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It is very simple.The U.S. is a sovereign country of Laws.Now whether these Immigration Laws have been enforced or not depended on the previous 3 administrations,clinton,bush and obama,we are talking 24 years!Now the Trump administration is enforcing the laws that are in the books,SIMPLE.Anyone coming into the U.S. as an immigrant has to comply with the Law and follow immigration procedures,what is so hard to understand.For 24 years this has been a “free for all “ respecting immigration,the “buc” stops here with President Trump and the mandate of the people who voted for him.Most Americans are tired of this situation and feel they deserve to be treated and respected first ,rather than an illegal immigrant who lives off the welfare system,do not pay taxes and pose as criminals a threat to communities.I am sure there are a lot of hard working illegal immigrants,but they have to comply with OUR Laws.

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