The Forest and the Desert
umair haque

If I was to do a book review about this writing,I would have to say,it is very emotional and poetic to a certain extent,but I do not see it being relevant to me or what I perceive making a difference in my life.

I am not a globalist,there are toooo many cultures,religions,life styles,and frankly I do not have the time to understand them.I am not a humanist either,I see the failures of most institutions to try to govern in so call democracies,and the political chaos that govern most of these so called democracies.

Its a very complex issue,and personally I do believe a certain amount of authority is needed to govern properly and certainly LAW & ORDER otherwise chaos and anarchy will prevail and after all we are mammals.

Inner peace is achieved by discipline and not to try to help everyone,each human being has the obligation to pursue his or her inner peace.Not to rely in gurus,false prophets,religion,but in a diligent study of human civilization and what has brought us to our reality of 2017.It really doesn’t look good out there,so this is what 5000 years of human civilization looks like,you might be right about a “new dark age”.It seems that most ideas to elevate us to enlightenment has failed,so it looks like we are heading into uncharted territory,anyone who thinks differently is fooling themselves,too many variables coming from all angles,it sounds trite but it will be “survival of the most intelligent,not fittest”