EIA isn’t protecting the environment. How to solve the problem?

Our last article was dedicated to the reasons why EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) doesn’t do its job well. Today we want to tell you what we should do to improve the situation.

Here are eight things we can do to help

  1. Demand EIAs be made freely available online, and that anyone be allowed to comment on them. Governments often allow only local residents to comment on EIAs, but many projects have regional or global effects. Limiting comments also excludes top international experts, such as hydro dam or mining specialists, from providing critical advice.
  2. Expect bribery in big projects. Many projects that should never be approved get the thumbs up because key decision-makers have been secretly paid off by the project proponent or land developers.
  3. Insist the public be allowed to comment on projects early in the approvals process, before a project gains momentum. Many developers try to ram projects rapidly through the approvals process — and by the time the public is allowed to raise concerns, the project is virtually a fait accompli.
  4. Call out EIAs that recommend approving projects with only minor “tweaks” that make the project seem palatable but are actually superficial and minimally effective. Fish ladders around big dams, and underpasses beneath highways, are examples of expensive measures that have only small benefits for sensitive wildlife.
  5. Say “no” far more often. Many proposed projects are simply a bad idea — with spates of serious environmental, economic, social and financial risks — and should be canceled altogether. Saying ‘yes’ to bad investments was how the Global Financial Crisis happened.
  6. Few things are more powerful than citizens who are livid and determined to stop a bad project.Watch the government closely. Just because an EIA recommends certain mitigation measures doesn’t mean the developer will be compelled to do them. Government agencies that oversee development are overwhelmed and sometimes compromised by big money behind projects. Governments do better when they are scrutinized.
  7. Support groups trying to fight ill-advised projects. Environmental and public-interest groups are often overwhelmed and in dire need of financial help and volunteers.
  8. Get involved and get organized. Few things are more powerful than citizens who are livid and determined to stop a bad project. Make up placards and get grandma and the kids involved in a public protest. Nobody will defend your own backyard better than you will.

At EBCF our number-one focus is the protection of our natural environment, the conservation of natural resources, sustainable development of local traditional communities and fighting climate change.

Cryptocurrency is one of the tools that we are using to achieve this. However, this in no way undermines our core mission. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, AMA coin does not require any mining process, since all Coins are produced within 1 second — reducing to a minimum the amount of energy required. Blockchain is a tool that helps us to monitor all AMA coin transactions and that provides transparency and trust to our community and investors. This requires energy, but far less than any other currency monitoring system worldwide.

The Amazonians Green Coin will support the setup of dedicated funds:

  • Fund for the creation of new sustainable conservation units.
  • Fund to implement a variety of Social Projects.
  • Fund to achieve Environmental Projects.
  • Fund for the enforcement of Climate Projects.
  • Fund to develop and carry out Environmental Services.
  • Fund for the development of Sustainable and Eco-friendly trading.

We will continue to closely monitor the energy performance of cryptocurrencies in general, striving always to minimise our own footprint and working with partners who do the same.

Follow our social media to learn more about our efforts to save the world!


Amazonians Green Coin

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The Amazonians Green Coin (AMACOIN) is a new cryptocurrency that supports sustainable initiatives and biological assets. Learn more — amazoniansgreencoin.com

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