My Coaching Practice
umair haque

“COACHING”.Intellectual non sense!

Only athletics,sports people,teams need coaching.Humans need good parents,as children we need;Discipline,Love,Respect,parents who do not put a religious trip on their children,parents who give chores that must be completed and rewards for a job well done.Parents that expect respect and give respect back to their children.A yes or no environment,no maybes.Parents who set an example by their behavior,in all aspects of life.Parents who teach their children the value of money.Parents who teach their children how to defend themselves from bullies,no turning the other cheek in my home.Parents who teach their children the love of country and how to defend values.Parents who teach their children about work ethics and how to respect the work place.

Good parents are the best “coaches”,they teach their children to think for themselves and to be critical and analytical about life and life situations.Now someone will say define a “good parents(s)”,this can only be attained with the “END PRODUCT”,how did the children turned out.If they need a “shrink”,”guru”,”prophet”,”religious cult”,or something external to make them feel alive,the job of the parents was a failure.My children turned out well.