Sexual harassment,Feminism,Robotics.

2nd paragraph of Declaration of Independence”All MEN are created equal”,in our days this can be viewed as discrimination against WOMEN,even Misogyny!This was written during an agrarian era,so there could of been discrimination.The phenomenom of “sexual harassment” in the work place is truly a paradox of our time,men and women working in close proximity on a daily basis,especially in offices of modern buildings. Body language,perfumes,colognes,lipstick,high heels,tight fitting clothes,etc.can be very distracting,and if a man has high levels of testosterone it can be a problem,nevertheless “office romance” is quite common.What is going to happen when female sex robots come off the assembly line?When they are programmed to be submissive to every sexual whim of its owner.When a man can have total sexual control over his female robot.What are the feminists going to say?Not to say there will also be male sex robots for women and gays.Something to think about in our age.

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