Life in Junkieland

The moral life style determines how long a society will last.Who determines a moral life style?The government?One’s religious belief?There is a saying”A person will harvest what he or she has sown”,if you plant tomatoes you will harvest tomatoes.In a liberal anything goes society,where the progressive thought allows the society to become tolerant to different types of behavior which eventually will bring down a particular society who is too permissive to control excesses and wayward behavior.There are the psychology and psychiatry professionals who will try to come up with all sorts of clinical diagnosis to justify anti social behavior and to try to rehabilitate these souls.Why is it in the wealthiest country in the world,the place where everyone wants to be,the consumption of legal and illegal drugs is astronomical?America is the largest consumer of drugs on this planet.It is beyond epidemic it’s catastrophic.Why do Americans consume such amounts of drugs?Is this part of the “American Dream?”It cuts across all social economic levels,why have the authorities permitted for this scourge to prosper?Very simple the authorities themselves are part of the drug circle,look at some leaders,they have a proven track record of using and dealing drugs themselves.If some leaders do it,why not the rest of the population.Or is there a deeper cause?FOOD for thought!