC OT DM
David Ieng, Data Engineer
Alex Iepuras, Systems Engineer
Michael Ieputra, Business Intelligence Engineer
Villi Ieremia, Area Manager
Rajit Iftikhar, SDE
Miguel Iglesias Gomez, Account Manager — Advertising
Manuel Iglesias Ramos, Process Control Specialist
Dave Ignacio, Sr. SDE
Adrian Ignat, Software Development Engineer
George Ignatius, Software Development Engineer
Konstantin Ilin, Senior SDE
Chidi Ilobi, Marketing Manager Hardlines
Arman Iman, Software Development Engineer
Javier Imanol Perez Moran, B2B Account Manager
Manoj Immanuel, Quality Assurance Engineer
Kevin Imrie, Recruiter
Bhakti Inamdar, SDE, Directed Work
Jennifer Ingle, Sr. Art Director
Lisa Ingrassia, Content Manager
Michael Innes, Quality Assurance Engineer
Mika Inoue, Program Manager
Sinziana Ionita, Content Test Specialist
Donna Ippolito, M&A TPM, Strategic Design
Jihad Iqbal, Software Development Engineer
Xerxes Irani, Principal, Creative Director
Muhammad Irfan, Software Development Engineer
Za Irteza, Software Development Engineer
Jordan Isaak, Software Development Engineer
David Isbister, Principal Engineer
Igor Ishiguro, Technical Program Manager
Mihoko Ishikawa, Sr. Editor
Mert Istanbulluoglu, Sr. PM, Marketplace Pricing EU
Natalie Itzhakov, Vendor Specialist
Veronica Ivaniukovich, UX Designer II
Juan Carlos Ivars, EU Public Policy Manager
Sam Iverson, Operations Program Manager
Liz Ivy, Program Manager
Ryu Iwase, Senior Manager, Customer Experience Strategy
Sumit J, Sr. SDE
Daniela Jablonska, FC Lead
Greg Jackson, Software Development Engineer
Taylor Jackson, Account Executive
Imani Jackson, Account Executive
Michael Jackson, Software Development Engineer
Blunt Jackson, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Donna Jackson, Knowledge Engineer
Chelsea Jackson, Instock Manager
Roderick Jackson, Regional EHS Manager
Ankita Jacob, Program Manager
Jees Jacob, Quality Assurance Engineer
Rory Jacob, Software Development Engineer
Callahan Jacobs, Product Manager
Kovi Jacques, Retail Vendor Manager I
Adam Jacques, Software Development Engineer
Bertrand Jacquin, Systems Development Engineer
Ravi Jadhav, Software Development Engineer
MATHIEU JAEGLI, New key account manager
Stephanie Jaehn, New Accounts Manager
Esteban Jaen, Publisher Support Snr. Analyst
Alicia Jaffee, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Ahsen Jaffer, Senior Software Engineer
Rashmi Jagadish Charry, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Halley Jagarapu, NDEII — DirectConnect
Aanchal Jaggi, Software Development Engineer
Md Jamiul Jahid, Software Dev Engineer
Karl Jahn, Sr Business Development Mgr
Suchita Jain, Software Development Engineer
Abhishek Jain, Software Development Engineer
Rahul Jain, Software Development Engineer
Naman Jain, Software Development Engineer
Anshul Jain, Senior Product Manager
Vardhman Jain, SDE I
Sumeet Jain, Software Development Engineer
Parvesh Jain, Software Dev Engineer II
Dipti Jain, Network Dev Engineer II
Pranay Jain, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Shubhi Jain, Software Dev Engineer II
Deepesh Jain, Software Development Engineer
Saurabh Jain, Big Data Engineer
Vaibhav Jain, Software Development Manager
Apul Jain, SDE
Ashish Jain, SDE II
Anant Jaitha, Software Development Engineer
Vamshi Jakileti, SDE II — Restaurants
Nitya Jakkam, Quality Assurance Engineer
Gaurav Jalan, Software Development Engineer
Virinchi Jalaparti, Software Development Engineer
Zack Jalbert, Program Manager FBA Returns
Mahesh Jaliminche, Software Development Engineer
Trip Jamerson, Program Manager
Eric James, Sr. Investigation Specialist
Kendrick James, Software Dev Engineer II
Karthikeyan Janakiraman, Network Planning Manager
Priya Janardhanan, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Taryn Janati, Machine Learning Data Analyst
Matija Jancec, Senior Economist
Ashok Jangir, Software Engineer
Rafael Jankowski, Account Manager Startups
Adrian Janssen, Software Development Engineer
Tim Januschowski, Manager, Applied Science
Spencer Janyk, Sr. Product Manager Tech — AMS
Dominik Janzing, Senior Research Scientist
Michael Jara, Software Development Engineer
David Jara, Sr. UX Motion Designer
Javed Jasani, Junior Copywriter
Voy Jasny, Front-End Engineer
Tim Jassmann, Software Dev Engineer II
Ammar Javed, Software Development Engineer
Robert Javor, Retail Account Manager
Dinesh Jayabalan, Software Development Engineer
Rama Jayachandar, Network Dev Engineer
Priya Jayapal, Software Development Engineer
Giridhar Jayaraman, Materials Manager
Vishnu Jayavel, Software Development Engineer
Karl Jayne, UX Designer III
Humfrey Jeakins, Snr Trans Network Engineer
Fred Jean, Software Development Engineer
Lindsey Jefferson, Recruiter
Thomas Jeffery, Field Quality Engineer
Daniel Jeffery, Sr. SDE
Ben Jeffery, Software Development Engineer
Rob Jellinek, Software Development Engineer
Haidi Jenkin, Practice Manager
Anthony Jenkins, Customer Success Manager
Toney Jenkins, AMZL Learning Coordinator
Laury Jenkins, JLL Jones Lang LaSalle
Emily Jenkinson, Associate Corporate Counsel
William Jennings, Sr. Product Designer, AWS IoT
Sarah Jensen, Art Director
Savanna Jensen, TCSS (Concierge)
Anna Jentoft, Operations Program Manager
Alex Jettel, SDE II
Stefan Jevtic, Software Development Engineer
Carol Jewell, Taxonomist I
Keshav Jha, SDE II
Puneet Jhajj, Software Development Engineer
Vivek Jhaver, SDE, Consumer Cloud Foundation
Vyom Jhaveri, Software Development Engineer
Shanay Jhaveri, Software Development Engineer
Sophia Jia, SDEII
Lai Jiang, Software Development Engineer
Xinhai Jiang, SDE II
Huiwen Jiao, Sr Associate-Product Safety-JP
Manrique Jimenez Salas, Paid Services Manager
Sunday Jimoh, Cloud Support Associate (DBs)
Yvonne Jin, Business Analyst
Gaurav Jindal, Quality Assurance Engineer
Aneesh Jindal, Software Development Engineer
Felix Jodoin, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Anders Joergensen, Software Development Engineer
Ethan John, Sr Software Dev Engineer, Test
Shamel Johnson, Air Transportation Analyst
Sandra Johnson, Area Manager
Kirk Johnson, Sr. Marketing Manager
Hailee Johnson, Account Executive
Steve Johnson, Systems Development Engineer
Katy Johnson, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Johnson, Software Development Manager
Ashia Johnson, Competency Marketing Manager
Bevan Johnson, Network Scaling TPM
Ashleigh Johnson, LOAA Case Manager
Alyssa Johnson, Visual Designer II
Liz Johnson, Quality Assurance Engineer
Alex Johnson, Sr. Business Intel Engineer
Aaron Johnson, IT Support Engineer II
Ben Johnson, Operations Manager (Ops)
Dianne Johnson, Program Manager
Meika Johnston, QAT-I
Michelle Jolly, Sr Manager, Product Management
Sanmaya Jolly, Software Development Engineer
Susan Joly, Sr. Technical Writer
Indre Jonas, Account Manager
Gabriel Jonas, Software Development Engineer
Michael Jonas, SDET II
Ethan Jones, ML Data Associate
Corey Jones, Vendor Flex
Meryl Jones, Executive Assistant
Harrison Jones, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Jones, Content Administrator — FTC
Richard Jones, Software Development Manager
Whitney Jones, Event Marketing Manager
Garrett Jones, Central ISS Lead
Holden Jones, Software Development Engineer
Angela Jones, Director, Audience Insights
Angie Jones, Investigation Specialist
Austin Jones, Channel Program Manager
Kim Jones, Sr. Category Merchant Manager
Todd Jonker, Principal Software Engineer
Nils Jonsson, Sr. Software Development Engineer
Andrew Jordan, Systems Development Engineer
Suzy Jordan, Senior Product Manager
Tolbert Jordan, Seasonal Ops Admin
Lucas Jorgensen, Area Manager
Nilesh Joshi, Grp Mgr
Rakhee Joshi, Food Safety Specialist
Ameya Joshi, Software Development Engineer
Abhinav Joshi, BI Engineer
Milin Joshi, Software Development Engineer
Monika Joshi, Vendor Specialist
Sharmila Jothi Mahamandra, Business Analyst, Supply IQ
Sathish Jothikumar, Employee
Sudeeptha Jothiprakash, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Karine Jouffret, Product Manager C&B
Veljko Jovanovic, Software Development Engineer
Maria Jover Santillana, Instock Manager
Janeev Joy, TPM
Matt Juaire, Sr EUC Specialized SA
Michael Judge, Associate Partner Manager
Laure Jullian, Vendor Manager
Mohamed Ershad Junaid, SDE III
Varun Juneja, Software Dev Engineer
Matthias Jung, Sr Mgr, Solutions Architecture
Mark Jung, Application Engineer
Dennis Jung, Account Manager PRIME
Hayley Jung, Sr. Export Compliance PM
Isaac Jurado, Software Development Engineer
Elaine Juzwick, Receptionist
Camille Jwo, Software Development Engineer
Sameer K, Senior Manager
Chandra Sekhar K, UX Designer
Kp K, Software Dev Engineer
Chet K, Manager, Operations
Ramesh K, Software Development Manager
Kishore Reddy K. S., SDE
Desiree Kabel, Retail Associate
Ameya Kabre, Software Development Engineer
Sarah Kaczmarek, Treasure Truck Area Manager
Ashwini Kadaba, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Jonathan Kade, Software Development Engineer
Sindhura Kadimetla, Business Analyst
Carolyn Kading, Recruiter
Kranthi Kadiri, Data Engineer
Mark Kagan, Senior Economist
Sebastian Kagemann, Software Development Engineer
Eliav Kahan, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Olaf Kahlweit, Waste Coordinator
Thomas Kahn, Applied Scientist
Andrea Kahn, Machine Learning Scientist
Ashish Kaktan, Software Development Engineer
Piyush Kalani, SDE III, Orchestration
Bhargava Kalathuru, Software Development Engineer
Anurag Kalavakunta, Software Development Engineer
Soner Kalayci, Software Development Engineer
Yuliyan Kalaydzhiev, Teamlead AVS Management
Steffen Kalbitz, Team Manager FBA Operations
Mike Kale, Sr Software Engineer-Architect
Karolina Kalinowska, Senior HR Business Partner
Mahesh Kallelil, Software Development Engineer
Julia Kallweit, Content Test Specialist
Manit Singh Kalsi, Software Dev Engineer
Karolina Kaluba, Recruitment Coordinator
Vamshi Kalwa, SDE
Abdul Kalyaniwala, Software Development Engineer
Nour Kamal, Marketing Manager
Michal Kamas, Finance Account Manager
Vignesh Kamath, Software Development Engineer
Mansi Kamdar, Senior Operations Manager
Geethik Narayana Kamineni, Software Development Engineer
Ashley Kaminski, Software Dev Engineer
Shiho Kamiya, CSJP Specialist, ECR
vamsi kampati, IT Application Dev Engineer
Rustem Kamun, Software Dev Engineer
Aditya Chandrakant Kanade, Software Development Engineer
Jayaram Kanagala, Software Dev Engineer II
Anjaneya Venkata Srinivas Kanamarlapudi, Software Development Engineer
Yamini Kancharana, Software Development Engineer
Moussa Kandalaf, TPM
Ram Kandasamy, Software Dev Engineer
Sandeep Kandula, Software Development Engineer
Michael Kang, Vendor-TEKsystems-SDET
Kai Kang, Software Development Engineer
Meng Kang, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Mila Kankanala, Software Development Engineer
Salil Kansal, Software Development Engineer
Max Kanter, Principal TPM
Rohan Kapatkar, Software Development Engineer
Anuj Kapil, Software Development Engineer
Joshua Kaplan, SDE
Neelnavo Kar, Software Development Engineer
Eva Karagianni, Learning Program Manager
Tiffany Karaiyan, Marketing Programs Manager
Vivek Karampuri, Software Development Engineer
Leah Karasek, Software Development Engineer
Brad Karjama, Software Development Manager
Mark Karle, Research Engineer
Arwain Karlin, Software Development Engineer
Samuel Karp, Sr. Software Development Engineer
suneeta karri, Sr. Program Mgr.
Arjun Karthik, SDEII, AWS Alexa for Business
Advaitha Karthikeyan, Program Auditor
Grete Karuso, Senior Marketing Manager
Vishnu Kasam Chetty, Software Development Manager
Neha Kashyap, Sr. Manager, Benchmarking
Maria Kassab, Financial Analyst
Adnan Kassim, Financial Analyst
Manav Kataria, Software Development Engineer
Pratik Kathalkar, Software Development Engineer
N. Kather, Software Development Engineer
Arjun Katragadda, Senior Product Manager
sekhar katragadda, Quality Assurance Engineer AVS
Julia Katschke, Interim FC Controller
Gautam Katta, TPM, Amazon Alexa
Muneer Kattubadi, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Katz, Software Development Engineer
Jared Katzman, Software Development Engineer
Tyler Kaufman, Associate Risk Manager — RP
Prerna Kaul, Sr. Product Manager, Technical
Rohan Kaul, Software Development Engineer
Joern Kaulfuss, RME Manager
Dylan Kauling, Software Development Engineer
Parminder Kaur, SDE II, Last Mile
JASPREET KAUR, Program Manager, Alexa COPS
Gurniamat Kaur, Software Development Engineer
Rohit Kaushik, Software Development Engineer
Anmol Kaushik, Software Development Engineer
Jessie Kavanagh Breckinridge, Program Manager
Ajay Kavuri, Software Development Engineer
Iku Kawachi, Senior Product Manager-Technical
Michael Kay, Quality Assurance Engineer I
Christy Kays, Recruiting Coordinator (TEMP)
Faiz Kazi, Software Development Engineer
Meixian Ke, Sr Associate–ProcessCompliance
Sean Keady, Intern Network Development Eng
Marcus Keane, Senior NDE
Christopher Keane, AMZ Robotics SW Dev Engineer
Brian Keare, Software Development Engineer
Adam Kearney, Knowledge Engineer
Ross Keating, Area Manager
Bojan Keca, Software Development Engineer
Rohit Kedia, Senior Product Manager
Hwaai kang Kee, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Keeley Yonda, Photographer
Ramana Keerthi, Software Development Engineer
Keith Kefferson, T-I Resolution Specialist
Tim Kehl, Manager Content Programming
Dominik Keil, Solutions Architect ISV
Kat Keillor, CNS Americas ECR Spec
Jen Keith, Manager, Digital Editor
Nikolas Kelaiditis, Senior Manager Amazon Business
Kieran Kelk, Software Dev Engineer II
Liz Kellebrew-Davies, Technical Writer
Thomas Keller, Principal Software Dev Eng
Jeff Keller, Editor,
Gaston Keller, SDE II
Mareike Keller, Intern VM Apparel
Aaron Keller, Software Engineer, AWS ML
Sarah Kelley (Chen), Sr. BD Manager
Laura Kellner, Associate Partner
Kristina Kellner, Working Student Prime
Ryan Kelly, Risk Manager
Karin Kelly, Head of Pan-EU Sourcing
Brittany Kelly, Ambassador
Eric Kelly, Software Development Engineer
Julie Han Kelsey, Principal Product Manager
Kathryn Kemmis, UX Designer
Alexandra Kendrix, FBA Support Operation Quality
David Kennan, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Kurt Kennedy, Studio Ops Associate
Megan Kennedy, Software Development Engineer
Ryan Kennedy, Product Manager
Patrick Kennedy (AWS), Tech Writer, Knowledge (Trn)
Mike Kent, Control Systems Technician
Lance Kent, Economist
Sacha Kenyon, Creative Manager
Richard Keogh, TCSS (Concierge)
Vanessa Kepp, Senior Product Manager
Adam Kercheval, Software Development Engineer
Andreas Kern, Marketing Mgr, DE, AmazonSmile
Rolf Kersten, Sr. Mgr Business Development
Gary Kertis, Web Development Engineer
Leo Kertsman, Sr. Product Mgr
Eric Kessler, Practice Manager, Data Science
Aron Kestenbaum, Head of Product — CCA
Timea Kesz, Software Development Engineer
Kushal Kewlani, Software Development Engineer
Shreya Khadke, Software Development Engineer
Syed Khadri, CSIN Resolution Specialist
Natasha Khaki, Program Manager III
Leyla Khalili, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Avtar Khalsa, Software Development Manager
Grush Khalsa, Data Scientist
Ammar Khan, Digital Marketing Manager
Mushfiq Khan, Software Development Engineer
Amjad Khan, Merchandiser
Mohammed Azmath Khan, SDS Associate(C)
Hassan Khan, Software Development Engineer
Musabbir Khan, Software Development Engineer
Hatim Khan, Software Development Engineer
Ajmal Khan, Software Development Engineer
Ahsan Khan, Software Development Engineer
Etan Khanal, Software Development Engineer
ayush khandelwal, Software Development Engineer
Ritika Khandeparkar, Software Development Engineer
Harsh Khandhadia, Software Development Engineer
Kunal Khanna, Software Development Engineer
Nayan Khanpara, Software Development Engineer
Chuthima Khaou, AVS Associate Brand Specialist
Nikhil Kharwandikar, Software Development Engineer
Saager Khasnis, Partner Solutions Architect
Chirag Khatri, Software Dev Engineer
Ritvik Khattar, Software Development Engineer
Luminys Khayat, Sr. Scaled Operations Manager
Rashika Kheria, Software Engineer
Prateek Khivsara, Network Development Engineer
Soheyl Khonsari, Teamlead AVS Management
Eugene Khoo, Quality Assurance Technician
Matthew Khor, Software Development Engineer
Elias Khoury, Software Development Engineer
Irina Khramova, Transportation Specialist ROC
Don Khuong, Sr Product Mgr — Tech
Karan Khurana, Software Development Engineer
Nicholas Khuri, Area Manager
Jenn Khuu, Program Manager, Training
Aleksandr Kibis, Support Engineer IV
Perry Kibler, Sr. UX Designer
Bradford Kido, Technical Account Manager II
Stephen Kidson, SDE-III
Martin Kiefel, Applied Scientist
Mike Kiesel, Software Development Engineer
Andy Kiesler, Software Development Engineer
Aleksander Kiin, Software Development Engineer
Mia Kilborn, Software Dev Engineer II
Thomas Kilbride, AWS Security Engineer
Carson Kilburn, Product Manager
Emma Kilfoyle, Software Development Engineer
Marie Kilg, Content Program Manager
David Killmon, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jessica Kilpatrick, Recruiting Coordinator
Brian Kilrain, Front End Engineer
Jae Kim, System Engineer II
Addy Kim, Software Development Engineer
Jinjoo Kim, Global Planning Analyst
Marvin Kim, Sr. Product Mgr — Tech, Video
Diane Kim, VUI Designer, Alexa HHO
Jasmine Kim, Software Development Engineer
Evan Kim, Software Development Engineer
Hyojong Kim, Software Development Engineer
Andy Kim, Sr. Product Mgr
Emily Kim, SPS KR-UK Associate
Lily Kim, Senior Tax Audit Analyst
Jain Kim, Recruiting Coordinator
Genie Kim, Launch Program Manager
Grace Kim, Sr. Vendor Manager
Dunam Kim, Software Development Engineer
Priscilla Kim, Executive Assistant -Tax
Charles Kim(Seattle), Sr. PM, Global Sourcing
Verena Kimmel, CS Resolution Specialist
Athanasios Kinalis, Senior Software Engineer
Song King, Software Development Engineer
Aaron King, Flow Lead, NACF ACES CF
Chris King, Solutions Architect
Ryan King, Integ Lead, Well-Architected
Keara King, Financial Analyst
Kris Kingston, Software Development Engineer
Terry Kinjo, Localization PM
Phalen Kinkle, TCSS (Core)
Susannah Kirby, Software Development Engineer
Esra Kirci Ozorhan, Software Development Engineer
Haley Kirk, Marketing Manager, Perishables
Christine Kirk, Program Manager
Richard Kirkham, DCEO Engr 4
Michael Kirkpatrick, DCO Tech 3
David Kirlin, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Sven Kirschnick, Marketing Manager
Anderson Kirubagaran P, Program Manager
Barrett Kirwan, Senior Economist
Ksenia Kiseleva, Account Manager — Advert.
Vijayram Reddy Kistampalli, Software Development Engineer
Gasho Kitahama, Sr Manager CDB
Rahul Kizhakkepachilamakol, Software Development Engineer
A. Klaus, Recruiter
Marcel Klein, Global TPM
Daniela Klein, Vendor Mgr Deli & Convenience
Hollee Klesh, Program Manager
Moritz Kliewer, Partner Manager
Viacheslav Klimkov, Applied Scientist
Shavon Kline, Recruiting Coordinator
Matias Klingenfuss, Project Manager
Terance Klink, ISS Representative
Kristina Klinkner, Applied Scientist III
Jan Klode, Sr. Enterprise Account Manager
Benjamin Klueppel, Area Manager
Dylan Klumpp, SFA, Corp FP&A
Nick Klunder, UX Design Technologist
Tucker Klutey, Software Development Engineer
Jana Kmentova, Program Manager
Ken Knapke, Demand Generation Rep
David Knapp, Technical Program Manager
Dana Knapp, Full Time Logistics Scheduler
Ben Knight, Software Development Engineer
Ellie Knoll, Sr. Author Experience Manager
Pedro Knotschke, Sr. Finance Manager
Kristofer Knowles, Marketing Manager
Okan Koc, Applied Scientist
Canan Kocgil, Manager, Program Management
Sebastian Koch, Director BM
Anne-Marie Koch, ML Data Linguist-I
Fernando Koch, Data Analyst
Milo Kock, Software Development Engineer
Xavier Koegler, Software Development Engineer
Kate Koehn, Program Manager, S3
Mark Koekemoer, Technical Account Manager
Bryan Koelbel, Software Development Engineer
Ursula Koerber, CSDE Assoc Retail
Mahae Koh, Software Development Manager
Chris Kohut, Sr SDE
Matthew Kojetin, Content Strategist, Help
Janani Kola Sekar, Web Developer
Deepak Kolayi, Manager, Vendor Management
Nell Kolbe, Sr. Instock Manager
Yordanka Koleva, Brand Specialist
Imtiaz Kolimi, Sr. Mgr, Content Operations
Dheeraj kolli, Configuration Management
Matthew Kolowski, Community Advocate Mgr
Narayana Konakalla, Software Development Engineer
Sravan Konda, Software Development Engineer
Vineel Kondasani, Product Manager
Tharun Konduru, Quality Assurance Engineer
Tarun Koneru, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Lingyi Kong, Software Development Engineer
Pawel Konieczny, Technical Program Manager
Stephan Peter Konig, VCDM Execution Specialist
Tracy Konishi, Sr Program Manager
Trent Kontovich, Project Manager
Christine Koo, Content Test Specialist
Jen Koo, Sr. Product Mgr
Tim Koob, Financial Analyst — EPS
Jens Kopel, Content Programming Manager
Amanda Kopman, Sr. Business Manager
Clara Koppang, Technical Program Manager
Malte Koppe, Content Test Specialist
Rafael Koraicho, Product Manager, Leads Mgmt
Manon Koralewski, Str. Account Manager — Advert.
Joseph Korany, Software Development Engineer
Charles Korb, Software Dev Engineer II
Tanuja Korlepra, Sr. Product Manager
Leonardo Korndorfer, Senior System Dev Engineer
Maik Koschatzky, Lead
Brynne Koscianski, PM Leader
Milosz Kosmider, Software Development Engineer
Alexey Kostesha, CEE Regional EHS Manager
Becky Kosuge, Senior Designer — AWS
Nikshep Kotha Nagendra, SDE II
Sanjay Kothapalli, Quality Specialist
Andrew Kotite, Hardware Development Engineer
Shantanu Kotkar, SDE
Shantanu Kotkar, SDE
Mounica Kotta, Software Development Engineer
Gerrit Kotzur, Data Specialist I, ASK
Mahmoud Kouchaji, Software Development Engineer
Elisha Kovalev, Business Intelligence Engineer, Global Market Intelligence
Kuba Kowalczyk, Associate Partner
Alyssa Kowaleski, Quality Assurance Tester
Jamie Kowalski, Software Development Engineer
Pinar Koygun, UK 3P Account Manager
Alex Koziak, Business Intel Engineer
Quam Komla-San Kponton Quam-Dessou, Betriebsrat
Karin Kraatz, Executive Assistant
Micah Krabill, Sr Product Manager
Mike Kraft, Sr. Product Manager
David Krak, Network Technician
Paulina Kral, Associate Partner
Brandon Krall, Support Engineer III
Michael Kramer, Systems Development Engineer
Adam Kramer, Strategic Account Manager
Jared Kramer, Manager, Machine Learning
Zach Kramer, Vendor Specialist
Teresa Kramer, Product Manager
Jill Kranz, HR Business Partner
Mathis Krause, Senior Marketing Manager, TVOD
Samantha Krawczyk, Sr. Learning Exp Designer
Christian Krebs, Sr.Advertising Sales Mng
Marius Krebs, Account Manager Startups
Trevor Krehel, Account Manager
Aneta Krejczy, Fulfillment Associate
Marc Krellenstein, Sr. Principal Engineer
Christoph Kremer, Inside Account Manager
Constanze Kreutzberg, General Managers Assistant
David Kreyenhagen, Data Scientist
Alex Krezminski, Software Development Engineer
Andy Kribbs, Associate Creative Director
Marty Krimmel, Catalog Specialist
Kristy Kriner, Technical Program Manager
Anantha Krishna, Sr. Program Manager, ATS Exper
Shanthanu Krishna, SPS Associate
Madhusudhan Krishnamachari, Software Development Engineer
Vikram Krishnamurthy, Software Development Engineer
Sriram Krishnamurthy, Principal Program Manager
Sairam Krishnan, Software Development Engineer
Vijay Krishnan, Cloud Architect II
Shounak Krishnanand, Sr Product Manager
Mousam Krismucs, Sr Manager,Product Mgmt-Tech
Rudy Krol, Solutions Architect
Mallory Kronlund, Escalation Specialist
Kasia Krotki, Tech Recruiter, Alexa
Tyler Krpata, Manager, Security Engineering
Deidre Kruckenberg, EHS Specialist
Jan-Philipp Krug, Sen. Product Manager
Graeme Kruger, Software Development Engineer
Madhura Kshirsagar, Business Intelligence Engineer
Andrew Kuang, Software Development Engineer
Robert Kuberski-Stolz, Sr. Enterprise Account Manager
Ondrej Kucera, Software Development Engineer
Ananth Kuchimanchi, Sr. Strategic Account Manager
Matthew Kudrick, Compliance Manager
Truett Kueck, Quality Assurance Engineer
Matthias Kuehr, Fiction Editor
Leah Kuffner, Assoc Prgm Mgr, Analytics
Nicole Kuhn, Product Manager -Technical
Vivek Kukkapalli, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Philip Kukulak, Software Development Engineer
Tomasz Kulawik, Technical Program Manager
Johannes Kulick, Applied Scientist
Ritika Kulkarni, Software Development Engineer
Sammit Kulkarni, Network Development Engineer
Vinoth Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Mohan Kumar, Program Manager I — GCC
Srinivasan Kumar, Sr. Business Intel Engineer
Jeenandra Kumar, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Agnika Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Penmatsa Vinay Kumar, CSIN Resolution Specialist
Karanam Ravi Kumar, CS Associate(DP)
Sharon Kumar, Program Mgr, CIM
Rahul Kumar, Product Manager
Vikash Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Apoorva Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Rajneesh Kumar, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Amit Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Abhishek Kumar, Data Engineer
Pawan Kumar, Software Development Engineer
shashank kumar, SDE2
Anil Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Navaneet Kumar, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Sunil Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Karthik Kumarguru, Software Development Engineer
Manisha Kumari, Payments Program Manager
Shiv Kumbhar, Software Developer Engineer
Jen Kump, Senior Systems Accountant
Sebastian Kun, Software Dev Engineer III
Kiran Kunderu, Functional Analyst
Becky Kung, Software Development Engineer
Elaine Kuo, Senior Account Manager
Shih-Tsui Ariel Kuo, Software Development Engineer
Dawn Kurchak, TSC Engagement Sr. Coordinator
Sascha Kurowski, Software Dev Engineer
Melany Kurten, TCSA (Concierge)
Alex Kurth, Recruiting Coordinator
Jakub Kurtok, Operations Manager
Bharath Kurumaddali, Software Development Manager
Vijay Kurup, Sr Manager, TPM
Brandyn Kusenda, ML Engineer
Deepak Kushwaha, Software Development Engineer
Dasha Kuznetsova, Account Executive
Calvin Kwan, Software Development Engineer
Homin Kwark, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Emma Kwiatkowski, Operations Specialist
Tim Kwist, Software Development Engineer
Dexter Kwok, Software Development Engineer
Jenna Kwon, Software Development Engineer II
Matthew Kyawmyint, Software Development Engineer
Taylor Kyser, Data Analyst
Da Hae Kyun, SPS KR-US Associate
Charlie LaBarge, Software Development Engineer
Thibaut LABARRE, Software Development Manager
Eric Laberge, Account Advisor
Jasmine Labitzke, Campaign & Creative Manager II
Julie Laboureix, Head of Marketing, France
Pavel Labovich, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Konstantin Labun, Software Dev Engineer
Melissa LaCaille, Mgr, Scaled Operations Mgrs
Tristan Lacaille, Media Sales Manager
Lea Lacson, Software Development Engineer
Eva Lacy, System Development Engineer
Andrea Klein Lacy, Principal Voice Designer
Meredith Ladd, Associate Advisor
Ryan Ladd (S3), Head of S3 Expansion
Tim Laferriere, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
David Laflamme, Content & Marketing Specialist
Brian Laframboise, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Marion Lagan, Senior Editorial Manager
Miguel Ángel Laguna Lobato, Software Development Engineer
Mark Lah, Network Development Manager
Diana Lai, Senior Partner Manager
Sara Lai, CSIT Assoc
Ylenia Lai, SPS Associate
Maggi Lai, Software Development Engineer
Ted Lai, Hardware ECAD Engineer
Sumit Lakhanpal, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Rob Laks, Software Development Engineer
Ravendar Lal, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Leanna LaManna, Campaign & Creative Manager I
Tyler Lamb, Software Development Engineer
Jason Lambert, IT Services Manager
Aurelien Lamboley, New Account Manager
Alex LaMontagne, Software Dev Engineer
Eric LaMothe, Security Engineer
Patrick Lample, Partner SA HCLS
Soukaina Lamrani, Head of Marketing — UAE
Tyler Land, Software Development Engineer
Carissa Landis, Art Director
Dave Lane, FEE III
Babak Langari, Software Development Engineer
Jennifer Langdon, Construction Coordinator
Dustin Lange, Manager, Applied Science
Matthias Lange, Finance Manager
Marie Langhans, EU Knowledge Mgt.
Kelly Langley, Manager, Programmatic Partners
Lucas Langlois, Account Manager
Danielle Langone, ML Data Associate-II
Juliet Langton, Content Developer
Karim Lankarany, CS Team Mgr
Sylvain Lanneau, RME Area Manager
Clara Laperdrix, Quality Assurance Technician
Roman Lapin, Software Development Engineer
Jessika Lara Toledo, DCEO Engr 3
Vincent Larchet, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Michael Larner, Sr. Business Analyst
Martin Larrain, Seasonal Fulfillment Associate
Pedro Larroy, SDE Deep Learning SDK
Derek Larsen, UI/UX Designer
Andrea Larsen, UX Designer
Erica Larson, Sourcing Recruiter
Sean Larson, Escalation Engineer I (E2M)
Joe Larson, Software Development Manager
Lucas Lartigou, Retail Vendor Manager II
Kevin Lashbrook, Sr. Mgr, Global Business Ops
Judyta Laska, Candidate Support Associate,PL
Tomasz Laskowski, Sr Associate-Restricted Prod
Peter Laskowski, Associate Advisor
Jan H. Last, IT Apprentice
Nerea Lastras, Senior Finance Manager, Acctg
Dawid Laszuk, SDE, Yard Tech
Mikeldi Latorre, SW Development Engineer
Sarah Latoza, Search Editor
Matthew Latura, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Lau, Software Development Engineer
Jenny Lau, Sr. Program Manager
Jordan Laughlin, Software Development Engineer
Ritisha Laungani, Software Development Manager
Anna Laurence-Chasen, Recruiting Coordinator
Sanders Lauture, Software Development Engineer
Cyndi Lavasek, Program Manager II
Sai Prasanna Kumar Lavu, Product Manager, EU RVR
Johnathan Lawhorne, Catalog Specialist (TEMP)
Keith Lawlor, Facility Operations Center Eng
Joshua Lawrence, Software Development Engineer
Diane Lawrence, Content Manager
Oliver Lawson, Cloud Support Graduate (Net)
Whitney Lawson, Sr. Strategic Account Manager
Peggy Lawson, Senior Recruiter
Joe Lawson, Quality Assurance Engineer II
Michael Lawson, Software Development Engineer
Christine Lawton, UX Designer
Jessie Lawton-Crane, Sr. Marketing Manager
Lauren Laxton, Author Relations
Andrew Lay, Sr. FEE, AmazonSmile
Alex Lazar, Segmentation Program Manager
Emanuele Lazzari, ID- Infra Delivery Tech
Brandon Le, Sr. UX Designer
Thomas Le Bourgeois, MVM
Esther Le Grezause, Language Data Researcher
Alexia Leach, Advisor
Will Leahy, Front-End Engineer
Martin Leamon, Learning Program Manager
Louise Leamy, MDW5 Yard Specialist
Jennifer Leavey, ML Data Linguist-II
Scott LeBaron, Sw Dev Mgr
Pierre Lebert, Process Manager
Kristin LeBlanc, Manager, Developer Marketing
Veronica LeBlanc, Software Development Engineer
Morgane Lechard, Sr Instock Manager — Pantry FR
Ryan Lechner, Sr. PQ Business Auditor
Jeremie Lecomte, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Benjamin Lecoq, Sr Technical Acct Mgr (EMEA)
Flavien Lecornier, Account Manager
Stephen Lee, Prod & Cust Insights Manager
Sami Lee, Marketing Manager
Huai-Ping Lee, Software Development Engineer
Hoyeon Lee, Software Development Engineer
Kathy Lee, Associate Producer
Misung Lee, Senior Vendor Manager Auto
Hubert Lee, Software Development Engineer
Sang Jin Lee, Sr UI/UX Designer
Muh-yu Lee, Sr. Tax Analyst
Mitchell Lee, Sr Front End Engineer
Allen Lee, Sr. Hardware Engineer
Yena Lee, Account Exec Global Selling KR
Polly Lee, Senior UX Designer
Summer Lee, Program Manager
Regina Lee, Software Development Engineer
Min Lee, Software Dev Engineer II
Lindsay Lee, Marketing Manager, Display
Katie Lee, Recruiting Coordinator
Amy Lee, Software Development Engineer
Jamie Lee, In-Stock Program Manager
Jarvis Lee, Data Scientist
Changsin Lee, Sr Software Dev Engineer, Test
Yong Hoon Lee, Software Development Engineer
Kevin Lee, Software Dev Engineer
Caylan Lee, Software Development Engineer
Michael Lee, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jeffery Lee, Software Development Engineer
James Lefebvre, Account Manager
Piotr Lefek, Network Ops Specialist
Pasqualina Legorano, Finance Analyst (FR)
Clarisse Legrain, Associate Brand Specialist
Goldwayne Leh, Software Development Engineer
Martin Lehmann, Area Manager
Kat Lehto, Sr Program Manager — Expansion
Kathy Leibert, Senior HR Business Partner
Heike Leichsenring, Corporate Counsel
Tara Leidle, ACCS Quality Specialist
Joe Leija, Manager, Software Development
Michael Leith, Software Development Engineer
Josh Leitzel, Software Development Engineer
Hannah Lejter, ML Data Linguist-II
Ketevan Lekiashvili, Search Marketing Specialist
Rahul Lele, Sr. Product Mgr — Technical
Robert Lemiesz, Front-End Engineer — GLD
Daniel Lemke, Solutions Architect
Ken Lemonnier, SPS Associate
Jen Lempart, Recruiter
Kirk Lenentine, TechOps Support Engineer
Stephan Lengl, Software Development Engineer
Sadhana Lenkala, BIE II — SCOT
Mike Lentini, Software Development Engineer II
Andre Lenz, Software Development Engineer
Juan Pablo Leon, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Berney Leon, Program Manager
Ted Leone, Software Development Engineer
Philipp Lerche, Software Development Engineer
Kate Leroux, Cartographer
David Lesh, UX Manager
Phillip Leslie, Software Development Engineer
Natalie Letostak, Product Manager
Florian Letourneau, Sr. Int. Vendor Manager
Jake Letson, Sr. Product Manager
Lawrence Leung, Senior Finance Analyst
Diana Levanchuk, Curriculum Developer (Trn)
Kiki Levanti, SDE3
Adam Levermore, Designer, Fresh/PrimeNow
Jared Levesque, Financial Analyst II, FBA FP&A
Matt Levin, Software Development Engineer
Whitney Levis, Content Test Specialist
Marcel Levy, Senior Software Engineer
Matthew Lew, Software Development Engineer
Bernd Lewing, Data Engineering Manager
Daniel Lewis, Maintenance Technician II
Chris Lewis, Program Manager I
Tyler Lewis, Product Support Analyst
Charlie Lewis, ML Data Linguist-II
David Lewis, Enterprise Account Rep
Rylee Lewis, Program Manager, Prime Air
Haley Lewis, Coordinator, Box Fort Studios
Ben Lewis-Bloor, IT Support Engineer
Kevin Li, Software Development Engineer
Sophie Li, Software Development Engineer
Nathan Li, Product Design Engineer — HW
Chengbo Li, SDE II
Chris Li, Software Development Engineer
Dan (CN Tech) LI, Sr. TPM
Nan Li, Sr Associate -Global Trade-JP
Keyao Li, Sr.Associate — Global Trade-JP
Bin Li, Sr Associate-Product Safety-JP
Dennis Li, Software Development Engineer
Yatian Li, Software Development Engineer
Saining Li, Software Dev Engineer II
Yao Li, Software Development Engineer
Linfan Li, Software Development Engineer
Jessie Li, Software Development Engineer
Boyuan Li, Software Development Engineer
Ruoying Li, Software Development Engineer
Yujie Li, Software Development Engineer
Like Li, Program Mgr, IOT, Execution
Jerry Li, Software Development Engineer
Calvin Li, Software Development Engineer
Yuchun Li, Software Development Engineer
Sherry Li, Finance Analyst
Ellie Lian, Tax Platform UX Design
Valerie Liang, Software Development Manager
Jenny Liang, Software Dev Engineer II
Vic Liang, Software Development Engineer
Larissa Liburd, Program Manager II — Partner
Jakub Lichman, Software Development Intern
Mick Lichtenberg, Software Development Engineer
Bianca Liebhaber, Catalog Specialist II
Monica Lightfoot, Mgr, Merchandising Strategy
Alissa Likavec, UX Design Technologist
Carolyn Lim, Software Dev Engineer II
Carolina Lima, Visual Designer (m/f)
Thomas Limmer, Account Manager Startups
Anru Lin, Program Mgr, EU Air
Harris Lin, Software Dev Engineer
Aaron Lin, SDET
Annie Lin, Software Development Engineer
Jon Lin, Data Engineer
Susan Lin, Software QA Engineer
Paul Lindorff, Software Dev Engineer
Charles Lindsey, Process Assistant
Courtney Linebaugh, Air PM, NWP
Andrew Linn, Principal, Advisory
Michael Linnane, SDE Intern
Bruno Lins, Software Dev Engineer I
Jorell Linsangan, Software Development Engineer
Andrea Linskeseder, Sourcing Recruiter
Chuck Linton, AMZ Robotics SDE III, Embedded
Jan Lippitsch, Senior Financial Analyst
Rachel Lissman, Recruiter
Michal Liszewski, Software Development Engineer
Sean Litsey, Applied ML Data Scientist
Jordan Littell, Software Development Engineer
Geoff Little, SDE, Meetings
Razuli Littleton, IT Equipment Coordinator
Jeremy Liu, SDET
Sophia Liu, Data Scientist II
Kevin Liu, Software Dev Engineer II
Guoshan Liu, Software Development Engineer
Jason Liu, Software Development Engineer
James Liu, Senior UX Designer
Cherry Liu, PM, Social Responsibility
Jason Liu, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jennifer Liu, Project Launch Analyst
Yang Liu, Financial Analyst II
Weichen Liu, SDE II — KNN Service
Jie Liu, SDE II, Video Advertising
Lindsay Liu, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Stefanos Livos, EU Ops L&D Specialist
Ignacio Llamas, SDE (iOS)
Blanca Llinares Gonzalez, Data Linguist
Sharon Lloyd, Senior Program Manager
Pablo Lluch, Software Development Engineer
Maxime Lo Presti, Sr. Program Mgr.
Serge Lobatch, Sr. Product Manager — Technical
Eric Lobdell, TCSS (Concierge)
Luca Lobina, CSIT Assoc
Kento Locatelli, Software Development Engineer
Jeremy Locke, Account Representative
Briana Lockett, Vendor Specialist
Dana Loeffelholz, Original Content Manager
Karina Loescher, Programmatic Partner Manager
Vivienne Loewen, Vendor Manager
Iain Logan, Software Development Engineer
Rammohan Loganathan, Product Manager
Kaushik Lohia, Sr. Technical Program Manager
David Loibl, Software Dev Manager
Ambre Loiseau, EU Apprenticeship Manager
Theophile Loiseau, Associate Brand Specialist
Kristin Loke, Integration Program Manager
Kim Lomman, GC Operations Specialist
Louise London, WW CS Program Manager
Shane Long, Sr. UX Designer
Jake Long, SDE
Mary Long, Executive Assistant
Trisha Long, Senior Project Launch Analyst
Brandon Long, Software Development Engineer
Josi Longmuss, WS Original Content
Marco Lopes, Systems Engineer I
Renato Lopes, Senior UX Designer
Gorden Lopes, Software Development Engineer
Cassandra Lopes, TAXONOMIST II
Pedro Lopes Sousa, Business Manager
Gloria Lopez, Executive Assistant
Venus Lopez, Fulfillment Associate I
Daniel Lopez, Software Development Engineer
Jorge A Lopez, Global Segment Lead — Big Data
Marcus Lopez, Customer Success Manager
Pamela Lopez, Sales Development Rep
Sofia Lopez Aragon, Escalations Program Mgr
Jorge Esteban Lopez Badilla, Incident Specialist
Xavier Jose Lopez Castro, Seller Support Associate
Angus Lord, Senior SDE
Jose Carlos Lorenzo, Sr Account Manager
Ivan Loughlen, UX Designer
Kaari Loukusa, Account Rep
Jessica Loureiro Custodio, Retail Account Manager
Luca Lovagnini, Software Development Engineer
Christen Love, Sr. Product Manager
Alex Love, Knowledge Engineer
Laura Loveless, Sr Programmatic Partner Mgr
Jennifer Lovely, Seller Vetting Investigator
Sophie Lovergne, Program coordinator
Lacey Lowber, Sr. Prod & Cust Insights Mgr
Kate Lowry, Legal Assistant
Qi Lu, SDE, Alexa
Yanbin Lu, Applied Scientist
Wendi Lu, Software Dev Engineer
Yao Lu, Software Development Engineer
Jimmy Lu, Software Development Engineer
Jane Lu, Software Development Engineer
Matias Lubrano Lavadera, Transportation Specialist ROC
John Lucas, Sr Print Production Designer
Bethany Luck-Hutson, Senior Marketing Manager
Zachary Ludington, Product Manager, AWS Activate
Yoshi Ludwig, Data Associate
Chelsea Lueth, Product Manager, AWS
Geraint Luff, Software Development Engineer
Raymond Lui, Sr. Product Manager, S3
Jim Lui, Dataset Analyst
Alfred Lui, Sr. Design Manager
Nicole Luk, Quality Assurance Technician
Eric Luke, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Suraj Lulla, Data Engineer
Andrew Luly, Senior Frontend Engineer
Christina Lumpkin, Marketing Manager, One CE
Derek Lun, Software Development Engineer
Neo Luna, Marketing Operations Analyst
Danna Luo, Sr.Associates-GTS-PC
Lucinda Luo, Sr Associate — Product Safety
John Luo, Software Dev Engineer I
Ming Luo, Software Dev Engineer
Abi Lutes, Program Manager
Daniel Luu, Marketing Manager
Johannes Lux, Sr. Alliances Manager
Rafaela Luz, Outsourcing Partner Manager
Lucas Lybecker, DCO Tech 4
Riley Lynch, SDE — Amazon Go
Alana Lynch, Quality Assurance Engineer
Sara Lyra, Key Account Manager FBA
Jody Lysaght, TCSS (Concierge)
Garrett M, Security Engineer
Siddarth M, Caspian
Wing Ma, System Development Engineer
Wyndi Ma, Market Intelligence Recruiter
Xiaoyao Ma, Software Dev Engineer II
Jian Ma, Software Development Engineer
Ivan Ma, Software Dev Engineer
Jamie Maak, Manager, Instock and 3P
Craig Maas, Software Development Manager
Thao Mac, Software Development Engineer
Philip Mac Dermott, Sr. Product Manager
Warren Macdonald, Systems Development Engineer
Mohana Krishna Machha, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Justin MacInnis, IT Support Engineer I
Steve Mack, Principal TPM
Julia MacKenzie, Recruiting Manager
Mike Macmillan, Sr. Prod Mgr — AWS Demand Plng
Tim MacPherson, SDE
Megan MacQuarrie, Software Development Engineer
Sudarshan Madabusi, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Padma Madala, QAE — Amazon Exports and Exp
Deepak Madappa, SDE — ABPrecompute
Tom Maddox, Head of Territories SA
Gaurav Madiwale, Sr. Product Mgr — EU Expansion
Sara Madrigal, Executive Assistant
Isaac Madwed, Software Development Engineer
Valentina Maggi, Kindle Marketing Manager
Reza Maghroor, Sr. Product Manager
Lisa Magistro, HR Ops Admin
Erwin Magnaye, SDE II
Patricia Magnena, Prgm Mgr, Associate Experience
Sherry Mah, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Snehal Mahadik, Software Development Manager
Nagesh Mahajan, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Abhay Mahajan, SDE II
Rahul Mahar, Software Development Engineer
Purusoth Mahendran, Software Development Engineer
Ajay Mahendru, SDE, SageMaker Hosting
Dinesh Maheshwari, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Steven Maheshwary, Sr. Marketing Manager
Sadia Mahfuz, Software Development Engineer
Gabie Mahlmann, Instock Manager
Shafeen Mahmud, Software Development Engineer
Kareem Mahmud, Prime Now Assistant Manager
Rachel Mahnke, Marketing Manager, Grocery
Miles Mahon, Software Development Engineer
Julius Maia, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Sandra Maier, Vendor Manager HPC
Chris Maines, Sr. Software Development Engineer
Ruchit Majithia, Cloud Support Associate (Win)
Serge Majkic, Software Development Manager
Mat Major, Customer Success Manager
Kelly Mak, Program Manager II
German Makarenkov, Sr. Data Scientist
Ramy Makari, Software Development Engineer
Vlad Makushkin, Software Development Engineer
Nicolas Malbran, Software Development Engineer
Shiv Malhotra, Software Development Engineer
Barbara Maliborska-Tutak, Associate Partner
Kerishma Malik, Sr Program Manager
Ash Malleck, Senior Financial Analyst
Mithun Mallick, Partner Solutions Architect
Yolekha Mallier, Sr. Product Manager-Tech
Jonathan Malo, Investigation Specialist
Cian Malone, Sr. SDE
Stas Malov, Software Development Engineer
Emmanuel Malsch, Marketing Manager
Jacob Malter, Software Development Engineer
Smitha Malur Muralidhar, SDE 1
Jatin Malviya, Software Development Engineer
Guillem Mampel Font, Network Ops Specialist
Han Man, Data Scientist
Marketing Manager, Amazon
Preet Kamal Manaktala, Quality Assurance Engineer
Ritwik Manan, Sr. Product Manager — Technical
Abhilash Manchineella, Network Development Engineer
Marco Mancilla, Cloud Support Associate (Win)
Dinesh Mandadi, TRMS Tools Program Manager I
Prathyusha Mandagani, Software Development Engineer
Rohit Mandge, Software Dev Engineer II
Vito Mandorino, Applied Scientist
Deepti Mane, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Priya Manghnani, Cloud Support Eng. I (Dep)
Tyler Mangini, AMZ Robotics HW Support Eng
Jan Manglicmot, Risk Manager
Vivek Mani, Software Development Engineer
Avneesh Manik, Sr. BI Infrastructure Manager
Pavan Kumar Manikonda, Software Development Engineer
Suhas Manjunath, Software Development Manager
Florian Mann, Associate Brand Specialist
Lonnie Mann, Senior UX Designer
Anjali Manocha, Software Development Engineer
Maisa Manoel, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Ganesh Manoharan, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Elizabeth Mansfield, Senior Product Manager-Tech
Mohammed Mansoor, Senior CX Specialist
Saab Mansour, Senior Applied Scientist
Maninya Manthramurthy, Software Development Engineer
Prerana Manvi, Sr. Product Manager
Aizaz Manzar, Sr Manager, Sales Operations
Annie Mara, Product Design Engineer
Salvador Maravilla, Technical Program Manager III
Christopher Marcal, Sr. Product Manager, ATS
Daniel Marcet, Brand Specialist — OHL
Guillaume Marchand, Solutions Architect
Mark Marchani, Legal Data Engineer
Diego Marcheggiani, Applied Scientist
Annette Marchelos, HR Ops Admin
Anthony Marcheselli, Software Development Engineer
Gregory Marcilhacy, Senior Software Engineer
Rich Marcucella, Sr. Programmer Writer
Stanton Marcum, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Eleonore Marechal, Marketing BI Specialist
Kyle Marek-Spartz, Systems Development Eng
Louise Maria, Key Account Manager
Matteo Mariani, Str. Account Manager — Advert.
Pierre Marieu, Software Development Engineer
Gerald Perry Marin, Account Manager — AWS
Daniel Marin Sanchez, SDE, Business Prime
Kim Mariner, Investigation Specialist
Michael Marino, Software Development Engineer
Lauren Marion, Sr. Product Mgr
Sean Markham, Software Development Engineer
Eleni Markidou, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Tommy Markley, Software Development Engineer
Matt Markoff, Software Development Manager
Hayley Marks, Program Manager
Ben Markwardt, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Caden Marofke, Software Development Engineer
Vincent Marois, Software Development Engineer
Monique Marquez, Data Specialist I, ASK
Veronica Marquina Revuelto, Process Control Specialist
Pasquale Marra, Seller Support Advisor
Sofia Marrache, Executive Assistant
Nico Marrero, Software Development Engineer
Ilaria Marroccu, CSIT Assoc
Joachim Marschal, Account Representative
Danielle Marshall, Brand Specialist
Conny Marshall, CSDE Resolution Specialist
Kerstin Marshall, Key Accounts Manager
Sean Marshall, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Chase Marshall, Software Dev Engineer
Letizia Martelli, Marketing Specialist
Bastian Marten, Manager Merchant Services
Tanner Martin, Software Development Engineer
Justin Martin, Account Representative
Pierre Martin, Transportation Analyst
Aaron Martin, AV Support Engineer
Chris Martin, Senior Client Lead Recruiter
Maria Martin Barroso, Software Development Engineer
Jesus Martin Jimenez, Senior Multi-modal UX Designer
Claudia Martin Leon, Customer Enablement Specialist
Mihaela Martinas, Software Dev Engineer
Paul Martinez, AVS Associate Brand Specialist
Raul Martinez, Senior Systems Dev Engineer
Rob Martinez, Investigation Specialist Sr
Stephanie Martinez, Program Manager
Isabel Martinez Armada, Data Specialist I, ASK
Luis Martinez Islas, Systems Engineer I
Daniel Martinez Maqueda, Software Development Engineer
Diana Martschenko, Software Development Engineer
Timothee Marty, Operations manager
Priyansh Maru, Product Manager-Technical
Anthony Marucci, Software Dev Engineer
Enrico Marugliano, Cloud Support Associate (Lin)
Matthew Marvin, Payments Business Analyst
Juliane Marx, Account Manager
Justin Marx, Sr. UX Designer
Anfal Marzouq, CLT2 Yard Specialist
Angelica Masala, CSIT Assoc
Bella Mascheroni, Business Development Mgr
Nick Maschinski, Sr. UX Designer
Julia Mason, Business Intelligence Engineer
Sarah Mason, Instock Manager II
Melissa Mason, Brand Designer
Simon Maspero, Software Development Engineer
Luigi Massa Gallerano, Software Development Engineer
Margherita Massazza, Vendor Management Intern
Solangel Massey, Retail Manager
Patryk Mastela, Software Development Engineer
Aravind Masti, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Dana Math, Prog Mgr, Expansion Planning
Thomas Mathiesen, Principal Product Manager
Mike Mathieson, Director, Pricing
Isaiah Mathieu, Software Development Engineer
Samarth Mathur, Software Development Engineer
Brynn Matkoski, Sr Program Manager, VOLT
Karan Matnani, SDE II — SSPA — WW Ads
Esethu Matomela, Territory Manager
Khushboo Matreja, Software Development Engineer
Josh Matson, UX Designer, Devices
Rio Matsumoto, Sr. UX Designer, AVS
Miyuki Matsumoto, Visual Designer
Hiroshi Matsumura, Loss Prevention Specialist
John Matta, Software Development Engineer
Joe Matthew, Sr Program Manager
Gemma Matthews, Snr Product Manager
Ulla Matthiesen, Principal Programmatic Partner
Nicole Mause, Instock Manager
Kannan Nambiar Mavila, Software Development Engineer
Zander Maxwell, Software Development Engineer
JR Maxwell, ACCS Program Specialist
Zachery May, Software Development Engineer
Craig May, Sr. Vendor Manager — Apparel
Cory Mayer, Firmware Engineer
Jimmy Mayer, FinOps Business Partner Mgr
Brett Mayes, Learning Program Manager
Laila Mayes, ICQA Data Analyst
Amaury Mazeyrat, Senior Vendor Manager Kitchen
Chris Mazuc, System Development Engineer
Paromita Mazumdar, Lead Content Strategist
Dario Mazza, Software Development Engineer
Brian Mc Donagh, Cloud Support Graduate (SCD)
Daniel Mc Stay, AMZ Robotics Integration Eng
Emily McAninly, Sr. Program Manager
Michelle (UX) McArdel, UX Designer
Charlotte McArthur, Financial Analyst II
Alex McBride, Software Development Engineer
Sean McCain, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Eric McCambridge, Sr SDE — Twitch Prime
Amelia McCann, Senior Business Analyst
Eric McCarthy, Senior Program Manager
Jacob McCarthy, Software Development Engineer
Matt McCauley, Sr. Manager, Finance, YETI
Tyler McClain, Software Development Engineer
Suzy McClintock, Manager, Product Management
Kristen McClurken, Sr. Product Manager, Technical
Jeff McComb, Tax Manager, Tax Engine Biz
Sarah McComb, Manager, GND Edge Services
Will McComb, Product Manager
Tim McConnell, Lead Fulfillment Associate
Alicia McCormack, Mgr, Creative PM, Publications
Kimble McCraw, Mgr. Prod & Customer Insights
Jason McCue, Principal Product Manager AV
Wes McDaniel, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Andreas McDermott, Front-end Engineer
Alan McDonald, Cloud Support Eng. I (Lin)
Maggie McDowell, Sr. Manager, Prod Mgmt Tech
Galen McEnaney, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Lee McEwen, Sr UX Designer
Josh McFarlane, Principal Software Dev Engineer
Erin McGill, Solutions Architect
Alexis McGlothlin, Quality Assurance Associate
Scott McGovern, Site Merchandiser
Charlie McGrady, Software Development Engineer
Sean McGrath, System Development Engineer
John McGrath, Startup Solutions Architect
Serena McIntire, Product Marketing Manager
Kyle McIntyre, Strategic Partner Manager
Ian McKague, Software Development Engineer
Paulette McKay, Mgr, Engineering Excellence
Melba Mckay, Executive Assistant I
Matthew McKay, SDE II
Neil McKee, ROC Transportation Specialist
Dani McKenzie, Operations Jedi
Iona McKenzie, Operations Lead
Jenny McKenzie, Receptionist
Thomas McKenzie, Mgr, AWS Launch Operations
Carly Mcknight, Program Manager II- Anti Abuse
Jasmine Mclamb, Account Representative
Elliott McLarnon, Client Lead Recruiter
Tyler McLeod, Program Manager, People Ops
Trevor McMahon, HW Commodity Mgr
Mallory McManamon, Sr Software Dev Engineer
James McManus, Software Development Engineer
James McMillan, Software Development Engineer
Andrew McMillion, Software Development Engineer
Shannon McMonagle, Legal Assistant
Kelly McMullan, Studio Ops Associate
Sandra McMullen, Software Development Manager
Stephen McMurtry, Software Dev Engineer
Ray McNally, Account Executive
Liz McNaughton, Hazardous Waste Specialist
Colleen McNutt, Process Improvement Specialist
Bronwyn McNutt, UX Researcher III
Erin McPhee, Sr. Accommodation Consultant
ShaTara McSee, AI² Systems Analyst
Dennis McWherter, Software Development Engineer
Anwaar Haq MD, Team Manager
Will Mebane, Software Development Engineer
Jamie Medhaug, Recruiting Coordinator
Roberto Medico, Applied Science Intern
David Medina, Financial Analyst
Akshaye Mediratta, Software Development Engineer
Landon Medlock, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Giovanni Meggiorini, Financial Analyst
Christopher Mehr, Business Analyst
Nikhil Mehta, SDE-I
Neville Mehta, Data Scientist
Dhruv Mehta, Sr. Prod. Mgr. — Tech, AB DEX
Om Mehta, Software Dev Engineer
Kunal Mehta, Software Dev Engineer II
Sachin Mehta, Financial Analyst
Mit Mehta, Quality Engineer II
Rahul Mehta, Software Development Engineer
Harsh Mehta, Software Development Engineer
Miaofei Mei, Software Development Engineer
Mason Meier, Software Development Engineer
Eric Meissner, SDE II
Chris Mejia, Sr. Product Manager
Jesse Mejia, Frontend Engineer
Astrid Maria Mejia Larios, VCDM Execution Specialist
Michael Meleka, Support Engineer III
David Melendez Alpizar, VCDM Execution Specialist
Claudio Melendrez, Software Development Engineer
Rob Melka, Cloud Support Eng. I (Sec)
Martin Meller, Manager Merchant Services
Anthony Mellerick, Cloud Support Eng. I (BgDa)
Yigit Meltem, SDE
Katelyn Melvey, Expansion Transaction Manager
Jeffrey Mena, CSNA Team Mgr
Liam Mencel, Software Development Engineer
Dan Mendoza, Software Development Engineer
Mariana Meneghini, WerkStudent Marketplace Fin.
Brandon Menendez, Vendor Manager
Walter Meneses, Production Designer
Michelle Menke, Program Manager I
Kristian Mennen, ML Data Linguist-I
Eric Menninga, Principal Software Engineer
Mohita Menon, Sr. Software Dev Enginineer
Ajith Das Menon, Program Manager
Ashwin Menon, Software Dev Engineer II
Meenakshi Menon, Comunication Specialist
Natan Menoni, Software Development Engineer
Ian Menzies, Sr. UX Designer — Speech
Miklos Merenyi, System Development Engineer
Celine Mergan, Brand Specialist
Michelle Merkle, Senior Technical Writer
Satya Teja Merla, Front-End Engineer
Kevin Merlini, Product Manager — Technical
Sebastiano Merlino, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Pavel Merman, InStock Manager
Henry Mermel, Program Mgr, IOT, Execution
Nate Merrill, SDE 1
Annie Merriman, Snr Product Sales Specialist
Celene Mesen Arce, Investigation Specialist
AJ Mesiti, Sr. PM, Energy Efficiency
Floor Mesters, Associate Creative Director
Flavio Mestre, Senior PM — EU AMZL Execution
Darko Meszaros, Solutions Architect
Sonja Methling, Director, Business Operations
Stevie Metke, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Mette, Digitech
Ian Metz, Sr Program Manager
Neil Metzler, Partner Manager
Mark Mevorah, Software Dev Engineer
Virginia Meyer, Account Executive
Ben Meyer, Business Analyst II
Sandra Meyer, Account Representative
Colin Meyer, Software Development Manager
Rich Meyer, Manager, Software Development
Nicholas Meyer, Software Development Engineer
Greg Meyers, Software Development Engineer
Adi Meyers, Software Development Manager
Jose Meza, IT Support Technician
Clara Mezcua, Manager Vendor Mngt HPC ES
Andrea Mezzalira, Research Scientist
Gilbert Miao, SDET 2
Alessandra Micco, ML Data Linguist-I
Patrick Michaelsen, Software Development Engineer
Guillaume MICHEL, AVS Associate Brand Specialist
Ginny Michelet, Marketing Manager
Victor Michon-Petit, Str. Account Manager
Jessica Mick, Software Development Engineer
Dave Mick, Program Manager
Grant Mickelson, Program Manager, Assortment
Teodora Micu, PM, Selection Analytics B2B
Laurenz Miehe, DHBW Student
Davina Mignone, Brand Designer
Helena Mikulova, Curriculum Developer (Trn)
Sebastian Mikuska, New Accounts Manager
Anton Milan, Applied Scientist
Mikyla Milchem, Sr. UX Producer
Ben Mildenhall, Sr. Product Manager Technical
Horace Miles, Global Ops Support Engineer
Dragana Miljkovic, Senior VUI Design Lead
Courtney Miller, Sr. BD Manager — Alexa
Lorien Miller, Senior Product Manager
Dakota Miller, Software Development Engineer
Keith Miller, Software Development Engineer
Mark Miller, Snr Partner Alliance Manager
Craig Miller, Sr. Product Mgr
Trenton Miller, Recruiting Manager, AWS
Elizabeth Miller, UX Designer
Dane Miller, Area Manager, Logistics
Ben Miller, Program Manager
Jordana Miller, Program Manager, EE
Taylor Miller, EA Lead
Amberly Miller-Potts, Fulfillment Associate
Russ Milliken, Software Engineer
Frasier Mills, RME Technician
Liza Mills, Customer Advisor, EDU
James Mills, Technical Account Manager
Lee Mills, Software Development Manager
Sarah Mills, Principal Product Manager
Catherine Milton, Senior Programmer Writer
Michal Minicki, Senior Software Development Engineer
Ayesha Mir, Content Program Mgr, PV
Mario Mira, Retail Account Manager
Orlando Miramontes, Software Development Engineer
Luis Miranda, IT Support Technician
Praneeth Miriyala, Sr. Software Engineer
John Mirsberger, ICQA Program Developer
Stuti Misra, Software Development Engineer
Arkajyoti Misra, Data Scientist
Michal Miszczuk, FBA Operations Manager I
Andrew Mitchell, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Anne-Marie Mitchell, Pathways Operations Manager
Bradford Mitchell, IT Engineer
Calvin Mitchell, Software Development Engineer
Amy Mitchell, AWS Salesforce Program Manager
Elliot Mitchell, Advertiser Engagement Manager
Patrick Mitchell, Software Development Engineer
Alexandra Mitchelson, Senior Account Manager
Srdjan Mitrovic, Software Development Engineer
Shashi Mittal, Sr. Ops Research Scientist
Vikas Mittal, Software Dev Engineer
Deepika Mittal, VUI Designer
Joanna Mittnacht, Sr. Mgr. SSPA Engagement — DE
Hiroki Miyano, Knowlege Engineer — Japanese
Peter Mlocek, Software Development Engineer
Jordan Moddes, Area Manager-Operations
Abhilash Modepalli, Software Development Engineer
Kanika Modi, Software Development Engineer
Davide Modolo, Senior Applied Scientist
Gabri Modolo, EMEA Dangerous Goods Manager
Devany Moe, Front End Engineer
Pierre Moeckel, Assoc Brand Specialist
Ty Moessner, Account Representative I
Karthik Mogulla, Analytics Mgr, WWCS Quality
Bardia Mohabbati, Design Technologist
Anhar Mohamed, Associate Account Executive
Shameem Mohamed Ali, Software Development Engineer
Khalid Mohammad, Workforce Analyst
Imtiaz Ali Mohammad, Software Dev Manager
Baseer Mohammed, Cloud Support Eng. II (Net)
Sohail Mohammed, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Shujaath VR Mohammed, Sr. Associate — Sustainability
Sushil Mohite, Software Development Engineer
Safeer Mohiuddin, Software Development Engineer
Mohammed Najeed Mohtashim, SDS Associate(C)
Daniela Molas, Senior Financial Analyst
Andrew Molina, Premium Support Specialist
Carlos Molina Avendano, SDE, Accessibility
Juliette Molle, Senior Brand Specialist
Steve Molloy, Software Development Engineer
Hillary Moltenberry, Enterprise Customer Advisor
Brittany Monares, Risk Manager
James Monette, Language Data Researcher
Sina Monfared, Software Development Engineer
Mariela Monge, VCDM Execution Specialist
Michael Moniz, Software Development Engineer
Dean Monks, Edge DCO Tech
Ben Monro, Brand Specialist
Asa Monsey, Technical Program Manager
Marissa Montalbano, Risk Manager
Oscar Montemayor, Sr. Product Mgr, Global Store
John Montenegro, CSNA Team Mgr
Armando Montero Benavides, Financial Analyst
Oscar Montes, Vendor Support Manager
Mathilda Montiel, Media Sales Manager — EAS
Marcel Moolenaar, Senior Software Dev Engineer
James Mooney, AWS CS Team Manager (TM)
Roxanne Mooney, Account Manager
Tyler Moore, SDE
Matthew Moore, Software Development Engineer
Noah Moore, Software Development Engineer
Maribeth Moore, Program Manager, C2HRS
Mattie Moore, Cloud Support Eng. I (Dep)
Kristen Moore, Sr. Product Manager, AFT
Maryann Moore, Senior Manager, TPM
Andrea Moore, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Heather Moore-Davies, Sr. UX Designer
Erick Daniel Mora Hernandez, SPS Advisor [A]
Cesar Mora Nunez, Account Manager
Emiliano Alberto Mora Villegas, Seller Support Associate
Robert Morais, Account Manager II
Tony Morales, Credit Operations Manager
Samuel Morales, Sr Mgr, Program Manager, Fleet
Willy Mordant, Support Engineer III — Hrdware
Kaique Moreira, New Accounts Manager
Maria Fernanda Moreira Alvarez, Linguist — Spanish — English
Erin Morelli, Software Dev Engineer
Quentin Moret, Business Intel Engineer I
Luca Moretti, Audio Production Manager
Sara Morettin, Associate Vendor Manager Sport
Laura Morgan, UX Designer
Emily Morgan, Program Manager
Leverett Morgan, Software Development Engineer
Chako Morgan, Sr Trainer & PgM Everboarding
Clare Morgan, Campaign & Creative Manager II
Mari Mori, Knowledge Engineer — Japanese
Michael Morisi, Software Development Engineer
Riccardo Moro, Vendor Mgr Pan-EU Sourcing
Wagner Moro Aioffi, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Lacey Morris, ICQA Program Developer
Morris Morris, Sr. UX Research Scientist
Noelle Morris, Software Development Engineer
Royal Morris, Software Development Engineer
Nick Morris, Software Dev Engineer
Nigel Morrish, Edge DCO Tech
Steven Morrison, Senior Software Engineer
Steve Morrissey, Systems Development Engineer
Aaron Morton, Software Development Engineer
Stephen Morton, Cloud Support Eng. I (Lin)
Tugdual MORVAN, Costing Program Manager
Ian Mosher, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Arielle Moskowitz, Sr. Product Manager
Volker Mosthaf, Sr. SDE
Susan Motte, Principal, UX Research
Pate Motter, Research Engineer
(Tony) Anil Kumar Motupalli, Software Development Engineer
Abhiram Moturi, Sr.Product Mgr — Tech, CCX
Henrique Moura, Technical Program Manager III
Sam Mousigian, Software Development Engineer
Sahar Movaghati, Software Development Engineer
Mani Movva, Jr. Software Developer
Karim MQADMI, Adver Engagement Manager
Srivathsan MS, Software Development Engineer
Sonnyboy Msiza, Territory Manager
Nicholas Mu, Software Development Engineer
Paulina Muchowska, Sr Associate — Dangerous Goods
Sibile Mueller, Sr Content Developer
Christian Mueller, Sr. Solutions Architect
Michael Mueller, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Martin Muench, Account Manager Startups
Edison Gustavo Muenz, SDE Deep Learning
Ranga Muhandiramge, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Joe Muhm, Principal SDE
Reinis Muiznieks, Software Development Engineer
Mayank Mukherjee, Software Development Engineer
Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, Software Development Engineer
Arjun Mukhopadhyay, Software Development Engineer
Angelica Mulato, DSP Project Manager
Annie Mulcahy, Manager, Trials
Mickey Muldoon, SDE
Will Muldowney, Account Manager, AWS
Siddhesh Muley, Software Development Engineer
Tegan Mulholland, Software Development Engineer
Shannel Mullan, Executive Assistant
Wilson Mullen, Software Development Engineer
Eric Muller, PE, Kindle Reading Software
Justine Mulligan, Sr HRBP
Lorcan Mulligan, Manager, Visual Design
Imran Mumtaz, Hardware Dev Engineer
Alethea Mundy-Haywood, Sr. Mgr, Supply Chain
Fabio Mungo, EHS Coordinator
Patrick Muniz, Product Manager, One CE
Gabriel Munoz Chinchilla, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Caterina Munoz Vildosola, Software Development Engineer
Adriana Muntean, Engineering Excellence PM II
Aimee Munton, Sr. SPM
Rahguv Murali, Sr. Product Manager, Sports
Manju Muralidharan, Quality Assurance Manager
Katie Murgatroyd, Customer Care Manager
David Murillo Matallana, Software Dev Engineer
Kevin Muro, Front-End Engineer
Ian Murphy, Strategic Account Manager
Morgan Murphy, Software Development Engineer
Patrick Murphy, ML Data Linguist-I
andrew murphy, Systems Development Engineer
Samuel Murr, Security Manager
Patrick Murray, Technical Account Manager
Shannon Murray-Doffo, Field Mktg Manager — Campaigns
Soujanya Murthy, Software Development Engineer
Siva Murugan, SDE, EC2 Security
Domenico Muscogiuri, Sr. Manager, FBA EU Operations
Charlotte Mushen, Marketing Ops Mgr, AmazonSmile
Ashley Musselman, Account Manager
Khalid Mustafa, HR Associate Contact
Balamurugan Muthiah, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Sam Mutty, Sr. Product Manager
Simon Muys, Content Marketing Manager
Ivan Mwiruki, Software Development Engineer
Lindsay My, Program Manager, Alexa NSX
Taras Mychaskiw, Software Development Engineer
Russell Myers, Principal Engineer
Oliver Myerscough, Software Development Engineer
Mia Myklebust, Product Manager
Pavan Kumar Mylavarapu, Software Dev Engineer
Nitheesha Myneni, Cloud Support Eng. I (Dep)
Sadie Nachtigal, Program Manager
Mohammad Nadeem, Area Manager (Temp)
Sadegh Nadimi, Senior Consultant
Zao Naegele, QA Engineer II
Prashanth Nag, SDE II
Takatoshi Nagai, UX Designer
Sivakumar Nagarajan, Sr.Ops Manager, Food Safety
Krishna Nagarajan, Sr. Product Manager
Rama Dheeraj Nagaruru, Software Development Engineer
Ashritha Nagavaram, Software Development Engineer
Naveen Nagendran, Software Development Engineer
Nagabharan Nagendran, Software Development Engineer
Pete Naggi, ISS Rep
AVIKA NAGPAL, Sr. PM, Employee Engagement
Gururamamurthy Nagpur, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Amine Nahya, D2AS QA Analyst
Kaditya Naidu, Sr. Product Manager
Roshni Naidu, Sr PMT (CCP)
Ajit Naik, Software Development Engineer
Nachiket Naik, Software Dev Engineer II
Rohit Naik, Software Development Engineer
Riley Naimi, Senior SDE
Rashmi Nair, Senior TPM
Noemie Nakamura, Software Development Engineer
Aya Nakamura, CSJP Mgr, ECR
Pedro Nakamura, Career Choice Program Manager
Chaitanya Nalla, Software Development Engineer
Srinivas Nallapati, Application Dev Engineer
Amit S Namboothiry, Front End Engineer II
Jared Nance, Sr. SDE
Sarin Nanda, Software Development Engineer
Sara Nanda, Snr Business Development Mngr
Abhi Nandi, Applied Scientist
Kanchana Nanduri, Program Manager
Dimple Nangia, Product Manager — Tech
Aqeela Nanji, Sr. Program Manager
Giovanni Napolano, Transportation Specialist ROC
Abhijith Narasimha, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Raghavendra Narasimhan, SDE — Machine Learning
Harish Narayanan, QAE III
Vivek Narayanan, Sr. Product Manager-Technical
Rohit Narula, Sr. Financial Analyst — B2B
Brent Nash, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Brandon Naslund, Program Manager
Zamua Nasrawt, Software Development Engineer
Houssam Nassif, Sr. Applied Scientist
Eduard Natale, Software Development Engineer
Nikita Nataraj, Software Development Engineer
Nikhil Natarajan, Software Development Engineer
Arun Natarajan, Sr. SDET
Nandhini Natarajan, Program Manager, EU KYC
Shyam Natarajan, Software Development Engineer
Thanassi Natsis, Software Development Engineer
Emma Naughton, HR Associate Contact
Andrea Nauta, Catalog & Metadata Specialist
Joaquin Navarro, Technical Program Manager
Daniel Navarro, Research Scientist
Alison Nicole Navarro Abarca, VCDM Execution Specialist
Marta Navarro Gomez, Legal Assistant
Emmanuel Naveen, Business Analyst
Eyal Naveh, Manager, Software Development
Hassan Nawaz, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Kristina Nawrocki, Program Manager, VoC
Nikhil Nayunigari, Software Development Engineer
Rodrigue NAZAIRE, SPS Associate
Gregory Nazario, Software Dev Engineer
Volkan Nazli, RME Planner
Gabrielle Ndiaye, ROC Transportation Specialist
Nithin Neemkar, SPS Associate
Phil Neeve, Finance Manager
Katie Nega, Learning Exp Designer
Shivam Negi, GSO Support Engineer
Kendra Neil, Software Dev Engineer
Jamie Neill, Account Representative
Siobhan Neilland, Sr Leadership Recruiter
Matt Neilson, Mgr, Solutions Architecture
Talia Neiman, GC Fraud CX Program Specialist
Ryan Nelling, Online Events Program Manager
Spencer Nelson, Principal Software Engineer
Cate Nestor, Software Development Engineer
Andrei Nestser, Software Development Engineer
Shaun Netherby, Sr. SDE
Edgard Neto, Software Development Engineer
Mike Nett, Mgr., Category Mgmt FPF
Mickey Neuer, TCSS (Social)
Patrick Neuman, Sr. Category Manager
Tim Neumann, Software Dev Engineer
Leo Neumeyer, Principal Applied Scientist
Sarah Neurath, Visual Designer
Hillary Newcomb, TEB3 Yard Specialist
Luke Newham, Sr Deals PM
Oliver Newland, Software Development Engineer
Leah Newman, Program Manager
Juliet Newman, Program Manager II
Holly Newson, Editorial Coordinator
Tyler Newton, Software Development Engineer
Benjamin Ng, Software Dev Engineer
Celia Ng, Enterprise Support Lead
Hannah Ng, SDE
May Ng, Software Development Engineer
Kenny Ng, Field Engineer
Iris Ng, SDE — Amazon Go
Vincent Ng, UX Designer
Hoa Nguyen, Programmatic Specialist
Kevin Nguyen, Economist IIhteifehicr
Tammy Nguyen, Recruiter
Olly Nguyen, ECR Ops Manager
Lanvi Nguyen, Software Development Engineer
Kate Nguyen, Associate Brand Specialist
Linh Nguyen, Sr. Account Manager
Truong Nguyen, Recruiting Coordinator
Sonny Nguyen, Program Manager, One CE
Stephanie Nguyen, Recruiter
Maria Nguyen, Custom Pricing Specialist
Ryan Nhieu, Software Development Engineer
Garron Nicholls, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Jo Nicholson, UX Designer
Amanda Nickel, Integration Manager II
Leah Nicolich-Henkin, Applied Scientist
Ella Nicolson, Software Development Engineer
Maneesha Nidhi, Software Development Engineer
Sara Nieddu, CSIT Assoc
Patrick Niemeyer, Principal TPM
John Nienart, Software Development Manager
Andrew Nienhaus, Sr. Product Manager, Tech Dev
Shrikant Nigam, Software Development Engineer
David Nigenda, Software Development Engineer
Josh Nightingale, Associate Partner Manager
Victor Niharra Fe, Sr. Product Manager
Mike Nikolakakis, PM, RO&I
Justin Nikolaus, Sr. UX Designer
Karishma Nimgaonkar, Software Development Engineer
Ben Nimmons, Designer
Colby Nishimura, Vendor — Experis — STE
Ben Nissan, Software Development Engineer
Gregor Nitsche, Software Development Engineer
Peter Nix, Software Development Engineer
Sri Vadana Nochuri, SDS Associate(C)
Melissa Nollen, Sr. Program Manager
Edouard Nomme, Account Manager
Paul Nonnenmacher, Sr. Manager Product Marketing
Eric Nord, Software Development Engineer
Michael Norling, DCO Tech 4
Sarah Norman, Sr.Mgr. Trans Network Planning
Jason Norris, Snr Associates Mgr
Emma North, Art Director
Jesse Northrup, Exec RC Lead
Walker Norvell, ICQA Process Assistant
Angela Norward, Ricoh Mailroom Worker
Franziska Nosbuesch, Marketing Manager
Monique Noss, Data Associate, ASK
Matteo Notargiacomo, Technical Program Manager
Jean-Levy Noual, CX Mechanism Manager
Milan Novakovic, Top Secret Engineer
Craig Noyes, Investigation Specialist
Silvia Nozal, Software Development Engineer
Rainer Anton Nuesslein, FC Associate
Josh Nunez, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Nilufer Nurani, Senior Tax Manager
Aku Nxusani, Technical Account Manager
Meen Nyew, Software Development Engineer
Kath O’Brien, Data Center Security Mgr
Portia O’Callaghan, Senior UX Designer, AI
Killian O’Carroll, SDE Intern
Zoe O’Connor, Sourcing Recruiter
Molly O’Donnell, Sr. UX Researcher Prime
Laura O’Donnell, RC Administrator
Stephen O’Donoghue, Security Support Engineer
Dylan O’Hearn, Sr PM, Channels & Automation
Kristen O’Kelly, Partner Operations Manager
Ian O’Loughlin, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Shahina O’Mahoney, Principal Content Acquisition
Nicole O’Malley, Sr Partner Marketing Mgr, IoT
Meghan O’Neill, Sr Account Representative
Cassandra O’Reilly, Learning Trainer
Maggie O’Toole, Cloud Support Eng. I (Dep)
Sarah Oates, Sr. Instock Manager
Linda Oatley, Global Leader, PS Grants & CES
Benjamin Ober, Sr. Program Manager
Michael Oberg, Program Manager II
Soma Oberoi, Support Engineer
Curran OBrien, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Pedro Ochandiano, AVS Team Lead
Renata Ochoa Donato, Assoc Acct Manager BR
Astrid Oechtering, Customer Experience Sr Manager
Talke Oetken, jr. Account Manager
Chelsea Ogle, Support Engineer III
Omolara Ogunyemi, Studio Ops Associate
Riyo Ogushi, Project Manager
Daniel Oh, Software Development Engineer
Sean Ohlenkamp, Creative Director
Chris Ojari, Operations Apprentice
Chirag Ojha, Development Manager-EU Eng, AT
Aditya Oke, System Dev Engineer
Julie Olamit, Account Executive
Matteo Oligarchi, BI Engineer
Anthony Olinares, Design Admin Assistant
JC Olivares, Software Development Engineer
Marina Oliveira, Vendor Manager, HPC
Brian Oller, Program Manager
Tom Olsen, Senior Content Manager
Gunnar Olson, Software Development Engineer
Ethan Olson, IT Support Engineer II
Chelsea Olson, Hardware Design Engineer II
Rohit Omanwar, Software Development Engineer
Venkatesh Omprakash, CSIN Resolution Spec
Kian Leong Ong, Software Development Engineer
Martin Ong, SDE — Amazon Go
Melisa Ongun, Recruiter (TEMP)
James Oosterbaan, Software Development Engineer
Karl Oppermann, DHBW Student
Atif Oquaish, Integrations Specialist
Linus OROCK EYONG, FBA Specialist
Jonathan Orosco, Sr UX Producer, Fresh/PrimeNow
Mariavittoria Orsolato, Content Ops Specialist — IT
Tomasz Orszak, HR Manager
Rafael Ortiz, Associate Cloud Developer
Erika Ortiz, Strategic Account Manager
Sufyan Osamah, Operations FP&A Intern
Gil Osborne, Program Manager, PeopleTech
Itziar Oses, Vendor Manager MVR Spain
Lishia Oshana, Account Executive
Mateusz Osinski, Workforce Staffing Coordinator
Jodi Osmond, Senior Product Manager
Daniele Ospite, EU Sustainable Trans Intern
Carl Ostberg, Software Development Engineer
Adalbert Osterried, Programmer/Analyst
Ryan Ostrander, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Emily Ostrove, Retail Vendor Manager
Leonardo Ostuni, Data Linguist IT
Varun Oswald, Disguised Engineer
Amelia Oswald, Software Development Engineer
Ikumi Otaki, Translation Specialist- ADS JP
Ali Othman, Customer Success Engineer II, AppStream 2.0
Jacquie Ott, Executive Assistant
Chiara Ottaviani, TCSS (Concierge)
Nora Theresia Otters, Instock Manager
Bianca Otto, HR Generalist
Trayton Otto, Senior Software Engineer
Brandon D. Ove, Manager, Product Management
Dane Overin, Operations Analyst
RJ Owen, Sr. UX Designer
Dami Oyedele, Sr Product Manager Technical
Uygar Ozdemir, Sr. Program Mgr.
Kevin O’Rourke, Content Quality Manager
Pujan P, Sr. Software Engineer
Damian P, SysDE
Apoorva Pabbathi, Software Development Engineer
Alejandro Pacheco Jimenez, Seller Support Associate
Carina Pacher, Investigations Manager
Marissa Packin, Campaign & Creative Manager II
Sudhir Padhy, Sr. TPM
Umakant Padhy, Software Development Engineer
Kelli Padis, Account Manager, Automotive
Felipe Pagan, Account Rep II
Gabriella Page-Fort, Editorial Director
Sneh Pahilwani, Software Development Engineer
Rishabh Pahwa, Software Development Engineer
Sarvesh Pai, SDE-III
Chloe Painter, Senior Campaign Manager
Krystian Pajdzik, RC Administrator
Gargi Pakale, FA — AWS Finance
Shivani Pal, Manager Product Management
Swapna Palaniswamy Otte, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Amol Subhash Palankar, Quality Assurance Engineer
Lance Palazzo, Support Operations Manager
Andrei Paleyes, SDE
Dave Palfrey, Sr. Knowledge Engineer
Lesley Palfreyman, Senior UX Designer
Sahan Palihakkara, TPM, TLD
Andras Palinkas, Sr Software Development Engine
Macarena Pallares Herreros De Tejada, Last Mile Delivery Manager
Ramon Pallaske, Program Manager
Jodi Palmer, Recruiting Manager
Emily Palmer, Sr. Product Manager
Andi Palo, Software Development Engineer
Enrico Palumbo, Research Scientist
Joel Pan, Software Development Engineer
Eliza Pan, Program Manager II
Sai Krishna Panakanti, AMZ Robotics Integration Eng
Devakinandan Panda (dp), Software Development Engineer
Saurangshu Pandey, Sr Manager, Software Dev
Adarsh Pandiri, Quality Assurance Engineer
Anna Pandulova, Senior Finance analyst (FR)
Himesh Pandya, Software Development Manager
Harshal Pandya, Software Development Engineer
Aakansha Pangler, Software Development Engineer
Sophie Pangrazzi, Photographer
Vinod Panicker, Sr. Product Manager
Raffaella Panizzon, Language Engineer
Thiru Murugan Panneer Selvam, QAE — Amazon Business
Iulia-Bianca Pantea, Executive Assistant
Harish Panwar, Software Development Engineer
Saket Panwar, SDE II, Marketplace Abuse
Prerit Panwar, Sr. Prod. Mgr. — Tech, AB DEX
Alessandro Paoletti, Sr Product Mgr EU Paid Search
Ciara Papac, Technology Integration Manager
Vasos Papacharalambous, Cloud Support Eng. I (Win)
Jose Papaianni, Web Development Engineer
Imogen Papworth, Editorial Coordinator
Priya Parab, Network Engineer
David Paradise, Solution Provider PM
Jon Pardue, Sr TPM, Security Governance
Namrata Parikh, Applied Scientist
Paul Paris, B2B Marketing Manager
Daniel Park, Software Dev Engineer
Subum Park, Product Design Engineer
Quilla Park, BR Program Manager
SJ (Sei-Jung) Park, Startup Product Manager
Jon Parker, Hardware Dev Engineer
Tom Parker, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Parks, VM Operations Analyst I
Gabriele Parma, Brand Specialist Manager
Ashley Parman, Manager, Photography
Harisharan Parmeshwar, Sr.TPM
Albert Parra, Software Development Engineer
Ramanujam Parthasarathy, SPS Associate
Sai Chaitanya Paruchuri, Cloud Support Associate (Dep)
Andi Pascarella, Sr. PM, Amazon Education
Raymond Paseman, Software Development Engineer
Wesley Pasfield, Data Scientist — AWS P S
Stanislaw Pasko, Principal Software Engineer
Cole Passannante, Business Intelligence Engineer
Raul Passarini, AT HW Dev. Control Engr. II
James Passfield, AV Support Technician
Leonardo Passini, Network Operations Analyst
Matthew Passman, Sr. PM, Delivery Experience
Sanath Pasumarthy, Software Dev Engineer II
SRIDHAR PATCHAVA, AMZ Robotics Sr Systems QA Eng
Dhairya Patel, SDE — ABPrecompute
Ronak (Flex) Patel, Software Development Engineer
Jay Patel, Software Development Engineer
Muhummad Patel, Software Dev Engineer
Safiya Patel, HR Associate Contact
Purvin Patel, Software Development Engineer
Ruchik Patel, Manager, Quality Assurance
Ritesh Patel, DevOps Engineer
Sahil Patel, Sr. Mgr, DSP Ops Tech
Akash Patel, Global Relations Manager
Swapnil Patel, Data Engineer
Hardy Patel, Sr. Prdt. Mgr, Receive Process
Jatin Patel, SDE II
Deep Patel, Design Automation Engineer
Akshar Patel, Manager, Product Management
Vijul Patel, Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Apurva Patel, Software Development Engineer
Darshak Patel, Software Development Engineer
Kiran Pathakota, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Rohan Patil, Climate Concerned Engineer
Nikita Patil, Software Development Engineer
Vishwas Patil, SDET — Amazon Business
Tejas Patil, Cloud Support Associate (DMS)
Pritam Patil, Software Development Engineer
Anshuli Patil, Software Development Engineer
Deepak Patil, Sr. BIE
Abhinandan Patil, Business Analyst
Kapil Patil, Cloud Support Eng. II (Net)
Mrunal Patki, Software Development Engineer
Abhinav Patluri, Software Development Engineer
Kinjal Patolia, Data Engineer
Chris Paton, Senior Software Engineer
Sunita Patradoon, Content Manager
Joe Patraszewski, Investigation Specialist
Michael Patraw, Software Development Engineer
Dipankar Patro, Software Development Engineer
Kyle Patsen (Patterson), Business Operations Manager
Tim Patterson, Project/Program Manager (TEMP)
Flora Pauer, Account & BD Manager
Danielle Paulet, Sr UX Designer
Laurel Pauling, Lead Development Rep/Team Lead
Jamie Paulson, Software Dev Engineer
Monica Paun, Software Development Engineer
Jess Pavlin, Software Development Engineer
Julia Pavone, UX Researcher
Amita Pawar, Sr. Product Design Engineer
Chetan Pawar, Software Development Engineer
Maya Pawlitschek, Finance Manager
Kent Pawziuk, Programmatic Partner Manager
Patrick Payne, UX Designer
Brent Payne, SDM, ML Applications
Gangadhar Payyavula, Software Development Engineer
Marcus Peacock, Software Development Engineer
Zachary Peacock, Social Creative Strategist
Nath Pearson, Systems Development Engineer
Billie Pearson, Team Leader, AVS
Venkata Rao Pedapati, Sr. Software Development Eng.
Jacob Peddicord, Sr. Open Source Engineer
Brock Pedersen, IT Support Engineer II
Nicola Pedretti, Software Development Engineer
Alexandre Pedrosa, Software Development Engineer
Lucas Pedroza, Software Dev Engineer
Thea Pedroza, SDE II
Becca Peer, Executive Assistant
Jeff Pees, QA Analyst 1
Katelyn Pelak, Sr. Product Manager
Tom Peled, Demand Generation Rep.
Gianmarco Pellegrinuzzi, Associate Vendor Manager Sport
Joshua Pelletier, IT Support Technician
Nicole Pelsinsky, Sr. Product Manager
Kevin Penaloza, Data Associate — Spanish
Bryce Penberthy, Sr. SDE
Thomas Pendley, Software Development Engineer
Kuan Peng, Software Development Engineer
Kalina Penkova, Amazon Marketing Coordinator
Chris Pepe, Sr. BIE
Maddi Peplinski, Instock Manager
Alexandra Peralta, FC Associate I
Jose Pereira, Senior Financial Analyst (m/f)
Philip Pereira, Network Operations Specialist
Felipe Pereira, Business Analyst Intern
Virginie Pereira, FBA Specialist
RUKSHAN Perera, ACES Data Analyst
Edgar Peres, Software Development Engineer
Geoff Peret, France Sales Ops
Micaela Perez, AWS T&C Customer Support Rep
Daniel Perez, D2TS Associate
Eder Perez, Software Dev Engineer
Lourdes Perez, Trans Specialist ATS SKED IPEX
Carlos Perez Alcaraz, Software Development Engineer
Santiago Perez Chavez, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Perez de Andres, Software Development Engineer
Carlos Perez Trigo, Sr Product Manager, EIM
Paula Perez Villapalos, Brand Specialist — Prime Now
Andrew Perez-Lopez, SDE II
Will Perkins, Support Engineer III
Luke Perkins, Software Development Engineer
Elana Margaret Perkoff, Software Development Engineer
Rachel Perry, Sr. Financial Analyst
Nora Peters, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Peters, Technical Account Mgr (Strat)
Alex Peters, Software Development Engineer
Dan Peters, Sr. Product Manager Technical
DJ Petersen, Front End Engineer II
Cyndi Peterson, Sr HR Risk & ComplianceManager
Catherine Peterson, Career Choice-Resolution Spec.
Stephanie Peterson, Vendor Specialist
Nick Peterson, Program Manager, Analytics
Taylor Peterson, Software Development Engineer
Kendra Peterson, Software Development Engineer
Louise Peterson, Program Mgr, Twitch Prime
Arthur Petitpierre, Solutions Architect
Xander Petraroli, ARC Specialist, NACF ACES CF
Paul Petric, FC Lead
Anastasia Petrie, PM, Ops Integration-GSF
Emilia Petroni, Brand Specialist — OHL
Ana Petrova, SDE II
Dragan Petrovic, Regional Manager ICQA
Ryan Petty, Software Development Engineer
Elena Peveri, Site Controller
Jarvie Peyser, Account Executive
Haritha Peyyeti, Data Scientist II
Jamie Pflager, Software Development Engineer
Dawn Pfund, Hardware Dev Engineer
Ashwin Phadke, Technical Account Manager
Kunal Pramod Phaltane, Software Development Engineer
Paul Pham, Search Operations Engineer
Dominick Pham, Sr. Design Technologist
John Pham, Software Development Engineer
Minh Pham (AWS), Sr. GBO Controllership Analyst
Sergio Phan Lung, HW Dev Engineer
Erin Phelan, Recruiting Coordinator
David Philips, Senior UX Designer
Yianni Phillipou, Software Dev Engineer
Andy Phillips, Consultant
Paige Phillips, SDE, Buckeye
Ashley Phillips, IT Manager (Temp)
Alex Phillips, Head of GS Selection & VM
Harsha Phulwani, Software Development Engineer
Mark Pichora, Software Development Manager
Ana Piedra, Corporate Counsel
Daniela Piekarek, ML Data Linguist-I
Mike Pierce, Sr. Digital Mktg Campaign Mgr
Frances Pierce, Software Development Engineer
Erick Pierce, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Kyle Piercey, Account Manager
Natalie Pierson, Sr. Program Manager
Niel Pieters, Software Development Engineer
Agata Pietras, Workforce Staffing Specialist
Martin Pietras, 3D Materials Artist
Marta Pietrolaj, HRAC
Katarzyna (Kasia) Pietrowska, Associate Contracts Manager
Alessandro Pilia, CSIT Assoc
Giri Pillai, Agile System Administrator/Arc
Nav Pillai, Software Development Engineer
Manoj Pillay, SDE
Angel Pina Canelles, Software Development Engineer
Melissa Pinarchick, Fulfillment Associate
Angela Jacinth Pindiga, Team Mgr, SDS
Fabio Pineda de Castro, Business Analyst
Ana Pineiro Diaz, Program Manager
Alexandre Pinhel, Mgr, Solutions Architect
Dan Pinta, Software Development Engineer
Ana Pinto da Silva, Principal UX Designer
Sarah Piper-Goldberg, UX Designer
Julie Piras, Program Manager
Bradley Pirtle, Software Development Engineer
Matthew Pisnoy, Business Analytics Manager
Christopher Pitstick, Software Engineer
Roberto Pizzini, Energy Procurement Manager
Chloe Place, EHS Coordinator
Carmen Placida, Adv. Engagement Manager
Magali Plaindoux, Buyer
Nicolas Plane, Associate Brand Specialist
Laugan Gael Aymeric Plantat, ML Data Associate-I
Win Platt, Brand Strategist
Chris Pleasants, Software Dev. Engineer in Test
Kelly Plescow, Vendor Manager
Marcin Plociennik, SDET
JP Podlech, Software Dev Engineer II
Christopher Podolchuk, WF Staffing Coordinator (Temp)
Thomas Poepping, Software Development Engineer
Martin Poetz, Sr. Mgr. Customer Engagement
Tim Pogar, Recruiter II
Andrey Pogorelyy, SDET
Lindsey Pogue, Software Development Engineer
Ina Pohle, Content Acquisition Mgr — EU
Dirk Pohlers, Sr Mgr, Product Development
Huang PoHsiang, Spct, ATS Network Ops Center
Cedric Poisson, Web Development Engineer
Sonia Polak, Snr Manager AMZL Planning
Lais Poletto, Operations Program Manager
Sai Polisetty, Software Development Engineer
Ed Pollitt, SDE
Alexander Polson, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Silvia Polvara, Recruiter
Bre Ponder, HRBP
Rajesh Kumar Ponnudurai, Sys Dev Engineer II
Dan Pons, ROC Transportation Specialist
Mattia Pontillo, Associate Corporate Counsel
Dikshay Poojary, Software Development Engineer
Jazz Pool, Part Time SDE
Lindsey Poole, Principal Engineer
Tom Poole, Professional Services Mgr
Victoria Pope, Vendor Manager
Ernest Popescu, Sr. Mgr., Tech Bus Dev
Kate Porter, Demand Generation Rep.
Brian Justin Posadas, Rule Writer Specialist
Stephanie Potratz, Sr. HR Assistant
Fiona Potter, Coordinator, Content & Publ.
Spencer Potts, Support Engineer
Andrew Pouleson, Software Dev Engineer
Sabrina Poulsen, Cloud Support Associate (Sec)
Rebekah Pouncey, IT Support Engineer II
Thomas Pounders, System Development Engineer
Damiano Povoleri, Visual Designer
Scott Powell, BDM Training
Rich Powell, Product Manager — Technical
Dan Powers, Business Analyst
Angela Poyorena, Account Manager
Gloria Pozuelo, Software Development Engineer
Ajith Prabhakara, Senior Product Manager — Tech
Nitin Prabhu, Software Development Engineer
Amlan Pradhan, Software Dev Engineer II
Kumar Pradyot, Software Development Engineer
Sanjeev Pragada, SDE
Himabindhu Prahlad, SDS Associate(C)
Pravin Prakash, Software Development Engineer
Vishal Prem Prakash, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Chandana Prakash, SDE, Perf Ad Sourcing
Christophe Pralong, Manager, Global Sales
Amit Kumar Prasad, BM Capability Team Manager
Ratish Prasad, Sr. Manager, Software Dev
Naina Prasad, Software Development Engineer
Deepthi Prasad, Software Development Manager
Dinesh Prasanth, Senior TPM
Hillary Prather, Software Development Engineer
Robert Preece, Security Engineer
Dustin Preisler, Sr. Manager, Software Dev,
Aparna Premchand, Sr. Prod & Cust Insights Mgr
Isacco Prevosti, Senior Operations Manager
Chris Price, SDE III
Laura Price, HR Delivery Manager
Rikki Price, Snr Program Mgr, Alexa Content
Carl Price, RME Area Manager
Analisa Price, Product Manager I
Christine Price, AWS Sourcing Recruiter
Axel Prieto, Software Dev Engineer
Corrado Primier, Systems Development Engineer
Michelle Prince, Campaign Manager
Lonnie Princehouse, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jamie Prins, Sr. Product Manager — Alexa
Ashley Pritchard, Recruiting Coordinator
Nathan Pritchard, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Allana Pritchard Ogborn, Senior UX Designer
James Proctor, ML Data Linguist-I
Anton Pronichenko, Program Manager II — AMZL
Volodymyr Pronyshyn, Software Development Engineer
Isaac Pruden, Visual Designer
Jack Pruitt, Business Intelligence Engineer
Charlotte PRUVOST, Area Manager
Greg Pryzby, Solutions Architect
Laura Puerto, Software Development Engineer
Chris Puetz, Inside Account Manager
Josep Puig Ros, Brand Specialist — Consumables
Miquel Puig Ruiz, Transportation Operations Specialist
Evan Pulgino, Software Dev Engineer
Raja Malla Reddy Pulyala, SharePoint Developer
Sashreek Puri, Software Development Engineer
Khushbu Purohit, Marketing Manager
Saylor Purtle, SPS Advisor
George Puthanpurackal, Software Development Engineer
Matthew Putnam, TPM
Rohan Putta, Software Development Engineer
Madhur Pyasi, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Andrew Pyle, Non-Inventory Receiver
Hamza Qaiser, Software Development Engineer
Bin Qi, SDE, Yard Tech
Yijie Qiu, Software Engineer, AWS ML
Jinxuan Qu, Software Development Engineer
Adrian Quan, Principal Designer
Rosa Valentina Quatela, SPS Associate
Erwan Queffelec, Sr. TPM — Alexa Mobile
Marion Quere, New Account Manager
Francisco Quesada, Software Development Engineer
Fabrizzio Quesada, Fulfilment Specialist
Ermicenda de los Angeles Quesada Espinoza, TCSA (Core)
Natalia Michelle Quesada Hernandez, Seller Support Associate
Deiber Quesada Ramirez, ML Data Associate-I
Marty Quick, Sr. Partner Manager — AVS
Danilo Quilaton, UI/UX Designer
Adam Quillian, Executive Assistant
Senan Quinn, Cloud Support Eng. II (Lin)
Andres Quinones, RSP QB
David Quintino, Area Manager
Trinity Quirk, System Development Engineer
Albert Quiroga Bertolin, Cloud Support Eng. I (BgDa)
Jorge Quiros Marin, Subject Matter Expert
Bernat Quiros Rubino, Technical Project Manager, AT
Nathalia Quiros Zuniga, IOT Execution Specialist
Dave R, Security Engineer
Sreeraman R S, Manager — Catalog
Chloe Rabbione, Lead Account Manager CPG — Adv
Daniel Rabinovich, Software Development Engineer
Adriana Rabulea, SVS
Megan Rackleff, UX Designer
Benoit Racquet, Lead Strategic Pursuit
Anand Radhakrishnan, Sr. TPM
Valentin Radoi, Security Engineer
Jaime Radwan, Senior UX Designer
Jason Rafanan, UX Designer
Abdul Rafay, Vendor Manager
Vladimir Raffay, SPS Associate
Xavier RAFFIN, Solutions Architect
Elisa Rafol, Regional Leader
Anvesh Ragi, Hadoop Systems Engineer (BgDa)
Giuseppe Ragosta, Account Manager — Advertising
Prasanna Ragunathan, Software Dev Engineer
Ritika Rahate, Data Engineer
Siavash Rahbar, Software Development Engineer
Syed Ricky Rahim, Senior Program Manager
Rozita Rahimi, Software Development Engineer
Samir Rahman, SDE, Last Mile Route Planning
Talha Rahman, Software Development Engineer
Pranay Rai, Sr. Financial Analyst
Andrea Raid, Sr HR Business Partner
Kristin Raiford, Principal,Executive Recruiter
Vena Rainwater, Diversity Program Manager
Felicitas Raisig, Marketing Specialist Softlines
Vivin Raj, Software Development Engineer
Divya Raj, SDE, Alexa Smart Home
Divya Raja, CS Associate(DP)
Nithish Raja Chidambaram, Software Development Engineer
Shabareesh Rajagopal, Senior TPM
Vignesh Rajamani, Sr. Product Mgr. — Technical
Anusha Rajan, Software Development Engineer
Bibin Rajan, SDE- Alexa Smart Home
Sneha Rajana, Software Dev Engineer
Anupma Rajani, Senior UX Designer
Sharath Kumar Rajanna, Software Development Engineer
Adityan Krishna Rajendran, Visual Design Associate
Mantri Raju, Sr. Product Mgr, A to Z
Amritha Ram, Software Development Engineer
SURYA RAM, Software Development Engineer
Vikram Ramachandran, Software Development Engineer
NICOLAS RAMAGE, New Account Manager
Shanmugam Ramaiah, SDET II
Vivek Ramamoorthy, SDM, Rentals By Amazon
Satheeshkumar Raman, QAE II
Karthik Raman, Senior Program Manager
Solairaja Ramasamy, Senior SDE
Padmini Ramaswamy, Dangerous Goods PM
Michael Rambold, Snr Manager SA
Pratik Ramdharne, Software Development Engineer
Sirisha Ramireddi, Software Development Engineer
Bruno Ramirez, Data Architect, Data Lake
Wayne Ramirez, ONCET Engineer II
Cesar Ramirez, SDE
Alejandro Ramirez Sanabria, SDE 2
Maria Jose Ramirez Valverde, CS ES Training Assistant [A]
Nelson Ramon, Design Technologist
Isabella Ramos, ML Data Associate
Rafael Ramos, Solutions Architect
Carla Ramos Vieira, Kindle Marketing Intern
Martin Rampf, Snr Product Manager Technical
Janina Rampp, Sr. Product Mgr Beauty
Tony Ramsden, Manager, EU ITRSS
Hitesh Rana, Business Intelligence Engineer
Jon Randelman, Sr. Product Manager
Raphael Randschau, Software Development Eng.
Marissa Ranft, HR & Compensation Data Analyst
Rahul Ranganathan, Senior Product Manager
Sri Ranganathan, Sr. Mgr. System Architecture
Chitra Ranganathan, Manager, Research Science
Sahithya Rangaraju, SDE — New AWS Service
Bhaskar Rangaswamy, Software Development Manager
Florian Range, Programmatic Partner Manager
Renan Rangel, Systems Development Engineer
Ravi Ranjan, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Elisabeth Rank, Manager Content Programming
Michael Rank, Sr Product Manager CX OHL
Cody Rank, Software Dev Engineer II
Anand Rao, Senior Manager, Product Management
Arpit Rao, Salesforce Dev Engineer
Vishnu Rao, Software Development Engineer
Anshul Rao, Senior Financial Analyst
Sohan Rao, Software Development Engineer
Mike Rapin, Web Dev Engineer
Mark Rapisardo, Software Dev Engineer I
Jen Rapp, Sr User Researcher
Meg Rash, Recruiting Coordinator
Aamir Rasheed, Software Development Manager
Bobak Rashidnia, Software Development Engineer
Sarah Rasmussen, Accounting Manager
Morten Rasmussen, Consultant, II
Leslie Rasmussen, Marketing Manager
Mindy Rasmussen, Sr. PM, Ops Integration
Ryan Rasmussen, Principal Program Manager
Khaled Rasmy, Consultant, Engagement Mgmt
Abtin Rasoulian, Software Development Engineer
Sherry Rasyidi, Customer Enablement Specialist
Navi Ratanaluksanopas, Sr Tax Analyst, Tax Technology
Nadine Raum, EAS Account Executive
Shreyas Raut, Software Development Engineer
Demi Raven, Manager, Firmware
Karthik Ravi, Software Development Engineer
Gopi Ravi, QAE II, Woot!
Krishna Ravikumar, SDE
Sandeep Ravindra, SDE
Preeti Rawat, SW Development Engineer
Pratibha Rawat, Software Dev Engineer
Jamie Rawle, Account Manager
Jennifer Ray Price, Logistics Specialist
Matthieu Raymond, Software Development Engineer
Pauline Raynaud, Senior Vendor Ops Manager
Sarah Read, UX Researcher
Joseph Reagan, IT Support Engineer II
Cat Realce, Senior Art Director
Sean Rebecchi, Senior BI Analyst — Digital Mu
Ines Rebuelta, Associate Vendor Manager
Jessie Redden, Corporate Counsel
Sudhakar Reddy, Software Dev Engineer
Sasi Reddy, Software Development Engineer
Busupalli Shri Shiva Kumar Reddy, Investigation Specialist
Karthik Reddy, Software Development Engineer
Vanessa Reed, Senior Media Manger
Mitch Reed, TCSS (STS)
Jessica Reed, Associate Brand Manager
Kyle Reeve, Software Dev Engineer II
Ashley Regan, Program Manager — AWS Educate
Niccolo Regoli, Manager, EU Cat. Mgmt, Renewed
Abdul Rehman, Solutions Architect
Sophie Rehrig, SDE I
Ben Reichelt, Software Development Engineer
Brendan Reichhoff, Software Development Engineer
Matthew Reichhoff, Software Development Engineer
Ryan Reid, QAE — Twitch Prime
Gordon Reid, Software Development Engineer
Dan Reife, Software Development Engineer
Zack Reilly, SDE II, AWS Apps
Ana Maria Reinemer, Software Development Manager
Markus Reiners, Key Account Manager FBA
Brie Reininger, Account Manager
David Reischl, Territory Manager
Lizzie Reisman, Senior Product Manager
Marco Reissig, Finance Director
Kajetan Reiter, Knowledge Engineer
Joe Reitz, Sr. Global Technical Trainer
Flora Remcsak, EU Ops L&D Specialist
Max Remitz, Vendor Manager
Wei Ren, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Margaret Ren, Sr. Product Manager
Jingyi Ren, Software Development Engineer
DC Ren, Serious Software Development Engineer
Emily Renfrew, Executive Assistant II
Arun Rengarajan, Software Development Engineer
Nicolas Rengeling, Customer Experience Specialist
Peter Renner, Antenna Design Engineer
Marion Renoux, Studio Manager
Scott Renshaw, Software Development Engineer
Callum Renwick, Business Intelligence Engineer
Ravikanth Repaka, Software Dev Engineer II
Drew Repasky, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Mike Resende, Program Mgr, Cost Analytics
Diego Resendez, ILAC QA Associate Advisor
Vincent Retif, EU Manager MOD
Ted Retzloff, Product Manager
Jessica Revaz, Logistics Specialist 3
Chris Rewinski, Software Development Engineer
Aileen Rey Quintero, Brand Specialist
James Reyes, SDEII — Prime Video Catalog
Othon Reyes Sanchez, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Stephane Reynaud, FA, Pan-EU (Private Brands)
Sascha Rezagholinia, Quality Assurance Engineer
Justin Rhee, UX Designer
Byn Rhee, Product Manager
Kristi Rhoades, PQ Program Manager I
Ana Paula Ribeiro Atayde, Sr. UX Designer
Paul Ribka, Sr Product Mgr DE Projects
MariaAntonietta Ricci, Data Associate
Aleigha Rice, Expansion Transaction Manager
Madeline Rich, Quality Assurance Engineer
Hope Rich, Senior Recruiter
Annabelle Richard Backman, Software Development Engineer
Jordan Richards, Visual Designer
Paul Richards, Software Development Engineer
Jacob Richardson, Yard Specialist
Jeremy Richardson, IT Support Technician
Scott Richardson, Sr.CategoryLeader Baby&Parents
Antonia Richmond, Sr. Content Manager
Marek Richter, IT Support Engineer II
John Richter, SDE II
Stefanie Richter, Paid Services Manager
Juan Rico, Taxonomist III
Florian Rieger, Sr. Instock Mngr. DE Cons
Dmitry Riegle, Software Development Engineer
Augustine Rietsema, Program Manager
Danny Rigato, Software Development Engineer
Matt Rigg, Front-End Engineer II
Joe Riley, Sr. Product Manager
Stephen Rimbakusumo, Support Engineer
Blanka Ringel, Social Media Manager
Juliana Ringold, Program Manager
Sarah Riordan, PS Support Engineer
Jeremy Rios, Manager II, Quality
Paula Riotte, Seller Support Associate
Lauren Risoleo, Sr UX Research Scientist
Mirko Ristivojevic, Research Scientist
Martin Ritchie, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Graham Ritchie, Machine Learning Scientist
Fernanda Rivas, Senior Product Manager-Tech
Ivan Rivera, Software Development Engineer
Pradeep Rizal, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Giacomo Rizzo, Software Development Manager
Kim Rizzo, Lifecycle Program Manager
Arun Kumar RM, Data Engineer
David Robb, Sr. Product Manager
Danielle Robbins, Visual Designer
Brian Robbins, Software Development Manager
BRIAN ROBENIOL, Product Manager. Prime
Laura Robert, SPS Associate
Charles Roberts, Security Consultant
Hannah Roberts, HR Advisor
Mandi Roberts, HR Associate Contact
Elizabeth Roberts, Partner Manager
Martin Robertson, Sr. SDE
Stevie Robinson, Software Development Engineer
Shawn Robinson, IT Support Technician
Cecilia Robinson, Program Manager I
Tim Robinson, SDE II
Max Robinson, Software Development Engineer
Alex Robison, Production Design Lead
Julia Robison, Sr Product Manager
Rafael Robledo-Juarez, Software Development Engineer II
Antonio Roca, Software Development Engineer
Steffen Rochel, Senior Manager, Software Dev
Josephine Rocholl, Sr. Language Data Researcher
Connie Rock, Senior Technical Writer
James Rodgers, Software Development Engineer
Victor Rodrigo Cordoba, Software Development Engineer
Rohan Rodrigues, Sr. Product Manager
Rosanna Rodriguez, Engagement Coordinator
Jose Rodriguez, Software Development Engineer
Cristina Rodriguez, Instructional Designer
Hesler Rodriguez, Software Dev Engineer II
Emelie Rodriguez, Communications Manager
Stephan Rodriguez, Transportation Analyst
Matt Rodriguez, Email Marketing Manager
Paul Rodriguez, UX Designer
Nelson Rodriguez Baez, QAE — Amazon Business
Yauri Rodriguez Loaiza, SDS Team Mgr
Ricardo Rodriguez Munoz, Software Development Engineer
Ricardo Rodriguez Plazas, Trainee Vendor Management
Josue Rodriguez Quiros, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Valeria Rodriguez Ugalde, Sr Administrator, Ambassador
David Rodriguez Uribe, Software Development Engineer
Michaela Rodwick, Sr. UX Manager
Kyle Roe, Quality Assurance Engineer
ERIC ROEDER, Senior Vendor Manager, Luggage
Peter Roessler, Sr. UX Researcher
Martin Roettger, CS Mgr Dig
Mina Rofaeil, Software Development Engineer
Danica Rog, Copywriter
Allen Rogers, Enterprise Solutions Architect
Brian Rogers, Sr. Design Technologist
Colin Rogers, Data Engineer
Harshit Rohatgi, Software Development Engineer
Tracy Rohlin, Research Scientist
Eduardo Andres Roldan Rodriguez, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Justin Roll, Software Development Engineer
Rick Roller, Sr. Mechanical Engr
Alberto Romanengo, Head of Procurement
Gabe Romano, Program Manager
Francesca Romano, Team Leader, AVS
Anton Romanov, Software Engineer
Zak Rome, Software Dev Engineer I
Daniel Romero, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Crisbel Yanelly Romero Mora, Investigation Specialist
Simone Rondelli, Software Dev Engineer
Travis Roof, Visual Designer
Cecile Roques, Associate Vendor Manager
Daniel Ros, ROC Transportation Specialist
Stefan Rosanelli, Sr. Mgr. DE Global Store
Thomas Rosario, Quality Assurance Engineer
Mariana Rosas, Data Specialist I, ASK
Amber Rose, Technical Program Manager
Chris Rose, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Jeff Rosemeyer, Warehouse Associate
Jeff Rosenberg, Sr. Product Manager
Luke Roskowinski, Account Executive
Jessica Ross, CNS Team Mgr
Lance Ross, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Andrew Ross, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Staehli Ross, Content Test Specialist
Grace Ross, UX Designer
Nicole Ross, Executive Assistant
Mara Rotarus, Associate Producer
Moses Roth, Account Manager
Bjoern Rothe, PM EU Lead Management
Benjamin Rotholtz, Digital Marketing Specialist
Spencer Rothwell, Program Manager
Martina Rotlingova, SPS Associate
Reed Rotondo, Manager, Learning Technology
Marco Rougeth, Software Development Engineer
Nicolas Roulleau, EHS Specialist
Anika Rounds, Business Intel Engineer
Edouard Roussel, Lead Vendor Manager H/F
Pooja Routray, Software Dev Engineer II
Maxime Roux, Jr Product Manager
Mathew Rowlands, Sr. Solutions Architect
Anay Roy, SDS Resolution Specialist
Kalpana Roy, Software Development Engineer
Owen Royall-Kahin, Software Development Engineer
Federico Rozenberg, Software Development Engineer
Renu Rozera, Software Development Engineer
Pilar Rozo, MCO5 Field Transportation Lead
Chiara Rubagotti, Language Engineer
Melinda Rubaniuk, PM-T
Elia Ruberti, Business Analyst AB EU
Pablo Rubi, Software Development Engineer
Joe Rubino, Sr. Mgr, Software Development
Alejandra Rubira Posse de Rioboo, HR Intern
Mario Ruckh, Sr. SSR & Marketing Mng. B2B
Jason Rudmann, Sr. UX Designer, Amazon Go
Aleks Rudzitis, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Teona Rueckert, EMEA Travel Program Manager
Julia Ruedig, Sr. Product Mgr.
Kilian Ruess, Sr. Solutions Architect
Will Ruggiano, Software Development Engineer
Joel Ruggles, Systems Development Manager
Joa Ruiz, Senior Technical Writer
Kassandra Ruiz, Recruiting Coordinator
Francisco Ruiz Garcia, RME Manager
Juana Maria Ruiz Martinez, Browse Developer & Taxonomist
Tammo Rukat, Applied Scientist
Ron Rundus, Senior UX Designer
Jan Runge, Sen. Manager Product Manager
Michael Running Wolf, SDE, Alexa
Dan Ruskin, Game Development Engineer II
Natalie Russell, Program Manager
Brandy Russum, UX Designer II
Prerna Rustagi, Security Eng, Prime Air
Brennan Ruthardt, Software Development Engineer
Michael Rutter, Principal Software Engineer
Jim Ruvalcaba, Lead Retail Associate
Michael Ryan, Data Analyst
Dinesh Kumar S, Support Engineer II
Sam Saad, Network Development Engineer
Tania Saade, Learning Manager
Sara Saadi, Content Marketing Manager
Alberto Saavedra, Sr Vendor Manager Sports ES
Silvia Saba, CSIT Assoc
Karthik Sabapathy, Materials Manager
Anna Sabolova, Retail Account Manager
David Sacerdote, Software Dev Engineer
Pankaj Sachdeva, Senior Business Analyst
Beate Sacher, CSDE Sr Assoc
Sabya Sachi, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Sackville-West, Software Development Engineer
Lionel Sacon, Business Development Manager
Priscilla Saenz Jimenez, Technical Account Manager
Jose Sagastume, Community Advocate
Esen Sagynov, Software Development Engineer
Shayan Saha, SDE II
Kaunak Saha, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Zahra Sahaf, Software Development Engineer
Jayant Sahewal, Applied Scientist
Ajeet Kumar Sahu, Software Development Engineer
Jenny Sai, Financial Analyst
Sahil Saini, Manager Global Business Ops
Anoop Saini, Sr. Product Manager
Matthew Sainsbury, Software Dev Engineer
Sujit Sajja, Software Development Engineer
Dharani Sakary Pirangi, SDE I
Mihir Sakhadeo, Software Development Engineer II
Geetika Saksena, Software Dev Engineer II
Priscilla Salazar Guido, Revenue Operations Associate
Lakhdhar Salem, Process Control Specialist
Chris Salemme, Revenue Analyst
Ruben Salgado, Business Intel Engineer III
Natang Salgia, Software Development Engineer
Lakshmi Saligram, Sr. Product Manager — Alexa
Mariana Salinas, Software Development Engineer
Laura Salish, Hines
Kimia Salmani Niasar, Software Development Engineer
Lauren Salvo, Named Account Manager
Ayoub Samaki, Business Intel. Sr Analyst
Srinivas Samala, Software Development Engineer
Sai Samant, Software Development Engineer
Franco Sambucci Munoz, Investigation Specialist
Michal Samek, Software Development Engineer
Sai Samineni, Systems Engineer
Twyla Sampaco, Pre-certification Lead
Parikshitha Sampigecool Manjunath, BIE, Trans Performance
Valerie Samzun, Program Manager
Alejandra Sanchez, Brand Registry Support Assoc
James Sanchez, Associate Solutions Architect
Almudena Sanchez, SPS Advisor
Arturo Sanchez, Mgr OpsTech IT Cen. Support
Hillary Sanchez Madrigal, ML Data Associate-I
Erica Sandbothe, Software Engineer
Dan Sanders, Software Development Engineer
Matt Sanders, Software Development Engineer
Jason Sandi, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Balint Sandor, Systems Engineer
Allan Sandoval, IT Support Engineer I
Jeremy Sanford, UX Designer
Christopher Sanford, Cloud Support Associate (Win)
Rafael Sangalli, Software Dev Engineer II
Chirag Sangani, Sr. Product Manager — Technical
Gena Sangar, TSC Optimization Sr. Coord.
Venky Sangeetha, Security Engineer
Ronak Sanghvi, Network Dev Engineer
Ayush Sanghvi, Software Development Engineer
Farzad Sangi, Manager, Software Development
Komal Sanjeev, Software Development Engineer
Vindhya Sankapally, Data Sciences Engineer
Bethany Sansone, Non-Inventory Receiver
Gabriel Santamaria, Technical Account Manager
Diego Santamaria, Manager, Software Development
Bruce Santier, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Luciana Santos, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Shruti Sapre, Network Development Engineer
Prasanth Saraswatula, Sr. SDE
Cody Sardella, Software Development Engineer
Sana Sareshwala, Program Manager II
Nicola Sarigu, D2AS Advanced Technician
Swaranga Sarma, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Kate Sarna, Sr. Manager, Tax PM
Steve Sarner, Head of Sales & Ad Solutions
Dana Sasinowski, Voice UX Designer
Efoe Sassou, Technical Account Mgr (EMEA)
Sarah Sather, Executive Assistant
Soumya Sathyan, QAE II
Sreenivas Satish, Software Development Engineer
Shravani Satish, Support Engineer
Tomohiro Sato, Software Development Engineer
Sunita Satpathy, Sr. Program Mgr, DAAS
Vipul Satya, Marketing Manager
Rahul Satyanarayan, Sr. Product Manager
Avery Sauer, Art Director
Katie Saunders, ML Data Linguist-I
Sumit Saurabh, Software Dev Engineer II
Liam Savage, Content Test Specialist
Dee Savage, Translation Specialist, DE
Ravi Rohith Savaram, Software Development Engineer
Nicholas Savillo, DCGS Field Engineer II
Peter Savkovich, Software Development Engineer
Vladislav Savranschi, Software Development Engineer
Darren Sawyer, Yard Operations Lead
Sonja Saxe, Catalog Specialist
Shubham Saxena, Software Development Engineer
Prateek Saxena, Software Development Engineer
Connor Sayle, RME Technician
Thamina Sbai, Sr. Product Mgr, Private Label
Mattia Scafoletti, Advertiser Engagement Manager
Chris Scalabrini, Sr. Software Development Engin
Nawal Scannell, Engagement Manager- Federal
Bobby Scarnewman, Sr. Product Manager
Alexandre Scarpelli, Business Intel Engineer
Dennis Schaaf, Software Development Engineer
Tilo Schade, Procurement Manager
Raphael Schaefer, Account Manager Startups
Justin Schakenraad, Associate Brand Manager
Elise Schalk, UX Designer II
David Augustus Schalkwijk Lopes, Software Dev Engineer
William Schaller, Software Development Engineer
Irene Schalueck, Key Account Manager FBA
Derek Schappacher, PM, Ingredient Network
Phil Scharff, Account Manager
Sarah Scheid, Brand Specialist
Christoph Scheidiger, Advanced Analytics Manager
Mayer Schein, Vendor Manager
Sebastian Schelter, Sr. Applied Scientist
Thomas Schenk, Operations Manager
Alejandro Schenzle, Software Development Manager
Benedikt-Gregor Scherer, Area Manager
Sara Schertz, Sr. Technical Writer
Benjamin Scheyer, Content Test Specialist
Giovanni SCHIESARI, Manager, Vendor Mgmt Kitchen
Philipp Schindler, CSDE Assoc
Ross Schindler, Finance Manager
Federico Schiro, Marketing Coordinator
Jason Schlesinger, BI Engineer
Tobias Schlipf, Content Marketing Manager
Kreg Schlosser, Global IT Program Manager
Sarah Schlossman, Business Development Manager
Tim Schmelter, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Sarah Schmid, Key Account Manager
Juliane Schmidt, Manager Merchant Services
David Schmidt, Demand Generation Rep.
Vanessa Schmidt, Partner Manager AGS
Katharina Schmitt, Sr. Business Intel Engineer
Christoph Schmitter, Sr. Solutions Architect
Kim Schmitz, Key Accounts Manager
Michael Schmutz, Software Development Engineer
Jose Vitor Schneid, Software Dev Engineer I
Miya Schneider, Software Development Engineer
Janina Schneider, Advertisin Strategic Account Manager
Mark Schneider, Associate Brand Specialist
Leah Schneider, Business Development Manager
Rhoda Schnitzer, Sr Program Manager,Integration
Shannon Schnurr, Senior Customer Sucess Mgr
Josh Schober, Mgr. UX Design — Kindle
Steffi Schobert, CS Resolution Specialist
Marlene Schoellhuber, Sr Mgr Alexa Preview EU & IN
Lena Schoener, Technical Writer
Lars Schofield, Vendor Engagement
Lydia Schollmeyer, CC Back Office Administrator
Hollister Scholte, Principal Solutions Architect
Marieke Scholz, Sr. Mktg Mgr, Global Accounts
Cole Schott, Software Development Engineer
Will Schrag, Software Development Engineer
Magdalena Schramm, Advertiser Engagement Manager
Kurt Schreiber, Sr. Business Analyst
Michael Schriewer, CS Resolution Specialist
Martin Schrittenloher, Design Technologist
Simon Schubert, Manager Merchant Services
Patricia Schuch, Campaign & Creative Manager II
Mishi Schueller, Manager, NA Digital Marketing
Marc Schuetzkowski, Audit & Compliance Manager
Travis Schuldt, Investigation Specialist Sr
Malte Schulenburg, Account Manager New Business
Tom Schultz, Solutions Architect
Patrick Schultz, Software Development Manager
Andrew Schulz, Mgr, Key Account Development
Jasper Schulz, Software Engineer
Sam Schumer, Security Engineer
Wolfgang Schuster, Sr. Business Development Mgr
Tom Schutte, Software Development Engineer
Garrett Schwanke, Product Design Engineer
Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne, Applied Scientist
Sibylle Schwarz, Sr. Program Manager
Derek Schwenkmeyer, Knowledge Engineer
Tanner Schwiesow, Traffic Manager
Matt Scobie, Security Program Manager
Ian Scofield, Partner Solutions Architect
William SCOTH, SPS Associate
Duncan Scott, Sr. Software Engineer
Charles Scott, Senior Product Manager — Technical
Michael Scott, Software Development Engineer
Tawnya Scott, Account Rep II
Alana Scott, Prod & Cust Insights Manager
Fiona Scott, Assoc. Paralegal, Trademarks
Joel Scott, Sr. Privacy TPM
Mikael Scott, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Kay Scott, Prod Authent. Specialist
Julia Scully, Amazon Advertising
Avery Scurlock, Sr. Product Manager
Nathan Sears, Software Development Engineer
Elisa Seay, Territory Sales Rep
Meddy Sebseba, Search Marketing Specialist
Sebastian Secan, Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Petr Sedlacek, Systems Engineer I
Wesley See, Front-End Engineer
Matthias Seeger, Principal Applied Scientist
Patrick Seelig, Area Manager
Karthik Seetharaman, Sr. Manager, Sofware Dev
Praveen Seetharaman, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Helena Sefcovicova, Senior Associate RLSQ
Zachary Segall, Software Development Engineer
Denise Segler, Data Associate
Eugenia Segre, Sr. Prod & Cust Insights Mgr
Laura Segura Buisan, Brand Specialist — Consumables
Ashima Sehgal, Software Development Manager
Marena Seidel, Sr. Brand Registry Specialist
John Seiferth, Technical Business Developer
Rolf Seitz, EU Ops L&D Specialist
Haritha Sekar, Software Development Engineer
Priya Sekar, Software Development Engineer
Nabil Sekher, Consultant
Handan Selamoglu, Sr. Technical Writer
Guilherme Selau, Software Development Engineer
Markus Selig, Area Manager
Slava Seligman, QAE
Scott Selinger, Associate Solutions Architect
Sindhuja Selvam, Business Development Manager
Ethan Semella, Software Development Engineer
Craig Send, Software Development Engineer
Cristina Seng, Warehouse Associate
Jay Senior, Software Development Manager
Karthik Senthil, Software Development Manager
Tori Sepand, Program Manager II
Alexis Sepulveda, Sr. Biz Dev Manager
Justin Sepulveda, UX Design Manager
Hashim Serag ElDin, Territory Manager
Valerie Serluco, Structures Test Eng
Catia Serpa, Workforce Staffing Manager
Ryan Serva, Software Development Engineer
Aditya Seshnath, Sr. Product Manager
Vineet Seth, Manager, Software Dev
Gautam Seth, Sr Ops Research Scientist
Arihant Sethia, Software Development Engineer
Stephan Seufert, Software Development Engineer
Gordon Sewart, Hardware Support Engineer
Jacob Sewell, Software Development Engineer
Amanda Seyfer, Software Development Engineer
Trevor Seymoure, Sr Product Test Analyst
Sreekumar SH, Software Development Engineer
Eliya Shabanov, Technical Program Manager
Katherine Shaffer, SDE — New AWS Service
Sameed Shafi, Firmware Integrity Engineer
Nemin Shah, SDE 2
Soumil Shah, Cat Lead, MP Risk Mgmt
Harshil Shah, Software Development Engineer
Deep Shah, Software Engineer II
Priyanka Shah, Sourcing Recruiter
Riyaz Shah, Software Development Engineer
Nishant Shah, Sr. Product Manager
Rushabh Shah, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Uday Shah, Software Development Engineer
Aakash Shah, Sr Manager, Seller Experience
Shivam Shah, Software Development Engineer
Monil Shah, SDE, S3 Storage Engine
Hiteshi Shah, Software Development Engineer
Joshua Shaham, Software Development Engineer
Irfan Shaik, Manager, Program Management
Ansar Shaik, QAE — Amazon Business
Jawad Shaikh, RME Technician
Mohamed Yunus Shaikh, CS Associate(E)
Zeba Shajahan, Software Dev Engineer — Test
Anthony Shalagin, Software Dev Engineer
Ron Shalhoup, Senior Operations Manager
Victoria Shan, Sr Associate — DG-JP
Paula Shanahan, Senior CS Trainer
Harshad Shanbhag, Technical Data Analyst
Rahul Shanbhag, UX Designer
Samantha Shank, VRET Process Assistant
Kriti Shankar, Functional Analyst
Kaushik Shankar, Software Development Engineer
Michael Shankman, Procurement Operations Analyst
Maggie Shannon, Program Manager, Assortment
Zhen Shao, SDE
Qi Shao, Software Development Engineer
Jiuming Shao, Software Development Engineer
Amos Shapira, System Development Engineer
Allie Shapiro, Applied Scientist
Adam Shapiro, Online Product Manager, Alexa
Himanshu Sharma, Software Development Engineer
Shubham Sharma, Manager,Technical Program Mgmt
Shruti Sharma, Data Engineer
Shipra Sharma, Technical Program Manager
Manali Sharma, Software Development Engineer
Sheena Sharma, Sr Global Expansion Manager
Akanksha Sharma, Prog Mgr, Operations & Launch
Bunty Sharma, CSNA Resolution Specialist
Abhishek Sharma, Software Development Engineer
Ayush Sharma, Software Development Engineer
Ankit Sharma, Software Development Engineer
Priyanka Sharma, Business Intel Engineer II
Gaurav Sharma, Systems Development Engineer
Atul Sharma, Software Dev Engineer — Test
Steve Sharpe, PS Support Engineer
Siddharth Shashidharan, Sr. Product Manager, CE
Sarvagya Shastri, Software Development Engineer
Hannah Shatzen, Mktg Lead, NPOs, Startups, VCs
John Shaw, Sr. Mgr, Software Development
Cecilie Shaw, Senior Recruiter, AWS EMEA
Christine Shea, Program Manager, M&A
Tasneem Sheikh, Software Development Engineer
Banja Shekar, SDS Associate(C)
Kishor Shelke, Vendor Operations
Chris Shelley, Investigation Specialist
Amber Shen, Software Development Engineer
Leo Zhengyang Shen, UX Designer
Stephanie Shen, PQ Program Specialist
Rebecca Sheppard, Sr. Product Manager Technical
Westin Sherlock, Sr. Data Scientist
Allison Sherrill, Executive Assistant
Paul Shervey, Software Development Engineer
Jarrod Sherwin, Software Development Engineer
Ashverya Sheth, Software Development Engineer
Varun Jagdish Shetty, Software Development Engineer
Kyndal Shewmake, Sr. Marketing Manager
Ping Shi, Data Engineer
Eric Shields, Web Development Engineer II
Billy Shih, Web Development Engineer
Ahmed Shihab, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Grace Shim, Economist
Aileen Shin, UX Designer
Jacob Shin, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Deepak Shinde, Software Development Engineer
Ajinkya Shinde, CSNA Resolution Specialist
Vaibhav Shinde, Software Development Engineer
Karen Shirar, Maintenance Technician
Soham Shirgaonkar, Software Development Engineer
Inchara Shivalingaiah, SDE II, New AWS/Alexa Service
Pedram Shokri, Program Manager
Olga Shoraka, Senior Sales Insights Manager
Eddie Short, Program Manager
Jon Shreves, Business Ops Specialist
Swarnima Shrivastava, Software Development Engineer
Phil Shriver, Software Dev Engineer
Maitri Shroff, Software Development Engineer
Doris Shu, Account Representative
Aditya Kumar Shukla, Systems Development Engineer
Mrityunjay Shukla, Software Development Engineer
Gopal Shukla, Software Dev Engineer II
John Shultis, Software Development Engineer
Jenny Shultz, Executive Assistant
Mark Shumka, Sr Product Manager, VoC
Prarthana Shyam, AWS Supply Chain Planning
David Siah, Software Development Engineer
Grant Sickle, Sr. Product Manager
Srini Siddabattini, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Owais Siddiqui, Business Intel Engineer II
Sidi Sidi, Software Development Engineer
Fernand Sieber, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Vanessa Sieg, Associate Brand Specialist
Wouter Sieling, Software Dev Engineer III
Matt Siems, Sr. TPM
Traci Sigmon, Sr. Client Lead Recruiter, AWS
Chuck Sigmund, Sr. Program Manager
Saba Silassie, Workday Functional Analyst
Mark Silberer, Corporate Counsel
Christian Silk, Sr. UX Designer
James Silk, Imaging Logistics Associate
Abel Silva, Software Development Engineer
Michael Silver, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Simchik, Sr. UX Designer
Elyse Simek, Associate Brand Specialist
Liz Simester, Sr. Program Manager
Tomislav Simeunovic, Software Dev Engineer II, Test
Zayd Simjee, Software Development Engineer
Chris Simmons (AWS), Software Development Manager
Melanie Simon, Program Manager, EREFO
Matthew Simoneau, Campaign & Creative Manager
Jacob Simonson, Sr. Talent Analytics Assistant
Shannon Simpson, Program Manager I
Jon Sims, Cloud Solutions Engineer
Will Sims, Technical Program Manager
Kyle Simukka, Software Engineer III
Mirzada Sinanovic, Vendor-Experis-STE
Paul Sinclair, Software Development Engineer
Derek Singer, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Bhagwat Kumar Singh, Software Development Engineer
Abhishek Singh, Software Development Engineer
Karan Singh, Software Development Engineer
Samarth Singh, Global Business Analyst
Gaurav Singh, Sr TRMS Investigator — German
Harmandeep Singh, Software Development Engineer
Jasleen Singh, Financial Analyst
Ranveer Singh, Software Development Engineer
Digvijay Singh, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Gurpreet Singh, SDE II, Contracts
Raghvendra Singh, Software Development Engineer
TJ Singh, Business Analyst
Devendra Pratap Singh, Software Development Engineer
Amrinder Singh, Sr. Product Design Manager
Sunil Singh, Lead — AVS US
Ajit Singh, SDS Associate(C)
Vikram Singh, Senior TPM, AWS IoT
Tejas Singh, Software Development Engineer
Surender Pal Singh, Software Development Engineer
Pawan Singh, Quality Assurance Engineer
Mohit Singh, Software Development Engineer
Pinky Singh, Software Development Engineer
Mandhiraj Singh, Software Development Engineer
Harpreet Singh, Software Development Manager
Navneet Prateek Singh, Transaction Risk Investigator
Rachel Singh, Sr. Ethno./Qual. Researcher
Amanjot Singh, Software Development Engineer
Sanchit Singh, Sr. Product Mgr, AmazonSmile
Pooja Singhal, Senior TPM
Shivani Singhal, Software Development Engineer
Aishwarya Singhal, Software Dev Engineer III
Shweta Singhal, Software Development Engineer
Akshay Singhvi, Software Development Engineer
Sagar Singichetti, Software Development Engineer
Minaxi Singla, Software Development Engineer
Arnab Sinha, Applied Scientist II
Navneet Sinha, SDE I — Goodreads
Alex Sinner, SA Mgr, Innovation Labs EMEA
Joey Siracusa, Software Development Engineer
Eloi Sirieixe Brand Specialist, AVS Associate Brand Specialist
Parimi Sirisha, TCSA (Core)
Naga Praneetha Sistla, Software Development Engineer
Darshana Sivakumar, Product Mgr III — Technical
Ranjit Sivakumar, Software Development Engineer
Indy Siverd, Search Operations Engineer
Stasia Skalbania, Legal Assistant
Kyle Skelly, Recruiter — Legal
David Skidmore, Software Development Engineer
Gregory Skoczek, Software Development Engineer
Sophia Skuratowicz, Marketing Manager — SEM
Nadine Slaniec, FBA Operations Associate
Julie Slawson, Manager III, State & Local Tax
Jamie Slimmon, Senior Visualiser
Alex Slivka, Training Specialist I
Justin Slivken, Business Manager EU VSP MVR
Max Sloan, Software Development Engineer
Dan Slothower, Business Analyst
Steve Sloto, Language Data Engineer
Trina Slowik, Business Developer, GND
Connor Smith, ML Data Linguist-I
Erin Smith, Executive Assistant
Matt Smith, Systems Engineer
Nick Smith, Quality Assurance Engineer
Emmy Smith, BI Engineer
Brigid Smith, Software Development Engineer
Andre Smith, Software Development Engineer
Jeff Smith, Product Marketing Manager
Jamie Smith, Assoc Investigator
Andy Smith, Systems Engineer
Rachel Smith, Retail Vendor Manager
Ben Smith, Software Development Engineer
Matt Smith, Program Manager, Assortment
David Smith, Software Development Manager
Maggie Smith, Front End Engineer
Michael Smith, Catalog Support Engineer
ASHLEY SMITH, Curriculum Developer (trn)
Kimberly Smith, Sr. Program Manager
Ben Smithers, Software Development Engineer
Natasha Smolen, WW Ops HR ACES Program Manager
Julian Smyth, Senior Product Manager
John Smythe, Sr Customer Insights Manager
Erik Snavely, Process Assistant
Kyle Sneddon, Brand Specialist
Gabriel Sneed, Knowledge Engineer
Kevin Snell, Sr. Motion Designer
Nate Snow, ML Data Associate-II
Leif Snowden, Systems Engineer
Victor So, Program Manager, Risk Intel
Jonathan So, Design Technologist II
Grzegorz Sobczak, Process Control Specialist
Irfan Soetomo, Policy Specialist
Adam Barker Software Development Engineer, Employee
Artem Sokolov, Machine Learning Scientist
Alex Sokolov, Applied Scientist
Matt Sokolowsky, Software Development Engineer
Balaji Solai, Product Manager
Giovanni Paolo Solaini, Brand Specialist — OHL
Eric Solano Loaiza, ML Data Linguist-I
Daniel Soleiman, Knowledge Engineer
Alessandra Solito, Mgr, Prgm Mgmt, Content
Eugene Solodkin, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Max Soloviev, Sr. UX Designer
Joseph Soltzberg, Software Development Engineer
Radhika Somani, Software Development Engineer
Karan Somani, Cloud Support Eng. I (Net)
Shubham Somani, Software Dev Engineer
Prakash Somasundaram, Head of Global Projects
Paul Somerstein, Account Executive
Scott Somerville, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Darrell Sommerlatt, Software Dev Engineer
Ben Sommers, Recruiting Coordinator
Ranjith Sompalli, Software Development Engineer
Ankur Sonawane, Sr Prog Mgr, Supply Chain Dev
Runsheng Song, Software Dev Engineer
Eric Song, Software Development Engineer
Emily Sonnenfeld, Catalog Specialist, PVD
Aneesh Sood, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Haley Sorensen, Knowledge Engineer
Haakon Sorensen, Senior SDE, Systems Intelligence
Jeff Sorensen, Economist, Pay By Invoice
Daniel Soskey, Software Development Engineer
Jennifer Sosnowski, Senior Tax Analyst
Pedram Souri, Software Development Engineer
Singampalli Sowjanya, SPS Associate
Reza Spagnolo, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Cameron Sparr, Software Development Engineer
Julie Sparrow, Software Development Engineer
Mirela Spasova, Senior Software Engineer
Eva Spatz, Learning Business Partner
Sandro Spazzapan, Sr Program Mgr, FC Start Up
Candace Spencer, Process Assistant
Joseph Spencer, Software Development Engineer
James Spicer, SDET-II
Riley Spicer, Software Development Engineer
Christian Spicker, Enterprise Account Manager
Daniella Spies, Site Training PM (Trn)
Andy Spina, Sr. SDE, Business Prime
Andres Spinel, Sr. Financial Analyst — Fresh
Gabriella Spinola-Khazami, Program Manager
Valeria Spirande, Working Student — EU Content
Stephen Springer, Director, UX
Aaron Spruit, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Peter Squicciarini, Software Development Engineer
Michael Squilla, Workforce Analyst
Filippo Squillace, Software Dev Engineer III
Shashi Sreenivasaiah, Software Development Engineer
Nagarajan Sreenivasan, Software Dev Manager
Bharathi Sridharan, Sr. Product Manager
Sanjeev Sridharan, Sr. Brand Customer Insight Mgr
JiaoJiao Srigley, Product Manager, SCE,Softlines
Rajesh Babu Srikakollu, Software Development Engineer
Rohit Srikanta, Sr. Software Engineer
Ananthakumaran Srinivasan, Senior Manager, Quality
Giridharan Srinivasaraj, Data Engineer II
Shreya Sriram, Software Development Engineer
Sankalp Srivastava, Software Development Engineer
Himanshu Srivastava, Software Development Engineer
Shweta Srivastava, Software Development Engineer
Jeremy St. Ange, IT Support Engineer I
Jeff St. Clair, SW Dev Engineer in Test
Nick St.John, Sr. PM, LM Research & Strategy
Ben Staadecker, Sr. Business Analyst
Cornelius Staedele, Category Merchant Manager Medi
Rebecca Staffin, Business Development Manager
Calvin Stair, Systems Analyst I
Peter Staloch, Sr. Product Manager — Tech
Joel Stamp, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Joannie Stangeland, Sr. Technical Writer
Orion Stanger, SDE II
Joanna Stankiewicz, Technical Recruiter
Justin Stanley, Sr. BIE, SC Dev
Sebastian Stapf, Group Manager
Natalia Starcevic, Quality Assurance Analyst
Jelena Starcevic, Software Development Engineer
Paul Stark, Manager, Tech Acct Mgmt II
Shannon Starr, IT Support Technician
Marine Stassens, SPS Associate
Maximilian Staub, Marketing manager
Annie Stavang, Executive Assistant
Janelle Stavig, Recruiter
Gabrielle Steadham, PIT Trainer
Robyn Steadham, Designer II
Scott Stearley, Developer Advocate
Susan Stearns, Trademark Counsel, Consumables
Chris Steckler, Financial Analyst
Nate Stecz, Technical Account Manager
Leo Steed, Senior UX Designer, Search
Matthew Steele, AWS Customer Support Agent
Teresa Steffens, Account Manager, Automotive
James Steigerwaldt, Instructional Designer
Josh Steinitz, Director, Strategic BizDev
Karine Michelle Steinvorth Rojas, Content Developer
Lorenzo Stella, Applied Scientist
Pavel Stelmakh, Sr Technical Program Manager
Adlaai Stelung, Financial Analyst
Scott Stender, Sr. Security Engineering Manag
Roman Stepanenko, Software Dev Engineer
Kimon Stephanopoulos, Knowledge Engineer
Sam Stephens, Software Development Engineer
Eric Stephens, Business Intelligence Engineer
Sam Stephenson, Program Manager, AMDS Triage
Cat Stern, Lead, Account Manager
Manon Stevenne, Supply Chain Intern
Kacey Stevens, Executive Assistant, AWS Legal
Dan Stevens, Sr Mgr, Operations Engineering
Jonathan Steward, Network Operations Engineer
Sarah Stewart, Head of Social
Chandler Stewart, Technical Account Mgr (USWest)
Bailey Stewart, Program Manager
Valerie StGeorge, Amazon Employee
Kavita Sthanumurthy, Software Development Engineer
John Stieber, Business Intelligence Engineer
Savanna Stiff, Manager II, Program Mgmt
Liz Stillman, Program Manager, Devices
Ron Stimmel, Sr. Product Manager
DJ Stiner, QA Manager
Jenna Stirling, Area Manager, Logistics
Will Stith, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Stockton, Software Development Engineer
Leena Stockton, Tax Manager
Heather Stoffels Agrawal, Technical Program Manager
Nandi Stoja, Systems Engineer I
Alexandra Stoll, WS — Online Marketing (CRO)
Daniel Stone, Software Development Engineer
Jordan Stone, Software Development Engineer
Isabelle Storey, Software Dev Manager
Lauren Storlie Barbera, Incident Manager
Laryssa Storozuk, Retail Supply Chain Manager
Emma Stott, Support Engineer II
Matthias Straehl, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Strauss, Program Manager
Marshall Streeter, Software Development Engineer
Nelly Streichenberger, Account Representative
Johan Streng, Senior Analyst — Transportation Design
Ingrid Strotman, Sr. Marketing Campaign Mgr
Annkathrin Struss, Brand Specialist
Damien Strydom, CS Team Mgr Book Depository
David Stuart, Label Relations Manager
Kai-Ling Su, UX Designer
Xinqi Su, Software Development Engineer
Keylor Suarez, Investigation Specialist
Adesh Subedi, Applied Scientist
Pooja Subramaniam, Working Student BI
Apurvaa Subramaniam, Business Intelligence Engineer
Shreyas Sudarshan, Application Engineer
Tyler Sudol, Software Development Engineer
Jiheh Sarah Suh, Program Manager
Han Suh, Software Development Engineer
Endre Sukosd, Software Dev Engineer
Manoj Gourav Sulaga, Big Data Engineer
Kristiina Sulbi, Buyer
Dan Sullivan, Manager — Tax Technology
Christopher Sullivan, Sr. Content Manager
Mark Sullivan, Sr. Product Mgr
Ryan Sullivan, Sr. Consultant, IoT UX
Ankit Sultania, SDE — New AWS AI Service
Dinu Suman, SDE3
Shweta Suman, Software Development Engineer
Zack Summers, Vendor Specialist
Sabina Sun, Lab Technician
Yufang Sun, Software Development Engineer
Xuerui Sun, SPS CN-EU Advisor
James Sun, Data Sciences Engineer
Xiao Sun, SME — Dangerous Goods
Sining Sun, Intern -Product Safety
Joe Sun, Software Development Engineer
Josh Sun, Software Development Engineer
Sida Sun, Software Development Engineer
Alex Sundar Raj, Marketing Specialist
S Sundaram, Product Manager
Tejeswini Sundaram, Software Development Engineer
Stefan Suppra, Sr. Solutions Architect
Flore Suquet, Program Manager, AMXL
Anudeep Reddy Sura, Software Development Engineer
Rajesh Sura, Sr. Analytics Manager
Anuj Surana, Software Development Engineer
Jigar Surana, SDE
Alexandra Surdina, Junior Data Scientist
Sapna Suresh, Software Development Engineer
Seema Suresh, Software Development Engineer
Priyanka Suresh, Software Development Engineer
Tushar Suresh, Software Development Engineer
Varsha Suresh Kumar, Software Development Engineer
Aleix Suria, Automation Engineer
Maria Surratt, GM Administrative Assistant
Ernesto Surribas, Software Dev Engineer
Eduard Suruceanu, Operational Support Lead
Kalpesh Sutaria, Software Development Manager
Tanisha Suter, ICQA PA
Kelly Suttell, Program Manager, Alexa COPS
Mike Sutton, Editor, Box Fort Studios
Adela Svambergova, Workforce Staffing Coordinator
Kelsey Sveum, Account Executive
Ricky Svoboda, Economist II, PeopleInsight
Jiri Svoboda, Hazmat Waste Coordinator
Abhishek Swami, Sr. Prod Mgr, Tech — B2B Ads
Kane Swanson, Software Development Engineer
Nadav Swarttz, Sr. Customer Advisor, EDU
Annett Swartz, Escalation Program Manager
Brendan Sweeney, AWS Security Engineer
Thomas Sweet, Floor Health Monitor
Ryan Swick, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Brian Swickline, Software Development Manager
Stephen Swisher, Legal Assistant, Litigation
Kristi Swisher, Legal Assistant
Huroddin Syed, Vendor Operations
Adnan Syed, Software Development Engineer
Tibor Szalai, Operations Engineer II
Gyuri Szarvas, Sr. Machine Learning Scientist
Kim Ta, Global Sr. Operations Manager
Paolo Tabaroni, Systems Development Engineer
Mahshid Tabarraei, Procurement Specialist
Manuel Taberna, Advertising Account Manager
Pierre Tabuteau, Senior Business Dev Manager
Anthony Tackett, System Dev Engineer
Lauren Taggart, Sr Product Mgr, Private Label
Austin Taghavi, SDE- Live Events (Prime Video)
Inan Tainwala, Software Development Engineer
William Taite, Campaign Insight Analyst
Donya Tajik, New Accounts Manager
MONIKA TAK, Software Development Engineer
Kornel Takats, Manager, Vendor Marketing
Adeline Talandier, Strategic Account Manager
Deepthi Tallapaneni, Software Development Engineer
Julie Talosig, Executive Assistant
Anselmo Talotta, Software Development Engineer
Chandan Talukdar, Principal Product Mgr
Vivian Tam, Recruiting Coordinator
Jaycee Tan, FP&A Manager
Brian Tanabe, Software Development Engineer
Andrei Tanas, Software Development Manager
Ajay Tandon, Software Development Engineer
Aditya Tandon, Quality Assurance Engineer
Adam Tang, Mgr, Software Development
Jordan Tang, Software Development Engineer
Virginia Tang, Sr. Commodity Manager
Vernon Tang, Systems Development Engineer
Ravi Tanna, Sr. Program Mgr
Yash Tanna, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Luke Tanner, Yard Ops Area Manager (Temp)
Aya Tano, ML Data Linguist-II
Malavika Reddy Tappeta, Software Development Engineer
Artem Tarasenko, Part Time SDE
Hedi Tarchouni, Software Development Engineer
Muriel Tardieu, Lead FR Selection-RO&I
Giovanni Tardini, Software Development Engineer
Henry Targett, Account Rep, Standard
Himanshu Tarksheel, SDE-II
Juliana Tarpey, Product Manager
Elisabeth Tarullo, Program Manager
Julien Tarzia, Media Sales Manager — EAS
Sylvia Tashev, Sr. Software Engineer
Zsolt Taskai, Manager, Software Development
Vince Tasso, BD Manager — Alexa
Wilhelm Tatrai, Associate Brand Specialist
Jordan Tatum, Escalation Specialist
Mike Tayebi, Principal TPM
Dena Taylor, Sr. Copywriter
Roy Taylor, Software Development Engineer
Lewis Taylor, QAE
Jack Taylor, Logistics Manager
Lindsey Taylor-Jangaard, Program Manager, Marketing
Jeng Tcheung, Instock Manager
Pavel Tcholakov, Software Development Engineer
Rob Teare, Software Development Engineer
Giulia Tedeschi, Manager, Program Management
Kinga Tegdesova, Retail Account Mgmt Asc
Kalam Prem Tej, Training Specialist
Pranav Teja, CSIN Team Mgr
Girish Tejwani, Software Development Engineer
Khushboo Tekchandani, Software Development Engineer
Edwin Tellman, SDET III
Alice Temem, Account Manager
Kamila Tendera-Moody, Career Choice-Resolution Spec.
Jerilyn Teo, Senior Program Manager
Flavie Terray, Sr Vendor Manager, Books
Stephen Terrell, Software Development Engineer
Florent TERRONES, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Elizabeth Tetzlaff, Enterprise Sppt Mgr (M-Strat)
Arielle Tetzlaff-Snyder, Non Inventory Receiver
Olivier Teuliere, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Sagar Tewari, Software Development Engineer
Chris Tezak, Global TPM
Kinjal Thakkar, Software Development Engineer
Chirag Thakkar, Software Dev Engineer II
Shardul Thakre, Software Development Engineer
Dhruv Thakur, Software Development Engineer
Sidharth Thakur, Sr. Software QA Engineer
Antony Thalien, Teamlead AVS Management
Praneeth Thalla, Software Development Engineer
Jigar Thanki, Senior Program Manager
Vinayak Thapliyal, Software Development Engineer
Avira Jose Tharakan, Manager — Investigations-TRMS
Jacque Themel, Recruiting Coordinator
Sany ThenmozhiRajendran, Senior SDE
Tara Theoharis, Mgr, AWS Launch Operations
Avirudh Theraja, Software Development Engineer
Pravin Thiagalingam, Software Development Engineer
Karthik Rajakumar Thiagarajan, SDE
Maximilian Thiel, TCSS (Concierge)
Kathy Thielen, HR Assistant
Patrick Thien, SW Dev. Engineer
Hana Thier, SDE III
Darshan Thimmaiah, Product Manager, AWS Insights
John Thimmig, Software Development Engineer
Krishnakumar Thirumalaiswamy, Software Development Engineer II
Michelle Thissen, Associate Solutions Architect
Ray Thomas, Recruiter (TEMP)
Jeff Thomas, Data Associate
Rachel Thomas, Program Manager, FBA
Dustin Thompson, Software Development Engineer
Fai Thompson, Sr. HRA
JT Thompson, Principal SDE, Mobile
Zac Thompson, Software Development Engineer
Ryan Thompson, Principal System Architect
Andrew Thompson, Vendor Manager
David Thompson, ERC Associate
Sacha Thompson, Inclusion Marketing Mgr
Diana Thompson, Sr. BIE
Garrett Thompson, Executive Assistant
Garrett Thompson, Support Engineer
Erick Thompson, SDET II
Astrid Thomschke, Software Development Engineer
Kent Thomson, Sr. Software Development Eng
Greg Thomson, Software Development Engineer
Heloise Thon, HR/Payroll Coordinator
Mohan Thorat, Software Development Engineer
Leo Thornton, BDM Training — USA
Cheya Thousand, TSC Engagement Sr. Coordinator
Diep (‘Siap’) Thumann, Ads Account Manager
Alexander Thurner, Head of Programmatic, EAS — EU
Brian Thurston Bralczyk, Principal, CX Programs EU
Shivank Tibrewal, Software Development Engineer
Jason Tien Sung, D2AS Sr Escalations Specialist
Thomas Tige, Software Development Engineer
Kevin Tiller, Fulfillment Associate
Peter Tilsen, Sr. Solutions Architect
Yasemin Timar, Solutions Builder
Braden Timm, Financial Analyst II
Yen Ting, SDE, Amazon Business
Mirko Tini, Snr Investigation Specialist
Andrew Tinka, Senior Research Scientist
Amit Tipnis, AB-SDK SDM
Jonathan Tipton-King, Visual Designer
Clement TISSOT, Area manager
Alison Tisza, Sr. UX Designer
Emily Titcomb, Sr Manager Product Management
Tanvi Tiwari, Software Development Engineer
Kanishka Tiwari, Senior PM-T — Video
Pranav Tiwary, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Ben Tobin, Mgr, Search Data Aggregation
Cara Todisco, ML Data Linguist-I
Yaswanth Togercheti, Quality Assurance Engineer AVS
Nima Tohid, Software Development Engineer
Zack Tokarczyk, AT Control Systems Eng. III
Deven Tokuno, Program Manager
Amogh Tolay, Senior SDE
Aleks Tolev, Senior Solutions Architect STU
Tudor Toma, Sr. Manager TPM
Ankita Tomar, Analyst
Rahul Tomar, Software Development Engineer
Juliusz Tomczak, Associate Partner
Lacee Tompkins, Product Manager
Chetan Tonde, Applied Scientist
Andrew Toner, Online Marketing Manager
Linh Tong, Capacity Planning Manager
Derek Tong, Software Development Engineer
Timothy Tong, Software Development Engineer
Rashmi Tonge, Software Development Engineer
Julian Tonnelier, DCO Tech
Cristina Toporet, Quality Assurance Engineer
Mahtab Torki, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Torok, Software Development Engineer
Meilyn Rebeca Torres Guillen, .MX Sr Assoc.- Dangerous Goods
Yohana Patricia Torres Sanchez, SPS Associate
Annamaria Toth, Software Development Engineer
Mihaly Toth, Software Dev Engineer II
Katerina Touriki, BIE
Julien Tourneux, Visual Designer
Laurie Tovo, Account Specialist — FR
Richard Trabing, Sr. Solutions Architect
Sarah Tracy, Software Development Engineer
Ryan Trad, Software Development Engineer
Zachary Trafny, Knowledge Engineer
Hung Tran, Software Development Engineer
Jeannie Tran, SDE II, Orchestration
Ricky Tran, Account Representative
Linh Tran, Program Manager
Teresa Tran, Global Technical Trainer
Victor Tran, Software Development Engineer
AnhViet Tran, Product Manager, Technical
Julia Tran, Sr. Product Manager
Szymon Trapp, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Ryan Traub, Custom Pricing Specialist
Erin Treankler, Program Manager, Assortment
Jenny Tredinnick, Manager of Image Processing
Alejandro Trejo, Associate Partner Ops Manager
Leonardo Jose Trejos Cubillo, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Adriana Trejos Kinderson, Brand Registry Support Assoc
Aaron Trent, Sr. Marketing Manager
Cailin Treseder, Software Development Engineer
Jeremy Trevino, Account Manager (TEMP)
Tina Trevisan, Data Specialist I, ASK
David Trick, Controls Design Engineer
Lynn Trickey, SDE
Michele Trickey, Senior PM-T
Andrew Trieger, Principal Software Engineer
Rohun Tripathi, Applied Scientist
Snigdha Tripathy, Snr Program Manager, EU SC
Michael Allen Tripp, CSJP Concession Program Mgr
Manish Lalit Trivedi, Software Development Engineer
Diana Trivino, Global Executive Program Mgr
Andrea Troli, CSIT Assoc
Chase Troxell, Software Development Engineer
Breena Troy, Digital Marketing Specialist
Tommy Troya, Brand Specialist
Mallory Trudell, VUI Designer
Alex Truong, Technical Writer, Lumberyard
Emmanuel Truong, Network Process Engineer
Samuel Tsigie, Catalog Specialist
Roman Tsukanov, Software Development Engineer
Stanislav Tsukrov, Software Development Engineer
Toshiaki Tsuruoka, IT Support Engineer II
Julia Tucker, Hardware Development Engineer
Kayla Tucker, Recruiting Coordinator (TEMP)
Nikhil Tuli, Principal Product Mgr — Tech
Leslie Tullis, Sr. Product Manager, Technical
Dorothy Tuma, Taxonomist II
Satish Tummala, Software Development Manager
Margaret Tung, UX Designer
Winnie Tung, Data Architect, Data Lake
Maxwell Tung, Software Development Engineer
Thomas Tung, PM, Payments & Analytics
Erfan Turdi, Software Development Engineer
Nicolae Turea, Procurement Administrator
Mason Turner, System Development Engineer
Jeff Turner, Sr. Brand Strategist
Alexis Turpin, Solutions Architect
Richard Tuznik, Software Development Engineer
Gage Twardowski, Program Manager
Beata Tyler, Senior Financial Analyst
Gemma Louise Tyndall, Procurement Program Specialist
Grant Tyra, Software Dev Engineer
Sheymirra Tyree, AMZL Learning Coordinator
Johanna Tzeuschner, FBA Operations Associate
Dania Uccheddu, CSIT Assoc
Maaz Uddin, Software Development Engineer
Theresa Uhlhorn, New Accounts Manager SFP
Sebastian Ulken, PIT Coordinator
Benjamin Ullom, Software Development Engineer
Birunthaa Umamahesan, Software Development Engineer
Kavana Umesh, Software Development Engineer
Ali Unal, Quality Assurance Engineer
Saketh Undurty, Software Development Engineer
Sandra Unger, Principal Program Manager
Jason Untulis, Senior SDE
Prerak Upadhyaya, Software Development Engineer
Raj Uparkar, Senior Finance Manager
Murali Krishna Uppala, SDE, Volume Placement
Nancy Urban, Cognitive Linguist
Sascha Urban, Sr. Mgr, Business Intelligence
Stephen Uren, Senior Creative Director
Rahul Urgaonkar, Senior Research Scientist
Rey Urias, Tech Writer
George Urick, Software Development Engineer
Rey Urip, BIE II
Daniel J Urson, Security Engineer
Joel Usher, Game Designer
Anja Utz, Instock Manager
Susindran V, Software Development Engineer
Nima V, Sr. Mgr, Solutions Architecture
Sreehari V Chandrasekharan, Software Development Manager
Harikrishnan V.G., Sr. Ops Mgr, Program Manager
Bertrand Vacherot, Sr. Marketing Manager
Stephanie Vachon Guffanti, Advertiser Engagement Manager
Austin Vaday, Software Development Engineer
Madni Maksud Vadhariya, Software Development Engineer
Suseel Kumar Vadrevu, SDE3
Pedram Vahabi, UX Designer
Divij Vaidya, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Anuradha Vaidyanathan, Quality Assurance Engineer
Matthieu Vaillant, Enterprise Account Manager
Vincent Vainius, Senior Product Manager
Jonathan Vainstein, Software Development Engineer
Matej Valcuha, Software Development Engineer
Willie Valdez, Vendor-TEKsystems
Miguel Valdez, Demand Generation Rep
Ricardo Valencia, Software Development Engineer
Mairieth Valenciano, TRMS Content Developer
Ivan Valencik, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Valenta, Business Analyst, Risk Mining
David Valentine, Software Development Engineer
Claudio Valentino, Sr. BDM, Florida Region
Renato Valenzuela, Software Development Engineer
Meenalkumar Valhekar, Software Development Engineer
Juan Valle, Marketing Manager — MVD
Ana Valls Garcia, Associate Brand Specialist
Vladyslav Valt, Software Development Engineer
Marcela Valverde, Team Manager — ESP
Alberto Valverde Abad, Sweeper
Anna Van Brookhoven, Technical Writer
Robin van den Kerkhoff, Quality Assurance Engineer
Marc Van Der Linden, Development Manager
Taylor Van Etten, Software Development Engineer
Spencer Van Hoose, Software Development Engineer
Ashley van Kranenburg, Sr Technical Recruiter
Marcel van Ommen, Software Development Engineer
Heath Van Singel, UX Designer
Gorik Van Steenberge, Manager, Search Operations
Hannah Van Woert, Visual Designer Tesoro
Yaswanth Vanarasi, Software Development Engineer
Teri Vanator, TCSA (Abuse)
Tim Vance, Senior SDE, IMDb Video
Golda Vanchipurakel, Senior Indirect Tax Analyst
Asia VanderBilt, Sr. Mgr, UX Design
Suzanne Vandermeij, Fulfillment Associate
Kyri Vanderpoel, Systems Development Engineer
Zach VanderVeen, Software Dev Engineer III
Kelly Vanee, Sr. Manager, Software Dev
Nicolas Vanerio, Pathways Operations Manager
Ashwanth Vangala, Big Data Engineer
Chaitanya Vangoori, Software Development Engineer
Aravind Vankamamidi, Sr Product Manager
Nicole VanMeter, UX Researcher
Kadirvel Chockalingam Vanniarajan, Principal Engineer
Athreya Varadarajan, Software Development Engineer
Garrett Varady, Non-Inventory Receiver
Shravya Varakantham, Software Development Engineer
Aaron Varani, SDE II, Relay4Driver Android
Viroopaksha Vardhineni, Salesforce Developer
Marco Vargas, Sr. Associate,Onboarding
Arturo Vargas, Visual Designer
Renee Vargas, Production Manager
Andrea Maria Vargas Campos, LOA Case Manager
Pranav Varia, Software Development Manager
Rachel Varnergardner, Program Manager
Andrei Varzari, TCSA (Core)
Andrea Vasasova, SPS Associate
Bari Vasquez, Visual Designer
Pierre Vasseur, FR Deals manager
Valentin Vassort, Brand Specialist
Balu Vasudev, Software Development Engineer
Subha Vasudevan, Software Engineer
David Vaules, Systems Development Engineer
Miguel Vazquez, Network Development Engineer
Isai Vazquez, Software Development Engineer
Joaquin Vazquez Alarcon de la Lastra, Key Accounts Manager
Flo Vdp, Program Manager
Kaylie Veazey, Recruiting Coordinator
Anu Vedantham, Software Development Engineer
Udish Vedantham, Quality Assurance Engineer
Srikanth Veerapaneni, Software Development Engineer
Alicia Veersma Barredo, SPS Associate
Leticia Vega, Sr.Instructional Designer-C2S2
Robert Vega Salazar, Production Designer
Judith Veit, Associate Brand Specialist
Atchuta Rama Krishna Velamala, Software Development Engineer
Levi Velez, Manager, Echo Online Marketing
Pedro Veloso, Software Development Engineer
Venkatesh Velusamy, Software Development Engineer
Yash Vempati, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Rushikesh Veni, Sr. Data Engineer
Kiran Venkata Palla, Data Scientist
Sushma Venkatakrishna, Software Dev Engineer
Aishwarya Venkataraman, QAE II
Harini Venkatesan, Data Scientist
Aishwarya Venkatesh, Software Development Engineer
Mahesh Venkateswaran, Software Dev Engineer II
Lyndall Venn Brown, Software Development Manager
Manogna Vennamaneni, Software Development Engineer
Lia Vennes, Vendor Manager
Marek Ventur, Software Development Engineer
Swaroop Venu, Software Development Engineer
James Verch, Software Development Engineer
Jessica Verdugo, Associate Partner Manager
Roy Vergara, Manager, User Experience
Brian Verkhovsky, BIE
Aditya Verma, BIE II
Siddharth Verma, Applied Scientist
Sasha Verma, Software Development Engineer
Dharmendra Verma, Software Development Engineer
Akshay Verma, ICQA Program Developer
Sachin Verma, Software Development Engineer
Utkarsh Verma, Software Dev Engineer
Kanika Verma, Quality Assurance Engineer
Dunja Vermaak, SOX Compliance Manager
Samuel Verret-Tomlinson, Retail Account Manager
Amanda Veshagh, Recruiting Coordinator
Leonardo Viccari, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Giulia Vichi, Engagement Manager
Daniel Vidal Hussey, Machine Learning Engineer
Axel Vidales, Software Development Engineer
Manuel Vieda, Software Development Engineer
Laura Vig, Senior UX Designer
Cedric Vigorie, Sr Manager, Retail MVR PM lead
Anjali Vijayakumar, Associate Solutions Architect
Sanchita Vijayvargiya, Technical Program Manager
David Vilar Torres, Machine Learning Scientist
Juan Vilca Castro, Software Development Engineer
Sarah Vilendrer, Executive Assistant II
Rasa Vilimiene, FBA Operations Associate
Juan Villa, Partner Solutions Architect
Jennifer Villacorta Moller, Advertiser Engagement Manager
Claudia Villafuerte, Product Marketing Manager
Oscar Villafuerte, Executive Assistant I
Shelley Villano, Product Design Engineer
Thomas Villareal, Senior Vendor Manager
Jowell Villasin, Quality Assurance Engineer II
Jennifer Villegas, Amazon Employee
REBECCA VIMALA, Quality Assurance Associate
Hina Vinayak, Solutions Architect
Jera Vincelli, Sr. UX Designer
Shebin Vins Vincent Navamoni, Senior Device Associate
Neil Vinod, Front-End Web Specialist
Harvey Vira, Account Executive
Shambhu Viraktamath, Technical Program Manager
Karen Virapen, Sr.Instructional Designer-C2S2
Sudhir Vishwanath, Data Engineer II
NICK VISKOVICH, Sr. Sales Manager
Vladimir Vislavski, Software Development Engineer
Kavitha Viswanathan, Software Development Engineer
SaiPrasad Viswanathan, Sr. Program Manager, Inventory
Kiran Viswanathan, Sr. Data Engineer
Chris Vitas, Sr. UX Designer
Kat Vnoucek, Language Engineer
Thong Vo, Software Development Engineer
Phuong Vo, Software Development Engineer
Mai Vo, Program Manager, Training
Mike Vogel, Creative Content Specialist
Michael Vogelsong, Sr. Machine Learning Scientist
Caroline Voisin, CAP Team Mgr. CS Operation
Michel Voitoux, Account Manager
Julia Volkmann, SP Tech Recruiter — EMEA
Charles Von Reis-Iglesias, Support Associate
Julien Vong, Software Development Engineer
Megan VonStrohe, Sr. Program Manager
Alay Vora, Web Development Engineer
Joseph Vota, Area Manager
Theresa Voyles, Account Executive
Veneta Voynova, HR Associate Contact
Tristan Vrolijk, Software Dev Engineer
Chau Vu, Software Development Engineer
Nguyen Vu, Content Test Specialist
Marko Vujic, Software Development Engineer
Kris Vukasinovic, Software Development Engineer
Sasa Vukovic, Software Dev Engineer II
Vishwanath Vuradi, Software Development Engineer
Dilip Vutukuru, Product Manager, AFT
Z W, Software Engineer
Kaivan Wadia, Software Developer Engineer
Mihir Wagle, Principal Product Manager
Ben Wagle, Software Development Engineer
Adam Wagner, Solutions Architect
Andreas Wagner, Account Manager
Sabrina Wagner, Facilities Specialist
Jonas Wagner, Associate Solutions Architect
Thilo Wagner, Project Manager
Nicole Wagner, Author Relations Manager
Arshad Wahab, SDS Sr Associate(C)
Mustafa Waheed, Associate Data Scientist
Patrick Wahl, Software Development Engineer
Shaun Wahle, Product Developer
Ronan Waide, System Development Engineer
Ariel Wainer, Systems Development Engineer
Travis Wainman, Data Specialist
Katie Waldman, Sr. Manager-Marketing,3P & PM
Emily Walker, Software Development Engineer
Michael Walker, Software Development Engineer
Jamie Walker, DCO
Chris Walker, Software Development Engineer
Jason Walker, Sr. SDE
Mary Walker, Security Engineer
Monroe Walker, Software Development Engineer
Matthew Walker, Investigation Specialist
Katie Walls, CNS CI Sr Assoc
Jason Walp, Technical Account Mgr (USWest)
Kara Walter, Global Programs Manager
David Walter, Senior Software Developer
Rodney Walter, Costing Program Manager
Nadine Walz, Procurement Specialist
Chloe Wambre, Senior Product Manager
Frank Wambutt, Senior Software Dev Manager
Chenyuan Wang, SDET
Xin Wang, Software Development Engineer
Ruoyi Wang, Software Development Engineer
Zhenjie(Jane) Wang, Sr.Associate-ACC
Ruiqi Wang, Sr. Associates Direct Import
Kara Wang, Sr.Associate- ACC
Jason Wang, Software Development Engineer
Xiaogang Wang, SDE
Lan Wang, Executive Assistant
Xia(Lynn) Wang, Technical Program Manager
Sophie Wang, Principal PM-T
Zhongtian Wang, Software Development Engineer
Jerry Wang, Corporate Counsel
Yu Wang, Software Development Engineer
Vicky (Lu) Wang, AWS Senior Financial Analyst
Sean Wang, Machine Learning Scientist
Chris Wang, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Kenn Wang, SDE, Yard Tech
Siao-Ting Wang, Software Dev Engineer II
Sherril Wang, Product Manager
Adora Wang, Sr Vendor Manager, Digital
Nathan Wang, Software Development Engineer
Justin Wang, Software Development Engineer
David Wang (Alexa), Software Development Engineer
Nif Ward, Software Development Engineer
Isaac Ward, Software Development Engineer
Connie Ward, Recruiter (TEMP)
Heidi Ward, HR EA/PM
Nicolas Ward, Software Development Engineer
Benjamyn Ward, Software Development Engineer
Erin Ward, Software Development Engineer
Jason Wardwell, Principal Product Manager Tech
Elliott Warkus, Software Development Engineer
John Pedro Warner, Front End Engineer, AWS
Brian Warren, Sr UX Designer
Ty Warren, Associate Developer
Lindsey Warren-Shriner, Sr. Vendor Manager
Jodi Warshaw, Executive Editor
Agata Wasiak, Brand Specialist
Louise Watkin, Area Manager
Anna Watkins, Account Executive
Anna Watkins, Legal Assistant
Ondrea Watson, Account Representative
Daniel Watt, Software Development Engineer
Valentin Wattel, Sr Instock Manager — Sports
Lauren Waugh, Associate Creative Director
John Waugh, Software Development Engineer
Nic Wayand, Research Scientist
Alex Waz, Software Development Engineer
Emily Wean, Voice Designer — Alexa
Daniel Weaver, Software Engineer
Chelsea Weaver, Research Scientist
Sonja Weaver-Madsen, Sr. Strategic Account Manager
Jon Webb, Sr. Software Engineer
Shana Weber, Program Mgr, Display Ads
Johannes Weber, Software Development Engineer
Cheryle Weber, Stylist
Joseph Weber, ICQA Program Developer
Lauren Weber, Taxonomist II
Kris Weber, Software Dev Engineer
Martina Weberruss, Senior Vendor Manager Pets
Lawrence Webley, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Eric Webster, Sr. SDET
Alex Webster, Software Development Engineer
Ryli Webster, Talent Management
Scott Weeden-Moody, Android SDE II
Jason Wehmhoener, Sr. UX Designer
Lupei Wei, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Weidman, Sr. Account Manager
Ben Weigl, Jr. Software Engineer
Andrea Weilguni, Manager Fiction Editors
Richard Weinberg, PQ Program Specialist
Carly Weiner, Marketing Mgr, Private Brands
Shayna Weinstein, Software Engineer
Rotem Weinstein, Sr. Product Manager- Technical
Robert Weirauch, Lead
Cayla Weisman, ML Data Associate
Whitney Weisman, Campaign & Creative Manager II
Natalie Weiss, Enterprise Marketing Manager
Tim Weiss, IT Support Technician
Doug Weiss, Visual Designer — Kindle
Katharina Weissflog, Analyst,Prod&Customer Insights
Stefan Welker, Advertising Strategic Account Manager
Birte Weller, Group Manager
Niki Wells, Software Development Engineer
Stuart Wells, Software Development Engineer
Jerome Welsh, Software Dev Engineer
Terry Wen, Software Development Engineer
Michael Wendler, Product Manager
Katya Wendt, Program Manager II
Jon Wendt, SDE II
Maegan Wenzel, Manager, Program Management
Beth Werbaneth, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Christopher Werner, Senior Editor
Ginger Werner, AR Mgr, ML & AI
Celia Werner, Programmatic Solutions Consult
Kristin Werner, Marketing Manager
Andre Wessels, Key Account Manager PRIME
Dante West, Network Design Leader
Emily West, Account Executive
Max West, Software Development Engineer
Jessica West, UX Designer
Katie West, TOM Program Administrator
James Westbury, Systems Development Engineer
Dean Westling, Taxonomist II
Jessica Wetterer, Visual Designer
Victoria-Sophie Wettmarshausen, Tax Analyst — Tax Engine
George Wheaton, Senior Software Dev Engineer
Patrick Whelan, Software Development Engineer
Dean Whelton, Sr Software Dev Engineer
Sharonne Whigham, Executive Assistant
John Whitaker, Support Engineer III
Carl White, Solution Delivery MGR UK
Cameron White, Vendor Specialist
Irene White, Customer Engagement PM
Matt White, Manager, AWS Salesforce
Philip White, Software Dev Engineer
Elizabeth Whitmire, Technical Editor
Zac Whitney, AWS Briefing Coordinator
Bryan Whitney, Quality Assurance Engineer
Derick Whitt, Manager Vendor Support and Ops
Anmol Whorra, Software Development Engineer
Sammy Wickert, Developer Advocate
Daniel Widdis, Sr Ops Research Analyst
Neil Widmaier, Vendor
Mark Wiebe, Principal Engineer
Raphael Wiesendanger, Campaign & Creative Manager I
Andrea Wiesinger, H/B PM & Key Account Manager
Tommy Wiesler, Software Development Engineer
Diana Wiesner, CSNA Ops Mgr
Matthew Wigington, Software Development Engineer
Asanka Wijeratna, Sr. Technical Program Manager
Michelle Wilczek, Trainer
Steffen Wilhelm, Original Producer
Dominik Wilhelm, DE Manager, Partner
Joey Wilke, UX Designer
Ryan Wilke, Data Lab SA
Steven Wilkins, Sr. SDET
Andrew Wilkinson, Machine Learning Scientist
Alexander Wilkoszewski, Sr Manager Merch Services FBA
Lukasz Wilkowski, HR Business Partner
Kyle Willett, Research Scientist
Jim Williams, Sr. UX Designer
Rhys Williams, Imaging Logistics Specialist
Emily Williams, Associate Vendor Manager
Eli Williams, Software Development Manager
Allie Williams, Knowledge Engineer
Rachel Williams, Brand Specialist
Shantell Williams, Program Manager
Jordan Williams, Strategic Account Manager
Caroline Willis, Software Development Engineer
Sable Willis, Pick PA
Marcial Wills, SDS Associate
Rachel Wilson, Financial Analyst
Allison Wilson, US Imm Project Specialist
Aaron Wilson, Senior UX Motion Designer
Scott Wilson, SDE, Consulting
Daniel Wilson, Software Development Engineer
Corby Winer, Senior VX Designer
George Wines, Software Development Engineer
Fela Winkelmolen, Applied Scientist
Beth Winkopp, Sr. Program Manager
Richard Winograd, Principal Software Engineer
Selica Winston, Recruiting Coordinator
Ehren Winterhof, Software Development Engineer
Anna Winters, Executive Assistant
Sofia Winters, Program Manager, Assortment
Michael Winters, Sr.Program Manager, EF Tech
Alex Wipf, Software Development Engineer
Yvonne Wiszowaty-Hartung, New Accounts Manager
Tom Witman, Principal BDM, AWS
Thiago Witt, Software Development Engineer
Melanie Wittman, Technical Program Manager
Christian Woelki, Program Manager C2S2
George Woessner, Account Rep II
Scott Wofford, Sr. Product Mgr, Prime Pricing
Viktoria Wohlers, Marketing Manager
Kinga Wojtasik, Contract Manager
Kim Wolf, Sr. Product Manager
Felix Wolf, Manager Merchant Services
Nicky Wolfe, Data Associate — English
Victor Wolfe, Data Associate
Charles Wolford, Risk and Resilience Analyst
Rob Wolinski, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Myriah Wollan, Program Manager
Marzjanna Wollnik, Senior Recruiter
Simon Wollwage, Software Development Engineer
Valerie Wong, Sr SW Development Engineer
Joshua Wong, Software Development Engineer
Oscar Wong, UX Designer
Cherry Wong, Technical Lead
Paul Wong, Customer Relation Manager
Delainea Wong, Investigation Specialist
Alan Wong, Software Development Engineer
Brian Wong, Investigation Specialist
Janice Wong, Sr. UX Researcher
Kelvin Wong, Front End Engineer
Jeffrey Wong, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Michael Wong, Business Analyst
Nick Wood, Catalog Specialist, AV
Kate Wood, Executive Assistant
Sam Wood, Business Intel Engineer
Graham Wood, Sr. TPM, Robotics
Heather Wood, Sr. Business Analyst
Nolan Woodle, Associate Contracts Manager
Matt Woodley, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Aaron Woodrow, Software Development Engineer
Bretton Woods, PA-Flow-FHD
Jessica Woodward, Process Control Specialist
Claire Woodward, Hines
Santosh kumar Woonna, Software Development Engineer
Kelly Worcester, NA Digital Marketing Manager
Jack Worden, Software Development Engineer
Jack Worrallo, Brand Specialist
Matt Worsham, Business Intel Engineer II
James Worsnop, Search Operations Engineer
Nick Worthington, Technical Account Manager
Maciej Woźniak, Associate Partner
Inness Wragg, Sr UX Designer
Andrew Wright, Account Manager
Adam Wright, Software Development Engineer
Erika Wright, Manager, Marketing
C. Wally Wright, Facilties Tech Support
Megan Wright, Receptionist
Jeremy Wright, Catalog Specialist
Paulina Wrzodak, Workforce Staffing Coordinator
Jasper Wu, SDE
Andrew Wu, Software Development Engineer
Derec Wu, UX Designer
Chi-Heng Wu, Live Services Engineer
Kevin Wu, Software Development Engineer
Jiaxi Wu, SDE — Twitch Prime
Fuqu Wu, SR UX Designer
You Wu, Software Development Engineer
Anna Wuest, Content Management Specialist
Christopher Wyant, Embedded Software Engineer
Andre Wyatt, Sr UX Designer, Fresh/PrimeNow
Bryan Wyatt, Systems Development Engineer
Joseph Wyman, Principal UX Designer
Nancy Xia, Business Analyst
Shuang Xia, Software Dev Engineer II
Ruhao Xia, Software Development Engineer
Bowei Xiao, Software Development Engineer
Ziang “Bill” Xing, Software Development Engineer II, Amazon Fulfillment Technologies
Yifan Xing, Applied Scientist
Anna Xu, Software Development Engineer
Miranda Xu, Software Development Engineer
Nan Xu, SrAssociate-Restricted Prod-JP
SIHAN XU, Software Development Engineer
Manlin Xu, Software Development Engineer
Venecia Xu, SDE
Yunyan Xue, Sr Associate ProcessCompliance
Chidong Xue, Software Dev Engineer
Fiona Xue, Sr. Financial Analyst
Prajwal Yadapadithaya, Software Development Engineer
Gajendra Yadav, Sr Program Manager
Antriksh Yadav, Software Development Engineer
Dharampal Yadav, DevOps Engineer
Amay Yadav, Software Development Engineer
Yasser Yahia, Software Development Engineer III
Joe Yan, Software Development Engineer
Calvin Yan, Pathways Operations Manager
Ming Yan, Software Development Engineer
Han Yan, Software Development Engineer
Anqi Yan, Software Development Engineer
Peter Yan, Vendor Manager
Varun Kumar Yanamala, CSIN Resolution Spec
Patricia Yanez, Sr. Product Manager
Kate Yang, Senior SDE
Wenxin Yang, Software Development Engineer
Junxiao Yang, Hardware Development Engineer
Keran Yang, Software Development Engineer
Stef Yang, Data Scientist
Jenny Yang, Program Manager
Jeff Yang, Sr. Finance Manager
Loretta Yang, Account Manager
Hong Yi Yang, Software Development Engineer
Peng Yang, Quality Analyst
Katrina Yang, Software Development Engineer
Rebecca Yang, SDE
Fay Yang, Product Manager III — Tech
Richard Yang, Business Intelligence Engineer
Emily Yang, Technical Leadership Sourcer
Iris Yao, Program Manager I
Chandrakala Yaparla, QA Automation Engineer
Shahab Yassemi, Software Dev Engineer II
Haluk Yavuz, Software Development Engineer
Patrick Ye, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Dean Yeh, Food Production Associate III
Abhinay Yellanki, QAE
Kevin Yen, Escalation Specialist
Judith Yeo, Software Development Engineer
Antoine Yeramian, Solutions Architect
Vahagn Yeranossian, Software Development Engineer
Gulbahar Yetimoglu, FM, Pan-EU (Private Brands)
Jason Yeung, Business Analyst
Leonel Álvarez Yglesias, Subject Matter Expert
Firat Yildirim, Senior Associate TR — QA
Dorotea Yilmaz, IT Support Engineer II
Dandan Yin, PQ Program Specialist
Jorge Yip, Support Engineer
Jeremy Yiu, Quality Assurance Technician
Kevin Yllanes, Brand Specialist
Joseph Yoder, Account Representative II
Nikhil Yogendra Murali, Software Development Engineer
Eric Yom, Ricoh Mailroom Worker
Jake Yoon, Software Dev Engineer — AWS Co
Jennifer Yoon, Business Development Manager
Daisuke Yoshida, Customer Experience, JP Export
Rotem Yossef, Business Development Manager
Marianna You, Visual Designer, Canada
Weiming You, Software Development Engineer
Sujee Youn, Account Exec Global Selling KR
Tony Young, SDE, Ice Team (Innovation)
Trisha Young, Recruiter
Peter Youngs, Sr. Software Dev Engineer
Omer Yousif, Reliability Manager
Irene Yu, Software Development Engineer
Xiuyan Yu, Software Development Engineer
Simon Yu, Software Development Engineer
Andrew Yu, Program Manager — AB Payments
Gina Yu, DSP Payments Lead
Jimmy Yu, Software Development Engineer
Alex Yu, Software Dev Engineer
Jack Yuan, Systems Development Engineer
Sean Yuen, Area Manager
Victoria Maria Yuja Menjivar, Investigation Manager
Masamichi Yukita, DCEO Engr 4
Jenny Yule, Content Editor
Nino Yuniardi, Principal UX Visual Designer
Anton Yurin, Software Development Engineer
Gina Yusypchuk, Learning Experience Designer
Daniel Z, Account Manager
Borja Zabalza, Marketing Manager
Lindsay Zaborowski, Taxonomist II
Filip Zachoval, FBA Support Operation Quality
Rohit Zad, Software Development Engineer
Katerina Zafeiri, New Accounts Manager FBA
Usman Zaheer, Software Development Engineer
Rakhshan Zahid, Sr. Bus Dev/Account Manager
Stefan Zahnweh, Sr. Manager Program Management
Samuel Zahradnik, SPS Associate
Saad Zaman, Software Development Engineer
Valentin Zambelli, Research Scientist
Sergio Zamora, Sr. Product Manager
Simone Zandara, Software Development Engineer
Eyal Zangi, Sr. Software Dev Manager
Shiva Zangrandi, Data Associate — Italian
Manuel Zapata, Data Engr-Alexa Smart Home
Maria Eduarda Zapelini dos Reis, Deals Intern
Cristina Zarco Alcaide, Marketing Intern — PrimeNow ES
Martin Zarfl, Business Intelligence Engineer
Whitney Zaring, Sr. UX Program Manager
Stephen Zavaleta, Software Development Engineer
Ivan Zaytsev, Solutions Architect
Tomas Zbynovsky, Pathways Operations Manager
John Carlo Zeaser Jimenez, VCDM Execution Specialist
Tasneem Zeghmi, Program Manager
Thomas Zellers, PDM
Shuai Zeng, Sr.Associate — Global Trade
Rachel Zerrell, Sr Program Manager
Natalie Zesati, BI Engineer
Yicong Zhang, Software Dev Eng, AmazonSmile
Samantha Zhang, UX Designer
Charles Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Jerry Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Ting Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Shuang Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Bill Zhang, Sr. Software Dev. Engineer
Dan Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Eric Zhang, Sr. Product Manager
Kevin Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Zheng Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Shaw Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Kevin Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Zhou Zhang, Economist
Tiger Zhang, Software Development Engineer
Coco Zhang-Miske, Sr. Partner Manager — AVS Auto
Li Zhao, Sr Systems Dev Engineer
Xiaodan Zhao, PE
Ruiwen Zhao, Software Dev Engineer II
Jesse Zhao, Software Development Engineer
Kathy Zhao, Product Manager
Kevin Zheng, Software Development Engineer
Jinny Zhou, Software Development Engineer
Xiaozhou Joey Zhou, Research Scientist
Alex Zhou, SDE
Fangyi Zhu, Software Development Engineer
Rick Zhu, Software Development Engineer
Jessica Zhu, Manager, Product Compliance
Chuanqi Zhu, Sr. Prod Manager — Technical
Anni Zhu, Software Development Engineer
Jieyu Zhu, Software Development Engineer
Pavol Zibrita, Software Development Engineer
Daniel Zick, Manager II, Tech Program Mgt
Agnieszka Zieta, EU Ops Development Partner
Kelci Zile, Business Operations Manager
Benjamin Zimeray, Transportation Manager
Alexander Zimin, Applied Scientist
Caitlin Zimmer, Marketing Program Manager
Peter Zinhober, Financial Analyst
Andrew Zoerb, Software Development Engineer
Laura Zollner, Account Manager B2B
Johannes Zorn, Software Development Engineer
Andrea Zou, Software Development Engineer
Sandy Zouzanea, Tour Leader
Hendrik Zschill, EU SW Support Engineer
Ijaz Zubair, QA Engineer, AmazonSmile
Mohammed Zubber, CSIN Resolution Specialist
Andrew Zunt, Software Development Engineer
Alice Zuo, Expansion Transaction Manager
Kassidy Zwaagstra, Senior Marketing Manager
Cody Zwiefelhofer, Software Development Engineer