Land of the FREE…

Interesting saying.Interesting concept.What exactly are we talking about?What’s free?Are we talking about personal freedom?Are we really free?And if we are,free to do what?Yes to a certain extent we are free in the U.S. to think,write and create what we want,are we?Today the tendency is to be “Politically Correct” or we may be offending some ethnic group,race or gender.So we must take this into account.So what is free?Well since 1964 the LBJ administration implemented the Welfare System,giving away tax payer’s money to those less fortunate,but it backfired because it was an easy way to get money without working,and on top of it,the government gave away money to unwed mothers,so guess what,more unwanted children to less fortunate mothers,in precarious environments.Now it gets better,in the last 24 years the clinton,bush and obama administrations allowed millions of undocumented,illegal immigrants into the U.S. increasing the welfare system giveaway to these people.Another tax burden on legitimate tax paying Americans.Yes indeed,below our southern border the talk is the “gringos” give money away.So for Illegal immigrants it is “The Land of the Free”.

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