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I said once and I will say it again.Professional athletes in the U.S. are paid exorbitant salaries and endorsements,millions of DOLLARS,the fans who buy season tickets and support their teams are basically working and middle class Americans who love their country and ALL of its values,the Flag,National Anthem,the Military who give their lives for us,The 4th of July,etc.etc.All they want to see is a professional football game nothing else.Disrespect our values,not standing for our National Anthem is not accepted in the playing field.Politics have no room in a football game.So if the professional athletes do not understand this and have this chip on their shoulders they should look for another profession,be fined and eventually be fired.Because in this world we live in it’s all about Dollars and Cents,and IF the fans really get upset is all over but the crying for these overpaid athletes and club owners.A football game is part of the entertainment industry in the U.S. as with the sexual scandals in Hollywood,the NFL has its days counted if this disrespect keeps going.

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